tagNon-EroticBlack Love Exists in Canada

Black Love Exists in Canada


Man, I sometimes wonder why so many Black men out there are into chasing White women. Seriously. I find White women uptight, annoying and quite frankly I find them all kind of fake. In the city of Ottawa in Ontario, they seem stunned to meet a Black man who prefers Black women. I think that has to do with the fact that almost every other Black male in the city is into them White bitches. What the fuck? I'm not a sell-out and never will be. My name is Stephen Vincent and I am a Black man of Haitian descent who loves Black women. Black women and only Black women. Pass it on. Peace.

I moved to Canada's Capital Region from the city of Boston, Massachusetts, a few months ago. Well, almost a year ago actually. Since then I have adjusted to life in the paltry little capital of Canada. Ottawa is boring but I have to make the best of it. I enrolled at Carleton University, though it wasn't easy. I had to apply and register as an international student. Also, I had to pay international fees. I rent a small apartment in the Ottawa suburb of Nepean. I live near Baseline Station so it's convenient for me as far as getting to campus. Hey, I go through all this trouble because I know why I came here. I came to Ottawa because higher education is more affordable in Canada. Oh, and so far nobody is trying to kill me here.

Back in Boston, I pissed off a lot of guys. Irish guys. Mexican guys. Asian guys. Even Black guys. My mouth has a habit of getting me in trouble. Simply put, I refuse to let folks intimidate me. I don't care if you're male or female, Black or white, straight or gay. If you mess with me, I will tell you exactly what I think of you. Don't get in my way. Yeah, these habits of mine pissed off a lot of people. To the point that my parents were worried. They sent me to Ottawa, to stay with my uncle Leonard Vincent and his wife Nancy Marseille Vincent along with their daughters Lily and Joanna Vincent, who are both students at the University of Ottawa. I chose Carleton University because I really didn't want to run into my cousins. They're nice folks but they also annoy me sometimes.

While living in Ottawa, I experienced a whole new world. Canada is extremely boring, with the exception of the big cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal. Ottawa is a small town that likes to pretend it's big. I don't like it one bit. One thing I do like about Ottawa is the growing African presence in the city. Hundreds of thousands of Black folks from Africa and the Caribbean make their home in the capital city. And we're growing in numbers. Lots of Arabs, Asians and Hispanics live in the city too. Close to thirty percent of all Ottawa residents belong to a visible minority group. Which is an elitist and bigoted Canadian term for person of color. Man, I can't wait to get my Criminology degree from Carleton University and leave Ottawa forever.

There are lots of pretty Black ladies in the city of Ottawa. Lucky for me, some of them seem to like me. How could they not? I'm a six-foot-three, big and tall Black man with rugged good looks. And unlike ninety nine point nine percent of Black men living in the Confederation of Canada, I love Black women. Why do I love Black women? Too many reasons to list here. While I was working as a security guard at the Museum near downtown Ottawa, I got stared at all day by white guys and white chicks who treated me like an alien. Canadians are politely bigoted folks. And I can't stand them. They don't like the fact that lots of people of color are immigrating to Canada annually. And many of them hate us for our diversity and adaptability.

Simply put, the average person moving to Canada from places like Latin America, the Middle East, Africa or Asia has more ambition than the average Canadian of European descent. You see how hard recent immigrants push themselves as they study at big schools like the University of Ottawa, Carleton University and the University of Toronto along with smaller schools like La Cite Collegiale and Algonquin College. The average Canadian of European descent has an easy life and gets everything handed to him or her. So they lack any real ambition for the most part. Most of them are content just to get by. Unlike us immigrants who like to excel and achieve. The Government of Canada knows how resilient immigrants are and it also knows how lazy and complacent Canadians are. So it creates a racially and culturally biased system to make recent immigrants jump through hoops in order to maintain Canadians domination of their homeland. Can't have a smart guy or gal from Africa, the Middle East or Asia come to Canada, earn a University degree and take jobs meant for Canadians of European descent.

There is a world of opportunity in Canada. I wasn't happy when I first came here. I found the place incredibly boring. I still do. However, I now know it was a good thing that I came here. I want to do my parents proud. My father Etienne Vincent was born in the Republic of Haiti. He moved to the U.S. as a young man, studied at Northeastern University in downtown Boston and later became a sergeant with the Boston Police Department. My mother Elsie Des-Champs studied at Emerson College and now works as a Nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital. I come from good stock. My parents raised me to be proud and strong. They taught me I could accomplish just about anything. I carry that message with me even as I struggle in the Confederation of Canada. I've got a steady job. I go to school. And I have a roof over my head. I'm doing alright, I think. What do you think?

All that is missing is my leading lady. There are so many pretty Black women in the city of Ottawa. They come from all over. Djibouti. Ghana. Brazil. Columbia. The island of Dominica. Jamaica. The Republic of Haiti. The United Kingdom. France. Oh, yeah. I've met gorgeous Black ladies hailing from the diverse communities of the Caribbean, the core of Latin America, the motherland of Continental Africa and even the fast-growing African immigrant communities living in the heart of Europe. So many sexy Black ladies, so little time. I have a deep respect for them. It's not easy being a Black woman in a racist place like the Confederation of Canada. I love the Black woman for her strength and her beauty. I sing her praises. And someday, I'll make her my wife. Black Love rocks forever. Peace.

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