tagInterracial LoveBlack Love Is All They Wanted

Black Love Is All They Wanted


This is a story of black on white, lesbianism, and black love between consensual adults.

I wasn't prepared for the attack when it came, why? Because I expected it to come from someone else that's why. My husband Mick works for a firm of lawyers and he's a bit of a favourite with the boss.

This had come about because he had taken on a case when all the supposed top dogs looked the other way. It was a certain loss they all said. But the firm had been backed into a corner by the powers that be and had to represent this well known criminal. Mick had fought the case to a standstill and by majority vote, 10 to 2, he had been acquitted by a very unhappy judge, and even unhappier police.

The powers that be recognised Mick's fight and while they didn't like the result, and vowed to get their man one day. They congratulated my husband. And now he was in the boss's eye for the future, unfortunately I was also in his eye; he had made it very plain too.

He is Derek Joiner a very affable black man who through fair means or foul bought the firm he was now the sole owner of. He and his very strong minded wife run a tight but very fair ship, it's a criminal d3efence business, and is highly regarded despite winning some high profile cases against the authorities. The people, who though they work hard, very hard, are well rewarded.

Mr Joiner held get to know you meetings with all the staff, right down to the cleaners and tea ladies, they all loved him at the off. He interviewed everyone formally and informally. Those that were married were asked to bring along their spouses too at one get together.

This was where I got the distinct impression he liked what he saw when he appraised me, even my husband said, "I think you made an impression there Jenny." Yes, I thought, but maybe for the wrong reasons. I/we met with him on the odd occasions, and then an office sort of dinner dance was held at an hotel one night. I of course made myself look as good as I know I can, and swung the night away on Mick's arm.

I danced with some others, but then Derek asked me, He wheeled me around the dance floor, he was a fantastic dancer and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, the three dances we had ended with a slowish one. He held my left hand, his right curling around my waist. And I could feel the unmistakable bulge pressing into me, the wine and exciting night had got me going, so resisting the feel of another mans cock against my pussy was exhilarating to say the least.

He knew what he was doing, I knew what he was doing, and he held me tight to it, my small attempts to press away were futile. To be honest, if the music hadn't ended I would have had a climax right there on the dance floor. I was wild eyed, I knew it, my face was flush and I could feel it. He was bushy tailed for sure, as he released me, he said.

"Later Jenny" and he walked me back, there was no mistaking what the, later, meant!

His wife who is a looker in her own right was sat with Mick, I felt a pang of jealousy, but I had just been on the dance floor with her husband, and his thick cock pressed into me, and loved it, a black cock at that! Connie is about 5ft 8" tall, about 3" taller than me. Her hair is silky black, her complexion is flawless, hardly any make up was needed, and she had a figure to die for.

As I have said, I am Jenny Scott, married for three years, 26 years old, long blond/blue. I am very good looking, even if I do say so myself, I love sex, want all I can get and then some. But we can't always have what we want can we?

Mick and I have talked in bed in the past about sex with others, we have never done anything about it, and probably never will, or should I say wouldn't. But he has thrown in the odd comment about a well hung black man, which I found quite exciting when he started telling me an imaginary tale about me and one of them. Then came that fateful night at Derek's house at a dinner party, we were the only guests.

Mick knew it was important to him, he told me it could very well be about his future, it was, and mine too as it turned out. I dressed for the occasion in a black silk gown that came to my ankles but flowed like waves around my feet, and a split right up to my thigh, my ample cleavage was on full view but discreetly so. I wore no panties or bra; I wanted the sleekness of the dress to enhance the sleekness of my toned body. I had my hair up, a silver chain running through it. I knew whatever I wore would not be out done by Connie, no chance!

But I had to admit she did look as good as I did, she wore a white silk gown similar to mine, showing off her beautiful smooth chocolate cream skin, and her cleavage too left nothing to the imagination. I saw Mick's eyes pop when he saw her. Her hair was piled up in huge seemingly loose curls, and she looked terrific.

They had a service maid to serve dinner, a chef in the kitchen and our hosts were wonderful. Derek let me know how beautiful and desirable I was. I was flattered immensely but played coy with it. His subtle attention to me was weakening my resolve against him.

The table in the expansive dining room was about 5ft long and about 3ft wide. When we sat to eat, the men took the ends, and Connie and I sat opposite each other, I was relieved in a way because it meant he wouldn't be able to play silly buggers with me under the table.

We had a wonderful sea food starter, then the main course, it had steak at the centre but it was aromatic, herbs, spices and it assailed your senses, it was fabulous, and the wine was exotic.

We were about half way through when I felt a foot slide up my inner calf. I immediately glanced at Mick who was just forking some food into his mouth and listening to Derek speaking.

I looked at Derek and he was intent on my husband. But of course they both were wearing shoes anyway. Then I looked at Connie and could tell straight away it was her foot, the twinkle in her eye told me so. I just sat there as the foot made it way up my leg, past my knee and up between my thighs. I sat there absolutely transfixed; it finished at my pussy and her toes pressing right into me.

There was no way I could prevent her foot sliding between my thighs except for standing up, and I couldn't think of a plausible reason without giving her game away. I glared at her, saying with my eyes, "take your foot away please?" Her answer was obvious; she pressed and wiggled them into deeper contact. I tried to move but couldn't without drawing attention to myself.

"Please," I mouthed. Her smile told me, "uh uh." She assaulted me under the table; I was already feeling sexy because of where we were, who we were with, and the food and wine.

The sideways attack on me that I was expecting from Derek had come from his alluring wife, and it had caught me completely by surprise. I had been prepared to rebuff his advances when they came with panache and charm. But this had been the last thing I would have expected to happen, and because of it, my defences were down around my ankles!

I literally lost control, I sat there as the toes worked me up, my clit got it, and somehow the toes got past my pussy lips in delved in, now I had bare flesh boning bare flesh. A toe was right on my little receptive button, and its antennae were up to its highest, 'receiving loud and clear' was its message. I half remember my head bowing as an orgasm slowly rippled through me. I pleaded silently for her to stop, but she knew what she was doing, so she didn't.

As the tightening of my pussy muscles gripped me in its power, I gave out a soft grunt as a hard one hit me; my knees were clamped shut over the intruding foot, but still allowing it to continue the raiding of my life. Then my knees parted and I was open for business. I dropped my knife; I looked at Mick, thinking he was bound to know I had just cum on the foot of his boss's wife.

Connie pulled her foot away from me thank the lord, then said.

"Jenny, you look a bit peaky, are you alright?" I grunted some sort of an answer. Then she rose and told me.

"Come with me, let me take care of you," her voice dripping with concern. She sped round the table, helped me to my feet and hurried me off. I tried to say I was okay, both men stood as I left. I heard Mick say.

"Call me if you need me Jenny."

Connie took me into her bedroom en suite; as soon as we were in she locked the door, spun me around and got me up against the wall.

"Right," she said, "lets finish what we've started shall we?" My dress was hiked up to my waist, her shoulder holding me against the wall, her dark gold bejewelled fingers slipped into my pussy and hit the button.

Her teeth lightly but savagely gripped my neck, and in seconds I was mewling softly as she brought another orgasm from me. She continued to ravage my clit, I was helpless against her. I have had two relationships with other women, but nothing like this had ever passed my way.

If she hadn't been holding me up I would have fallen to the floor, there was nothing I could have done to withstand my submission that night to the dark beauty that was almost killing me, while my husband and his boss were downstairs chatting and having fun of their own.

She withdrew her fingers, and then I was sucking my own love juices from them, her lips found mine, and I was being kissed into further submission, I loved the feel of those dark cool lips taking mine. She let go of me then, saying.

"Come on Jenny, they'll be waiting for us, but I want you here on Monday at 10 o'clock, okay, don't be late, and wear a short skirt and your lovely blond hair down please, I want to see those legs of yours."

I managed to get back to looking like I though I did, and back we went, as I got there I took a deep breath, smiled gaily as we went in, kissed Mick's cheek and sat back down.

"Are you okay Jenny, I was worried there for a moment?"

"I couldn't be better," I told him, as I looked at Connie, and her foot slid up my leg again.

I fucked Mick's brains out that night, twice, and then again in the morning. Come Monday morning I was like a school child going to a kids party. I had thought of little else but Connie, the way she had got me, the orgasms she had made me have, the feel of those terrific lips eating mine. I was prepared for anything and looking forward to it so much. I didn't regard myself as heading off to be unfaithful; this was with another woman wasn't it?

When I arrived the first thing that she did was, take me in her arms, spin me then bend me over backwards and kiss me, if this had been a strong man and a woman it would have been the most natural thing in the world, but it was a woman taking another woman, me!

I ate my first black pussy on the mat in her hallway that morning, I never made it to the sofa or her bed, it was right there on the floor with her kneeling over me, knees over my arms, pinning me down, her hands holding my hair and my face pressed tight up into the glorious shaven heaven that she was.

It made me cum all of its own accord, being subjected to her was the most wayward thing I had ever done, or being made to do in my life. Staring up intently at the black goddess above as she claimed me for her own that day. And her nectar pouring down over my face and into my mouth was awe inspiring.

When she had finished with me, she helped me to my feet, took me into her sitting room and stripped me naked. As I stood there timidly, waiting to see what she was going to do with and to me. She yanked me over her knee and gave me what can only be described as a good old fashioned walloping. I howled of course but never tried to escape, it excited me to be in the power of this beautiful black woman, it was so erotic and exotic.

Connie stopped after a while and taking me by the hand she led me upstairs.

"Oh goody," I thought, "we're going to bed." I had no thoughts of what was about to happen. Connie undressed and I saw for the first time someone who could challenge me in the body and beauty stakes.

She forced me onto the bed where we both took up the challenge, I was a learner at this, her technique was thrilling, she had me squealing and begging as her fingers found me every where, including my ass. I had multiple orgasms as she sucked me dry, licked me clean, and wallow in her presence.

"Stay there," she told me, "lie still and rest for a minute, I'll be back in a moment." I did just that, I turned on to my side, then lay flat on my stomach, fingers in my pussy, and the others stroking a nipple. I love playing with myself this way.

I felt the bed move and started to turn over; her hand on my shoulder stopped me.

I felt something nudge my leg.

"It's a strap on!" I thought, "oh my god what is she going to do to me?" Weight was applied, she felt heavy, leaning right over me I felt the first tentative push as she nudged it towards my soaking slick pussy. Then it was sliding in, all the way in, it felt big, it spread me, my feet slid far apart giving it all the access it needed, her arms slipped under my shoulders, her teeth nipped my neck. I was up on my elbows now, ready and waiting. Then first huge thrust nearly cut me in two.

I bent my head as it crushed the life out of me, it felt alive, it was hot, and it was hard.

"Oh Connie," I gasped and looked over my shoulder. I looked right into Derek's eyes, my husbands boss was on me, and now deep inside of me. I had been tricked, but also captured, what can a girl who is hot, bothered, bewildered, and sexually aroused and already past the point of no return, do?

I had an immediate climax as he thundered home his supremacy, I cried out for Mick for some reason, but I didn't want him to save me. I wanted to be routed, ravaged, beaten and fucked, and nothing else would ever do, not now. Derek completed his task with great style and unforgiving pounding, without compromise, he thrashed into me, non stop, hard hitting every time he bottomed out in me.

He pushed my hair up and bit the back of my neck under the hairline.

"Please Derek," I begged, "don't mark me, Mick might see it."

"I'm marking you so you will know who you belong to now, Connie and I." he told me. I made no further protest. Derek fucked me like no other man ever has, and probably never will again, he had the stamina of a horse, and as I was finding out, a prick to match. I endured a severe and savage fucking that day. I revelled in it.

Connie reappeared as I was struggling to open my eyes from the savagery of his mounting of me. She told him to turn me on to my back, he did so and re-entered me from on top. It was like having a different prick back in me, I submitted to him. I wrapped my arms and legs around his dark body and gave in! As he gently pounded me, I peered down my body to see his dark chocolate prick taking me again and again.

The contrast to our bodies was mind boggling, this was what Mick and I had talked about, but never intended for it to happen, well I hadn't anyway. And now here I was filled to my eye balls with fabulous black prick. And I was beneath a fabulous black man, full of power and strength, and inner strength.

Connie applied herself to me now, my nipples, her lips on mine, fingers caressing my clit as Derek's black pole slid in and out. Then the climax to it all, she got a finger into my ass, this caused me to tighten my bowels, thus tightening my pussy muscles to his what seemed to me like his even bigger black grenade launcher.

He grunted loudly, his hips crashed into mine and held place, the heat from his prick frightened me, then he was surging his thick creamy hot and steaming cum right into me. I died right there, the orgasm that gave me totalled me completely. I had never in my life cum as long and as hard as that. It was so immense it scared me, as well as giving me and my body the utmost of pleasures a woman can feel.

When I sort of came to, Derek was looking down at me on one side and Connie the other.

"Feeling okay baby?" she asked me.

"Oh Connie, I can't, I don't, how, I'm lost for words Connie?" I mumbled.

"It's okay Jenny, it's always the same when a real woman of natural, sensual and sexual beauty like you gets blacked for the first time. Seducing you the way I did was Derek's idea, he thought it would work better that way, and it did didn't it?" I could only nod my head in complete agreement.

"But he did say that he thought seducing you himself would be successful, especially after the way he teased you at the dinner dance, he felt you were up for black cock given the right moment, was he right too Jenny?" She asked me. I thought about that for a moment and again I had to agree, he was right. I again nodded my head.

"We have known it for years haven't we darling?" she said, and looked at Derek. Derek smiled and nodded his head at me. "There are woman on this planet," she said, "who are made for black men, black women, and black cock, especially young married ones, and you my blond and beautiful Jenny are one of them, do you understand me Jenny?" More nodding of my head, she, and they, were right, I was.

I hadn't known it, or I don't think I knew it, Mick and I had talked about it and I had got quite excited about being 'blacked' but that's as far as we had gone. Well now, I had gone all the way, been taken all the way. And it had been the thrill, the ride of my life, the helter skelter I had ridden on terminated on his beautiful black prick. To show my enthusiasm I dove at it and sucked and licked it clean.

They spent an age on me, I was putty, I had more cums than I could shake a stick at, and at the end of the day. I was told they were available to me at any time, all it would take was a phone call and they would be ready, maybe not always together, but one of them would be free for me. They didn't order me to do anything, just call, that's all I had to do.

I went home a very happy, contented and satisfied wife, my husband would never know of this I told myself. I was now a blacked blond beautiful housewife. I wondered how many of us were around. I found myself trying to guess when I looked at other women which ones would be, already, possible, probable's, and maybe's.

What they had been planning was put into operation, it was to get me and Mick to where they wanted and planned for us to be. They had filmed everything, not for blackmail, but for enticement and encouragement.

Mick was called in to see Derek on the following Monday morning. He was offered the position of office manager, sounds worthless but it gave him power over everything, what he said would go, end of! He was at the end of the interview with Derek and Connie, she gave him a DVD and told to go and watch it in the locked private dining room.

He put it in and what he saw rocked his world big time. The DVD showed Connie with me, it actually showed me entering the house, being kissed by Connie, then on the floor in the hallway under her knees and eating her, then in the room being thoroughly spanked, and up in the bed room and all that entailed there. It didn't show Derek ram raiding me into sublime submission.

He went back to them, he was ashen they said, he asked them quietly if Connie had drugged her in any way. No they had told her, Connie had seduced her willingly, first at the dinner at their house, and then there as in the film. Jenny was totally aware of everything that happened and loved every second of it. Your wife is bisexual Mick they told him. As a rejoinder, they said offhandedly, "she loves black Mick."

This comment never registered, he came home with the DVD, never said anything to me, just told me to sit, watch and make no comment. I sat there and watched, knowing I would soon be getting banged good and hard by Derek, I was hot and steamy watching Connie do the things she did to me, I had the thrill of an orgasm as I looked at it.

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