tagNon-EroticBlack Love Shines Eternal

Black Love Shines Eternal


My name is Steve Sinclair. A big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I got lots to tell you people. Some of it is pretty hot so you better sit down. I'm originally from the City of Boston, State of Massachusetts. And I moved to the Province of Ontario for school. Higher education is cheap in Canada for permanent residents and citizens. Higher education is expensive for everyone in America unless you're related to Bill Gates. I flunked out of Boston's very own Northeastern University and transferred to Ottawa's flagship school, Carleton University. It sucks big-time but it's also the place where I met the young lady who changed my life forever.

I'm referring of course to Marian McArthur, the young Black woman of Nigerian and English descent whom I ran into at Carleton University's library. I've always had a thing for exotic-looking women, and Marian was definitely something else. Her father James McArthur is half Black and half White. Her mom Anne Adewale is Nigerian. They're both from the United Kingdom, where Marian was born. Marian has lived in Canada for the past three and a half years. Her father works for the British Embassy in downtown Ottawa. How cool is that? At the time that I met Marian, I was going through a really tough time. Simply put, I was losing faith in Black women and in Black relationships. Well, Marian put a stop to that. She helped me regain my faith.

It all began when this African chick named Naomi dumped me out of the blue after using me. That's what I don't get about Black women. Actually, make that some Black women. They're always complaining that there are no good brothers out there. Well, I am a good brother. I'm not a bad-looking man. I respect women. I have a steady job. I go to university. I come from a good family. And I'm a God-fearing man. Black women seem determined to treat well-meaning brothers like me like dirt, and they chase Black guys who fit the definition of a T.H.U.G. Either that or they're dropping Black guys altogether and worshiping at the altar of White Men. Black women in Canada treat White men like gods and treat Black guys like dirt. Must be why so many Black guys are chasing White women like their lives depend on it. Hot damn.

Living in an environment like this, I started having doubts about the Black Love. In hindsight, I really shouldn't have. After all, I am a proud citizen of Obama's America. My father Leonard Sinclair is a lieutenant with the Massachusetts State Police. My mother Jeannine Saint-Pierre is a schoolteacher. They're a couple of hard-working, God-fearing and family-oriented Haitian-American professionals living in New England. I grew up with Black Love all around me. Yet upon moving to the Confederation of Canada, I started questioning things I had never questioned before. Why did the local Black women hate the local Black men so much? What was so special about White men in the eyes of Black women? And why must every Black guy in Ottawa date a chubby White lady but never a skinny one? Did Black Love matter to Black people in the Confederation of Canada? I didn't know. I couldn't know. So many questions and so little time, eh?

I decided to focus on school and work, and ignore all the pretty Black ladies I ran into in the City of Ottawa. Pretty Black ladies who couldn't care about someone like me. Like the song goes, they kept their love on lockdown. I went to class, went to work and slept. That's about it. Occasionally, I hung out with my guy friends. I didn't have a steady girlfriend. I wasn't having sex. I wasn't dating. I barely hung out. Yeah, it was not exactly a terribly exciting period of this brother's life, folks. Seriously. Then I met Marian McArthur. The young Black woman from the United Kingdom. The woman who changed everything. For starters, Marian liked me and she didn't hide it. Not one bit. This was one lady who didn't play games. And she always went for what she wanted. Every time. How about that?

Marian McArthur did for me what the goddess Persephone did for Hades, Lord of the Underworld, in Greek Mythology. She came into my world and changed everything. She helped me emerge from my world of darkness and step into the light. Before she came along, all I did was work to pay the bills and go to class. I had no joy in my life. I lived a truly solitary life. I didn't even have friends. I only had a few acquaintances. Well, Marian was determined to help me become human again, for lack of a better term. And I was irrevocably changed, whether I liked it or not. I think Marian should be named the African Goddess of Passion and Renewal, folks. I swear when she came into my life, the sun shone brighter and water tasted sweeter. I am not kidding. She was transforming me, minute by minute, day by day.

Yeah, I was falling in love with the lovely Marian McArthur. Formerly of the United Kingdom and currently of Ottawa, Ontario. My fellow Criminology student at Carleton University, Canada's capital university. And the most remarkable thing of all is that she was falling in love with me. How about that? Plenty of times I felt enormous affection for a woman, and she barely noticed that I existed. Side effect of suffering from Nice Guy Syndrome. Well, I had finally met the woman who liked nice guys instead of roughnecks. A type of woman I wasn't sure existed until I met her...and kissed her, and held her in my arms.

And just like that, Marian and I became an item. What a pair we made. A Black woman from Great Britain and a Haitian-American man, living together in the capital of Canada. Talk about worlds colliding! What no one could have foreseen was how happy we'd be together. I will graduate from Carleton University with my bachelor's degree in Criminology in 2012. I intend to attend the University of Ottawa's Faculty of Law. Marian wants to stick around after graduation too. Like me, she has law school in her sights. We're a sexy, ambitious Black couple. And we're happy together. Black Love shines eternal. Never doubt it, my brothers and sisters.

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