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Black Love Shines Eternally


My name is Manuel Vasquez Johnson. A big and tall young man of Black and Spanish descent living in the City of Detroit, Michigan. I was born in the City of Brockton, Massachusetts. On the first day of February 1987. My father James Johnson is originally from the island of Jamaica and my mother Estella Vasquez is from the Republic of Spain. Just a pair of immigrants from opposite sides of the world. They met in the City of Boston in the 1980s, got married and had little old me. They got divorced three years later, and after that I mostly grew up with my mother's family. It's only recently that I began to identify as Black and embrace my African-American heritage. My mother's Spanish family never got over her marrying a Black guy and made me feel nasty about being part Black. No more! I am who I am and I fully embrace it.

These days, I am a student at Wayne State University right here in Detroit. Why did I choose to attend a school in Detroit when I had acceptance letters from Boston University and Brandeis University? I wanted out of Boston and I also wanted to live in a predominantly African-American metropolis. If I hadn't ended up in the City of Detroit I might have chosen to attend either Morehouse College, Georgia State University or Clark Atlanta University in the City of Atlanta, Georgia. Folks, I have fallen in love with the City of Detroit. I wish President Barack Obama and the higher-ups in Washington D.C. hadn't listened to the White people and given up on this fine town. Detroit has a lot of culture, integrity and history. It's a beautiful town. It's also the place where my father lives. Let's not forget that.

My father James Johnson is a Sergeant with the Detroit Police Department. A big and tall Black man who looks just like me, only his skin is jet-Black while mine is a really light shade of brown. We have the same roughly handsome features, strong build and kinky hair. The only big difference between us is that my eyes are green. Of course, I'm younger and better-looking, as I playfully remind him. My dad remarried after my mother finally gave into pressures from her racist family and left him. These days, dad is married to this Italian lady named Nina Tartaglia. They have a daughter together, Arianna. My half-sister Arianna is a freshman at Wayne County Community College. And she doesn't care for me in the least. I think she's a bitch just like her Italian but my father says they make him happy. I guess my Pops doesn't like to date Black women. That's a shame because I really, really like Black women. My Spanish mother has no love for Black ladies and constantly reminded me that she thought they were no good. I took a Black chick named Monique to the Prom senior year and I had to hide that fact from my racist mother. My father practically wept when I told him that. My mom can be a bitch sometimes, man. For real.

I'm going out with a lovely Black woman named Lamika Harding these days. This five-foot-eleven, dark-skinned, voluptuous and big-bottomed Black woman simply took my breath away when I first saw her. She's in the MBA program at Wayne State University and clearly a few years older than me. Also, she used to be married to a White guy from Ireland named Eric O'Shea and has a son by him, Little Jimmy. Apparently, her marriage ended when she caught her Irish-American husband in bed with Todd, a Black guy who lived in their neighbourhood. Wow. I guess White guys sometimes have jungle fever not just for Black women but for Black men as well. Lamika Harding is a no-nonsense Black woman raising a mixed-race son in the City of Detroit while attending business school.

I am twenty four years old and my girlfriend Lamika Harding is twenty seven years old. This might not seem like a big deal to you but women have issues when it comes to dating younger men. I've fallen in love with Lamika and I don't see any problem with our age difference. I really get along with her son Little Jimmy. He kind of looks like me with his really light brown skin and pale gray eyes. We're both mixed. Lamika is raising her son as a Black man, though. She doesn't let him spend any time with his biological father, whom she sees as a deceiver and a corruptive force in her life. In fact, she has a restraining order against him. And she's had him jailed twice for failing to provide financial support for their son. I knew Black women had a strong dislike of undercover bisexual men but I never thought she would take it this far. I remember watching that Down Low discussion on the Oprah Winfrey Show a few years back. I guess Oprah got it wrong. It's not just bisexual Black guys who hide their sexual orientation from the ladies in their lives. Lamika Harding's ex-husband was White, and he was clearly leading a double life at the time that she caught him.

Folks, I am really fond of Lamika. Unfortunately, she's been hurt too many times and has trouble trusting men. Lamika told me that she only dated Eric O'Malley after years of disappointing relationships with Black men. She said she foolishly thought a White man would be different. And Eric O'Malley, her Prince Charming from Ireland turned out to be her biggest disappointment. I've tried my best to comfort Lamika and show her that I wanted to be there for her. It took me a year but I guess my hard work paid off. My beautiful Black lady is starting to come around. Black women are so lovely and so damn complicated sometimes. I've always found tall, dark-skinned Black women with big butts to be my personal standards of beauty. I've never been into Asian women, Latin women or White women. Yet it seems that Black women don't know they're beautiful. Give me a curvy Black chick who's really dark-skinned, has kinky hair and a big butt over a skinny blonde-haired White chick any damn day of the week.

I worship tall, dark-skinned Black women with big butts. It's one of the things Lamika loves about me. And I proudly consider myself totally Black even though my skin is light brown and my eyes are green. I only hang out with Black guys, I don't associate with White students on campus. Not that I'm prejudiced or anything but I've met enough White folks to last me a lifetime. I really want to connect with my fellow Blacks. And I made this abundantly clear to my Lamika. And at last my hard work paid off. My Lamika has finally opened up to me. It's about time, too. For I was sincerely starting to wonder if I'm wasting my time. I'm a twenty-four-year-old Law student at Wayne State University. A young Black man in a City full of Black women. A lot of my Black male friends thought saddling myself with a single mother was a lousy move. At times, I've thought so too. I'm not going to lie. However, I've got a thing for Lamika.

One night, Lamika Harding unleashed her passion on me. And I must say that I liked it. I came to her apartment on Bagley Street and found the place strangely quiet. I called out, and heard Lamika's voice reply to me. She told me her son Little Jimmy was at his grandparents house. I nodded, and noticed that there were lit candles and flowers all over the place. Something stirred in me. And I knew that I was right as a very naked Lamika came out of the shadows. I gazed at my sexy lady. Hot damn she was beautiful. I feasted my eyes on her curvy, naked body. That gloriously dark skin. Those long dreadlocks. Full lips. Big breasts. Wide hips. Thick ass. Hot damn. Lamika licked her exquisite lips and asked me if I liked what I saw. I nodded so fast my neck hurts. Hot damn.

Lamika walked up to me and kissed me full and deep. She stroked the front of my pants and smiled as she noticed my hardness. Then she unzipped my pants and took my dick out. Before I knew what was going on, she took action. Lamika knelt before me and began sucking my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black cock like her life depended on it. I smiled to myself as I watched my sexy Black lady going wild on me. She sucked that dick like there was no tomorrow, man. While sucking my cock, Lamika stroked my hairy balls with gusto. I ran my hands through her long dreadlocks as she went down on me. She sucked my cock while gripping my ass cheeks tightly. When I finally came, she drank all of my seed. I was shocked, man. I didn't know my church-going, hard-working and education-minded single mom of a lady friend got down like that! Lamika wiped her full lips with the back of her hand, and told me I hadn't seen anything yet. Then she got up, held me by my dick and led me to the bedroom. What choice did I have but to follow her?

Once we got to the bedroom, the action really began. Lamika was very demanding, but that's okay. I like it like that. I spread her big, sexy Black thighs and gave her hairy pussy a good licking. I inhaled the scent of her Black pussy. Hot damn she smelled hot. I've only been with Black women, as I said before, and no two of them ever smelled or tasted alike. I dipped two fingers into Lamika's snatch and began fucking her pussy with my fingers while gently teasing her clitoris with my tongue. Lamika squealed as I worked my magic on her. In no time I had her wet and moaning my name. After that, I put on a condom and gave her the whole enchilada. Lamika wrapped her arms around me as I thrust my cock deep into her snatch. Lamika screamed and talked dirty as I hammered her pussy with powerful thrusts of my cock. I guess we both wanted to make up for lost time. That's what happens when you haven't fucked in a while.

I flipped Lamika on all fours, face down and ass up and took her like this. I kissed Lamika's big Black ass and lightly spanked it before thrusting my cock into her pussy, fucking her doggy-style. Watching Lamika's big Black booty bounce under the force of my thrusts really turned me on. Hard and fast I pumped my dick into her snatch. I wanted to tear up that pussy, man. And Lamika totally loved it. She called me Papi and urged me to fuck her harder. I wanted to break my dick in that pussy of hers, man. For real. We fucked and sucked like there was no tomorrow. I was on my third condom of the night when Lamika asked me to try something new. Yep, she wanted to get a little ass play. And that's more than okay by me. I spread Lamika's big butt cheeks wide open and licked her asshole like it was the sweetest thing I'd ever tasted. I fingered her asshole and licked it, eliciting moans of pleasure from her. Then I took the hand lotion she handed me and applied some lube on her asshole. Then I pressed my dick against her asshole. Slowly, I pushed it inside.

Lamika groaned as I penetrated her asshole. This wasn't my first time having anal sex. I hooked up with a forty-something Jamaican beauty named Evelyn in Boston last summer. Now that lady loved anal sex more than anybody I knew. I was happy to discover Lamika had similar inclinations. She fingered her wet pussy as I fucked her in the ass and told me to pound her ass hard. Apparently, she hadn't gotten a good fuck in the ass in a while and missed it. Well, I was more than happy to help my lady rediscover the joys of anal sex. I held her wide hips tightly and thrust my cock deeper into her asshole. Lamika's asshole felt wonderfully around my cock. I loved how it felt tight at first then stretched nicely to accommodate most of my nine inches. Hot damn, it felt good. Lamika asked me to pull her hair and spank her while fucking her. I did just that. I grabbed a handful of her dreadlocks and pulled them back while spanking her big Black ass. At the same time, I filled her asshole with my dick. I went in balls deep, man. And it was absolutely glorious. I forgot how many condoms Lamika and I used up that night. Probably ten or something. It was that good.

I woke up the next morning in Lamika's bed, but she wasn't there. I heard her humming, though. I grabbed my shorts, and went into the kitchen. Guess who I saw standing there, cooking an omelette in the nude? None other than my Lamika. The sight of her big Black ass swaying from side to side as she handled the skillet turned me on. I walked up behind her and kissed her gently. Lamika grinned, turned around and kissed me. I thanked her for a wonderful night, and told her how much she meant to me. Lamika grinned, and told me she'd been aching to fuck me for ages. She just wanted to make sure I was the right guy. I don't know what criterion she used for her choices but evidently, I made the cut. I passed her test, so to speak. We were in new territory. And I'm fine with that. I love my lady and she loves me. We're quite happy together.

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