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Black Magic


Gloria was home alone one Saturday evening and chatting online with Robert. They were talking about there recent hot encounter and were discussing when they all could get together again.

Robert asked, "Hey sexy baby, when can we all get together again? I cannot forget that last encounter out of my head and I just have to have your lily white cunt again."

Gloria blushed and quivered as she recalled the events of their last meeting. "I don't know Robert. I have been busy these past two weeks getting ready to go to Jamaica with Arnie for two weeks. We're leaving Sunday. I know that doesn't give us enough time to meet before we leave. Ooooh, I just had a delicious idea, I wish you were coming with us that would indeed be a pleasure."

Robert's slid his shorts off and ran his fingers down his stiff cock and replied. "Oh God, that would be hot. I can picture the three of us fucking on the private beach or in one of those secluded bungalows! Oooh baby, my cock is so fucking hard right now! Is Arnie home?"

Gloria felt her clit and nipples swell with excitement. "No, Arnie had to work tonight and won't be home for a couple of hours. Oh baby, I love talking to you, lets type dirty messages and have fun masturbating!" She didn't say anything else for a moment because the thought of play with Robert again made her cunt throb with desire. She slid her hands down inside her panties and ran her finger through her drenched wanting pussy. The she wrote him a message, with trembling hands she typed, "Robert, I have an idea, why don't you call me. I'd love to hear that sexy voice of yours as I masturbate!"

Robert felt the pre-cum slide down his shaft and with shaky fingers replied, "Ooooooh I love to hear a woman breathe heavy, while she talks dirty and cum while I were on the phone. I bet Arnie would love to be watching and listening. Give me your number honey."

Gloria's body trembled as her body responded by building an approaching climax. Her whole body quivered so hard she could hardly type and give him her number. "Here's my phone number, mmm baby, I cannot wait to hear your sultry sexy voice. Call me in five minutes that will give me time to go lie on the bed and get completely naked." She logged of the computer and headed toward the bedroom.

She had just stripped and climbed on the bed when the phone rang. Gloria reached over and pressed the speaker phone button. "Hello."

Robert's deep sexy voice spoke, "Hi you sexy slut. Are you ready for me?"

Gloria licked her lips and purred, "Oh God yes my sexy black stud, and I'm on speaker phone so my hands are free to play. By the way, I love your hot cum filled emails they make me want to be with you for real once more. Mmmmmmm baby, I wish you could see my nipples and throbbing clit right now. I'm so fucking wet I had to lie on a towel to keep my juices from saturating the bed."

Robert felt his cock pulsate with creamy droplets of cum at its tip. He replied, "Oh fuck, honey I love your sexy voice. It makes me wish I were there with you right now. The next thing I want my lily white slut to do is spread your legs wide and slide two fingers deep in your cunt. Then bring them to your lips. I want to know how sweet your cunt juices are. Baby while we are talking, I'm stroking my hot hard black cock slowly."

Gloria loved it, when Robert talked dirty to her it made her shudder all over. She did as instructed and nearly climaxed when her fingers slid into her hot hole. She picked up the phone and laid it near her cunt making sure Robert could hear the sloshing noise and her moaning. After finger-fucking herself a few times she brought her sweet honey laden digits to her mouth. Mmmm baby, I love your sexy voice. It makes my cunt throb and my juices flow down my ass."

She paused and slurped at her fingers so he could hear it. "Mmmm, yummy, my cunt juice tastes like sweet honey. I wish you were here eating me my big black stud!"

Robert nearly dropped his phone and replied, "I do too baby! Fuck, my cock is so hard. The head is purple and leaking pre-cum like crazy. Oooh baby I wish your sweet lips were sucking me." He paused and could tell by her heavy breathing that Gloria was ready to get down and dirty and climax. He then suggested, "Baby, rub your clit for me. That's it, now take your other hand, and slide the first two fingers inside your cunt. Harder baby, let me hear you finger-fuck yourself hard!" Robert listened intensely and felt his balls burning for release.

Gloria purred, "Stroke that cock hard baby! Do you feel my tongue flicking the head and teasing your pee-hole? Now feel my lips and sliding down your shaft, deeper, harder, until my sweet white lips come in contact with your pubic hairs. I know this is turning you on, Jack that cock sugar, that's it baby! Now, let me hear my black baby, cum for me!

Gloria was on the verge of climaxing when she heard his breathing increase. "Oh fuck, I love the way you talk. Rub your clit hard. Now bite your left nipple. Aaarrrggghhhh, yesssssss, oooooooooooh fuck I'm going to cum!"

There was silence for a brief moment except for the sound of their hard breathing and the movement of hands. Gloria spoke first, "Oooooooooooh fuck, I wish your cock was ramming my hot cunt!"

"Me too baby, now cum with me. Oh honey I wish I could see you right now."

Gloria blurted out, "I do too baby. Oooooooooooh fuck, Robert, I am cumming hard, oooooooh yes cum baby......CCUUMM!"

Robert shrieked, "Ooooooooh fuck, baby here it cums, aaarrrggghhh! Damn, I have cum everywhere, even on my chin!"

With a quivering voice Gloria exclaimed, "WOW! Robert you are so hot on the phone, we will definitely have to do this more often."

Robert was breathing hard and with a quiver in his voice said, "We will baby, when we cannot be together, we can call each other. I want you to do this when Arnie is there too. I know he'd love it."

She replied, "I know he would! Now I have to go baby. Arnie is due home soon and you can bet I will give him all the details. Love yahs, good-bye baby."

Robert replied, "I love you too my lily white slut. I want you to email me what Arnie thinks of our phone sex. Good-night baby."

When Arnie got home, Gloria told him about her conversation with Robert on the phone. She then watched the reaction on his face as she asked, "Well what do you think baby?"

He flashed Gloria a seductive grin and pulled his pants down to show her his rock hard dick. "Does that answer your question doll?"

Gloria squealed, "I think we should discuss things further in the bedroom."

Arnie replied, "Let's not waste time talking, I need to fuck you hot cunt!"

There was a flurry of fingers, mouths, and clothing once they entered the bedroom. Arnie kissed her deep as he laid Gloria on the bed. Next, he moved down and got between her legs spread her legs wide and rammed his cock, balls deep into her pussy.

He stopped for a moment and looked seriously into her eyes and said, "Next time you decide to talk to Robert on the phone, I want to be here."

Gloria purred, "Does this mean you like he idea of him calling me so we both can get off?"

Arnie began fucking her harder and responded, "Hell yes, I love the idea. I can picture it now, me doing everything he suggests as you talk dirty to Robert. Oooooh fuck, I'm going to cum!"

Gloria wrapped her legs around Arnie's waist and bellowed, "Fuck me darling. Oooooh God yes, deeper darling, yesssssss! Oh Fuck...I'm cumming!!"

Arnie follow, climaxing so hard it dribbled out of her cunt and down the crack of her ass. "Wow baby, you sure know how to push my buttons!"

They snuggled for awhile on the bed. All of a sudden, Arnie moved then propped himself up on one elbow, "You know, I just had a thought. Wouldn't it be hot if Robert went with us on our trip to Jamaica?"

Gloria's eyes widened with excitement then her smile turned into a pout. "I know, I already asked is he was able to go with us. Unfortunately, he has to work."

Arnie frowned, "Yeah, it would have been hot if he could join us. We'd all have one hell of a time! I think I will call him sometime this week and see if we can figure something out."

Arnie decided to make it a point to call Robert sometime later in the week. He wanted to see if it was because he couldn't afford the trip or if he really was working. If it were because he couldn't afford the trip, he would assure Robert, that his company would pay for all the expenses. Or if he had to work, maybe be he could join them for just the weekend.

For now, he turned his attention back to Gloria. They made love for an hour and only stopped because they both needed to eat.

The next day, Arnie was too busy to call Robert. However, Friday afternoon he called him. "Hey buddy, I called to talk to you about figuring out a way to have you join us on our trip to the Jamaica?"

Robert replied, "Yeah, I wish I could go, but I just don't have the funds. I didn't tell that to Gloria, because she would have insisted I let you guys buy my ticket and that's not fair."

Arnie suggested, "What would you say if I told you the expenditure is all paid for by my company?"

Robert was so excited he nearly dropped the phone and replied, "I'd say, "I'm packing my bags this weekend."

Arnie then said, "Alright! However, let's keep this between ourselves for now. I'll take care of all the arrangements and have the tickets delivered to your office by courier."

Robert was so excited that he would be going on the trip that he almost swallowed his tongue. He exclaimed, "Oh man, really. I don't know how to thank you Arnie?"

Arnie replied, "Robert, you can do that when you get to Jamaica. I want to watch you nail Gloria again. I have to go, talk to you soon. Good-bye."

Robert sat there with a big grin on his face contemplating the ways he could tease, eat, and fuck Gloria. He had to adjust his swelling cock and whispered, "Down boy, you'll get a chance to slide into her hot love tunnel soon."

Arnie decided to play it cool that night. When Gloria asked if he'd spoken to Robert, he hid his smirk and lied, "Yeah, but he cannot go with us to the islands, because he has to work."

Gloria bowed her head and frowned, "Oh poo! It would have been fun, just the three of us, fucking the time away in Jamaica."

Arnie took her into his arms, stroked her hair, and gazed into her sultry green-eyes. "I know baby. Have I told you lately how much I love you doll. I cannot wait to make love to you on the beach under the starry lit sky."

She snuggled up to him and purred, "I love you too honey. I cannot wait either. I also want to get a golden tan without a suit. Now that ought to turn a few heads"

Arnie pulled he closer and said, "You know, when I think about seeing you nude on the sand it makes my cock hard as steel."

They fucked well into the night then fell asleep with dreams of sunny tropical beaches, dinners by candle light, and making love in their own private bungalow.

Arnie since the tickets to Robert with a note that said he was scheduled to take an earlier flight out to Jamaica and got settled into the hotel a couple hours ahead of Arnie and Gloria.

When the day arrived, Robert could hardly hide his excitement as they drove to the airport. However, he needed to, because it was a surprise for Gloria, that the run into Robert in Jamaica. They checked in at the airline desk, made it through customs, and boarded the plane at noon.

The chatted excitedly all the way to Jamaica about things they could do and places they would go. After a good flight they arrived in Jamaica. Once they went through customs they hailed a taxi and drove off to their destination.

The hotel had ten floors, as well as beach bungalows, along a private beach. Arnie loved it because the area was off the main road and not too busy at this time.

Once they settled into their room they decided to take a walk on the beach before dinner. Arnie changed and put on a flowered shirt, Bermuda short's and sandals. Gloria put on a white sundress and flip flop sandals. The outfit accentuated all her curves, and its light fabric didn't hide much of her vivacious body either.

Soon they were strolling along the sandy beach with the warmth of the Caribbean sun on their backs. The beach was everything the brochure stated it would be.

They had walked about fifty feet when Arnie pulled her off the main trail into an area secluded by palm trees. As he pulled Gloria into his arms he uttered, "It's a shame Robert isn't here. I love what happened in our last encounter."

Gloria flashed him a sultry look and purred, "Oooh yeah. You really got turned on by watching me getting fucked by the big black stud. Darling, which part turned you on most?"

Arnie's cock was now swelling and throbbing for Gloria's touch. He readjusted it in his shorts and said, "Doll, everything that Robert did to you turned me on!"

She reached down and caressed the outline of Arnie's cock and purred, "Looks like someone wants to come out and play."

Before he could react Gloria knelt, unzipped his shorts, and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked it gently while rolling his balls in her hand. Oh God, he loved what she was doing to him, and at that moment didn't care who was looking.

However, Arnie knew Robert would be around there somewhere, because the talked about meeting on the beach at that specific time.

Gloria was busy tantalizing Arnie's cock and didn't hear Robert sneak up. When Arnie saw Robert, he stopped her from sucking him for the moment, because he was afraid when she heard Robert's voice she'd bite it off.

Gloria was about to protest when she heard, "Can you direct me to bungalow eight?"

She turned around and shrieked, "Robert! What in the world are you doing here? I thought. . "

Before she could finish Arnie nodded at Robert and both men yelled, "Surprise!"

Robert then in his best Jamaican accent said, "Welcome to the islands."

All of them took turns greeting the other and then Arnie spoke up. "Let's go to the bungalow for some hot sexy fun."

Robert replied, "I'm more then ready."

Gloria chirped, "Well than, let's get going. My cunt needs fucked!"

Once inside the bungalow the three of them stripped. As the two men gently laid Gloria on the bed, Robert knelt between Gloria's legs and began eating her. Arnie moved up to her hear and turned it toward his awaiting cock. He began tracing her lips with the head of his cock.

Gloria engulfed Arnie and continued the blowjob she had started on the beach. With both men tantalizing her she felt her climax building and trembled from head to toe.

Arnie felt her quivering and looked at Robert and suggested, "It's time you slid that cock of yours into her hot cunt. She's primed for fucking!"

Robert rose up and pushed his cock into Gloria. He then looked up at Arnie fucking her mouth hard and deep. In turn, he began hammering her cunt as her muscles milked his pulsating member.

Arnie watched intensely and told himself that Robert wouldn't last long. Gloria stopped sucking him long enough to squeal, "Oooooh fuck, I'm going to cum! Arnie, fuck my mouth hard baby and fill it with your cum. Robert, drive that big black dick into me and empty your balls in my hot cunt!"

Arnie resumed fucking her mouth and soon emptied his load down her throat. Afterwards, Gloria started to quiver all over as she climaxed hard. Robert then fucked her about a dozen strokes before empting his balls into her.

Robert then looked at Arnie and mumbled, "Thanks man. God, she is one hot fuck."

Arnie looked at them both and said, "Yeah she is." He then moved down to Gloria's legs and took a deep whiff. The smell of sex was a natural aphrodisiac to him. As Arnie knelt between her legs he said, "I love the taste of a used cunt."

Robert watched in amazement as he'd never seen a man eat what he called sloppy seconds.

Gloria shifted her body so she could watch Arnie. She loved the way he ate her pussy, especially after another man filled it with his spunk.

She then turned to Robert and watched his reaction as she spoke, "I could get used to being used like this!"

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