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Black Mamba


Every culture has their own stories and lore: The Greeks believed in gods and goddesses, sirens and some other crazy shit, Scotland and Ireland believed in the Banshee, then the Americas believed in big foot the Char-Man, Mothman and Goat man, England believed in the Will-o'-the-wisp, dragons, elves, ogres.

The list goes on and on.

But there's one legend I had never heard of, nor did the web have any information on, a legend that seemed to be mostly forgotten.

A legend only Africans knew.

It was a pretty clear Saturday, there had been reports of possible snowing mixed with heavy rain, but it was currently pretty clear outside, despite the cold nip in the air, and the sun was peeking in through the blinds.

I was doing my favorite hobby: Jerking off to internet porn.

I figured I was meant to suffer alone in the world since, no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn't seem to find someone, it was like every girl in the world was taken and there was no one left for me.

So, since I had no woman to please my desires, and damn, were my desires overwhelming, I had to relieve myself through my only option: Watching girls get fucked senseless.

"I need to be careful." I spoke to myself. "Even though I got some good anti-viruses, those chubby chaser websites are giving me a lot of viruses. Dan must be tired of cleaning this thing out by how."

Xvideos popped into my head.

They had a lot of great porn videos on there, a lot of them short clips, but some of them were a little over an hour, and a lot of them had the high quality option.

So I typed it in the search bar, grabbed my mouse, and clicked the link, going to the website.

I wasn't in a 'real life' mood; the fake moans and crap were getting on my nerves, and although the lovably chubby Monica Mazzeratie was a favorite of mine with that unbelievably massive elephant ass and those head-crushing, super saggy knockers, her acting was only a few steps up from the other dumb sluts they had on the porn industry.

The damn bitches couldn't act for shit.

It was annoying having to put up with that, but even worse that I had to listen to some tattooed douchebag moaning like his fucking nose is stopped up.

Hentai actually sounded good.

I wasn't sure why, but it seemed like no matter how gargantuan anime girls' tits were, it always managed to be sexy as hell, unlike the porn actresses who, when their tits reached a certain size and their body didn't match, it just looked gross and unattractive.

Most hentai girls could be as big as possible, have melons bigger than their whole body, and they'd still look sexy.

So I browsed around typing in 'hentai girl' and of course a load of videos came up in the search.

I ignored the adds and the desperate sluts looking to share their STDs to poor unsuspecting saps who weren't thinking about that and just wanted their dicks wet.

It was hard finding specific hentai videos on Xvideos. It was one of my few complaints about there.

I finally found a video that would satisfy my fapping session.

It was a video of a blue-haired anime girl with a decent enough budget as far as the quality of the skin tone and body parts were concerned.

I had seen some bad hentai in my day.

Some of the girls had no asshole and the guys were just banging them in the pussy, while the asshole should be clearly seen.

Then there were good ones like this.

Decent hentai quality with decent drawings, and you could tell in the thumbnail of the girl getting drilled in the ass that a lot of work and attention was spent on making her butt as plump, juicy and defined as possible.

They really did a good job on giving her a mouth-watering butt.

I played the video.

I sat through a few minutes of talking, and I was thankful there was no subtitles.

After about four minutes into the video, the sex started.

The long, blue haired anime girl took her clothes off, revealing humongous breasts that was bigger than not only her head, but her body, and an ass that was almost bigger than her boulders.

A blush spread across her face and her eyes were wide, when she stared at the big, erect cock in front of her.

"I want your big meat stick in my dirty ass."

I think I winced when I heard the girl say this...And then I think I felt my stomach churn.

Damn the Japanese and the corny shit they put in these videos; they really knew how to ruin a good moment with that crap.

"Should have found a non-dubbed or subbed hentai video to watch...Now I'll probably be suffering through sub-par acting and cheesy lines." I shook my head.

"Please, Takumi, please! I need your love-stick in my donut hole!"

I cringed.

What a complete waste of a perfectly hot pair of VV cup tits...Ruined by some of the worse lines I heard in a long time.

But at least her voice was attractive and pretty pleasing to the ears, with how soft it sounded; it was the ideal female voice.

"Suck my fucking cock first, Ayane."

The guy's acting was probably the worse of all.

It sounded like a seventy five year old man trying to pull off a convincing job of voice acting a college student.

Ayane drew closer; her mountains just bouncing in exaggerated anime style that you'd only see on something ecchi.

"You're so hard." She said.

Ayane got on her hands and knees and brought out her tongue; closing her blue eyes while she licked the brunette's dick.

"Your Popsicle is so yummy."

I felt like a part of me had died inside when I heard this line, and it didn't help that the other lines were just as bad.

I tried to last through it and watched the blowjob scene. At least it was good.

Ayane yelled when he came in her mouth, and then she removed her mouth from his dick, and it went to the next part, with Takumi putting his prick up her huge ass.

"Your cock...It's stirring me up like a spoon. AHH, AHH-h...ah."

The camera zoomed in on her front; showing insanely oversized hooters bouncing and flapping unrealistically while Ayane was jerked back and forth, taking that ass pounding like a horny champion.

"I want your man-shake so bad Takumi." She moaned. "Your snake is stretching my asshole!"

The anal wasn't worth it.

I looked down and my erection was gone; the bad lines made me lose my boner.

I turned the video off and just sighed.

I didn't feel like going through the hassle of looking for another hentai video to watch after that disaster.

Not even the biggest pair of boobs in the world was enough to redeem the bad dialogue in that video that, apparently, someone thought was a sexy vocabulary.

"I wish there was brain bleach." I humorlessly laughed to myself.

A whole boner gone to waste because of a horrid choice of dialogue for what could have otherwise been a spicy piece of internet porn.

I just exited my browser and opened a new tab, went to YouTube, and played some Tony Harnell.

After forgetting about the raging boner I had a few moments ago, that those cruel bastards known as 'the Japanese' had killed, I got dressed in a black tank top and a pair of faded jeans with a faint yellow tinge, combed my dark, almost black, brown hair, then left my house after locking the door.

I headed down town where I unfortunately had to pass by the hood in order to get to my friend, Daniel's house.

I never enjoyed having to go this way, because, even though I had some pretty intimidating muscles and I was only an inch below average height, this was where all the gangs hung out, and the bad thing about that, was not only did they follow each other around like packs of wolves, but they also carried guns and knives.

So I passed through the depressing looking path.

There was the old playground which hadn't been played on for forty five years, the swings, slide, monkey bars and monkey rings had seen better years.

Then there was a few houses that were even older, and both time and 'the hood' had taken their toll on.

Windows were smashed, buildings were rotting, and spray paint graffiti had been sprayed on some of the buildings,

These weren't just old apartments and parks.

This was an entire old part of the town that was now obsolete, abandoned, and mostly forgotten.

I tried not to make eye contact at the gang members who were hanging around.

Some were smoking pot, some meth, some were drinking, some were making drug deals, and some were just hanging out with their scanty and oh-so-much slutty looking, big assed and big titted girlfriends.

One thing I could say about them; they had some really cute looking girls.

Some were darker than the others, but some were lighter more 'milk chocolate', as Daniel would describe them.

"It's that damn, kracker, bitch ass whitey again!" One of them angrily said.

The women were generally more sweet and friendly, much kinder and gentler, and every now and then there was that one dude who'd look at you and be like: 'What's up, little brotha?"

It just seemed like it was the majority of the street thugs who liked to throw racial slurs and talk about killing the 'whities', around here.

Daniel and his friends were different.

They were some of the nicest people you'd ever meet.

I really liked his cousin, Eddy, and his sister, Tina, who I kinda had a crush on.

Me, on the other hand, I was just another one of the white dudes who ended up in this shitty part of the world.

Luckily I stayed on my side of the town most of the time.

I never went to this part of the neighborhood unless it was to visit Daniel.

These guys always had a shifty look in their eyes like they were ready to knock me out.

I wasn't sure why the police hadn't taken more of them to jail, unless the police were actually really afraid of them as well.

"Damn it, Terrence, leave him alone."

I heard a female voice speak.

"Shut up, bitch!" 'Terrence' the guy who had called me a kracker, spoke.

"Why are you such a little dick? All he's doing is passing on around here. It's not like he's doin' nothin'."

"It you don't shut up..." He stopped.

I told myself to just ignore them and continue on my way to Daniel's house.

He really was in the worse part of this town.

Why he hadn't moved away from the most crime-infested area, I still wasn't quite sure.

"Yeah! You just keep on, punk-ass mothafucka!"

Theses people were way too hostile for their own good. It was absolutely ridiculous how they acted and were ready to attack.

"The sooner I'm through here the better.." I quietly murmured.

"Keep walkin', pussy." I heard another one say to me, and I could feel his piercing gaze.

"YO! Bring out da weed, mon! Shits about to get real heavy, know what I'm saying?"

I stopped and blinked, but decided not to look.

"Shut up, Ty. Don't know if you've forgotten, but you're not from Jamaica. I think you had enough of that meth for tonight, fucka."

Oh, great...A crazy one.

I could see Daniel's house a few blocks away, and I knew that I was getting close.

I resumed my approach.

"Damn it, Jack! You no good, deadbeat piece of shit, sorry excuse for a father! Get your ass back here before I blow your ass away!"

The loud, obnoxious female voice I heard was soon followed by a loud gun shot.

I just kept on; not bothering to look.

As I neared Daniel's, I was soon stopped in my tracks by a rather attractive, light skinned, black woman.

"Hey baby.." Her voice was soft, smooth, yet overly sexual.

She had straight, medium-long black hair that went slightly past her neck, but not her back or shoulders, and a pair of large, red full lips.

She tilted her head to the side slightly; a faint, yet growing, smile on her lips when she saw my eyes staring at her tits.

Her tits were big. She must have at least been a 34EE.

I bit my lip; unable to gaze away from the beautiful, light brown balloons that were staring back at me through a flimsy cleavage-cut, black crop-top.

She also had on a pair of hip-hugging, black denim boy shorts.

She had on two earrings, although they were well-hidden, I could make out two hoop earrings.

"Would you like to spend a little time with me? I'm tired of all these boys around here and I was wondering...Would you like to spend the night with a hottie?"

This was oh-so tempting.

She was hot. Her full-lips, her attention grabbing breasts, that shapely ass of hers, that soft, little sexy, playful voice.

I wanted to take her home right then, right then, strip her naked, and destroy her body; fill each hole with hot jizz, and tit-fuck those big pillows.

"I don't do well with girls." I said gloomily.

I lifted my eyes up from her boobs, then gazed up at her face, being met with a heart-weakening little pout.

"But...Baby. I'm sure you'll do well with me. Can't my girls persuade you?"

She groped her big titties in front of me, even throwing in a moan for extra effect.

I felt my dick spring to life.

"I'll give you a discount that I don't give any of my other clients..."

Part of my brain was saying yes, but the other part was screaming no to me, not to do it, and just walk away from her.

I wanted to take her to bed, yes, but then my more common-sense side was saying not to do it, because she was a prostitute and more than likely, had multiple STDs.

I had more sense than most modern men who were driven mostly by primitive hormones, and I didn't want to risk my health for a one nightstand, even if this girl was smoking and had a baby-like voice.

"I-I don't.." My horniness was winning.

"Baby," she touched my arm with her smaller hand, "just say yes. I'll give you the cheapest discount possible.."

She reached her hand down, and smiled, touching my bulging cock with her smooth hand, and giving it a few slow strokes through my jeans.

I felt it poke into her hand; growing.

"Okay. Come over tonight at seven."

"Can I have your number, handsome?"

I felt like a feeble idiot did giving in so easily. But I really needed to fuck someone; I couldn't keep going on like this, and whore or not, she was willing to let me do whatever I wanted to her.

I gave her my number, and she kissed my lips as a small sign of what was to come.

I enjoyed her lips more than I should have; she was my first kiss, a prostitute, the first girl I ever kissed before.

She seemed more than willing to return my kiss, though, and gave me the longest first kiss I've ever had, showing me just what a woman was capable of doing with her lips.

She pulled her lips away, much to my disappointment.

"Don't go milking yourself while you wait. I'll be taking it all down my throat."

My face went read at hearing that she intended to swallow all of my hot semen.

"See you soon, babe." She kissed me one last time, then walked away.

I waited for my boner to subside, but once it did, I continued on my way without any trouble coming my way, thankfully.

I was at Daniel's house in minutes.

He lived in a small, squarish house that really stood out over all the other places, not only because it was one of the few places that was still pretty lively looking, but because, well, there wasn't any other houses that looked quite like this, not in the old town of Robinsburg, or even the area I was from, the better side; Lapor.

Standing on the front porch of the small, squarish, white house, was Daniel's one year older sister, Tina Anders.

She was quite the looker, maybe about a star or two lower than the prostitute, but still very desirable.

Her skin was slightly lighter than Daniel's, she had long, curly black hair that came to her shoulders, a nice set of 24DDs, and chestnut eyes.

Her large lips were covered in pink lipstick, she was wearing a white button-up shirt that I could easily see her nipples and white bra through, and she had on a pair of jeans that really squeezed her phat ass tight.

"Alex." She smiled wide when she saw me.

I was trying not to stare at her nipps.

"Daniel's inside. He's about to tell some crazy story that's been passed down through our family for generations."

Tina was a bit more polite and well-mannered than Daniel; swear words never escaped her tongue, despite the fact she was the elder one.

I nodded and walked towards the door.

Once I was at the old, screen door, I turned to look at her, staring silently at her while she gazed off into the dangerous town.

If only she saw me more than just a friend of her brother's.

I entered the house and headed towards the living room, where I heard a bunch of laughing, that soon turned to silence.

As I walked into view, three black males were sitting down with draft beers in hand.

"ALEX!" Daniel grinned.

"W'sup, homie?" The second voice was Tyrone.

Daniel was a big guy. About six ten foot eleven, and was pure muscle.

Out of all the ones in the room, he was the only one who didn't try to change his mini fro's hairstyle.

He had dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and was dressed in a plaid shirt and Wrangler jeans.

Tyrone was his best friend. Well, one of his best friend's.

He had dark brown corn rows, dark brown eyes, was two inches shorter than Daniel, and was wearing a white tank too and a pair of Levi's.

The third was Traye. Traye was shorter than the both of them, but had muscles like Tyrone.

He had long dreadlocks like Bob Marley, and dark brown eyes.

He was dressed up in a plain black V-neck, and a pair of ratty faded jeans.

"You're just in time to hear my story, Alex." Daniel grinned wide.

"Story?" I cocked a brow.

"Some crazy shit, nigga." Tyrone said.

I took a seat on the couch next to the guys, and Daniel, who I was sitting on the left of, handed me a beer, which I passed, since I wasn't much of a drinker.

"Okay. So this is se weird shit that's been passed down in the family.

It's the story of Black Mamba."

"Shit, nigga," Traye said before Daniel could say anything more on his story, "that's some racist shit. Why Black Mamba? Why not purple or Red Mamba?"

"It's not racist you dumbass.

Get your muthafuckin' head outta your ass. It's not racist. Maybe you're racist for thinking it is. And a Black Mamba is a snake, you dumbshit."

"Fuck you, nigga!" Yelled Traye.

"No, FUCK YOU, NIGGA!" Daniel returned fire.

"Uhh, guys, I wanna hear the story." I tried to calm the situation.

"Here that? Now shut your mouth, nigga." Said Daniel.

"All right. So this shit's been passed down for generations. There's this story about this 'deity' called Black Mamba. Story goes that she's this big ass woman. Not much is said about her, except she's black, blacker than black."

As Daniel continued with the story, Traye interrupted him again with another complaint.

"Man, if this ain't the most racist shit I've ever heard I don't know what fucking is. BLACK Mamba? Blacker than black? Fuck this shit, man."

"Who's telling the story, numbnuts?" Daniel snapped again.

Traye fell silent.

I was almost laughing at the constant bickering that was going on between the two.

"Anyways. Black Mamba is this huge bitch. They say she's bigger than a tree, bigger than than the Empire State Building."

"As big as my grandma's dick."

Traye cracked.

Daniel shot him a piercing glare, slammed his fist onto the wooden table in front of us, and silenced everyone.

"Since Traye think this is hilarious, I'll finish quick. Black Mamba is a deity of fucking destruction, who's skin is as black as a sharpie. She has two eyes that are in human shape, but they're pure red. And she likes to rip off niggas dicks and force-feed them their manhood."

With his story being rushed because if Traye's heckling, story time was over and we enjoyed a few beers together that Tyrone convinced me into drinking.

Tina made everyone burgers, and after that and a few old, black and white monster movies we watched together, it was time for everyone to call it a night.

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