tagGay MaleBlack Man Discovers White Dick

Black Man Discovers White Dick


The feel of Alric Shawn's thick White dick sliding into my Black asshole is simply divine. I can't get enough of it, man. The young Irishman grunts as he works his cock deep into my asshole. I stroke my long and thick Black cock, pumping it up as he fucks me. Hot damn. This is totally awesome. My name is Luther James Blanc. A big and tall Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I go to Carleton University, where I major in Criminology and I'm openly bisexual. Hooking up with sexy studs and the occasional sexy lady is my bread and butter. Race doesn't matter to me, and neither does gender. Like a true bisexual Black guy, I'm all about sex. Safe sex only, though.

Alric didn't disappoint when he promised me the fuck of the century. I met him at the Italian-owned gym near the Carleton University campus a few days ago. I recently broke up with my long-time girlfriend Rachel Stanwood. A tall, busty and big-bottomed, totally sexy Jamaican chick who was really into me. I wanted to marry her, man. I swear. But I guess in the end the fact that I am bisexual was too much for her conservative Jamaican family. I told her I was bisexual from the get-go. And we were together for three years. Yet she dumped me out of the blue and moved to the City of Toronto. Oh, well. Who needs her? Women are crazy, man. Black women especially. To hell with Rachel. I don't need her emotional crap and endless drama. I just need some good sex and my man Alric is providing me with just that.

I didn't think Alric was into guys when I first saw him. He's around five-foot-nine, slim, with dark brown hair, pale green eyes and very pale White skin. He's a goth guy by the way. A recent transfer from the University of Calgary. He's new to Ottawa. I saw him walking around with this tall, blonde-haired White chick named Jennifer O'Leary. I thought they were a couple. Everybody at the Carleton University campus did. Yet Alric told me he was dating Jennifer casually. He was openly bisexual, like me, but mainly preferred men. Make that Black men. Me? I'm an equal opportunity fucker. Male or female, Black or White, it doesn't matter. As long as they're cool with getting down with me.

Alric and I went out for drinks after meeting at the gym. He was actually a cool guy. I don't usually like gay and bisexual White guys from the Confederation of Canada. Some of them are cool but many of them are uptight and bigoted. Especially in the City of Ottawa. I usually hook up with other Black guys or Latino guys. They're pretty cool. Unlike the rest of his kind, the rednecks of Metropolitan Calgary, Alric was open-minded. And he didn't hide the fact that he was into Black men. I liked that about him. Three days later, here we are, fucking in his apartment. Alric went straight for my dick after we got naked. He knelt before me and sucked my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black rod of power. He sucked my dick like cock sucking was going out of style. Like a lot of secretly gay and bisexual redneck guys from the City of Calgary, he's into Black guys. After sucking my cock, he bent over and offered me his ass. I lubricated his asshole, put on a condom and shoved my dick up his ass. I held him by the hips as I thrust my dick deep inside of him. Alric was a real screamer. I slammed my big Black cock up the young White guy's asshole. And he absolutely loved it. After fucking his ass, I took off the condom and made him suck my dick. He cleaned my cock with his tongue.

Yeah, Alric really loved the feel of my Black dick up his tight White ass. However, I wanted to try riding his cock. I mostly top but occasionally I enjoy getting fucked in the ass. Alric told me he bottomed ninety nine percent of the time but didn't mind fucking a sexy Black stud like me. We got ready. I sucked his dick and got him nice and hard. Then I put a condom on him and applied lube all over my ass before climbing on top of him. And just like that, this sexy bisexual Haitian stud began riding the dick of a White bastard from the redneck town of Calgary. Alric held my hips as I rode him. He thrust his short but thick White cock deep into my asshole. I grunted as he fucked me. Man, I had forgotten how good it felt to get fucked in the ass. I stroked my cock as he filled my asshole with his dick. I screamed in pleasure as I experienced a totally awesome fucking. Man, this was totally cool!

Man, I don't know for how long Alric and I went at it. He fucked me over every inch of his apartment. Slamming his short but thick White dick up my Black ass like he was paying for it or something. It hurt so damn good. I totally loved it. Afterwards, we both lay on the bed, pleasurably sore. I smiled at Alric and he smiled at me. This was definitely an awesome fuck. No lie. We took a shower together, then I left. Not before exchanging numbers and email addresses. Alric and I have wonderful fucking chemistry together. Now, Ottawa is full of sexy women and men that a stud like me will holler at, but it's nice to have someone like him in my pocket. Alric was totally cool with the two of us becoming fuck buddies. Birds of a feather, you know? Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed this sexy little story, folks. I got to get to class. Peace.

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