tagNon-EroticBlack Man Rejects White Women

Black Man Rejects White Women


White women are overrated. And they're not my standard of beauty. Black women are my standard of beauty. There, I said it. And I mean it with every fibre of my being. This is coming from me, Samuel Xavier. A proud bisexual Black man who's bedded women and men of all races before coming to this shocking conclusion. I just wanted to let the world know how I feel. Seriously. After years of switching back and forth between male and female lovers, I discovered that the person most capable of loving me is a Black woman. Why Black women? Oh, man. I can't stop praising Black women. They are all that and then some. Black men who are into chasing White women should seriously consider switching back to Black women exclusively. I discovered the truth about White women. They're overrated, disloyal and more sexually opportunistic than most men of any race. Wow. They put us nefariously sexually adventurous bisexual Black guys to shame.

I sincerely want to apologize to every Black woman I've ever wronged due to my insensitivity. I also want to apologize to Black women for every Black man who hasn't shown you the love, admiration and respect that you deserve. Black men should praise Black women instead of criticizing them. Black women are the most loyal and amazing women in the world. They stand by us Black men when we have nothing. And they treat us like kings and princes when the whole world thinks we're less than dirt. I hope someday all Black men will have an awakening and realize how blessed we are to have Black women in our lives. They're our friends, lovers, allies and the source of our existence. We wouldn't be anything without them. Hell, we wouldn't be without them, period.

When I was younger, I didn't realize those things. Like many young men, I followed my dick. It led me into the bedrooms of Black women, Asian women, Asian men, Arab men, Arab women, White women and even the occasional White man. Yeah, I was exploring my bisexuality and I wanted to try everything. As a big and tall, good-looking young Black man living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts, I found endless opportunities for sexual fun. However, I learned my lesson. Sex isn't love. The only person in the universe who can relate to the Black man's struggle is the Black woman. White folks can't relate. Hell, half the time they're the cause of our problems. How could they be part of the solution? Yeah, that's what I thought.

After I graduated from college in the city of Boston, Massachusetts and moved to the town of Ottawa in Canada, I experienced a whole new world. Canada is radically different from America. Also, Canadians are all fake-smiling, two-faced and deeply bigoted people. Not a single open-minded, non-racist person in the entire Confederation of Canada. Let me break it down for you. Black folks in Canada are too divided among themselves to unite against the racist establishment. The Haitians don't like the Somalians, and the Ghanaians, Ethiopians and Nigerians keep to themselves, as do the Kenyans. In the eyes of mainstream Canadian society, they're all Black and are all the same. Yet these Black Canadians can't see that for what it is. They refuse to band together against racism and systemic discrimination. That's why they can't advance. To add insult to injury, Black guys in Canada only date White women. Make that fat White women. Since skinny White women don't want them. I wonder why. White women in Canada are far more racist than White men. They're vicious, treacherous and totally fake. Yet I seem to be the only Black man in Canada who knows this.

The other minority groups aren't much better. Asians, especially the Chinese, suck up to White people like their lives depend on it. The Indians ( from India) also seem to worship White people. Asians distance themselves from other minority groups, especially Blacks and Arabs. All of these different groups fail to realize that White men and White women living in the Confederation of Canada see them collectively as "the others" and actively discriminate against them at all levels of society. The lack of unity among people of color in Canada pretty much ensures easy domination by White men and White women. White Canadians are deeply bigoted. They're not sorry for the horrors of Black slavery or Native American eradication. Rather, they refuse to acknowledge that these things happened. At least in America White folks are made aware of the evils done by their ancestry and some of them actually try to make amends. White Canadians are more evil than the Devil. They're all fake, deeply bigoted and xenophobic but hide it behind fake smiles and a supposedly multicultural policy. What a load of crap.

Hey, someone's got to tell the truth about the great Confederation of Canada. And this openly bisexual Haitian-American law enforcement professional is more than happy to do it. Folks, if an asteroid hit Canada, I'd be happy. It's the most evil place I've ever seen. Every single person living there is a hypocrite and a bigot. Without exception. Doesn't matter what color they are. Damn. Do you know how sad that is? To be constantly surrounded by freaks like that? At least in America we have quite a few decent people. America's past and present includes a lot of racism and discrimination. However, progress has been made. Look at who the President of the United States is. Look at who the Governor of Massachusetts is. They were elected by a majority White electorate out to prove they're not genetically predisposed toward bigotry like their ancestors seemed to be. Of course, some radicals within the Tea Party and the Republican Party are threatening to undo that with their extreme ideas. Make no mistake, the White men and White women of the Tea Party are nothing more than bigots and racists. They hate the fact that people of color now wield some amount of political and economic power in America. And they're afraid of losing their power. They want to maintain their power. And they're trying to crush people of color. We won't submit. By uniting against anyone who isn't White, the racist establishment is making the Blacks, Asians, Hispanics and Arabs unite against them. And at the end of the day, there are more people of color on the planet Earth. So it will be rightfully ours. The White minority has had its day. It's our turn now. End of story.

Yeah, I hate the Confederation of Canada. And even though I'm making more money working in the town of Ottawa than I did working in the city of Boston, I sincerely wish the capital city would vanish under water like the fabled Atlantis. Along with every bigoted piece of trash living within. Awesome thought coming from an international law enforcement official, isn't it? One good thing about Canada is the Black women I've encountered in Ontario, especially in towns like Toronto, Ottawa and York. The Black women of Ontario are beautiful, smart and friendly. They're a lot friendlier and more approachable than Black women in the United States. I still love my African-American sisters, though. It's all good. Folks, I learned my lesson. I love my Black people. White women are overrated. I reject them. All of them without exception. Yep, I'm a Black man who is not into White chicks. It happens. I'm looking for a gorgeous, educated and ambitious Black woman to marry. I'm going straight. Peace.

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