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Black Man Saves White Woman


I was always looking out for everyone and I helped so many and then I couldn't help myself. I was in a bad marriage to a white man. He was treating me like last week's trash and I guess I wanted to know what I was doing wrong so I would ask my friends for their opinions and everyone said it wasn't me. It was my husband that was dragging me down.

I love to have contact with everyone. That means that I am a touchy-feely kind of person and enjoyed contact, even if it just meant to touch your hand, or stroke your face. Maybe give you a big hug or a kiss on the cheek.

My ex-husband didn't like to have open signs of affection. For example if we were at the mall and he bought me a gift out of the blue, I would hug and kiss him right then and there and he would tell me that it wasn't the right place. My God, it was just a hug and kiss; it wasn't like we were fucking in the middle of the mall or I was sucking him off or anything. That turned me off.

We started growing apart and I noticed that he would be going out more often and finding hobbies that didn't include me. I was the party person and I would go out with the girls every payday which was every two weeks for a couple of drinks and dinner. He was frequenting a local strip club with some of his male co-workers and I found out much later on that one of the girls worked with the guys and she was nothing but a whore.

My ex seem to eat it up because she always gravitated towards him and he going for a lap dance and they went $25 a pop. He drank a lot and once in a while would still light up joint to just release his stress. My stress release was cooking and having some wine while I cleaned the house.

It was getting to the point that he was going out 3 nights a week and sometimes he would take off the next day from work to regroup. It angered me and I told him that he should ease up a bit and the first time I told him that, he slapped me across the face and told me to shut the fuck up. I was shocked and I thought it was all the liquor he had consumed but when I brought it up a few days later after he sobered up, he told me that I wasn't being nice I should try being exciting and learn how to give him a lap dance.

He got worse and started to complain on my cooking and how his laundry was done and also how I go out too often. Twice a month?? That's a lot?? NOT He was going out a dozen or more times a month and I mentioned that and again I took a slap to the face and I told him to never to that again because he was hurting me and he said "You haven't felt any pain yet. Wait until you fuck up the next time, you'll see what it's all about." I told him to stop the bullshit and he told me that I didn't turn him on anymore.

He left the house and after he did, I packed myself a suitcase and I left for a hotel. I left him a note saying I am not going to take his shit anymore and that I wasn't coming home. He got home and found the note and called my cell about 4 o'clock in the morning and told me to get my ass home to make him breakfast. I told him to ask one of his "chickies" to make him something. He slammed the phone down and I cried myself to sleep.

I finally got brave enough to go to the lawyer and have him draw up divorce papers. My best friend has been telling me for several years to leave his sorry white ass and I could do better than him. I can't tell you the last time we made love; what a joke. He didn't like blow jobs and it always had to be when he was in the mood.

I was living in the hotel and my friend told me to use their spare rooms and save my money. I ate with them and I kicked in $200 a week towards the groceries and booze and helped with the cleaning, laundry and doing the dishes. The girls and I still continued to go out every other week after payday and one Friday my drunk ex showed up and asked me to come home that he missed me and I told him that I didn't love him anymore.

One Friday night, I was in a very sad mood and almost didn't join the girls but after their encouragement, I came. The girls were a in different stages of relationships as some were married, just dating, one in just a sexual relationship having an affair with a married man.

I came to the pub with an attitude and then it slowly left as the girls cheered me up and I was lucky enough to meet a guy that night. I met the sexiest black guy ever. He was with a few buddies and I made sure that I let him know I was there. I struck up a conversation with him as he was watching the NY Knicks basketball game on the big screen tv. I followed sports and I did know a lot of the players, stats, etc. so I did manage to know what was going on and Jesse seemed to be impressed by my knowledge.

We end up drinking beers and shots of JD together and having a great time. The girls just let me do my own thing that night and his friends did the same for him. We talked about my husband and how he treats me and that I'm going thru a divorce and he said his girl cut out on him for another girl of all things. We went outside for a bit as he had to get his glasses from his truck-he had a Ford Explorer and I had the Ford Escape and believe it or not we both had our vehicles in the same color.

I drove myself that night to meet the girls because I had plan to leave early if I wasn't having a good time. He also drove himself and we both had a little too much to drink and he had an hour's ride home so I asked him to come back to my place and maybe sleep it off or join me for some coffee and he agreed. Our friends had left and left us behind and it was nice how the game was over and some soft music was playing since the game was over.

We made our way to our vehicles and I told him to follow me and he told me he would follow me anywhire. He was adorable and I waiting for him to catch up to me. I helped him up my staircase and I could take him all of his smells as it filtered up my nose. I opened the door and sat him on the couch to relax and he sat me there and we started to kiss and then touch, make out and we were having a blast. His touch was unlike any other man's. His hands wee huge and just a visual here people, there covered my 42D's completely. I showed him my bedroom and he took me in there by the hand and laid me across the bed and he buried his head into my titties and then sucked, licked and nibbled on my titties making them hard. I reached and grabbed onto his throbbing huge black cock.

We were in the "69" position as he ate out my freshly shaved white pussy and I sucked his cock and licked and sucked on his balls that seem to be the size of softballs by now and his cock about 10" in length. I then ended up on my back across the bed with my legs spread waiting for the huge black cum filled cock to enter me. He started off slow and then picked up the beat and I was full - more than I have ever been. We did it doggy style and I even allowed him entrance into my ass. It felt so good and he was awesome. I asked to have some of his hot load down my throat as I swallowed and the remained was shot all over my face and chest. I enjoyed that treat and we sleeping off our hangovers. Lucky for us it was a Friday night and no work the next morning.

He has allowed me to feel and be able to make love to each other in the shower and then again after we had a breakfast of pancakes and sausage with hash browns.

My divorce was final and my ex had to pay me every month and half my rent. I've never been so happy in my life. It closing in on our 1st anniversary being together and I am alive today because of him.

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