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Black Man's Cuckold


My girlfriend Jamie and I have always had a very healthy sex life. During our college years we'd sometimes spend a whole day fucking each others brains out. It was great, but lately, things had become a bit mundane. We'd started getting into a rhythm, kind of like a porno we'd watched one too many times. As you can imagine, when the sex started going down hill, we both started looking for something to spice things up.

Well, one weekend she and I went out to the bar with another friend of ours named James. James is a pretty big guy. He's about 6'4", dark black skin and a really muscular body. As the drinks flowed, I could see that Jaime was taking a particular interest in him. She kept leaning over and whispering into his ear over the loud club music. Every time she did, James had a perfect view down the low cut v in her shirt. Now Jaime is a very pretty woman. She isn't the most beautiful girl in the world, but has an insatiable lust that just puts her over the top. She knows how to turn a man on, and by the subtle touching and flirtatious talk, I knew what she had in mind.

As the night was coming to an end, he three of us were quite intoxicated and feeling a bit randy. So, when Jaime asked me if she could invite James home with us, I knew it was for more than a little drink. James accepted the invitation with a bit white smile between his dark lips, and we walked the few blocks to our apartment. As soon as we got in the door, Jaime grabbed me by the hand and led me to the kitchen. "Listen," she said, "I love you very much. But I need something new. I want to fuck him, alone. You can watch, but that's it."

Jaime had always talked about her fantasy of me watching her with another man, and I was completely turned on by it. But actions were a lot more than just talk. At first I was jealous. I told her to do what she wanted, but I couldn't see it. She knew I was angry, but kissed me and said goodnight.

As I walked back the hall to our bedroom, I saw her pull her shirt over her head as she disappeared into the living room. Within a few minutes, I couldn't stand it anymore. There were loud moans and groans drifting into the room with me that couldn't help but turn me on. I had to see what was going on.

When I entered the living room, I couldn't believe the way my cock jumped out of my pants. There was a pile of clothes strewn on the floor and Jaime was face down in the pillows of the couch. One of her large c-cup breasts were dangling in the air while James' large hands roughly massaged the other. His dark face was buried in her ass and his tongue was darting furiously between her shaved pussy and her delicate little asshole. It was so sexy to see the contrast of their skin. He white ass rubbed up and down on his tongue until she screamed loudly, reaching her first orgasm.

"Oh yes . . . fuck me with your tongue. Yeah, oh yeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah"

Finally, when the shaking stopped, James stood up and turned Jaime around so that she sat eye level to his cock. It was amazing. He had the biggest dick I'd ever seen. I don't think Jaime was ready for the size because she gasped and her eyes were wide with anticipation. He looked over at me and said, "I am going to fuck her good. She's never had suck a manly cock in her. Tonight I'm going to have my way with her and you can't do a damn thing about it. She's gonna be fucked my a real man now." With that, James grabbed Jaime's head and pulled it toward his 14" monument. She tried to swallow it whole pushing her head down hard on the black rope. I could see it bulging in her throat. First slowly, then faster as she grew accustomed to the size. Her head bobbed up and down and she hummed with great satisfaction. "Oh yeah baby, suck that cock. You want to taste my fuckin' seed don't you, you little whore." She just grunted a response.

James pulled out his cock and told her to lick his balls. She sucked one of his dark plums between her lips and stroked his manhood hard. I couldn't believe what happened next. Jaime turned James around and reached through his legs continuing to jerk his cock. She then pushed on his lower back bending him over. Then, with one hand she pulled apart his ass and started licking his asshole. This sent James over the edge and he shot a load all over the carpeted floor.

I thought they were done and started to say something. James looked at me and said in a commanding voice, "You shut up. I'm not done with your bitch yet, and I don't want to hear another word from you." I was humiliated and sat down on the other side of the room.

Jaime was so turned on. She looked at his cock. It was still hard. She cracked a smile and put it back in her mouth. After a few minutes of sucking, James laid her on her back and pulled her ankles apart. There was no way that she was going to be able to take his cock. James started rubbing his giant head up and down the bare lips of my whore girlfriend. She started swinging her hips up and down, anxious to heel her inside him. She was so wet that it dripped down into her asshole puddling on the cushions of the couch. Then, with one hard thrust, James plunged his cock deep into Jaime. She screamed loudly in both pain and ecstasy. In no time she forgot the pain. Her moans of satisfaction were endless. It was one orgasm after another. They must have fucked like this for an hour before James ass started to twitch. He let out a grunt and plunged deep into her unloading into her cunt. Then he fell on top of her sweaty body and pulled out of her cunt.

James looked over at me, my cock in hand. "You like what you see? Then get over here and lick her out." I couldn't believe my ears.

Before I could protest, Jaime chimed in. "You little peter can't satisfy me anymore, so put that tongue to work." I crawled over to her and started to lick the thick cream for her gaping lips. At the same time I jerked myself off and came on the carpet.

James pushed me to the side. "One more time," he said. "This time in her ass." Jaime has never let me fuck her ass before. But she was not about to reject this carnal deity. James positioned himself with Jaime's legs over his shoulders and places his cock at awaiting brown hole. Slowly he eased his massive head into her. He waited until she relaxed, then pushed some more. This went on until he was ball deep inside her. Before long, James was brutally fucking the asshole of my girlfriend. Jaime flicked her clit as he nailed her nether hole. She came and came and came. "Yes, fuck my ass. Make me your dirty whore," she said. "I love your big black cock." After about fifteen minutes of fucking, James began to twitch and shot a load deep inside her ass. And of course, I was instructed to lick it out.

Although I don't fuck Jaime any more, I always enjoy watching her fuck a big black cock. If I'm good, I get rewarded by licking out her stretched out holes.

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