tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlack Market Bidder Ch. 03

Black Market Bidder Ch. 03


A/N: Thank you all for all of the support with the first 2 chapters of AJ's story! I'm really hoping that you all are enjoying it so far. In the next few chapters, I am hoping to add some more excitement for you, especially since this chapter is just a bit boring admittedly. Any questions and/or comments are always welcome!

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Chapter Three

AJ hung there like a butchered pig, reeling from the exchange that had just taken place. A few other people approached her but no one else signed her sheet. She guessed that no one wanted to bid higher than Leon and after he bid on her, he returned to his seat without even looking at the other people hanging next to her. Suddenly, the same woman who made the announcements before starting the auction stood and rang a small but painfully loud bell repeatedly until the room was silent and all attention was on her.

"This auction is now concluded!" She announced, almost in a sing-song voice. "If you all will please return to your seats and we will announce the sales." She added and AJ's stomach lurched with panic and anger. She already knew. This man, Leon had bought her.


The thought that she had been sold as a human being to another person made her skin crawl. She dared to peek at him and his eyes were already on her. Her heart thudded and she quickly looked away.

It only took a few moments for everyone to file back to their seats and AJ was even able to spot Julian in the crowd, sitting on the other side of the room as Leon. He was looking at her too and AJ wondered if he knew that he had been outbid. His serpentine smile told her he had no idea and for some cruel reason, that made AJ feel just a little bit amused. Once everyone was seated, the woman stepped forward again.

"Please remember that all sales are final and there will be no last minute bids." The woman said as she approached the man to the far left of the room first. One by one, she would step next to an "item," pick up their sheet and read the names of the person's new "owner" and the amount that they were sold for. There were some groans of displeasure and disappointment as people realized their bids were not the winning ones but otherwise everyone was silent as this woman did her job. AJ was the second to the last person in line and when this woman got to her, she picked up AJ's sheet and let out an audible gasp. At this point, AJ had noticed that no one had been sold for over $500,000 so maybe Leon's hefty bid was shocking. AJ still couldn't wrap her mind around any part of this situation so she wasn't going to even try to understand the prices of her fellow humans. "Item #7, sold to Leon Braxton for $750,000." She announced and there was a small collective gasp within the crowd. Before looking at Leon, AJ sneaked a look at Julian. She could tell he was angry at being outbid but she had a feeling he was especially bitter at the fact that a man he clearly disliked outbid him.

Why do I care? It's like choosing between being thrown into a snake pit or a volcano...

The woman made her way to the last captive to AJ's right side and read her winning bid and new "owner." After the sales were announced, the woman gave the winners leave to collect their purchases, reminded everyone of the next auction and effectively concluded the event. Everyone rose and either filed out towards the stairs to leave while a few patient groups waited for the shaky elevator. There was a quiet hum of conversation around her and AJ zoned out, thinking that this couldn't possibly be her new life. Suddenly, there was a presence in front of her and looked up to see those same amber eyes. Leon's face was neutral and strong, showing no outward emotion as he looked at her. Standing next to him was another man, a lot smaller and younger than Leon. This man was more AJ's age, early to mid twenties. He was at least half a foot shorter than Leon, but still fit looking with wavy brown hair that covered his ears, even when he swung his head to the side to get his long bangs out of his face. His chocolate eyes were warm and friendly, not intense like Leon's heated amber orbs. When Leon began to approach her, AJ's eyes snapped back to him and she immediately, almost reflexively, glared at him. He raised his hand to show her a key as he stepped onto her platform.

"I'm going to unlock your cuffs," He said. "When I do, you're not going to try and run, you're not going to yell or cause a scene. You're going to stand still and quiet until I say otherwise, understand?" He added and AJ felt her face turn red with anger but she made no reply. Leon's lips twitched as he tried not to smirk. Apparently she was already amusing to him. He reached up and unlocked her wrists, making AJ sigh in relief. She rolled her shoulders as she tried to relax the strained muscles. Her first impulse told her to run but it was not the time or place to attempt an escape. She then felt something warm and soft envelope her shoulders and noticed that Leon had shrugged off his suit jacket and wrapped her in it. "Give me your arm," He instructed and her shocked self lifted her left arm only for him to slide it into the sleeve. He did the same with her right arm before buttoning the jacket up. The jacket reached her mid thighs and her hands didn't even reach the ends of the sleeves but she was warm and strangely grateful at his gesture. AJ didn't even think that she'd have to go into public wearing the lingerie that she was in. "Carter, give the check to Bethany then call Mason to get the jet ready." He said as he turned to the younger man who just nodded and scurried off to the announcer woman. AJ's head reeled as she looked up at Leon.

"Jet?" She asked and he looked down at her, still wearing that maddening neutral expression.

"Yes, jet." He replied as he enveloped his hand over hers and helped her down off the platform.

"Why is there a jet?" AJ asked dumbly and she heard him sigh.

"Because it's going to take us home." He replied, his patience quickly thinning.

"Home?" AJ asked again, now feeling completely lost and absolutely oblivious to Leon's change in mood. Her heart began to pound as fear began to rise in her body again. A jet meant they were traveling, traveling a long distance away from her real home. If they got on the jet, AJ would be completely physically lost and her chance of returning home dwindled even more. Carter then returned and wordlessly picked up AJ's purse from next to the platform and her medical file from the pedestal.

"Bethany is paid, sir and Mason is waiting. Are we ready?" He asked and Leon just nodded as he grabbed AJ's arm to lead her to the stairs. AJ was stunned and trapped in her own mind as she tried to think of anything she could do to get out of her new situation. She could not get on that jet, she didn't care where they were going. A jet meant they were going too far. When they reached the ground floor, Carter opened the door that lead to the outside. AJ flinched and turned away as the sunlight attacked her eyes. It was late afternoon now and it was hard to believe that she was in that building for only a few hours. It felt like a lifetime. Suddenly, there were arms around her and the ground disappeared from beneath her feet. AJ squealed in surprise as Leon effortlessly lifted her bridal style and carried her towards a black Roles Royce.

Of course he has a Roles Royce.

"What are you doing?" AJ asked, wiggling her legs against his arms as he carried her. He made a show of kicking up some gravel as he walked.

"I don't want your feet to get cut up." He replied simply, looking straight ahead and AJ looked down at the gravel below her. She thought Leon was being just a teeny bit dramatic and thought maybe he was actually carrying her because he liked any form of control he could grab on to. Either way, it's not like she could do anything about it at this point.

Carter silently opened the back door of the car and Leon gracefully bent over to plop her into the seat. He then reached over to buckle her seat belt for her, making AJ feel like a five year old. Leon stood up and closed the door before taking AJ's purse and file from Carter. Carter didn't hesitate to take his place in the driver's seat and while Leon was making his way to the other side of the car, he caught the eyes of Julian as he was getting into his own car across the lot. The two men had a silent stare down for what seemed like an eternity before Julian gave him a mischievous smile followed by a wink that seemed more like a threat before he disappeared into his car. Leon wasted no more time and got into the Royce, sitting on the opposite side of the seat bench as AJ. Carter took the silent cue and pulled out of the lot. AJ heard a zipper and looked to see that Leon had unzipped her purse and was rummaging through it.

"Hey!" She protested and went to grab her bag but the way Leon looked at her made her blood and muscles freeze into place. "That belongs to me." She said, much quieter as they stared at each other, her hand still elevated.

"And you belong to me so what does that say about the bag?" Leon responded and chills ran from AJ's toes all the way to her head.

"I don't belong to anyone." She said as defiantly as possible and Leon only raised an eyebrow at her. She swallowed hard.

"The 750,000 dollars I just spent on you says that you do." He replied.

"I'm a person, not livestock. You can't buy a person. This is the 21st century." Leon finally let himself smile and he even chuckled a little bit.

"Your ignorance about the world is almost endearing but you have a lot to learn." He said as he pulled out her cell phone. He pressed the power button and AJ saw on the screen that she had multiple missed calls and text messages. "Someone misses you. A boyfriend, maybe?" Leon teased, looking from the phone to AJ's face and she just shook her head.

"No. I don't have a boyfriend," She replied and Leon smirked. "But I do have friends and family and they will be looking for me!" AJ declared and Leon chuckled again.

"Let them," He said ominously as he turned the phone over and opened the back. He removed the battery right before he rolled the window down and AJ could only watch in shock as he tossed it all out the window.

"Hey!" She cried, looking out the back window as the little pieces of her phone bounced off the asphalt.

"You don't need it," Leon continued digging through her purse until he found her wallet. He opened it and read her driver's license. "So, Aiden. You're twenty-two, huh?"

"AJ," She replied, looking from the window to him, trying out her best glare. He snapped his eyes to her and raised his eyebrows.


"My name is AJ." She repeated, holding his gaze before he broke it to look down at her ID again.

"Funny. It says Aiden M. Jaeger right here." He said, almost mockingly and AJ narrowed her eyes at him.

"My name is AJ." Was all she said back and she could see him smile as he returned his attention back to her wallet. Before returning it to her purse, he removed her debit card and the two credit cards she had and stuffed them and her ID in his own back pocket. He continued to snoop through her purse but all he found was her work badge, some chap stick and her car keys tucked inside. Once he was done with that, he handed it back to her and she snatched it from him, hugging it as if it would magically transport her home. Leon then put the blue file on his lap and opened it. AJ watched in curiosity, wondering why he was reading it again.

"You're a good weight and height," He started and AJ blushed but she wasn't sure if it was because she was pissed off or bashful. "Your measurements tell you're curvy but I think everyone at the warehouse could see that." Cue crimson cheek status and AJ looked away from him. Leon didn't take his eyes off the folder. "Generally healthy, blood test came back that you're clean, no apparent genetic disorders and not pregnant which is ideal." He continued and AJ squirmed with discomfort. "But the way I see it, pregnancy and STD's would be impossible for you." He said, closing the folder and looking over at her. AJ dared to look back, giving him a sideways glance.

"And why is that?" She tested, scooting away from him so she was practically hugging the car door.

"You're a virgin aren't you, Aiden?" He asked and AJ tensed. Suddenly a lot of behavior she had witnessed that day made sense.

"Yeah, so?" She asked, not even bothering to correct him this time. Leon just shrugged and looked out the window.

"It means that you were pretty valuable. I'm honestly surprised I wasn't outbid. Virgins go for a lot on the market." He said, leaning back against the seat and stretching his long legs out as much as he could.

"Market?" Leon looked and gave her a sly smile.

"The Black Market, of course. I thought you'd figure that out by now." He said with a chuckle. "I know that's why Julian wanted you. He likes to completely break a person, body and soul. That's why I outbid him." He said and AJ shuddered at the thought of that green eyed snake's hands on her.

"So, what? You want me to thank you? I would hardly call this a rescue." AJ stated and Leon chuckled again.

"Oh it's not, my dear. It's just the lesser of evils," He said and AJ almost sagged in defeat. "I will not hurt you for amusement, I will only hurt you as punishment," He said and every little hair on AJ's body stood at attention. So many protests and questions rang in her mind that she didn't know what to do with her body in response. "Your status also changes how I will be approaching our situation, the speed and level of testing I plan on exploring," The way he talked was maddening because he was so calm and casual while AJ felt like she was about to explode out of her skin in panic.

"I am NOT sleeping with you!" She screeched and Leon's face immediately went back to neutral as he looked over at her.

"Aiden, you will do whatever I tell you to do." He answered simply, effectively ending the conversation. AJ's eyes widened and she turned to look straight ahead of her in shock. This was not a life she was riding to, it was enslavement.

A few moments later, Carter turned the car into a smaller airport that AJ didn't recognize. There were dozens of smaller planes, two and four seaters, lined up off to the side of the runway. One jet stood out as it was bigger and just fancier for lack of better terms. It even looked clean and shiny like it was just unwrapped from a box. Carter drove right up on the tarmac and parked next to it. Outside, standing by the stairs leading up into the plane, an older man dressed in what AJ assumed to be a pilot's uniform, had just stamped out a cigarette as Carter got out of the car and let Leon out.

"Good evening, Sir," The older man said. He was at least in his fifties with white hair and a matching bushy mustache. He had a gentle face which seemed misplaced in this situation. "Heading home?" He asked and Leon nodded.

"Please, Mason. I'm done with the east coast." He said and AJ was immediately was on edge. East coast? They were flying across the country?! It was now or never. She tried to open her own door but found that it was locked. Before the anxiety over it could register, Leon leaned back into the car, grabbed her by the arm and gently pulled her out. AJ immediately began to squirm as her eyes filled with tears. The tarmac was hot under her feet but she barely felt it as she wiggled and tried to pull from Leon's grip.

"Let me go! I'm not getting on that plane, I'm not going with you!" She tried to drag her feet but the tarmac was too hot and rough so she actually tried to sit down. Leon grumbled and handed Carter the file before he bent over to pick her up. As he stretched his arm out to grab her, AJ leaned forward and sank her teeth into his arm, biting down hard. He noticeably flinched and both Mason and Carter tensed as they waited for his reaction. Leon's heated eyes locked onto AJ's but she wasn't backing down. She held her toothy grip strong. Leon could've easily yanked away and picked her up but he was much more calm than even he expected to be.

"You have two choices, Aiden," He said, his tone was too even, too calm and it set AJ on edge immediately. "You can let go of me and get on the plane without throwing another tantrum," He added and AJ almost snorted. That wasn't going to happen. "Or, I can pull you off and carry you on board, kicking and screaming and if you refuse to be calm I'll sedate you. Either way, you are getting on that plane, Aiden. There is no alternative. Make your choice and be quick about it." He said and AJ's eyes widened a little. There was no way he'd actually sedate her, was there? He couldn't be that cruel. This was basic instinct here. Didn't AJ have the right to fight for her life? To defend herself against a threat? It felt like he was cheating.

Apparently, she was taking too long so Leon made the choice for her. He suddenly reached out with his free hand and took a fist full of AJ's hair, squeezing hard enough that AJ seriously feared that her hair would rip from her scalp. She winced and whimpered but tried her best to hold her grip despite the pain. Tears welled up in her eyes but she still held strong and Leon actually smiled.

"You're spirited, I like that. We'll have to find a way to direct that down a better path." He said and AJ barely had time to think about his words before he suddenly yanked back on her head. She cried out against his arm but amazingly held her grip. A mixture of shirt fabric topped with the metallic taste of blood danced in her mouth and without missing a beat, Leon yanked again but this time, much harder. AJ screamed as her mouth finally gave and his arm was released from her animalistic grip. Leon's sleeve was slightly torn, soaked in AJ's saliva with a few telling drops of crimson that told AJ she broke skin. Tears were streaming down AJ's face but Leon's expression betrayed no emotion. AJ's breath came heavily as she tried to control her emotions. Some tears may escape but she would not break down in front of this man.

Leon kept the grip on her hair, however softer than before, and made her look at him. They locked eyes and AJ found that Leon didn't even appear angry. If anything, he seemed almost proud of what AJ had just done. Without much more hesitation, he reached up with his free hand and gently wiped what felt like her own spit from one corner of her mouth with his thumb. He never even broke eye contact.

"Don't mistake me, Aiden," He said, barely above a whisper although his voice was still deep and even could have been soothing in any other situation. "You're a fighter, I can tell and I like that about you. But even the greatest warriors in history knew when to back down, maybe even change strategies or make different choices. That time for you is right now." He explained and AJ found her eyes widening a little. She could feel her heart thudding against her breastbone and all she wanted to do was curl up into a ball and force it to stop. "I don't want to break you, I don't even want to sedate you. I'm going to lift you to your feet and you're going to willingly walk yourself up those stairs and get on that plane because right now, there is no alternative for you except to get knocked out." AJ took in a shaky breath and tried to blink away her tears. Deep down, she knew he was right. She couldn't escape the grip he had on her and even as he grabbed her arm to lift them both back to their feet, she finally noticed that her feet were burning and her knees were shaking. AJ knew she was screwed.

Wordlessly, she took a step towards the plane and winced against the roughness and heat beneath her soles. Leon noticed this and picked her up, yet again, to carry her towards the plane. AJ felt like a child in this man's arms. Never in her life had she felt smaller or more frail than he made her feel, never had someone so completely in control over her. She swallowed back any emotion she was feeling, building a wall between herself and the helplessness, hopelessness and the pure rage she knew would emerge the moment all eyes were off of her. All the while, she just kept telling herself that no matter how far away he took her, there would always be a way back home no matter how long it was. She had never walked 3000 miles before but it was certainly doable.

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