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Black Men Like Dildos Too


My name is Adam Johnson and I've got a story to tell you. Me and the other half have always been what some would call adventurous. We've always had that in common, since the day we met. I'm a big black guy and back in the day, I played football, both in high school and college. I had dreams of getting into the NFL but I didn't quite make the cut. No bother, the wonderful sport I loved helped me pay my way through college and I graduated with an MBA from Boston University. These days, I am the chairman of The Mobile Men, a small trucking company. What we do is help people move stuff in and out of their houses. I've got about three hundred people working for me and business is pretty good.

I met my wife Evelyn Blake when I was still in college. Back then, she was working construction in the city while attending night school at a small private institution. Evelyn was a tall gal, around five feet eleven inches and she was somewhat chubby. She's got blonde hair and light bronze skin. Her eyes are a pale gray. The gal's alright. That's more than okay by me. I like curvy women just fine. They seem more real, you know? Evelyn was a sports-obsessed brat just like me and maybe that's why we got along so well. We became friends first. I liked hanging with her. She liked action movies and sports as well as I did. I felt like I could be myself around her, you know. I'm not usually very comfortable around women. They mystify me, to tell you the truth, and not always in a good way. With Eve, I felt comfortable. Don't ask me why. I just did.

Five years after we first met, we moved in together. We've been together ever since. We're not married. Both of us come from messed up homes. I grew up in foster care since I lost my parents at a tender age. They were both gunned down by some thugs on the highway. It's not something I like to think about but it's never far from my mind. I was a good student and an excellent athlete, that's how I made my way through life. Evelyn also came from a messed up home. Her mother died giving birth to her and her father died when she was younger. She and her brothers were stuck with the prototypical wicked stepmother who hit them and treated them like shit. Evelyn ran away with her brothers when they reached adulthood. They got into the construction business together. Eventually, she went back to school, earned her GED and a Bachelors degree in business as well.

Evelyn and I are kindred. Both of us have been dealt a lot of tough cards in life. Maybe that's why we're so good together. I understand her and she understands me, if you can believe that. Our sex life is simply fantastic, and I am a very happy man. As I am sitting in my office, I can recall some of the hottest nights we've spent together. One time, I came home to find Evelyn naked on our bed. My girlfriend's sexy, curvy body glistened, slick with oil. She smiled at me and I hurriedly went to her. That's when things started to get really hot. Evelyn had a hot night planned and we went the whole nine yards in all things kinky. Things are about to get really freaky in here people so unless you're a hardcore reader, maybe you should split.

Okay, good on you hardcore readers for sticking around. Evelyn and I shared deep, passionate kiss and then we began to do our thing. She lay on the bed, and I kissed every inch of her voluptuous form. She moaned as I kissed and caressed her firm breasts and also made my way down to her pelvis. I began eating her pussy, loving the taste of it. After years together, I knew very well what she liked. I dipped my fingers inside her, moving them around and also eating her out. Pretty soon I had her screaming out loud in pleasure. When she came down from the pinnacle of pleasure I had brought her, I smiled. She smiled back. It was my turn. We alternated. Sometimes, she pleasured me first and others, I did it for her.

I lay there, looking at her as she took my cock in her hand and began to lick it. I watched her as she sucked my member. Evelyn licked my balls and even took them into her mouth, sucking on them. I thrust into her mouth and she took all that I had to give. Evelyn surprised me by doing something altogether different from what she usually did. She took her voluminous breasts and rubbed them against my cock. I was thrusting between them and into her mouth and it felt like rubbing against smooth velvet. It was a very pleasurable sensation. Man, the surprises just kept on coming that night.

You won't believe what she did next. She slid one of her thick fingers into my ass while sucking my cock. I was surprised but if anything, it got me harder. I didn't mind a little kinky action, as long as it stayed between us. After sucking me, Evelyn surprised me by whipping out a strap on dildo. She put it on and asked me if I was down for anything. I'm very open-minded sexually and so is she. Evelyn got some lube and greased up the dildo and also applied some lube on my asshole. Then, she was ready to stick it to me.

I lay on my back, with my legs raised on her shoulders. Evelyn positioned herself between my legs and then pressed the dildo against my back door. I held my cock in my hands as Evelyn's dildo slid into my asshole. She paused, asking me if everything was fine. I nodded and she continued what she was doing. I felt the dildo sliding into my asshole. It felt good. The dildo was quite long but only a little bit thicker than my middle finger. It felt alright. I didn't ashamed or dominated while doing this. We didn't play any domination games. We just had wild and kinky fun. This went on for a short while, and then I came. When I did, Evelyn pulled the dildo out of my ass and then sucked my cock. She licked me dry. I looked at her and she smiled at me. We always have the best of fun together.

I was ready to administer the same treatment to my lady. She knew the drill and assumed the position. Face down and ass up. We're very much in favor of gender equality in this house. If a woman uses a dildo to fuck a man in the ass, then by all means that same man should get to stick his cock into her asshole as well. Welcome to the twenty first century. I applied some lube on my girl's asshole and then greased up my own cock. I pressed my hard dick against her asshole, and pushed. Evelyn gasped when she felt my hard cock enter her butt hole. I held her by the hips and pumped my cock into her. I loved fucking her in the ass. She pushed back against me. She didn't scream but I could tell that she loved it.

I pumped my cock into her hole, loving the feel of her ass around my dick. Evelyn urged me to fuck her harder. As if I needed any encouragement! I slammed my dick into her asshole like there was no tomorrow. We went at it like this for a while, until I finally came. When I did, I pulled out of her. I looked at her gaping asshole. It looked sexy as hell. Sometimes, my asshole looked the same way after she plowed me with the dildo. Now, it was her turn. I spat inside it. It was such a naughty thing to do. Hey, when in charge, why not enjoy the privileges? I do recall a time when she took me, no questions asked, while I was lying facedown on the deck, sunbathing. Talk about a rude awakening!

Oh, well. That's how things are between us. My girl and I are raging sex freaks who love anal sex. We've fucked each other's butts in every way possible. I once bent her over a chair, saddled her up like a racehorse and then stuck my cock up her butt. She dressed me up as a cowboy while she was a raging Indian princess with a hard dildo strapped around her waist. Yeah, we love fucking. No matter how weird or kinky it gets, it's just harmless play between a loving couple. She respects me and I respect her. We can do just about anything together.

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