tagBDSMBlack Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 08

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 08

bylusty Vamp©

I apologize before hand for the length of this installment. All I can say is that I love details. And, I try my best to allow the reader to feel the lust and/or sexual tension. At any rate, I hope you find it worth the read.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hard work of a very dear friend who toiled tirelessly editing this installment. Goamz86, I believe, did a terrific job and has earned my sincerest and most heart felt "Thank You". *giggles* Or at least a slap on the ass.

While it certainly isn't required, reading the earlier installments of this series first might prove beneficial to the reader.

Hope you enjoy.

Warmest Regards,


Perhaps it wasn't fair to force poor Suze to pleasure me. Certainly she had suffered just as much if not more than I had. My own body screamed with throbbing aches and pains. My pussy still burned furiously from the assault by "Black Bart". My abundant titties still suffered tremendously from the cruel mauling that Angel's black girls had given them. However, I didn't care one hoot about fairness. All I cared about was satisfying my pent up carnal urges. Having dragged Suze's head between my sprawled thighs, I again demanded, "Make me cum, you ho," when she was slow to respond.

Slowly, ever so slowly I felt Suze's hot tongue lick up one of my swollen pussy lips and down the other. She flicked her tongue twice across my throbbing clit before kissing it tenderly and swirling her tongue around it. Poor Suze was trying desperately to please me, but it was plain to see that her enthusiasm was lacking.

"Our Mistress left 'Black Bart', do you wish for another visit, ho?" I snapped.

Of course, I was lying. Angel hadn't left the cruel dildo she called "Black Bart". Besides, even if I had access to the monster dildo, I doubt I even had the strength to put him to use, but Suze didn't know that.

The mere mention of "Black Bart's" name sent Suze into a fit of uncontrollable shaking. My bluff had the desired effect on Suze's psyche, and I soon felt her hot, wet tongue plunge deep into my yearning pussy.

I pushed my hips up into Suze's face demanding more of her tongue. My pussy remained enormously sensitive. Even Suze's loving kisses caused painful fires to burn deep in my soul. Yet the pleasure her velvet like tongue brought forth was undeniable. My feminine juices leaked from my quaking pussy, oozing down the crack of my ass. With her enthusiasm restored, Suze licked hungrily, lapping up my wetness.

The pain and pleasure mixed together becoming one, all the while driving me up the wall of sexual desire like never before. Pain was pleasure and pleasure was pain. The throbbing of my abused pussy pounded in my ears. My naked body quaked beyond my ability to control it. My thighs squeezed tightly about Suze's head, trapping it.

"Make me cum you cheap dirty ho!" I demanded sadistically.

Suze fucked her tongue deep into my craving pussy. Using the very last shred of my strength, I humped my hips up and down to meet the stabbing thrusts of her tongue. Cupping my own titties, I dug my nails deep into my hard nipples. The pain was horrific, even causing me to squirt a little pee. Conversely, the pleasure was overwhelming and I was suddenly CUMMING.

Physically, my orgasm was nothing more than a gentle ripple on an otherwise still pond. Reflexively however, my body shook beyond anything I could control.

The explosion of pleasure in my mind was blinding. My mind shrieked loudly inside my head, "Fuck yes ... Fuck Yes ... FUCK YES I AMMM CUMMINGGGGGG." Like a volcano long over due for eruption, my pleasure circuits burst forth sheering my brain. White-hot lava surged throughout my body sweeping me away on a continuous wave of unadulterated pleasure.

"SWEET SWEET JESUS I AM CUMMINGGGGGG ... ohh thank you god thank you ... I am cumming." My mind screamed again, and again, and again, and again.

In a state of total bliss and relaxation, oblivion soon over took me and my world filled with darkness. As I drifted into restful slumber, I could feel Suze's talented tongue as she continued to lovingly kiss my totally satisfied pussy.

Before they had left my house the night before, one of my black guests had set an alarm clock and put it on the end table beside my sofa. At exactly 6AM it rudely awoke me from my peaceful rest. Stretching out an arm, I quickly turned the alarm off.

Suze began to stir from her position between my still spread thighs. Reaching out my other arm, I grabbed a hand full of Suze's gorgeous auburn locks and pulled her head towards me. Suze didn't resist at all as she rose to her hands and knees. Pulling her head up to mine I forced her lips onto my own. Without a word, Suze's impassioned tongue attacked mine with lustful fury as she slowly lowered her body onto mine. With wild abandon my tongue battled back, stabbing deep into Suze's open mouth. For several minutes our tongues fought the duel of erotic lesbian lust.

My tongue swirled about Suze's as our titties pressed tightly against each other. I could feel her nipples stiffen as the warmth of desire began to radiate between my legs.

I was about to put Suze's talented tongue to work where it counted most when thoughts of my Nigger Mistress Angel entered my mind. I realized she was apt to start blasting her nasty rap music at any moment, and I was in no position to comply with her demand that I be standing on her front porch in full "slut uniform" within three minutes of that occurrence.

Shoving Suze off of me, I stood, ignoring all the aches and pains. Glancing at the alarm clock, I noticed it was 6:10AM. That's when I saw the note beside the clock. Picking up the note, I quickly scanned it.

It read "You and your cracker ho roommate are to be standing on my front porch at 8AM dressed as the old, fat assed, white ho sluts you are." The note was signed simply, "your Nigger Mistress."

The note eased some of my apprehensions, while serving to heighten others. 'At least, I have time to prepare,' I thought. However, the thought that sent hot sparks shooting towards my passion pit was, 'But what am I preparing for?' I didn't know what to expect, except a severe punishment if I didn't satisfy Angel.

Suze groaned a bit as she stood. She honestly looked like a train wreck with no survivors. Her abused tits were covered with dark bruises. Suze's nipples had swollen to nearly four times their normal size, and turned an awful purplish color. Her ass and inner thighs were crisscrossed with bright red welts from our Mistress' riding crop. Her hair was matted with dried female juices. What remained of Suze's torn and tattered black nylon stockings hung loosely about her ankles. That was all she wore, except for her black high heels.

Taking inventory of myself, I quickly realized that I hadn't faired much better. While my C-cup titties weren't nearly as bruised as poor Suze's, they did show the unmistakable signs of the abuse they had endured the evening before. My nipples were swollen and puffy from the abuse they had suffered. My pussy lips were sore and swollen, stark testimony to the brutal treatment they had received. My pink stockings, while still attached to their garters, were torn and tattered. All in all, Suze and I looked like a couple of cheap gutter whores who'd gone though a meat grinder. Just the look our Nigger Mistress was going for I was sure.

However, there wasn't any time to lick our wounds. Time was short. I sent Suze off to the Master Bath off my bedroom to draw me a luxurious bath. I explained that I wanted the bath water very hot, and told her where to find the bath oil and bubble bath.

After sending Suze on her way, I walked into the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I set up the coffee pot and turned it on, then walked to my bedroom. I heard the water running into my garden sized tub as I took a seat on the king sized bed. Suze was moving about preparing my bath and I called her to me. As I removed my high heels, stockings and garter belt, I told her to do the same.

When we had finished, I instructed Suze to follow me into the bathroom. The bubble bath looked very inviting. I stepped into the tub filled with hot water and luxurious bubbles and eased myself down into them. The tingling sensations of the steamy water combined with the scented bath oils helped to soothe my aches and pains. I breathed a long sigh of total contentment.

As I relaxed to enjoy a good soak I ordered Suze to fetch me a cup of coffee. Naked and barefoot, Suze moved quickly to comply. She returned shortly with a mug filled with my second favorite drink. After Suze handed me the mug I told her she could use the shower stall to clean herself.

As if shot from a cannon, Suze dashed towards the shower stall. A smile curled my lips as I watched her B's bounce provocatively. In just a matter of minutes steam was rising from the shower stall.

Taking a sip of java, I continued to enjoy the affect the soothing bath had upon my aches and pains. As I relaxed, I couldn't help but wonder what might be awaiting Suze and me at Angel's house. Just thinking about the possibilities caused shivers of dread to race up and down my spine. Yet, each shiver seemed to land squarely between my legs. I couldn't help but notice that the mere though of seeing Angel again caused my abused nipples to stiffen.

My daydreaming was interrupted by a call from Suze, "Do you have any cream rinse, Ma'am?"

"There is a bottle on the vanity, dear," I replied a bit testy.

Stepping from the shower, Suze asked politely, "May I barrow some, Ma'am?"

Briskly I answered, "Of course, sweetie."

Suze retrieved the cream rinse and quickly returned to the shower.

Several minutes later Suze stepped from the shower and began to towel herself dry. From my relaxed position in my tub, I devoured every inch of her beautiful naked form with my eyes. After drying her body, Suze began to gently dry her gorgeous auburn locks.

"My cup's empty, honey," I quipped.

Suze knew what I wanted. Walking towards the tub, she began to wrap the towel around her otherwise naked body. Sweetly I demanded, "Drop the towel, baby." Without a word Suze let the towel fall to the floor as she leaned over to pick up my mug. Her titties swung free under her torso, and not being able to control my building lust, I grabbed one and began to fondled it roughly.

Suze gasped in pain as I began to squeeze her sensitive love tart. Not knowing what else to do, she froze in place as I played with her. It was quite plain to see that Suze's titties were still very sore. Taking her nipple between my finger and thumb, I began to roll the lit' nub back and forth. Then I pinched it slightly. It wasn't long before my efforts were rewarded, as the little love bud stiffened with arousal.

Having had my fun, I sent Suze on her way, telling her to put her shoes back on. Suze grabbed my coffee mug and padded barefoot and naked from the bathroom.

Just a couple of minutes elapsed before Suze returned wearing her black open toed "cum fuck me' high heels and carrying a steamy cup of joe. As I took my mug from Suze, I realized that I had failed to have her shave the neatly trimmed bush between her lovely and inviting thighs. I made a mental note to correct that situation later.

"May ... may I dry my hair, Ma'am," Suze asked tentatively.

"Sure, doll," I replied as I took a sip of my hot brew.

A bright smile spread across Suze's cute face as she turned towards the vanity. The warmth of an even brighter smile radiated though me as I watched. Suze's six inch heels forced her tight little bubble of an ass high in the air, creating a mouth watering picture. And, the adorning dark red welt marks crisscrossing Suze's round bottom certainly got my Domme blood to raging.

Suze quickly found my curling iron and plugged it in. Setting it aside to warm-up Suze picked up a large comb and began to straighten her tangled hair. She combed it slowly and carefully. A slight smile formed on Suze's pouty lips as she worked. From time to time Suze would rub a hand full of hair against her neck as she combed it. With the loving care she gave her hair, it was quite evident that it was her prized possession.

After several minutes of preparation, Suze picked up the hot curling iron and began curling her lovely locks. For over ten minutes Suze worked diligently. The end product was a head full of beautiful "Shirley Temple" curls. Her curls made Suze look ten years younger and cute as a button.

Having finished attending to herself, I demanded that Suze tend to me. Kneeling beside the tub, Suze took a soapy washcloth and began to bathe my entire body. As she worked, her hazel eyes sparkled beautifully. After washing me from head to foot, I had Suze shave my pus and pits. I then had her shampoo my hair, which she did with quiet efficiency. After Suze finished rinsing my blond hair, she gently toweled it dry and then wrapped it in the same towel. Standing up in the tub, I allowed her to use a clean towel to pat my upper body dry. I stepped from the tub onto a bath mat as Suze continued to dry me. I felt like a rich and pampered bitch with my own personal assistant, or even a bit like my beloved Mistress Angel. Reaching out a hand, I cupped Suze's chiseled chin and lifted her lips to mine. Our tongues meshed together gently and lovingly.

Breaking our warm embrace, Suze looked deep into my icy blue eyes and murmured, "Thank you, Ma'am. Thank you for giving me a place to live. I can never thank you enough. You won't regret it Ma'am, I promise. I really and truly have nowhere else to turn."

"Aren't you concerned about Angel?" I queried.

A Mona Lisa smiled formed on sweet lil' Suze's face as she responded, "She's really hot isn't she Ma'am?"

I couldn't believe my ears. Trying my best to down play my true feelings, I replied, "Well I suppose you could say that. She certainly has a nice figure."

"Nice figure?" Suze quipped a bit too cheerfully, "She's a total knock out!"

Abruptly I stepped away from Suze to walk to the vanity. I didn't want her to see the effect that just thinking about our black Mistress had on me. As I began to blow dry my hair, I sent Suze off to shaving her private parts. With a look of rejection, Suze headed to the tub to complying with my wishes.

Having dried my long blond hair, I had Suze stand in front of me for "inspection". She grimaced a bit as I touched her swollen pussy lips, a testament to the abuse she had received the evening before. I gently ran my fingers along her slit, and to my surprise, I couldn't detect the slightest bit of stubble. Her venus was as silky smooth as a newborn baby's bottom.

After we had finished our grooming chores, I wrapped a towel around myself. And had Suze grab my coffee mug from the vanity and follow me to the bedroom. Once in the bedroom I took back my coffee and sent a still naked Suze to the kitchen to prepare us both a bowl of oatmeal along and some toast with jam.

Now that I was ready to dress for our "appointment" with Angel, I walked towards my dresser. I noticed that all the drawers seemed to be a bit askew. Opening the drawer where I keep my bras I was shocked to find if empty. The same was true of my pantie drawer. In fact, all of my lingerie was missing. All that remained were the pink stockings and garter belts which Angel had made me buy.

On a hunch, I walked over to the walk-in closet and flung open the double doors. I was simply appalled to find that nearly all my clothes were gone. Two of the three pink mini dresses that Angel had ordered me to buy were all that remained expect for a pair of running shoes left in one corner. Everything else was gone. My dresses, skirts, tops and jeans were all gone. Even my bathrobes were gone. I couldn't help but feel totally violated.

I didn't have the time to ponder all the "what ifs". I now realized that Angel had absolute control over everything I wore, or for that matter, didn't wear. What did it matter? She already had absolute control over everything I did, and, truth be told, I couldn't honestly say I wasn't loving it. My pussy hadn't known a moment's peace since I'd met the gorgeous young black girl. Even at that moment my pussy ached with desire, mixing deliciously with the soreness I was still feeling from the night before.

I dressed as thoughts of Angel's youthful beautiful haunted my mind. When I had finished, I was again decked out in my "slut uniform". This consisted of pink garter-belt, matching stockings and six inch "cum fuck me" heels. The dress I put on wasn't much more than a few strips of material sewn together. The hem of the skirt was dangerously short, considering I wasn't allowed to wear panties. It just barely covered the tops of my pink stockings. The top of the dress wasn't anything more than two straps which passed over my shoulders. In front the straps formed something of a V as they plunged to well below my navel where they connected to the skirt. My heavy C cup tits couldn't help but spill over the sides of the narrow four-inch wide straps. I quickly found that I had to walk very carefully to keep my tits from bouncing out of the alleged dress.

Taking my mug of joe with me, I walked into the kitchen where Suze was putting the finishing touches on our breakfast. Her cute "Shirley Temple" curls bounced and swung delightfully just as her bare titties did. The sight of her beautiful naked form, combined with thoughts of Angel, sent my libido into overdrive. I wanted desperately to put Suze's lush lips and velvety tongue to work quenching the sexual thirst that was beginning to surge between my legs. However, there wasn't time to partake of such pleasures. Glancing at the clock on the kitchen stove, I noted it was already 7:40AM. I cursed myself for having lingered so long in the tub.

I took a seat at the kitchen table and told Suze we had to hurry. She didn't question me as she served my bowl of oatmeal and toast then topped off my coffee. I couldn't help but admire the swing of Suze's round tight ass and the provocative bounce of her perfectly formed Bs.

With my permission, Suze prepared a bowl of oatmeal for herself, and after pouring a small glass of OJ, took a seat beside me at the table. As we ate, I told Suze for the first time about our 8AM date with Angel. A glimmer of fear flashed though Suze's sparkling hazel eyes, but I was amazed at how quickly it passed to be replaced by a look of anticipation.

After our Spartan breakfast, Suze followed me into the living room. I had her put on the black mini-dress she had worn the day before, since it was the only clothing she had at my house. Since her nylons had been ruined the evening before, Suze remained bare legged. As we left my house, all that Suze wore were her mini-dress and six-inch high heels. In my pink stockings, heels and mini dress, I looked like a total slut, again, the exact look Angel wanted. The worst thing was, I felt like a complete slut as well.

Following me out of the house, Suze closed the door. Much to my horror, Mr. Henman who lived across the street, was out on his porch getting his morning paper. His middle-aged eyes about popped out of his head as he noticed Suze and me walking down my front walk to the city sidewalk. Not knowing what to do, and embarrassed beyond all reason, I could think of nothing else to do, but wave. That was a big mistake, as my right tit flopped free of the narrow dress strap trying to contain it. Mr. Henman's jaw dropped like a ton of bricks, as my tit flopped free, but that didn't keep him from ogling me as I awkwardly tried to replace the strap.

I blushed beet red as Mr. Henman recovered and politely called out, "Good morning ladies."

Turning left onto the city sidewalk with Suze close at my heels, I called back to Mr. Henman as cheerfully as I could, "Good morning Mr. Henman."

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