tagBDSMBlack Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 11

Black Mistress-White Bitch Ch. 11

bylusty Vamp©

As Cassandra propelled me roughly down the upstairs hallway, I knew that having been caught by my Owner/Mistress Angel enjoying the most exquisite orgasm of my life riding the talented tongue of my sister slave Suzie without permission, that I was in deep, very deep trouble. There wasn't a single doubt in my mind that my punishment would be most unpleasant and painful. Yet the fear that filled my being clashed with the afterglow of my recently delicious climax, creating a deluge of mixed emotions.

Cassandra's dislike for white women in general, and me in particular, was quite evident by the manner in which she shoved and pushed me on our journey to the basement, causing me to trip and stumble awkwardly several times. Several times she took the opportunity to slap my bare ass, simply to add to my mounting apprehension not to mention my humiliation.

The basement was a large and open room filled with all kinds of bondage devices meant to make a girl's life a living hell. Along one wall there were several small, four foot by four foot by six foot tall holding cells where disobedient bitches could be kept out of trouble until it was time for their punishment.

Elsewhere in Miss Angel's House.

Promptly at 5PM sweet Mississippi born and bred Suzie reported to Angel's bedroom as she had been directed. As usual, the gorgeous white girl was naked, expect for her six-inch spiked high-heels. Suzie's nervousness was increased when she found three lovely black girls waiting for her instead of Angel, who she had expected. Apprehension and foreboding weakened Suzie's knees, yet her sexual being continued to torment her body and mind with dark desires.

In response to Suzie's quizzical look one of the black girls explained, "Angel has given us instructions to prepare you for this evening's festivities. Please step this way."

While it had sounded like a polite request, Suzie understood it was a request she couldn't refuse and followed the young black girl submissively into the large master bathroom. A garden sized bath tub had been prepared for her arrival. Another of the black girls nodded towards the tub. "It's for you, sugar," she said sweetly.

Still very nervous and perplexed Suzie slipped off her high heels and stepped into the tub without hesitation. The warmth of the fragrant water soothed Suzie's troubled soul as she settled into the bubbles which had been added. As Suzie's tense body began to relax, the three black girls tended to her every need. With close attention to detail, Suzie received both a manicure and pedicure. Her hair was shampooed and conditioned. Lastly, her arm pits and pussy were shaved for her with equal expertize.

The cute young black girls attended to Suzie every need. They even offered Suzie a glass of bubbly Champaign, which she gladly accepted. The southern born belle had never felt so pampered in all her life.

After her stimulating and very relaxing bath, the black girls had Suzie step out of the oversized tub where they each used elegant terrycloth bath towels to pat her dry. Setting the 34 year old white woman down in a large comfortable chair near the bathroom vanity, the young black girls continued to pamper Suzie. Blonde highlights were added to her shoulder length auburn hair while her nails were painted a bright red. Her eye brows were meticulously shaped, then a thin layer of make-up was added to bring out the best features of Suzie's pretty face. Even a bit of blush was added to adorn Suzie's pierced nipples. Then, while one of the luscious black girls combed Suzie's hair, another added tiny dabs of Chanel No. 5 perfume behind both her ears, then added a droplet to each of her always erect nipples.

Suzie was then directed back into Angel's large master bedroom where one of her black attendants helped her step into and pull up a pair of sheer bright red thong panties. The red thong stood out vividly against Suzy's creamy smooth white skin. Another black girl snapped a lacy white garter-belt around Suzy's trim waist. While she was still standing, the other two black girls helped Suzie on with virginal white nylon stockings. Once the stockings were attached to Suzy's garter-belt, the girls directed her to take a seat on the edge of the bed, and then they slipped 6 inch white high-heels onto her smallish feet then buckled and locked the heels in place. Except for the items the girls had dressed her in; Suzie was naked yet could help but feel like a pampered slut. However, she couldn't help but notice that she was being dressed totally in white with the exception of the red thong panties which framed and drew undue attention to the center of her sexual being.

Still sitting on the bed, Suzie's sparkling eyes popped wide open when one of Angel's black girls produced what looked like a girdle. With something of a giggle Suzie asked rhetorically, "That's not for me is it?"

"Do you even know what it is, sugar?" The girl holding the item asked sweetly.

"Well, like yeah, I know for sure. It's one of those old time corsets, with bones and laces and all that stuff," Suzie explained.

"Stand up and turn around, honey," the black girl stated firmly, "and I'll help you on with it."

Suzie stood and turned around in something of a huff, "I can't believe Angel thinks I need a fucking girdle."

With a scowl, the black attendant responded briskly, "Watch your mouth, girly, and just do as we tell you. It'll be a lot easier that way. Trust me."

The black girl wrapped the undergarment - which was a shiny satin affair, matching Suzie's stockings perfectly -- around Suzie's already trim waist. Then Suzie's attendant began to lace the garment up the back. When it was laced, the girl positioned it so that it fit from just under Suzie's firm melons to the smooth flair of her feminine hips.

"Now take a deep breath, baby," the black girl requested politely, "and hold it."

Suzie complied, and when she did, the black girl behind her cinched the corset an inch tighter. Suzie and the black girl repeated the process two more times. Each time the corset got tighter and tighter until Suzie found it difficult to breath.

Finally, Suzie couldn't take the squeezing pain any longer, "Please, not so tight. I can't breathe."

The black girls all ignored Suzie's entreaty.

"Gina," the black girl asked the other girl with her, "come here and help me please."

"Gees oh pete," Suzie whined, "you can't possibly make it any tighter I'll be squeezed to death or suffocated."

"Hush, girly," Latoya snapped with mock anger, "it's supposed to be tight." Then speaking to Gina she said, "Now you take that string and I'll take this one." Then speaking to Suzie again ordered, "Take a deep breath, lover, and hold it."

With a film of sweat forming on her face, Suzie took a deep breath as she had been told to and held it. Latoya groaned, "Now pull, Gina."

Suzie groaned with agony as the corset was cinched another half inch tighter. Suzie didn't know what was going to break first, the corset or one of her ribs.

"Once again, Suzie Q," Latoya snapped. The process was repeated and the corset grew another half inch tighter. "One more time," Latoya barked. And once again the corset drew tighter. "There now hold it while I tie it off," Latoya worked diligently at her task then asked when she was done, "Now how does that look, Gina?"

The other black girl answered sincerely, "Gosh, I don't know, let me get the tape measure." Then added with approval and a giggle, "But that thing sure does make her little white titties look bigger doesn't it."

"Yea," Latoya replied, "corsets will tend to do that."

While Gina went in search of the tape measure, Suzie couldn't help but check out her reflection in the wall mirror. Sure enough, her baby B-cup knockers looked as if they had grown a full cup size. And, the corset had turned her waist-line into a pronounced hour-glass shape that while most becoming, was also a torment she had never known before. Her breathing was restricted to short swallow breaths.

By then Gina had returned with the tape measure and quickly ran it around Suzie's restrained waist at its narrowest, and announced her findings proudly, "It's a perfect 18 inches exactly, Latoya, just what Miss Angel ordered."

"Great," Latoya purred.

Suzie would have breathed a deep sigh of relief expect for one tiny detail. That being, due to the constraining nature of the corset, she could hardly breathe at all.

Gina brought out a beautiful white silk crinoline petticoat which was made to be worn as a form for the hoop skirt which goes over it. The petticoat was made to be worn around the waist with three tiers of ruffed material overlapping each other as they seemed to cascade towards the floor. Suzie smiled broadly, forgetting momentarily about the corset that restricted both waistline and breathing. She could not help but feel like a pampered princess with the way she was being treated. Queen of her realm, she thought.

Suzie's thoughts flashed back to her youth when she'd once worn such beautiful garments in a pageant honoring a late great lost cause or the War of Invasion as southerners framed it. As in her youth, Suzie needed the help of two attendants to help her into the heavy petticoat.

Suzie next turned her attention to Latoya who had returned to the room carrying a most marvelous Antique White Antebellum evening gown complete with a hooped skirt made of rich looking satin and chiffon.

"Ohhh myyyy god, that gown is simply divine," Suzie exclaimed brightly, "It's not for me is it?"

Gina and Latoya exchanged shy knowing looks as Gina replied, "Well, it sure is, darlin'."

With that, the black girls helped Suzie into the flowing gown with its low cut scooped neckline and billowing floor length skirt. The dress exposed ample amounts of Suzie's breath taking cleavage. With her breathing restricted to short shallow breathes, Suzie's bosom heaved provocatively.

As final details, Suzie's black attendants added a gorgeous off white hat and sheer to the elbow white opera gloves. The hat was absolutely stunning, made with white faux horsehair with a 20 inch diameter brim, accented with long off white ostrich feathers from Spain sweeping across the front and side. It looked like a prop right off the set of "Gone with the Wind".

After the finishing touches had been added, Suzie could not help but admire the refined elegance of the lady that stared back at her in the full length mirror mounted on the wall. The beauty and rich material of the gown spoke volumes to the world, marking its wearer as a wealthy and sophisticated lady. Suzie couldn't help but feel like the spoiled and pampered Southern Belle she had been accustomed to being called in her youth. Yet, underneath all the refined elegance, Suzie couldn't shake the thought that underneath it all she was dressed like a cheap whore with her red thong panties, white garter-belt with matching stockings and heels. While her appearance was that of a beautiful rich lady, Suzie knew that underneath all the refinement she was just a white slut waiting to be fucked.

Suzie didn't have long to wait. Angel entered the room a moment later, a tight but sexy smile formed on Angel's full lips as she eyed her Suzie up and down approvingly.

"Well don't you make a gorgeous Southern Belle?" Angel stated with a bit of a chuckle.

As elegantly dressed as she was, Suzie couldn't help but feel totally degraded as she was forced to reply, "Thank you my ... my Nigger Mistress."

"Yes, honey," Angel answered whimsically, "I have to say you would make a most enticing Scarlet O'Hara. Now turn around completely. Let me get the full effect."

After thanking her Mistress politely for her compliment, Suzie slowly turned around, allowing Angel to thoroughly inspect her from every angle.

Satisfied, Angel simply stated, "Now come with me , Scar ..." Angel stopped herself in mid sentence with a bright chuckle, "I mean ... come with me Suzie."

Suzie followed Angel obediently out of the bedroom, down the stairs, through the kitchen and down a short hallway. At the end of the hall the doors to the large great room were closed. Angel told Suzie to wait while she entered the room and closed the door behind her.

Suzie waited nervously behind the closed door. Holding her breath and listening closely, she just barely made out what Angel was saying. It was obvious from the chatter that filtered through the closed door that a large group of people were gathered inside.

The general chatter among Angel's guests quickly ended when Angel entered the room. Hushed silence ensued as the 20 elegantly dressed guests perceived the way in which Angel was dressed.

"Welcome ladies and gentlemen," Angel began cheerfully, "I am sincerely thrilled that you all could come."

Suzie became more and more apprehensive as she heard what Angel was saying in the adjacent room filled with guests of both genders. Unconsciously, the elegantly dressed Suzie moved a step closer to the door and listened even more intensely.

"Please don't be alarmed at my attire," Angel tried to put her guests at ease. "As you'll see in just a few seconds it all has to do with the evening's entertainment I promised," Angel continued briskly. Then with a giggle the young black girl added, "The very special entertainment I promised." Angel then walked gracefully towards the door - behind which Suzie waited -- and threw it open. "Do join us, Suzie," Angel beckoned politely.

Suzie's beautiful face was quickly contorted by concern and showed her to be very embarrassed as she stepped into the room filled with ten sophisticated and formally dressed black couples.

"Please, ladies and gentleman, allow me the pleasure of introducing our true southern belle. You see Suzie Q. here was born in the heart of Mississippi and bred for a pampered life of leisure. Suzie Q. McNealy the prim and proper captain of her high school cheerleading squad and the spoiled Queen of her home coming dance. I give to you, ladies and gentleman the Belle of our Ball, Miss Suzie Q McNealy."

There was a brief rather subdued round of applause before Angel continued, "But more than the belle of our little ball, Little Miss Suzie Q. here is also the evening's entertainment."

Angel took a couple of small steps and stood squarely in front of the totally confused Suzie. With something of a sneer, Angel bitch slapped Suzie hard across her cheek. Suzie yelped loudly at the stinging blow but didn't dare move out of position.

"Put your hands behind your back, slut," Angel demanded.

Without a word of protest cute little Suzie complied.

Angel struck again even harder with the open palm of her hand then continued speaking to her guests, "You see, tonight Little Miss Suzie Q is going to represent every snobby little white bitch that ever sneered at you." Angle went on speaking to her guests," She is going to represent every arrogant or condescending white slut that ever belittled you or made you feel somehow inadequate simply because of your color."

As Angel spoke, Suzie lowered her eyes in shame as her heart beat raced rapidly. Shoving Suzie into the crowd, Angel smiled, "There you go ladies and gentlemen take anything she may have to give and take it all."

With that said, the black female guest closest to Suzie got right in her face. At the same time her fashionably attired male companion grabbed Suzie's ripe left tittie and mashed it with his powerful fingers causing Suzie to gasp in agony. Then the black lady snarled, "So you are a natural and sweet little Southern Belle. Huh, Baby? I bet you even got that cute little southern accent don't you, Sweetie?"

Before Suzie could answer, the black man roughly groping Suzie's tittie said with a gruff chuckle, "I'm going to enjoy cock whipping those fine white tits."

The black lady standing before Suzie giggled and said cheerfully, "I think I'll use your belt on them." Then realizing that Suzie hadn't answered her question she snapped, "Answer my question, sugar," and to add effect, she bitch slapped Suzie so hard across her creamy white right cheek that Suzie actually staggered backwards before catching her balance.

Suzie quickly recovered her senses from the startling slap and replied politely with her cute southern twang, "Yes, Ma'am, I am a natural born and bred Southern Belle."

Then without warning, the black lady bitch slapped Suzie again even harder than before. Suzie would have surely tumbled to floor had the black man still groping her tittie not squeezed even harder to keep her more or less balanced. Then summoning the most arrogant tone of voice she could manage, the black lady said, "And that Miss Belle of the Ball was for my grandma who scrubbed white folks' floors for 20 years without ever a word of thanks."

From her place behind Suzie, Angel commanded with a smile, "Now, Sweet Lit' Suzie, show your respect for Leon and Joy with your cute little curtsy and tell them what a pleasure it will be to be their white fucktoy this evening."

Suzie's smooth white cheeks turned blood red with embarrassment, but she didn't hesitate to reply, "Of course, my Nigger Mistress."

"Be sure to look them in the eye, sweetie," Angel added with a snicker.

"Yes, my Nigger Mistress."

With that, the black man released his grip on Suzie tittie. Suzie reached to the sides of her gown with her hands and lifted the hem from the floor. With an exaggerated step backwards and to the left with her right foot performed her most charming curtsy. As she bowed, Suzie made sure to make eye contact with both the black lady and man as she spoke, "It will be a pleasure to serve as your white fucktoy this evening Miss Joy and Sir Leon." Then Suzie righted herself.

The black man only smiled while his lady giggled, "I just hope you like it in the ass, darlin'."

Leon and Joy turned and walked away only to replaced by another black couple. The second couple treated Suzie every bit as callously as the first couple. The major exception being that the black man slapped Suzie twice for his father having been laughed at when applying for a loan. When the couple was ready to move on, Suzie again preformed her polite curtsy and told them what a pleasure it would be to serve as their white fucktoy.

So it went for the next half hour. One black couple after another took Suzie to task for every conceivable injustice that had been perpetrated against them or their families. Suzie was bitch slapped for everything from perceived slights to outright racist behavior. Her creamy white cheeks took on a rosy red hue and began to sting hotly. Twice her beautiful hat fell to the floor as Suzie stumbled awkwardly in response to particularly violent slaps. Both times a guest helped replace the hat upon the gorgeous auburn locks of Suzie's head.

Many of the black guests, both the ladies and gentlemen, availed themselves of Suzie's succulent breasts. The ladies particularly enjoyed running their fingers inside the bustier of Suzie's lovely gown to run their nails across her ever stiffening nipples. One especially abrasive lady even told Suzie that she was going to love hearing her squeals when she got her chance to really sink her teeth into them. Suzie nearly wet her red thong panties as she listened to the horrible warning.

The encounters with each couple lasted no more than 4-5 minutes and at the end of each, Suzie preformed her polite and respectful curtsy perfectly. And, while it demeaned her to the heart of her being, she never failed to say, "It will be a pleasure to serve as your white fucktoy this evening."

While Suzie greeted the last of the black couples, Angel made her way back to her side. When Suzie had finished performing her last curtsy Angel again asked for her guest's attention. Then with a pair of 9 inch scissors in her hand Angel announced with an evil tone, "I did forget one tiny little thing folks. Lit' Miss Suzie here has to be punished this evening for a certain indiscretion she helped make happen this afternoon."

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