tagInterracial LoveBlack Muslim Cuckolds Exist!

Black Muslim Cuckolds Exist!


What's up, people? I'm Abdullah Jama, a big and tall Black Muslim man living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. Got a rather unusual tale to share with you. I work for the CRA as an auditor, a job I've held for over twenty years, ever since I got my MBA at the University of Ottawa. In this tough economy, I am a successful Black male professional. I count my blessings, seriously.

I'm happily married to a six-foot-tall, fine Somali-Canadian Muslim sister named Habiba Saunders-Jama, whom I met during our university days. We have two sons and a daughter together. On the surface, things are fine in our household. Sadly, things couldn't be further from the truth. I feel like Habiba and I are dancing on the edge of a cliff.

Lately, my wife Habiba and I have hit a bit of a rut, you see. Our sons Omar and Bilal went to Humber College in the City of Toronto to study, and our daughter Mariam went to metropolitan Montreal's very own McGill University. The house isn't the same with our sons and daughter away at school. Habiba and I feel totally their absence. Empty nest syndrome is what it's called, I guess. Cool, so why do I feel like things are falling apart between Habiba and I? Beats me. I guess some things I just don't understand.

I discussed my concerns with my good buddy Carl Hung, a tall, handsome Asian gentleman who's been my lover for quite some time now. Carl is known to my wife and friends. We go way back, Carl and I. You hear talk about Down Low Brothers, closeted gay or bisexual males who lead straight lives and yet sleep with men behind their wives or girlfriends backs. I am NOT one of them. My wife Habiba has known about my bisexuality from the get go.

Carl and I frequently get together for fun, and we're safe and discrete, and Habiba knows, and everybody's happy. Last night, Carl really put it to me. First, the sexy Asian stud sucked my dick, then he mounted me and stuffed me. I love the feel of a hard dick up my Black ass and Carl Hung's eleven-inch Asian monster cock is one of the best. Carl likes to slap my ass while burying his dick deep inside of me, and I am a real screamer.

Carl laid me on my back and jerked my big Black dick off while slamming his dick up my ass. I am a power bottom all the way and can't get enough of my favorite Asian stud's magnificent dick up my bum. Lucky for me, Carl loves to drill me as much as I enjoy getting drilled. We can go at it for hours, provided we've got enough condoms, lubricant and time, of course. After Carl Hung finished fucking me, I sucked his dick and licked his balls, and then I sucked his cum when he came.

I love the taste of Carl's cum in my mouth. I gobble it all up. Carl is the only man I've ever had sex with. I mean that, ladies and gentlemen. I don't sleep around. I am highly selective when it comes to who I bring into my life. Carl Hung is the best man for me, and my wife Habiba is the best woman for me. If that seems complicated to you, welcome to the life of a bisexual Black male professional living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario.

Afterwards, Carl and I shared a passionate kiss. We are about more than sex, you see. Carl is out to his family and friends about his sexual orientation. I am out to my wife Habiba and a few close friends. I can't have people at work find out that I swing both ways. It's not easy being a Black male working in the government sector of Canada.

Take it from me, someone in the know. I am a veteran of the covert, passive-aggressive racist wars waged against professionals of color, especially Black men, in the government sector. You're the last person these politely bigoted creeps want to hire and the first whom they want to fire. Even if you're highly educated and good at your job, you should always watch your back. White male treachery and envy are devastating ( but beatable ) forces in this world, folks.

After this fun session with Carl Hung, I returned to my wife Habiba. I came home to find Habiba in the living room, watching a rerun of Pretty Little Liars. My wife Habiba absolutely loves that show. Me? I am more of a Supernatural fan. Now that Smallville has been off the air for a while, there's very few male-oriented television shows out there. I don't do soap operas or shows about rich brats with too much time on their hands. Thanks but no thanks.

I greeted Habiba with a hug and kiss, and much to my surprise, my wife Habiba seemed cold. Well, since I am a persistent bugger, I decided to rev up her engine. Habiba pretended to be mad when I kissed her lips, then proceeded to massage those big tits of hers. When I began sucking on her toes, Habiba finally relented. My darling wife yanked down her dress, tossed aside her panties and told me to lick her pussy. What do you think my reply was? A resounding yes!

I knelt before Habiba and began licking her hairy cunt, fingering her pussy and teasing her clitoris with my tongue. I love the taste of Habiba's pussy. Indeed, when I met Habiba, I was a virgin. My wife Habiba is the only woman I've ever had sex with. I ate her pussy, and then I put Habiba on all fours because I wanted a shot at her big brown ass. Habiba spread her thick ass cheeks wide open and I began licking her asshole. I love the taste of ass, both male and female. A lot of people say they don't discriminate based on race and gender. Well, I actually mean it!

Habiba cooed and moaned softly as I licked her asshole, and then my wife begged me to fuck her. I rubbed my long and thick Somali dick against Habiba's big butt, and swiftly entered her cunt. Habiba gasped, then urged me to fuck her harder. I gripped Habiba's wide hips with both hands and thrust into her. I love banging Habiba, seriously. Have been at it for more than two decades now, so I know what my lady likes!

I rammed my dick into Habiba's cunt and pulled her hair and my wife screamed like a banshee as I fucked her roughly. Afterwards, Habiba asked me to fuck her up the ass. I grinned and lubricated my wife Habiba's asshole with the same bottle of Aloe cream that Carl and I used during our man-to-man sessions. I grinned as I pushed my dick into Habiba's asshole, and my wife sighed happily as I began fucking her up the ass.

I love the feel of Habiba's asshole around my dick, and with her big butt rubbing against my groin as I fucked her up the ass, it didn't take me long to cum. Afterwards, I laid Habiba on the bed and licked my cum from both her pussy and her asshole. I am nasty like that. Habiba watched me and smiled, a mischievous look in her eyes. Later, my wife explained to me that watching me gave her a great idea. Why not invite Carl Hung, my queer Asian male lover, to join us?

Well, to be honest, I was kind of hesitant about that one. Carl Hung is more gay than straight, although he identified as bisexual when we met. Also, I wasn't one hundred percent sold on the idea of another man, even a man whom I sleep with, touching my wife. Habiba is mine, dammit! Still, part of me was turned on by the idea. Habiba wanted to be fucked by Carl Hung and tasked me to arrange it. Are Black women bossy or what?

My dear wife Habiba's idea actually appealed to my good buddy Carl Hung, to my immense surprise. The three of us got together three nights later. I sat at a corner of the bedroom, playing the role of the cuckolded Black male while Habiba played the Black Hot Wife, cheating on her Black hubby with the surprisingly well-endowed Asian Bull. Definitely not a scenario you see every day, that's for damn bloody sure.

Smiling at me, Habiba got on her knees and began sucking on Carl Hung's long and thick Asian super cock. I watched, amazed, as my sexy Somali wife sucked the dick of the queer Asian dude who fucked me up the ass a few days ago...and my big Black dick got hard. I'm a bisexual brother, what can I say? We are freakier than most!

Carl Hung put Habiba on all fours, spanked her big brown butt and slammed his dick up her cunt. I jerked off, watching my sexy Somali wife getting fucked by Carl, and I was really turned on. Carl got really aggressive with Habiba, even more aggressive than he got while fucking my Black male ass with his thick Asian dick. Surprising, to say the least.

Carl slammed his dick into Habiba's pussy, fucking her roughly, and Habiba blew me a kiss, in between passionate screams and moans. Ouch, talk about twisting the knife, eh? Shoot, my dick got harder from watching the two of them together. Definitely a scene for the ages. Black wife riding Asian super cock in front of Black husband. Disturbing and kind of hot!

Carl finally pulled out of Habiba's cunt, after shooting his cum all over my wife's sweet pussy. Habiba smiled at me and nodded, and I joined the action. Like a good cuckold, I sucked Carl Hung's dick, then I licked his cum off of my wife Habiba's sweet Black pussy. The three of us laughed, and then hit the showers. That evening opened up a lot of doors for Habiba and I. Like a true friend, Carl has been very helpful. I am happy to say thanks to him, Habiba and I can finally say that we got the passion back in our marriage. From now on, we do threesomes every weekend!

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