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"So, your name is Fartuun Asif and you've got a habit of farting at the worst possible times, man, that's absolutely frigging priceless," says my roommate/girlfriend Catherine Malemba, laughing merrily. We were sitting in the living room of our shared apartment in the Glebe area of downtown Ottawa, Ontario. Just two young women smoking shisha, relaxing in front of the TV on a rather dull Friday night.

I'd just survived my first brush with midterm madness at the University of Ottawa, and considered myself lucky to be alive. Catherine and I sat in the living room, watching an episode of Big Bang Theory. The one where one of my favorite television nerds gets bullied by the other astronauts on the Space Station. I was laughing a bit too hard, I guess, when the unthinkable happened.

"Whatever, Cat, you fart too," I said, shrugging, and I rolled my eyes at her. Five feet eleven inches tall, sturdy and curvy, with light brown skin, long curly dark hair styled in a thick Afro and lime-green eyes, Catherine can be considered attractive by almost any standard. The kind of woman that both men and women can't help but feel drawn to. I envy her, but not just for her looks. Catherine is free-spirited, open-minded and outgoing in ways I could never hope to be...

Born in the City of Toronto, Ontario, to a Congolese immigrant father, Carl Malemba, and an Italian-Canadian mother, Fiona Garibaldi, Catherine has got that unique hotness that a lot of mixed-race gals possess. Like my old crush, the singer Alicia Keys, for example. I've always known in my heart and soul that I love women, though for the longest time, I hated myself for it. I didn't think I could be a good Muslim woman and a lesbian. Let's just say that Catherine taught me otherwise...

"Yeah, but dammit, Fartuun, you've got to admit that was funny, shoot, it sounded like a motorcycle going off," Catherine replied, still laughing, and I sighed, wishing my favorite cutie would drop the subject. Catherine and I are best friends, but we have very different tastes as far as humor is concerned. I put down the shisha, and focused on the TV, trying my best to ignore Catherine. I flipped the channel, and switched to Space.

There was an old episode of Supernatural on the tube. The Winchester brothers were taking on something called a Leviathan, with the help of a certain gorgeous, red-haired lesbian nerd. Great episode, truly. I'm glad to see more gay and lesbian characters on TV, and not just in comedies or dramas but horror and science fiction as well. I remember watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer when I was younger. I had a total crush on both Tara and Willow. Awesome couple, these two.

"Leave my ass alone," I said tersely to Catherine, and I got up and walked ten meters to the kitchen, and got myself a beer from the fridge. Yes, I'm a Hijab-wearing Somali chick and I drink beer. Alexander Keith's beer is my favorite brand. If you don't like it, you can kiss my fat ass. I sat down and took a swig, then wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. I sensed Catherine staring at me, and sighed. What on earth does Little Miss Nosey want now?

"I can't, bae, I'm addicted to your ass," Catherine said coyly, and I looked at her, and smiled. For she was giving me the let's-get-busy look. I licked my lips, and leaned back on the couch. Catherine dropped on all fours, and crawled her way towards me. I watched, mesmerized as Catherine stopped in front of me. I was still wearing the long, traditional Islamic skirt I'd put on to go to Jummah prayers at the central mosque earlier, along with an old sweatshirt.

"Well hello there," I replied, smiling at Catherine while trying my best to sound sexy. As Catherine draws closer to me, my heart skips a beat. This is all new to me, ladies and gentlemen. I'm a n average woman in every way. If you saw me, you probably wouldn't give me a second look. Seriously, I'm about as nondescript as any woman ever born, and I like it that way.

I stand five-foot-six, chubby, with dark brown skin, and light brown eyes. My hair is long, dark and curly, and I usually tuck it away under my Hijab. I'm a Law student at the University of Ottawa, and I'm originally from the City of Edmonton, Alberta. My parents Naima and Mohammed Asif are Somali immigrants. Practicing Muslim, proud nerd, Liberal party supporter, arts aficionado and closet lesbian, I am all these things and much more...

"Salaam, cutie," Catherine replies, and she pulls me into her arms and kisses me. I kiss her back, hesitantly at first, because, as I said before, I'm new to this. Catherine draws me close, and we embrace passionately. I feel Catherine's sleek, gentle yet knowing hands caress my body, and shudder with pleasure. She caresses my breasts with one hand while the other slides under my skirt, and her fingers brush against my panties...

"Hmm, I missed you," I reply, and Catherine grins, then licks my lips. She kisses me again, forcefully, and I almost gasp as I feel her fingers slide into me, after parting my panties to the side. Catherine locks eyes with me as she pleasures me, and I spread my thighs wide, welcoming her magic touch. She pinches my nipples after sliding her hand up my sweatshirt, and I wince a bit, though I secretly love it...

"Oh I can tell, you slut, you're so wet already," Catherine says, laughing mischievously, and just like that, she undresses me. I feel a bit self-conscious, the result of being a short, chubby and dark-skinned woman in a world that worships tall, skinny, pale women. Catherine's lovely eyes roam all over my body, and I can tell that she is amazed by what she's beholding.

"So beautiful," Catherine whispers, and this time, I kiss her and draw her into me. We tumble on the carpeted floor, and began making love. Catherine got on top of me, and her breasts pressed against mine. Hesitantly I caressed her back, and my hands found that thick, round ass of hers. I sighed happily as her hand slid between my thighs, and her fingers found my clit. Rubbing my clit with her index finger and thumb, Catherine began working me over...

"Right back at you," I replied, looking into Catherine's eyes, and she gasped as I playfully smacked her ass. Catherine grinned and continued fingering me, and then her sweet lips found my breasts and began sucking on them. I lay there and relaxed as my sweetie continued pleasuring me. When Catherine kissed a path from my breasts to my belly, and finally, the space between my legs, I smiled and held my breath.

"Relax, babe, I'll take care of you," Catherine paused to say, and when she looked up at me, I saw nothing but love in her eyes. All of the self-doubts and insecurity I'd been feeling vanished like ice in the sun, and I smiled and nodded at Catherine. My sweetie buried her lovely face between my legs, and I grinned as she began working her magic on me. As Catherine's tongue slid into my pussy, followed by her fingers, I positively purred with contentment. Let the fun begin...

"Hmm, just like that," I whispered, feeling increasingly on edge as Catherine lapped away at my pussy, her tongue action making me feel tingly in my sweet spot. Soon I found myself moaning in pleasure as Catherine licked, teased, probed and tickled my cunt with her tongue and fingers. I cried out in sheer pleasure, gushing hot girly cum all over her lovely face. Catherine grinned and lapped away at me, and I smiled at her, pleased beyond words...

"My turn, sweetness," Catherine said to me, a little while later, as she climbed on top of me. I looked up at the gorgeous brown Amazon straddling me, and grinned, for Catherine made for a lovely sight. My sweetheart sat on my face, and I inhaled the unique fragrance of her pussy. Smiling up at Catherine, I began eating her pussy, while squeezing those ass cheeks of hers with my hands, of course.

"Hmm, I want to eat this ass," I said as I propped Catherine on all fours, a display of assertiveness which surprised her. I'm a short gal and I smile a lot, so a lot of people, including my sweet Catherine think I'm soft and sweet. Ha! I admired Catherine's big brown booty, and smacked it, hard. Catherine yelped, and I grinned and spread her cheeks. Just like that, I began eating her big beautiful ass.

"Oh fuck yes," Catherine hissed, and she arched her back, lowering her face to the floor as I ate her ass. In this position, Catherine gave me a great visual to work with. I'm a big-booty gal who loves big female butts. Catherine sat on my face once more, smothering me with her big ass. Oh, and then she really made my night by squeezing out a loud, wet fart. I went nuts and stuck my tongue deep into her ass, sucking out that fart. My Catherine is a nasty woman, and I am a nasty woman who loves nasty women...

"Now, eat my ass," I said, a little while later, as I assumed the position. Catherine laughed and came up behind me. Undoing my hijab, she freed my hair. I winced as Catherine pulled my hair and smacked my big ass, for her slaps stung a bit. I gasped as Catherine slid a finger into my butthole, while working two fingers into my pussy. I moaned softly, wanting more...

"Ask and you shall receive, Fartuun," Catherine said, laughing as she spread my ass cheeks and I felt her tongue against my asshole. I sighed happily as her tongue slid into my ass. I love having my ass eaten, played with, and fucked. A few nights ago, Catherine fucked me with a strap-on dildo, and I rode her hard as she smacked my ass and licked my tits. Good times, folks. Good times...

"Hmm, keep eating this ass and I'll have something for you," I turned around to say to Catherine, who winked at me. Smacking my ass, Catherine continued eating my ass. At the same time, she fingered my pussy. I gritted my teeth and squeezed my cheeks. Time to give Catherine what she so desperately craved. I squeezed out a fart, right in her pretty little mouth. Although stunned at first, Catherine eagerly sucked it all up, and when I glanced at her, she smiled at me appreciatively.

"Crazy woman, I can't get enough of you, or the toxic fumes coming out of that fat ass," Catherine said, a bit later, as we lay on the floor, cuddling. She kissed me, and I tasted my pussy juices and ass funk on her mouth. We lay there, laughing and basking in the pleasant afterglow of a terrific fuck. I can't get enough of Catherine either. We're two of a kind. Two nasty young women madly in love with each other. And you know what? Our nastiness actually works for us. Ciao!

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