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Black on White


I admit I was excited as I waited for my 7:00 appointment with Thalia.

That is different by itself, I have given so many massage sessions that it is no big deal. Most of my work is sore arms and legs, folks with bad backs, on and on.

One would think from the stories I have written that my life is one never-ending string of sexual experiences. But nothing could be farther from the truth. The Massage Therapy profession is a never-ending scramble for new clients, and 99% of them want a massage, and that is it!

But every once in awhile, one is different. I have no reservations or inhibitions. I will gladly offer sensual touch, or allow and assist a lady to orgasm during the session. Often they don't even want to be touched, but use the session to be looked at. Exhibitionism brings it's own sorts of pleasure, you see.

Even more common is the wives who come to me with their husband's bidding. I spot these right off, the husband has the fantasy, not the lady. With those, I look and enjoy, and send them home to their mates with the story. If that enhances their pleasure, I feel I did my job!

But Thalia had me excited! For one thing, she was black. I had never worked on a black lady. I have no prejudices, it just never happened. Even in my classes, there were none, except for one male that lasted just 2 weeks and dropped out of class.

The way Thalia had handled me at the Doctor's office was amazing, it was matter of fact and professional, and completely unexpected. Her attitude of "this is perfectly normal" combined with her obvious enjoyment got this old man fussed up, let me tell you!

Finally there came the soft knock on the door, I opened it and here stood not only Thalia, but a black guy in what looked like his 30's. Thalia must have noted my startled expression, but she just smiled and introduced him as James, her husband. I shook his hand and looked him over, he was about 5'10", in shape, and nice looking with a friendly smile. I ushered them into our living room, Lee came out of the kitchen to say hi.

James sniffed the air and said something about "smells good!" and he was right about that. Lee had a roast in the oven, and was in the process of making some of those big puffy rolls that we both love.

"Late dinner" I answered. Thalia asked me if I was ready, I said sure, and it hit me that James had no intention of dropping her off and leaving. I got up and showed Thalia to my nice home massage room. I hesitated for a second, figuring it was one of those sessions where the husband wants to watch. I do those sessions sometimes and don't really mind, but I prefer to work in private with my clients.

"Do you mind if I wait?" James asked politely. "That's fine," I replied, and got him some books and showed him how the controller worked on our big screen TV. Then I went and knocked on the door to see if Thalia was ready. "Ok!" came the soft reply.

Stepping in, Thalia was lying on her back, her dark skin was a contrast to my white sheets. She had a pillow under her head and shoulders, the soft drape was pulled up to her neck. The sheet settled over the curves of her body, at a glance I could tell she was nude underneath.

Usually my clients start out face down, but no matter, I can work on them from any position.

I stepped up to the head of the table, and cradled her face in my hands, letting my thumbs come down softly over her eyebrows, then across the cheekbones. As my fingertips drifted to the side of her face, then the base of the ears, I was rewarded with a soft shudder. I then began the strokes down across the heavy shoulder muscles. Her skin was the color of weak tea, close as I can get. It felt like silk under my hands, no bumps, no blemishes so far.

I covered her breasts with a soft towel, and slipped the drape from underneath to her waist, tucking it in place on each side. Then I let my hands flow, following the muscle lines up to the sides of her breasts, pressing inwards lightly.

I spent a good 20 minutes on her upper body, she was quiet the entire time. As I was doing the clockwise circles around her abdomen, she let a soft moan again, so I let my hands drop down each side of her hipbones, and did some lifts. Her body was light, the work was easy for me.

Then I carefully slipped the drape back up over her breasts, and slid the soft towel out the side.

Thalia opened her eyes and smiled softly at me, and said, "I hope you aren't going to be bashful with me!" I picked right up on that, and asked her if she wanted me to do her breasts. As soon as I got the words out I realized I had said it wrong. The correct way to ask is "Are you shy about your breasts?" This will usually get the answer of "No," at which point I then undrape them. If I ask if they want them done, most will also say "No." I don't know why, but it is that way every time.

Thalia surprised me, though, and said, "Yes, please!"

So I reached up and slipped the drape down to her waist. Her breasts were slightly lighter in color, it was obvious she did some suntanning. Her nipples were fully erect, the darker skin fading into the surrounding flesh with no real defining line. I added some sweet almond oil to my hands, and began the tiny circles around her medium sized breasts, slowly closing in on the center. More rewards as her mouth came slightly open. It hit me again how white her teeth were, they almost dazzled in the late afternoon sunlight coming in through the huge windows. The trees outside filtered the light, it left little spots of sunlight on her body here and there, and the movement of the branches in the trees outside made a beautiful display on her body.

I was enjoying the hell out of myself, and had long since forgotten about James just outside the door in the other room.

I glanced at the clock, YIKES!. I had already spent an hour on Thalia's upper body, way over the norm. Concerned that she might be getting uncomfortable, I had her roll to a side-lying position. I placed a medium bolster under her knees, she giggled at that. I didn't understand for a second, then it hit me that she had done exactly the same thing to me in the Doctor's office just two days before. "Don't worry," I told her. "I won't be taking any specimens!" She giggled again, I started working her sides briskly. I reached down and slipped the drape between her legs, drawing it up behind. This bared the entire side of her body, freeing my hands for the long Esalan style strokes that most folks love.

Thalia was no exception, she was almost purring as I worked. I then had her roll to the other side, and as she did, I got a flash of jet black pubic hair. I kept my best bedside manner, and repeated the sweet strokes on the other side. Thalia's body was wonderful, her dark skin was soft, yet firm if that makes sense.

I glanced at the clock again, 1 hour, 30 minutes. I was way overtime, but having too much fun to care.

Finally, I had her roll to her stomach and worked on her back for awhile. She was groaning as I felt for the pressure limits, moving the heavy muscles until they lay flat and completely relaxed.

Stepping to her feet, I stroked them, taking care between each toe. Then my hands slid up her legs, moving the drape upwards as I did so. I got to within a few inches of her fanny, and she adjusted her legs open a little. That is the universal signal, when the lady opens her legs to allow access. If those knees stay firmly together, as a therapist I know to let my hands slide off the sides of the upper legs a good six inches early!

Thalia opened right up, and then even more a few strokes later.

I slipped the drape up over her bottom, baring her. There was no protest, just a soft moan. I slid my hands up her legs, then outwards across the cheeks of her fanny, opening her up to my gaze.

Her pussy lips were heavy, engorged, her clit stick straight out. The clitoral hood was rolled back, she was ready! I looked at the tiny drop of moisture, oiled my fingers heavily, and let my right hand slide up to touch her. She jumped as if shocked at the first touch, but didn't protest, so I touched again, more firmly. Her pelvis pressed down against the table, then her hips lifted slightly towards me.

I bent at the waist and leaned forwards, spreading her with my hands. She opened her legs as far as she could in this position, I buried my face in her cheeks. My tongue could just barely reach her, I let the tip flick against her button. She jerked a couple of times and let out a loud groan.

"Turn over!" I said, and she did almost before I got the words out. She looked at me with a huge grin, and pulled her knees back, spreading herself as wide as she could.

I stared at her pussy, the mass of hair did little to cover her large lips, I could see inside her, pink and sweet!

I buried mouth and tongue in her, lost to the world. I felt her body react in waves, at one point her orgasm was so strong it was like she was pulling on my tongue!

I let my hands go up and across her breasts as she shoved at me with her pussy, orgasming again...

I came as close to coming in my pants with this woman as I ever have. But finally we subsided, I just lay across her her legs, nuzzling at her softly.

"Wow", I told her. "That was fantastic!"

"I want to fuck you!" I told her bluntly.

Thalia gave me a soft look. "My man is going to want your lady for that!" she answered.

It hit me then, James was in the living room. Suddenly I wondered what Lee thought. I washed up, and headed for the kitchen, to ask Lee if we wanted to invite this couple to stay for dinner. James just nodded as I went by, engrossed in the TV. I realized that probably he hadn't been able to hear us over it, but I was insure.

Lee looked up as I came into the kitchen, and said, "I hope you don't mind, I asked them to stay for dinner!"

I gave her a questioning look, she just smiled and nodded...

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