tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlack Ops Ch. 01

Black Ops Ch. 01


Jamaal James sat nervously at the corner booth of an upscale restaurant.

He checked his watch: 12:29pm.

Jamaal knew he had to be back at work in 45 minutes, but that wasn't what he was nervous about. He didn't know what to expect about the meeting he had scheduled with the mysterious Mr. Black. Jamaal wasn't even sure if Black was real, and if he was real...if he was going to show up to this meeting. He checked his watch again, just as the clock ticked forward a minute, he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked up to see a fellow African American man.

The man looked very smooth. Shaved head. Dressed in a designer grey suit and black button up shirt with cuff-links, without a tie though.

"Marcus Black. Nice to meet you Mr. James." The man said as he sat down across from him.

"I thought you weren't going to show up. And please call me Jamaal."

"My first rule is to always be on time. My second rule is to not waste time. So let's get down to business."

"You sure it's safe to talk here?"

"Don't worry. Let's talk. Now you were referred to me by our mutual friend Yashua Howard. So you are aware of the financial donation that I require?"

"Yes, Yashua is an acquaintance of mine. We run in similar circles. And he has told me about everything."

"By similar circles you mean trying to fuck as much non-black pussy as possible?"

Jamaal smirked slightly. Behind Marcus's smooth exterior was a man who definitely grew up in the streets. Like a rapper who came up out of nothing to become a millionaire. As they say, you can take the man out of the ghetto, but you can't take the ghetto out of the man.

With that Jamaal relaxed a bit.

"That's one way to put it. More specifically, I have a thing for some fine Asian pussy."

"They are fine indeed" Marcus replied.

"And I believe you helped Yash with a similar problem I'm having."

Marcus nodded calmly.

"So there is this badass Asian chick I was talking to. Her name is Anda. She's into the BBC. Not like those other stuck up bitches that aren't into trying new things, if you know what I mean."

Jamaal looked as Marcus for some kind of reaction, but he just stared back listening intently.

"Anyway, she's clearly into me. But her best friend, Loran, just hates me. Absolutely hates me. For no reason either." He paused looking for a reaction, but again got nothing. So he continued, "So one day Anda tells me we have to talk. She starts crying, telling me that she can't see me anymore. I asked her why. She wouldn't tell me, but I just know it's because of Loran. I know for a fact, Loran's been saying shit behind my back. Trying to persuade Anda to stop dating me. Like I'm corrupting her or something. And it got into Anda's's head. So..."

Marcus finally cut in. "You want me to take care of the best friend?"

Jamaal nodded somewhat conflicted. "I heard that's your expertise. At least according to Yash."

Marcus asked to see a picture of Loren. Jamaal took out his smartphone and brought up a facebook profile page. He gave it to Marcus.

Marcus scanned the page: Loran Chang. He clicked on the profile picture. It was a full body snapshot of Loran. She was very attractive...a perfect mix of cute and sexy. She was petite...and couldn't have been more than 5 feet 1 inches tall. She had long, curly black hair that really gave her an alluring look. In the picture, she was wearing a pair of 4 or 5 inch platform heels with a sexy cocktail dress that fit her tone figure perfectly. Marcus' initial impression was that she was very attractive, and definitely fuckable.

"OK, tell me about her."

Jamaal took this as a good sign that Marcus would help him out. "Well, she loves to go clubbing and partying. Her and Anda use to close the clubs down every Friday and Saturday night. And as you can tell from her pic, she loves to dress up. Sexy dresses, skirts, heels....all kinds of revealing outfits. Like she's trying to tease everybody. Basically she's like one of those chicks that knows they are hot, thinks they are too good for you, and wants you to know how hot she is."

"I know those all too well." Marcus replied.

Marcus's mind wandered back to the beginning of his story. When he was a mere amateur in the game.

He was college undergrad. And boy did he look nerdy and uncoordinated with his glasses and mismatched outfit. He was an intelligent man who got a scholarship to a largely non-African American university. To help pay for his expenses, he was a tutor and that's how he met his first girlfriend, Lizette.

Lizette was a beautiful blond who saw not what was on the surface, namely the color of the man, but what was underneath. Her sorority sisters on the other hand were very superficial and did not approve of him. One in particular, Melinda, was the worst. And she was dead set on making Lizette see that she shouldn't mess with the way things should be. So Melinda dreamed up this elaborate scheme to get Marcus to come over to the sorority house one night, by pretending to be Lizette. Marcus received an inviting IM from Lizette and didn't think it was anything other than Lizette finally being ready to take their relationship to the next level. The message just said to come after midnight and that the bedroom window would be open. When he came in through the window, he couldn't see in the darkness. He was about to call out her name, but then he felt a pair of soft hands reach for him and a blindfold cover his face. Next thing he knew he was being led to the bed and his arms and feet were tied to the bedpost by a satin scarf. He couldn't believe his luck that the girl of his dreams was also so wild in bed, but he readied himself for an untamed night and felt his cock twinge with anticipation. Marcus then felt a tight pussy wrap around his thick, erect cock. He braced himself as he was ridden hard and fast. The bed squeaked and the screams got louder and louder each time her pussy went up and down on his thick cock. After feeling at least two orgasms around his cock, he felt the scarf's being untied around his hands and feet. It was dead quiet, followed by a soft 'shush' sound. The soft pair of hands pulled him up off the bed and positioned him standing by the side of the bed facing the wall. A pair of firm ass cheeks rubbed across the tip of his hanging cock. As his eyes tried to adjust to the darkness and the blindfold being taken off, he realized he was now standing behind her. The soaking wet pussy rubbed up against his cockhead and then pushed back until his balls were rubbing against her clit. He grabbed hold of her waist and thrusted his cock all the way inside her and then back out. At first, he went slow, but built up speed and was soon fucking her without abandon. The loud screams that came out of her mouth were muzzled, as if she were biting down on a pillow. Marcus was so into the moment that he didn't think much of a couple of subtle differences. Like the fact that he thought Lizette's ass was flatter. Or that her voice was a little off. But who can complain about a firm ass...and loud screams of ecstasy were not a way of comparing voices. So Marcus just kept on pounding that pussy and making her cum.

What happened next would forever change his life.

First, the lights came on.

Followed by a loud scream.

Marcus' eyes adjusted to the light and his brain couldn't process the scene before him fast enough.

In front of him on the bed was not Lizette, but Melinda. Her naked body was in full glow, except her hands were tied in front of her by a satin scarf. Another scarf was wrapped around her mouth. More screams continued as Marcus eyes shifted to the doorway to reveal Lizette standing at the threshold.

He couldn't remember all the words, but Melinda was definitely telling Lizette that Marcus came onto her and said he would leave Lizette alone if he could fuck her. More of her sorority sisters came into the doorway as Marcus once proud erect cock, now stood limp in front of the entire sorority.

He left that night in shame. Angry at the world. Needless to say, he and Lizette were through and his heart was broken. Where once was love, was now filled with hate. He wasn't quite sure what to do with all the anger filled up inside him, until a few days later.

That was when Melinda surprisingly showed up at his dorm room door dressed in a long overcoat. He was going to slap her and curse her out, when Melinda opened up her overcoat to reveal that she was naked except for a red garter belt, black thigh high stockings, and black patent leather high heels. Melinda began to tell Marcus about how she couldn't stop thinking about his cock since that night. That nobody has ever done to her pussy what he did to her that night. And she wanted more. Marcus thought long and hard for a few second. He could beat the shit out of her and go to prison. Or...he, or rather his cock, could beat up on her pussy instead and not go to prison.

That night he fucked her senseless. He made her do nasty things she never thought she was capable of doing. He made her cum more times than she had in her lifetime. And he made her say things that she couldn't believe could come out of her upper class mouth. When all was said and done, Melinda was quickly converted from uppity snob to pure black cock slut.

And that was how Marcus found his calling. The ability to fuck any woman into submission. To make them become black cock sluts. Melinda was his first. But soon she was bringing over several of her other sorority sisters and friends. And one by one Marcus converted them. One day a fellow, horny, male student came to him with a proposal. To help him get teach a girl a lesson.

And that is how Marcus Black Operations was formed...

The sound of Jamaal's voice brought him back out of his trip down memory lane.

"Listen, I have to head back to work. But we good."

"Yea" Marcus nodded, "I'll be in touch."

The weekend approached with Marcus on full reconnaissance mode. It wasn't hard to get all of Loren's information. Social networks were really helpful in Marcus' line of business. He found out where she lived and what types of clubs she liked to frequent. He spied her on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night. He noted that she liked to flirt. She ran in small circles, both nights going out with only Anda, but she knew plenty of club goers. She definitely wore revealing outfits, which made most men do double takes, and always closed down the clubs. Except one night when she must have ran into an ex of some sort. That night she stormed out of the club early in a fit. Another thing he noted was that she always went home without the company of a guy. Just her and Anda. And she liked to walk home.

That was when the brilliant idea hit him.

Marcus called up Jamaal and ran his idea through him. He needed another man for his plan and asked if it was ok to get Yashua involved? Even though Anda would be involved, Jamaal thought the plan might work. He wondered if Yash would be willing to do something so daring, but Marcus had already asked for his help and Yash said he owed Marcus big time, so anything he needed he would do.

Thanks to some help from the World Wide Web, Marcus learned that Loran and Anda were going to check out a new club on Friday.

So the following Friday night, Marcus and Yashua waited patiently outside one the club. They spotted Loran and Anda show up roughly around 11pm. Both looking sexy as hell. Loran was wearing a tight fitting purple, belted dress with a thin black belt and the same pair of black, platform high heels she was wearing in her profile picture. She also wore what appeared to be black stockings to keep her legs warm in the breezy mid-March weather. Her outfit definitely complemented her nice legs, thin waist, and surprisingly perky tits. Anda was also quite a stunner. It became very clear why Jamaal would go through all this trouble. With her short black hair, in the mold of early Halle Berry days, and full lips, she looked like a runway model. Her pretty face gave the impression that she was of Korean descent. Marcus could tell she worked hard to maintain her near perfect figure that was being put on display in her pink tank top chemise dress. The ruffled v-neck line showed off her shockingly ample cleavage. The bottom of the dress barely came down to her mid-thigh and a gust of wind could easily lift the bottom up to reveal her shapely ass and sexy panties.

Marcus watched as they quickly made their way to the front of the line and were let right away by the bouncers. He dialed up Jamaal and told him where they were. Twenty minutes later, Jamaal showed up and made his way in to the bar.

Marcus waited outside for about half an hour. In his mind he was playing the events happening in the club at this instance. If all went right, then Jamaal was "coincidentally" bumping into Anda, thus infuriating Loran. Depending on her response, Jamaal could either say that Loran invited her or that it was a mere conincidence. Meanwhile, he was told to try to split up Loran and Anda and try to get Anda alone. If he played his cards right and did what Marcus instructed him to do, then any minute now Loran would be stomping angrily out the front door followed by Anda.

And just on cue, out came Loran in a huff. She looked for a taxi and when she couldn't find out, she headed down the block away from the club. Anda sprang out of the club soon after and followed after her.

The plan was working perfectly. Marcus knew that the club was in an up and coming location, but this part of town was still being developed. That meant lots of abandoned warehouses and quiet, empty blocks. Marcus and Yashua calmly walked after them.

A few blocks later, when the club seemed to be miles away, Anda finally caught up to Loran. She tried to convince her to come back to the club or to at least get out of this unsafe area.

But before they could turn around, they felt strong hands grab them both from behind and cover their mouths.

Loran felt the tip of a gun pointed at her back and fear struck her body. She heard a calm voice whisper, "We don't want to hurt you, so don't make us. Now walk." Her eyes darted up and around to see two masked men.

Marcus and Yashua forced the two women to turn the corner and head down the empty block. They came across one of those abandoned warehouses that would soon be developed into a condo. Marcus had canvassed the area beforehand and found this spot to be perfect for his plan. Marcus swung open a door on the side and pushed Loran inside. Yashua did the same with Anda.

The warehouse had been abandoned for quite some time and all that was left was a giant empty space.

Marcus and Yashua finally let go of the girls and they huddled together in the center of the dimly lit warehouse. Marcus continued to point the gun at them as Yashua closed the door they entered through and wrapped a chain around the handle and locked it in place with a masterlock they had brought.

The girls were stuck.

Ever defiant, Loran tried to talk her way out of it.

"Listen, you can have whatever money or valuables we have. Just take it and go. We won't tell anybody. We haven't seen your faces."

"And you won't" Marcus replied back taking control of the situation. "Now, we're going to play a game. Depending on the outcome of the game, we won't harm either one of you. That is if you play the game well."

As he was talking, Yashua came up from behind the girls and grabbed hold of Anda. She screamed as he forcibly removed her from the grasp of Loran. He threw her around one of the cement pillars holding up the building. Anda continued to scream, "NO" as Loran cursed at both masked men. Marcus fired off a round into the air and it ricochet off the cement floor. The silencer on his gun deafened the noise, but it was enough to silence the two hysterical women.

"You" Marcus said while pointing the gun toward Anda." Hug the pole."

Anda did as she was told. Yashua handcuffed her wrists around the pole.

Marcus pointed the gun back to Loran, "Now as I was saying. We are going to play a game."

Loran's eyes darted back and forth between Marcus and Yashua. She was careful not to move as she saw Yashua come around Anda and lift up her dress from behind to reveal her amazing ass. Anda began to plead, but there was nothing she could do to stop Yashua from sliding down her g-string panties around her ankles.

Marcus continued his speech. "Now we're going to find out how much you care about your friend here." As Yashua stood behind Anda admiring her body, while removing all his clothes, except for his ski mask. Yashua's athletic dark skinned body blended in with the darkness of the dimly lit warehouse, and his erect cock stood firm pointed at Anda's opening. Yashua reached out and began to rub Anda's clit...getting her nice and wet just in case.

"You see, my friend over there is going to shove his dick deep inside your sexy little friend's pussy. Unless..." he let his voice carry off. Anda gasped as if she knew the rest of the sentence.

Marcus calmly removed his clothes as well, but left on his gun holster and his ski mask too. He moved closer to Loran and let her see in full view his massive cock.

Loran was staring straight at this giant monster of a cock. She glanced to the side and saw the other masked man with his face buried between Anda's ass cheeks. Anda was squirming and beginning him to stop. Loran looked back at the man in front of her.

Marcus moved in even closer to Loran and his cock was within reaching distance. He remained silent and stood there with his hands behind his back. The gun peeking out the side of his body.

Loran waited for instructions, but no words were said. Just the vile image in front of her. To her right was her best friend, legs spread, ass and pussy unprotected. A masked naked black man was now standing behind her, ready to maul Anda's Asian ass and pussy with his thick, long black cock.

She turned her head and stared up at the strong black masked man standing in front of her. His massive cock staring back at her. The gun shining through the window light. She waited for him to say something. Anything. But he just stood there.

She didn't know what to do. She screamed at the man standing in front of her. "What do you want? Me to suck your dick?" She waited for a response, but she received silence. "You want me to suck your dick or else my friend is going to get raped?"

Again, she waited for a response, but the silence infuriated and confused her even more. A million thoughts raced through her head. Do I suck this man's cock? Will they rape me as well? Her fears soon turned to rationalization. "It's just a blowjob. I've sucked dicks before. Maybe if I make him cum, he won't be able to fuck us and so he'll just let us leave."

More tortured moments of silence followed. Only Anda's soft sobs could be heard in the empty warehouse. Finally, Loran reached her manicured hands out and grabbed hold of Marcus fully attentive cock. Loran was amazed at the size of it. Her small hands barely wrapped around his cock and it had to be at least ten inches long. She looked back over at Anda, before gulping down any last thoughts that would make her not do what she was about to do. She took a deep breath and bent over and placed Marcus cock into her open mouth. She had to really open wide to get it in and could only go down to a little below his cock head. She worked furiously, jerking and sucking on his cock. Spitting on it, to get it wet. Her mind was focused on one thing and one thing only: To make him cum as quickly as possible.

Marcus lifted his head back and enjoyed the fantastic blowjob he was receiving. His plan was to let a few minutes pass before he unloaded his cum into her mouth. He had the porn-star skill to be able to cum on cue. But it also helped that Loran was a tremendous cocksucker and she was really putting all her effort into satisfying him.

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