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Black People in Love


Madeline Blanco comes home from work. She's a six-foot, big-boned black woman with dark brown skin and short hair bleached bright red. Although most people would describe her as plain, she did have many redeeming features. Her large breasts, large backside and plump butt did get her a lot of attention over the years.

Heck, her special charms attracted her husband, a long time ago. And this sexy and unconventionally beautiful black woman still gets looked at by the young men she sees on the streets. It makes her smile. She know she's still got it going on. But it doesn't matter right now. Madeline just wants to go home and be with her family. After a hard day at the factory where she worked as a general manager, she wants to rest.

Fortunately, while there's no peace for the wicked, there is for hard-working black people for that matter. Madeline's family had a surprise for her. The first one to greet her was her son Jamal. He was a tall, good-looking black man in his early twenties. A college football player who majored in Criminal Justice. He wanted to become a cop someday, just like his father James, a former state trooper. He greeted his mother by giving her a big hug and kiss. He was followed by his sister Megan. The tall, thick-bodied tomboy was an almost perfect replica of her mother. Twenty-year-old Megan studied Nursing at the local community college.

Sitting in the living room was the man of the house, James. He smiled at his wife, and she blew him a kiss. Tonight was a special night for them. Tonight, James and the brats cleaned up the house and prepared a surprise for mom. They ate some delicious Chinese food which they ordered and discussed their lives. In a few months, Jamal would graduate from the state school with a bachelors of science degree in criminal justice. As a college-educated young man and the son of a police officer, he'd be practically drafted into the state police academy. His parents were very proud of him.

Megan, his younger sister was also doing well. This year, she was getting her associate's degree in nursing. Someday, she'd get her mastery in it. James looked fondly at his daughter, and clapped his son on the back. Madeline looked at her husband and the two brats they adored. They were her family and she loved them more than anything in the world. They were quite unique. The Blanco family was doing well. They lived in a nice house not far from Boston's Back Bay. Jamal lived at U-Mass Amherst and played football for the school. James Blanco, father of the family and husband of Madeline Clay Blanco, was a captain with the state police.

The media, and pop culture, often portray men and women, especially people of color, as being antagonistic towards one another. Black families are often portrayed in a negative way. The father is usually absent and the mother is bitter and resentful towards all men. Or the sons and daughters get involved in gangs, drugs or become parents before their time. Well, it's not always that way. Some families are quite happy. James Blanco and his wife Madeline loved each other. They raised two fine upstanding citizens together. They're not constantly at each other's throats. Madeline doesn't berate her husband behind his back. She doesn't attack him verbally or physically. James loves and respects his wife. He cares deeply for her and their family. That's just the way it is in their household.

After they ate dinner, Megan and Jamal left the table and wished their parents goodnight. Jamal was driving his pickup truck back to Amherst. Megan was going out with her girlfriend Stacy. Doubtless the two of them would hit the clubs to meet some young men. James and Madeline Blanco suddenly had the house all to themselves. Madeline smiled naughtily at her husband. He winked at her, knowing her sexy intentions and naughty thoughts. Hastily, she left the table and ran. James sprang to his feet and ran after her. He caught up with her and tackled her. They fell onto the bed. Madeline laughed. Yeah, he caught her. It was a little game they played, to spice up their relationship every now and again.

Madeline kissed her husband, and he embraced her passionately. She looked into the eyes of this man that she loved. Playfully, they wrestled on the bed. They were pretty evenly matched. When they met, James was a six-foot-two college football player majoring in Criminal Justice. Madeline was a business student who also played on the women's basketball team. They fell in love after being friends for years. The passion of their relationship had never gone out. Slowly, Madeline undressed, letting her husband see her in all of her naked glory. James admired his wife's voluptuous body. Damn, she was still hot after all these years. He kissed her again, and they began to make love.

First, they caressed each other's body. Madeline loved James lovemaking. His was an expert touch who knew what the female body craved. He sucked on her breasts, kissed her neck, licked her lips and then made his way down to her groin. He began to eat her out, and Madeline gasped as his agile tongue wormed its way into her pussy. She closed her eyes and gently stroked his hair as he ate her out. Damn, after all these years, he was still good at this. He still knew her spot. The places inside her which ached to be touched. Licking, probing and sucking, using his fingers and tongue, James Blanco brought his wife a shuddering orgasm. Madeline Blanco screamed passionately.

When the sensations subsided, she looked at her husband. Yes, this wonderful man had brought her to heaven. And she wanted nothing more than to pleasure him. She took his cock into her mouth, sucking on his member. James groaned in pleasure as his wife sucked him off. Damn, she still remembered what he liked. She still knew how to rock his world. Madeline continued to suck on his member, and gently flicked her tongue over his balls. She knew he would love that. When he finally came, she drank his seed. This was something she did only for him, the man she loved. She wouldn't do this for anyone else.

A short while later, they lay in bed. Excited, thrilled, but not quite sated. James ran his hand over his wife's plump behind. He looked at her suggestively. A light seemed to shine in Madeline's eyes. Well, he was certainly feeling frisky tonight. Well, she was feeling down for whatever. Still, they had to get some things. Lube, for one thing. A short while later, they were ready. Madeline lay on her back, and lovingly spread her legs for her husband James, welcoming him into her. James grinned, and placed his cock against her back door. With a swift thrust, he entered his wife's sweet booty hole.

Madeline lay on her back, fingering her pussy as her husband took her ass. His cock felt huge inside her tight back door, but thanks to the lube it didn't hurt much. He held her by the hips and thrust into her. Madeline loved a little butt action every now and then. And tonight was the night for it. James was the first, and indeed the only man she ever let into her back door. She remembered when he took her anal cherry. They were still in college back then and she visited him at the athletic dorm. It was his birthday and she wanted to do nothing more than to make him happy. He made an unusual request, one she granted, though she was a bit hesitant at first. The rest, as they say, was history.

James continued to thrust into his wife's back door. Madeline closed her eyes and let go as James took her to heaven, through the back door of course. It hurt a bit at first but she had grown used to his girth over the years. They changed positions. Madeline got on all fours and James took her from behind. In this method, he had greater access and thus could have greater penetration. This time, Madeline urged him to go harder and faster, which he did. He thrust deeper into her, and she gasped at the intrusion. Damn, he was big! Now, he gave her all he had, slamming his cock into her ass, and she loved every minute of it. They went at it like this for some time, then he came.

Madeline and James Blanco lay on the bed without moving. Neither of them said a word. Then, without warning, Madeline burst out laughing. She turned around and kissed her husband, who stared at her. She asked him if he was ready for round two. James grinned and got up to fetch the lube. When he came back, his wife had already assumed the position. She grinned at him, and wiggled her sexy bottom. What was he waiting for? James smiled from ear to ear. Damn, he loved this woman!

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