tagRomanceBlack Peter Came Too

Black Peter Came Too

byBlack Tulip©

David stood in front of the window of his study, overlooking his garden and hers as well. It was afternoon and the sky was filled with dark clouds. They raced along, bringing rain and heavy gusts of wind that howled around the house. It was the perfect weather for a good old-fashioned Dutch Happy Evening.

The children would be singing their traditional songs while waiting for Saint Nicholas to come along on his white horse to bring gifts. David had learned by now that in Holland, children get presents from 'Sinterklaas' instead of Santa Claus. On the evening of December the 5th most families happen to find a basket of presents and sweets near their front door, left by Saint Nicholas or his helper, Black Peter.

He smiled as he thought of the children that lived across the two gardens. Eva, his neighbor had asked him to help out and last night she had brought over the basket with gifts for the two little girls, Carla and Anna. She had wrapped the presents in special Nicholas paper decorated with little 'Sinterklaasjes' and tiny Black Peters climbing through chimneys with gifts and sweets. He was supposed to bang on the door after dark and leave the basket near the back door.

The thought of Eva made him squirm a bit. He had glimpsed her last night when she was standing in front of the big window at the back of her house. The lights had been out and he had been watching a bit wistfully. Dreaming of her and remembering how she had looked when she brought the presents. To his surprise she had done a very sexy striptease, no doubt assuming she would be invisible in the dark room. She had not realized at first that she was standing in a patch of moonlight. He knew it probably had scared the shit out of her when she noticed how perfectly visible she had been, but he had enjoyed the private show enormously.

It had also given him courage enough to slip into her house early this morning to leave a gift for her. He was aware how risky it was, but he had wanted her for so long. From the first time she stood on his doorstep, almost two years ago. She had just moved in then, after a divorce as she told him later, and needed male muscles to open a bottle of mineral water.

Eva, the thought of her made him sigh. He knew very well that she fancied him, but was too shy to act on it. If he ever wanted some action, he had to be the one to start it and perhaps tonight he would get a chance. Last night he had been very sure she found him attractive. She had stood on his doorstep, blushing like a teenager and when he had pretended to think she was ill and touched the soft skin of her cheek, she had bolted home like a scared rabbit.

He had left a rather risqué present this morning and he wondered how she had reacted. What had she thought when she found the box, wrapped in black paper that was decorated with tiny white horses? More important though, what had she thought on opening it and finding the lifelike plaster cast of a cock, painted in a purple-black color. The small white card had said: "The original is yours as well. Black Peter."

Straightening his shoulders, David walked downstairs and grabbed the basket. He had added some of his own, as he knew Eva had lost her job only recently. Her budget would be rather tight and besides, he liked the little girls. They were a sunny pair of little imps.

Crossing the two gardens was a matter of minutes, although he had to be careful. The rain had made nasty puddles on the terrace behind Eva's house and the numerous clouds obscured the moon so it was pitch-black. Eva had left the light in the kitchen on and he could hear the girls singing; as loud as they could and a bit off-key, but with a lot of enthusiasm.

David left the basket after banging on the door a couple of times. He heard the girls squealing and Eva's laughter as they hurried to the backdoor. Standing behind the shed he waited till they were convinced there was nobody there and retreated inside with the presents. All he could do now was wait till the party was over. Well, he grinned to himself. The party for minors that was, the adult party would only be beginning if it were up to him. Silently he went back to his own house, but keeping an eye on Eva's back door.

* * *

Eva ushered the girls inside once they were convinced there was no one there. Carla and Anna bounced up and down on the couch as Eva put the basket on the coffee table. Tradition demanded mugs of hot chocolate and she put a bowl with the last pepper nuts on the table. They had baked them in the weekend and they tasted much better than the ones you could buy in the mall.

It didn't take much time for the girls to unpack all their presents, a second-hand doll for each of them and some dainty doll's clothes Eva had made herself. That had been one advantage of being unemployed, she'd had plenty of time to go hunting for cheap gifts and making some of them herself. Each girl got a chocolate letter too. Carla a 'C' and Anna an 'A'. Eva had even bought one for herself too. She had counted on the girls not noticing she didn't get any other presents and she was right.

As she looked into the basket with a frown on her face the girls were busy with their dolls. There were some new presents there. Gifts she had not put into the basket. With a start she noticed the odd paper. Black, with tiny white horses. She felt the blood rush to her face, the gift this morning had been wrapped in the same paper. With a quick movement she concealed the thin packet with her name on it beneath the newspaper lying on the table. Next she gave the girls theirs, as curious to see what was in them as they were.

The girls were over the moon as they found a CD for each of them. And from their favorite band too. Eva smiled as Anna and Carla thanked St.Nicholas and Black Peter loudly for their presents. When they went up to bed, they both clutched a doll in one hand and a CD in the other. Eva made them brush their teeth but let them skip bath for once. The girls were nearly falling asleep where they were standing. Besides, Eva was dying to find out what was inside her present.

Finally the girls were tucked in and Eva had no doubt they would be asleep in no time. A bit flushed Eva gathered the string and crumpled papers and tidied the room before settling down with a glass of wine and the thin packet with her name on it.

She stared at the festive wrapping. The gift this morning, with the same paper, had made her blush furiously. Not in the least because she had been dreaming of David in a very erotic way. Hell, whom was she kidding? It had been a blatant wet dream. And right after that she had found the plaster cast of a beautiful black cock. Touching it had been so erotic, imagining it was his.

Fanning herself she bit her lip and found enough courage to open the packet. Inside it was another white card. It read: "Open the door to your house and your heart. I want to make you happy. David" Beneath it was a thin black kimono. She shook out the garment and felt the real silk as she admired the gold embroidery on the back. For a moment she sat very still, a nervous knot at the pit of her stomach. Then she inhaled deeply and stood up.

"Eva, girl. Grab your chance. It's now or never and he is a nice guy. You know he is." Eva tried to give herself some courage by talking to herself.

Before walking to the back door she checked herself in the small mirror near the fridge. The brown curls swayed around her face and her eyes had a feverish shine to them. She smiled nervously at herself, then ran her hands over her red top, smoothed the short black skirt and renewed her perfume.

Taking a deep breath she turned around and opened the back door. She looked out at David's house but everything was dark. There was no way she could tell where he was. Eva hesitated. Should she wait for him by the door? She didn't even know if he would come, did she? Shivering from tension and the cold wind she turned back again.

God, she never knew how tense you could feel. Wrapping her arms around herself she walked back into the room, picked up her glass and took a deep draught. She closed her eyes as the potent wine found its way to her stomach, making her sigh in appreciation. She lifted the glass, about to take another drink when she heard a noise at the door.

Eva put her glass down and looked at a grinning David who stepped inside and closed the door behind him.

"Are you sure?" The deep voice never failed to set off a vibration in her belly.

Eva nodded, cleared her throat and looked up at the tall man. "Yes. And thank you for the presents."

David raised an eyebrow. "Maybe you'd better wait till you've had all your presents?" He grinned. No doubt because he saw her blush. "Come here."

Eva surprised herself by obeying instantly. But she wanted to be near him, feel the warmth of his body, smell the spicy scent of him. She took the few steps necessary to stand in front of him and when he reached out for her, she felt her heart starting to thump in double speed.

One big hand cupped her face; the other slid around her waist, drawing her against his body as he kissed her softly on the lips. She felt his lips moving to her jaw, caressing her neck and nibbling at the tender skin above her collarbone. The hand at her back kept her hips close to his, close enough to feel his appreciation.

"David?" Eva slid her hands to his shoulders and enjoyed the feeling of his broad frame. "Were you watching yesterday?"

Eva knew she was turning a humiliating red, but she just had to know.

"Do you mind? You are so beautiful, Eva. It was enough to rob me of my sleep." He moved his hips a little. "That's what you do to me, sweetie."

Eva felt a spark shooting through her body, landing between her legs as she felt his erection pressing into her. Almost on instinct she moved her hips too, bending her body back and pushing her breasts out, presenting David the soft skin of her throat.

His lips found their way down and she sighed as his hand crept from her face to her neck and then to her breast. Tracing the firm mounds without touching the visibly hardening peaks he made her squirm.

"Please, don't tease me like that." Eva giggled a bit and got bold enough to kiss David back, her slim fingers holding his head.

"Now, who's teasing?" David chuckled.

He took over the kiss and deepened it. Licking her lips with his tongue and persuading her to open up to him. He entered her mouth, plunging inside the hot wet cavity till she moaned and wriggled in his arms. Next he maneuvered her to the couch.

To her surprise, David sat down but kept his hands on her hips, drawing her between his legs. Looking up at her she saw his black eyes were on fire. She had no trouble reading them right now. He wanted her and the knowledge made her feel so sexy. It was as if it unlocked something inside her. And when she felt his hands trailing down her legs, she swayed hips and licked her lips.

"Hmmm, I like that." Eva heard how her voice took on a deeper note, sounding a bit breathless.

"You do, huh? You like this too?" He grinned as he slipped a hand between her legs and cupped her mound, rubbing softly over her panties.

"Yesss." Eva hissed at the unexpected contact. Her hips jerked and she closed her eyes as she threw her head back.

Next her eyes flew open again as David pulled her down, making her straddle his knee. He kissed her deeply as his hands found their way beneath the knitted top. He stroked her back and lifted the top over her head, admiring her firm breasts in the lacy bra. Cupping her breasts with both hands he buried his face in her cleavage.

"You're so beautiful, and so soft and warm. God, I could eat you alive." He groaned as he kneaded the soft flesh.

His fingers found her nipples, flicking them through the lace till she arched her back. Eva felt herself getting wet and she wondered for a moment if he would feel that through his trousers. Next all thought left her as he unclasped her bra and his lips found one of her nipples as his fingers rolled the other one. After a while he switched and Eva was reduced to moaning and squirming, her hands caressing his shoulders and stroking his face till she decided it was time to even the state of undressing.

With a swift movement she got rid of the bra and grasped David's sweater, lifted it up and tossed it to the side. The sight of the dark well-muscled torso had her sighing and she bent her head to lick his nipples, making him moan in turn. She pressed her breasts against his chest and David fell back on the couch, landing beneath her as she straddled his waist.

David looked up at her with a wicked grin on his face. In the wink of an eye he had his hands beneath the short skirt, caressing the inside of her thighs. Eva realized she had been tricked but she didn't mind. His hands were giving her tiny sparks all through her body, small jolts of energy that were all gathering in her pussy. The fact that he was keeping her legs apart only added to the fire.

Before long his fingers found their way beneath her panties, pulling them gently down and urging her on her back till he had them off completely, together with her skirt. He let his hands travel along her body, stroking her length from her breasts down to her stomach, over her pussy to her thighs and down to her knees and her feet.

"Beautiful, and so sexy." He breathed the words softly but Eva heard him.

She wanted to see him too, but he wouldn't let her up, not yet. He made her open her legs to him again and Eva inhaled sharply as his tongue touched her moist folds, licking and tasting her till she opened up like a flower. Next he slipped his fingers inside her, curling them till he found her g-spot. Eva bucked and whimpered softly.

"Don't stop, please don't stop."

She bucked again as he pumped his fingers in and out. With her hands on his head she gave herself over to the pleasurable feelings he was creating inside of her. Stoking the fire in her belly, licking her clit and making her feel so terribly excited. Eva moaned and started moving her hips, the sweet tension building till she was at that point where you want to come but you don't want to loose that incredible feeling. David was relentless however; his fingers plunged deep inside her body and his tongue flicked the hard pearl at the top of her slit till she stifled a scream as she exploded in a powerful orgasm.

Still feeling her muscles ripple inside her, Eva pulled his face up and kissed him deeply. Tasting her own juices only made her want to taste him too. Holding his face between her hands she looked David in his eyes.

"Please? Will you let me now?"

David smiled and nodded and that was all she needed. With determination she pushed him on his back and attacked his belt, unzipped his pants and slid them down his legs. He wasn't wearing any underwear and she could see the gift of that morning must have been a plaster cast of his own cock. The gorgeous organ was the same thick veiny shape and the same dark color with the purple head.

Kneeling between his legs Eva took hold of his penis and kissed the head softly, licking the pre-cum off before she looked up at David. His face was taut, the expression one of controlled tension and she realized he was holding off for her sake. With a small smile she dived down, taking as much of him in as she could, her tongue sliding along the underside. When she backed off a little she let her teeth scrape lightly over the soft skin and she heard him hiss.

Eva settled herself on her knees to enjoy herself with licking and sucking that beautiful cock but David didn't give her much time however. After a few minutes he grabbed her hair and lifted her head off. He pushed her on her back and lifted her legs over his arms, spreading her wide before he nudged the broad head at her entrance.

"Yesss, fill me, make me yours." Eva thought she had never been so turned on in her life.

This was so much better than her dream, although some things were the same. Looking down she saw the black cock entering the pink folds of her pussy and she thought it was beautiful. Next she looked up at David and their eyes locked as he slowly pushed his thick cock inside her tight pussy, stretching her, molding her to his fit. They kept looking at each other as he started fucking her, slowly at first, but building up to a furious tempo. He pounded into her and she loved it.

She felt another orgasm building and when she contracted her muscles she took David along with her. Her body arched up from the couch and David spurted his come against her womb, the feeling adding to the erotic tension. Eva was amazed at the sensations that assailed her, each spurt of David triggering another spasm inside her pussy.

Finally they came back down, slumping on the couch with David on top of her and both of them panting for breath. Eva trailed her fingers over the dense dark curls on his head and David smothered her face with tiny kisses.

"That was incredible." David kissed her on the tip of her nose. "Thank you."

Eva smiled and kissed him back. "Will you stay?" She was a bit nervous again but David smiled back and his eyes seemed to light from within.

"I would be glad to. But what will you say to the girls?"

Eva suddenly grinned a bit evil. "I can tell the girls Black Peter came too."

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