tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch. 1

Black Rose Ch. 1


"The woman had no blood in her and the fact that she was also found in a rubbish bin right outside of where she worked stemmed clues for foul play as well as a sick twisted vampire wannabe scare. But when checked for further fingerprints on the woman no actual form of sexual abuse came to her, the woman was two months pregnant with a child and with her body was found with a note written on brown Manila paper. The note could not be brought in but investigators are still trying to figure out who could have killed this twenty-five-year-old secretary from Long Beach California. Reports from the coroner conclude that the woman was Molly Baker, a respected housewife who worked at the Macintosh Corporation.

She was secretary to one of the high departments where she over looked numerous banking accounts and the switching of money from bank to bank. Detectives concluded that a conspiracy might be involved with the murder as they have called it now. Timothy Andrews the coroner as well as private detective for the case found large shifts of money in one file of hers as he checked her small office space. Seeing that it led also to a Swiss banking account he also brought word of some well know criminals. The woman was working for a mobster named Mitko Brieghst. Originally from Germany, his relatives moved to Spain, never changing their names and only changing their nationalities the mobster has come to America. His whereabouts are unknown at this time.

Mitko has been charged with murder in the first degree. Manslaughter for four counts as well as a known terrorist, proceed with caution as well as with back up. He is a very dangerous man and has been spotted in south beach in Florida. His motives for his movements are unknown as he travels fast through the country. If found please contact your local authorities immediately. He is well armed and extremely dangerous.

He is usually seen with four others. One particular is Luis Amalgam. He is a well-known mercenary and killer. He has the mindset of a lunatic as well as the firepower to back him up. Working for mitko now, they are a very dangerous couple. Luis amalgam stands at about 6'2 and Mitko stands at 6'0 Mitko has black hair slicked and with gray streaks at the sides, Luis is bald and well build. Both are either accompanying each other or with a group of four. None have been seen alone. Proceed with caution when apprehending them."

He tore the transcript from the copy machine and laid it on the paper looking it over as he examined the nude and cut up woman that was there. The rest of the transcript came out slowly with a low sound of scratches and beeps as it finished sending the mail.

"The woman had some dealings with the mob and as well was found dealing with them in south beach Florida. Some family there was also murdered, but how was uncertain on that point. Your boss has recommended you to this case and is allowing you to go to see her dead relatives; there you will conduct your work. Your residence will be taken care of and your transportation to the final destination is already paid for."

Tim shrugged a bit as he turned and began to patch her up for the morgue people to work on. Further investigations would be odd at this point however, mob dealings and the draining of blood was a very odd thing, which occurred in both deaths. Since he also knew of certain vampire cults, he could also help aid and find out if the two criminals she associated with were also part of the cult. A smile cracked free from his lips as he began to remove the gloves and clean himself off of the rancid smell her dead and rigamortis stricken body stench. He prepared to leave when he stopped; he had grinned at it. He had become numb by death now, but he was enjoying the sight of it. He didn't like that and it rang though his body that he had just smiled to the dead woman. He gulped down a dry swallow and began to head home, thinking over all the possibilities he had just gained through his actions and his little knowledge of the paranormal. Plus it would help him get away from his stress filled job in California and give him an actual case, he had dreamed of becoming a detective and he would be working to aid them so it would be fun all in all. Then stopping once more as he opened the door to his single room apartment and turned on the lights. He definitely needed to get out and get a life.

The night was cold warm as he stepped out of the airport to take his first breath of air. The tropical almost humid terrain got to him as he let it out quickly. It was warm, a slight cringe went up his spine as sweat began to form coming down his forehead and into his shirt, and his back was getting wet now as he hailed a cab. The street life was abounding by no one as it flowed in the pandemonium. All around people walked stopped, but oddly it was not like this way in California. They had a different feel, people still minded their own business, but they had a more exotic look to them instead of the cold, yet mixed look as they had now. This was a place where time seemed to stand still for a moment and it was beautiful. The timeline, the look, the smell, sweaty, all were made to be fully exotic. Everything seemed to want to come out and touch him and he wanted to return the favor. The sounds were the same, yet they had a different pitch, probably the warm weather against the cold one. But, it was a beautiful array of colors now, as the old rustic buildings gave their pale light out against the smells of the people. The place was beautiful and majestic, if that was one way to describe it.

He walked the streets, looking from street corner to street corner. The area had the sense of shore, the smell of salt from the sea, the age and history not that of a gold rush, but of treachery and fine beauty. The smile brightened as the wind came now, warm yet with a cool and refreshing tone to it, almost like a kiss from a loved one, yet so caught and catching that it transcends the kiss and forms to an orgasm upon the skin. Warm and hot with no passion save the need to embrace and touch.

But it wrapped around the body like a writhing mass, gracing its kisses and licks all over the body, moving through the clothes effortlessly and making its way to the skin. It would embrace like that of a human, but instead runs its own hand over your flesh, making it better and feel good, the coolness from the removal of clothes now makes it cold. The body would then put into it a fashion that was almost beautiful, and yet oddly enjoyable. Caressing, carousing, loving, and so it moved over him as he smiled opening his eyes to view it leave over his body. He turned back as he began to take some steps away and down the street; he was getting close to his new home for now.

"Well same as the San Fran. case. The woman was drained completely of blood, all remained in her was a little bit about three or four droplets at best. No actual puncture markings anywhere, so it must have been something else for how she died. Two small puncture wounds however found on the woman's neck, on the right side, just above the main artery.

The body was found in a Dumpster, the same way the first victim was found. Although no note this time the victim has been identified as Martha Anne baker, the sister of molly. However, molly was stripped nude, Martha was fully clothed. Found under her tongue was what seemed to be a bullet. However, on closer inspection it actually was a piece of bread. Almost as if it had been stuffed into her mouth before she died.

The bread piece was also later to be found out a piece of the body. Or the host as Christians would call it. A clue for a mad man, or was it a clue for some big conspiracy that had to unfold?"

He let the recorder stop as the woman lay nude on the rack before him, scalpel in hand dropped now onto the platter and he stepped away. There was nothing else left to do now, she was dead, the woman had a small sacrament in her mouth, or under her tongue, two fang marks and no blood.

He was done for the night. But a question rang clear in his mind.


Why had her sister been murdered, who was next? He gulped as he pulled the white cloth over the woman's body and pushed the rack back inside the containment unit where the rest of the bodies were. Closing the lid and locking it secure so that no other investigators would be opening it up until they had the key. He walked off and into the changing room where his locker was. Opening it up and looking about the empty room. No one was awake at three in the morning, the place was dead to him as he changed his clothes and began top make his way out of the morgue and to his car all alone at the parking lot. But something was odd about this case to any one who came into it now. First off, there are two bodies, two ladies who in some odd way have a connection to a not so known mobster who is wanted for many things. But what is his connection to the two of them? How does a woman die and now have her family hunted down and in fear of their lives?

He began to close the body bag around the woman and walk off to the cleaning area. Stopping suddenly to look back to the woman, something extremely obvious he had missed.

Both women looked alike. As if they would have been twins, yet one was blonde, obviously dyed and the other had black hair. It was becoming clear now, the murder was done because one sister was killed and the murderer thought that he hadn't done the murder fully and she was still alive…

But that was too far fetched to believe the woman was in the obituaries, it would be a bit hard for that kind of story running along. Something had a connection.

The baker family was law abiding, not well known and this would put them into the media if it broke out that they were being killed. But thankfully the shark wouldn't get to them, if he didn't have any say in that matter. He smiled as he readied his clothes and began to walk away from the hospital and into his car, which was parked all alone. Not that many people were up at three in the morning.

The sound if the cars chirp was loud enough to wake a small town, but not here. It was dulled out by the noise of the nightlife coming to an end. It wouldn't be long till he got home and would be sleeping, if he could do that.

The chirp was loud but was stifled by the cars moving about, plus the wind had picked up a bit, which was good, it looked like nature was cleaning the trash up now. Telling us she is still here even if we burn her and drowned her with people and over population.

He had gotten home; the apartment was a single, a window looking out into the city with a not so good view of the life here. But he enjoyed it, it was a place where he could lay his head and that meant home to him. He turned on the lights to the apartment and looked around. No mail, no messages on the machine. Everything was as it should have been save for the fact that some one was looking at him now. A woman standing at about five feet nine with jet-black hair down to her shoulders. A dark reddish business dress, she was wearing looked more like she was part of some big business corporation and was here to give him and interview.

"Can I help you?" his voice was calm as he readied the gun at the holster, closing the door behind him, as he looked her up and down. Her complexion was dulled by the fact that she knew what he was doing.

"I don't think a gun is needed against me Mr. Andrews" her voice calm with that and he knew what she was now. "Besides, if you kill me then you will surely die a harsher death."

He nodded and let his arm go limp as he came closer to her, turning from her and going for the bottle of gin on the table.

"So what brings you to me might I ask?" pouring a glass for himself as he turned to face the woman, leaning back on the table a moment as he lifted the glass and sipped the contents.

"Your on a case that should not be" she spoke not turning to face him, but her eyes looked him up and down. "A person like yourself shouldn't be on this case, you can't be, you should not be. You already know…"

"Yeah, yeah, I know too much I hear yeah" he coughed back at her, she wasn't dealing with a kid and he could defend himself better than she would ever dream of imagining.

"So you see Mister Andrews you cannot do this work, this case is not for you to mess with. You're already as deep as it may go."

"Why should I care?" sipping the gin once more. "I don't give a fuck remember, another vampire dead what's the use"

"No, not another vampire dead" she paused, almost hesitating to state more. The mobster whom you think is connected to the baker family is part of the Lasombra clan. He is their cardinal if you would."

He shook his head, confused now at this. "I don't quiet follow you."

She sighed now, stepping off a bit before she moved over to his side and leaned on the table a bit facing where he was facing.

"Mitko is trying to bring the U.S. down and bring it into strong Sabbat rule. However his motives were faltered when a woman, Molly found out a bit too much from her client."

"So Mitko had her killed then?" he spoke out now, looking to her taking all this information in.

Shaking her head as she looked to him; a smile tracing its way from her lips.

"No, he wanted her silenced, but instead he brought a ruthless killer to silence her."

He blinked, this was way too much information to hear right now as he stood up and looked her in the eye.

"So who is the killer then?"

"His name is Luis amalgam, a very powerful Lasombra. He was brought here with the aid of the cardinal and is now freely moving about. However, that is all the information we have gathered since the Nosferatu double agent was murdered somehow."

"Well, a rat finally died eh?" a grin crossed his lips with that as he looked to her now. The reaction was one that only mother could love. Standing she walked off to the door now.

"You have been warned, and if you still continue this attempt to stop the killer from finishing off the family, then you will be murdered as well, no one will remember anything and your work will come to a bad ending. So take care of yourself and get off the case."

The smile didn't last long as she left and went out of the apartment and into the night. He looked around a moment, expecting to find a recorder or at least a bomb in his apartment. Looking around to find nothing, he shrugged it off and went to bed for the night. There was more to this story than he figured and the Lasombra clan or whatever they were, were in on the deal. He closed his eyes and thought a moment.

Why the hell would a toreador come to my apartment and start telling me about all the shit that some new clan made?

Something wasn't right and he smelt a big rat somewhere, it would be best to deal with it later on some time, not now; now he was sleepy and it was time for bed.

Daybreak, nothing happening as the city life began to quickly turn to working hours for most normal Americans who wanted to have lavish lifestyles. Buses began to carry people like ants taking up a caterpillar and get puked out at the side one at a time. Everything was beginning to be touched now; the smells lifting up from the Chinese restaurant wanted him in there. People screaming as it began to get a bit crowded. A siren went off in the distance; a small fire was erupting as everything around the area was beginning to smell like smoke. Fire hydrants began to shout out their loud and boisterous sirens now. Drowning out the world's noise just to get by. All around the sounds of day was keeping him from sleep.

Fucking assholes never let anyone sleep. Damnit might as well go out for a walk.

He stepped out side from his apartment building and looked around at the world. Greatness at its worst as people passed him, trying to forget that the world was dying. Trying to forget that each day seemed to get a bit hotter and that each day some where in the world another animal was dying faster than they could breath. Ignorance at its finest and no one gave a damn. This was the modern world, but through every catastrophe there was always the person that tried to make it better. Preaching that we must stay together and make our world safe to live in. and that person was easily dismissed by critiques that were from the technocracy, saying that they were working on it.

He stopped at an old woman with her grand daughter, watching them walk slowly through the midst of chaos. They were unaware that the world was closing in on them and that they were going to die. Be recycled back into the great wheel that turns. But they didn't care, they were happy and they were the backbone to modern society as a whole. Nothing was getting to them as the old woman let the small hand go. The small pig tails the girl had, he rosy cheek and an innocent smile. That was the biggest lie, yet as of right now it was the truth. The little girl was happy and nothing could stop that from changing. But the woman seemed to feed from her life, gaining happiness through her grand daughter's joy.

His lips pursed as he passed them, time corrected itself as he went by them, dodging the girl as she skipped closer to him and passing the old woman who never brought her eyes up from the youth. He sighed and smiled, looking back in front of him. It was beautiful as he thought about it, life in its fullest, yet it was also a beginning to another beginning. Life was just a part of the wheel, but not for the girl and her grandmother. They were not made for it as of right now, they were outside its boundaries and they were happy in this gothic and industrial world that had swallowed up hope for everyone.

"Let me get a mocha and a crab claw… or whatever that thing is" he pointed at a sandwich from one of the local deli's. The waitress behind the counter was young. She had the look of being in her prime, yet her young and cocky attitude gave it away as she handed him his mocha and then the sandwich. An older boy walked into the deli now and smiled. He turned and looked just before receiving his change from the girl and then she went over to him. A smile turned from both of them as they hugged and greeted each other with deep and wet kisses.

He grinned, the boy seemed to have something in his pockets and they shined through as Tim sat down and pulled out a lucky strike. The small package of cigarettes was almost empty as he lit the fag and glanced back to the couple. Debauchery was a word that could be best described right now, but it wasn't needed. The two were in love, something you don't find that often.

Something is wrong though…

He looked to the girl once over, she seemed okay. Her movements were slow, yet they held full as she took a few steps away and went to help out another customer. He blinked and looked off into the distance before looking back and taking a drag from the cigarette. Looking back to the boy and glancing down at his shoes. Boots your normal punk rocker as it seemed, minus the Mohawk and the chains. But, he did have something to tell her and she had the same.

The grin widened around him lips and he stared at them, curiosity breaking free from him. She was pregnant, that was the most obvious thing she could have said. The boy's face turned from a smile then into a frown as the realization that he could not support the thing. The girl's face changed as she looked down, damn this was turning into a soap and he loved it.

The guy turned, not revealing his secret; his was far worse than she could have imagined and when she finds out it will be too late. He shrugged and took another puff of the stogie. He wanted to find out what his secret was and a little help from his innate abilities was the correct time for this.

He closes his eyes and puffed on the fag, the smoke filling his lungs as he tapped into a source of change. Life magic was a good thing right now as he opened his eyes. The flow of certain things was occurring and he saw what his secret was. The life scan was a well-known rote to use and he used it through an odd form but it worked. The smoke from his fag filled his lungs and gave him the sensations, but it was the thought of its end that fueled the affect. Death by smoking was in his mind and through death there was life.

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