tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch. 2

Black Rose Ch. 2


"I should kill the guy right?" the words spoke out like a whisper yet in the loud scope of the club it was dimmed out and tortured. The young partygoers moved around the dance floor like writhing beasts, sweaty and hot with the stench of decay fast. The mirrors on the walls were now clouded as smoke filled the air and mingled with the mind. In the bathrooms kids were shooting up and enjoying themselves too well, never considering the predator's eyes watching them.

"Don't, wait a few more days, the investigator will find no one" a voice responded with a calm and soothing manner. "Besides, he is going nowhere fast. The case will be closed before you know it Luis, so calm down and enjoy the cattle moving about and choose one to feast on."

The figure moved around to some of the tables where women occupied single sexed tables. He smiled and began light conversation. This was something he rarely did and was now performing this mortal trick with slight ease as he began to speak with a brunette of the group. Sitting with them now and began to laugh a bit as the brunette was in awe at this man.

This bald, dark toned and slick man, who had joined a conversation with them just as quickly as he had walked to their table. Taking all their intrigue about him and making it seem like he enjoyed the company. Taking in all their problems and almost becoming one of the girls at first. Until a song broke out from the DJ. and they moved out from the table. The brunette taking Luis' hand and escorting him to the dance floor where he proceeded to feed from her openly as he had walked up.

She draped herself around him hanging on the kiss, suckling him back as she moaned gently under the beaming sounds of the music.

Mitko went slack in his chair, watching this act with a slight hint of anger in his tone. The waitress coming over and placing the greenish drink lit with fruits and berries. He paid no attention to her as he watched Luis dancing with the limp girl who was now trying to catch her breath. She was rubbing herself against the unknown predator. Trying to arouse him as he had done to her, pleasing him, as he was sated with her vitae.

He was marvelous with the woman; death and life seemed to join as he kissed the woman gently. Like death looming over life; the women surrounded him now. All were gracing him, each were taking their time as he kissed one then another. Making each groan and moan with ecstasy as his kiss fed him till he was a glutton with mingled blood. Satisfied with them and yearning for more. He pulled one close and began to walk out now, the others wrapping their arms around him as they all left the building and left off into the night.

"Should this be a mystery when he should be home?" Mitko asked himself. All in all, this was Luis' way of rebelling against his lover. How it would be odd that two men should love each other as passionately as most normal couples do. With the added fact that Luis was his child, this would be a very bad situation if Luis should take the manus nigrum away from him. But it couldn't happen, it would never happen, Luis was his and no one else would Luis go to but him.

He smiled his eyes closing slowly and opening as the world around him was ignored and he went into a solemn contemplation moment.

"Fuck" Tim spoke under his breath as he looked over the records within the library. Nothing was found on the baker family. They had been law-abiding citizens since they migrated here in the 1930's everything they had done. They were the perfect dysfunctional family. The father had been a drunk; the mother had gone into writing and was living fairly well in Montana. But the daughters were dead now and the parents were grieving for their deaths. Trying to figure out who murdered them and if he didn't find out who done it, he would be toast.

Time for a little snooping

He moved outside of the library and began to walk down to the nightlife. It was going to have to be one of those nights where he would have to find out for himself where the killers were. If at all they would meet him and kill him before he even got close. Concentrate on it Tim… keep your mind clear and all will be okay. He thought to himself as he walked to a club, lifting a friendly rote to hide himself fairly well with his body magic and his fate magic.

He moved to the bar of the club and looked around, his little rote was about to wear off when he walked to the bar and ordered a drink. Sipping at it and looking around as people in the VIP booth were chattering away. He looked down and at them a bit. Closing his eyes and lighting a lucky strike. He puffed on the smoke coming into his lungs, how appropriate he used his walking stick still. He was going to need it and he did as he checked around for who was dead and who wasn't. The energies came to his sensations as he looked at the VIP table once more. Bingo, vampires and they came in flocks. He smiled and watched them a moment before moving to go to the bathroom.

He stood from the little poor table and began to walk his way over; the men were dancing softly and slowly to the beat of the music. The ideal tastes were dull to him as he looked around the place. People were dead, they were all dead, and they just didn't know it yet with the two freaks wandering the place. But time was running out and he felt that kick in his gut, that kick that drives men to kill. He felt the yearning sensations fill him, as he smelled it like a clear sunrise. He glanced to the side now and saw a man sitting in the corner, a second glance and he was covered over by the young lass with him now.

The old bastard was beginning to let that blue pill kick in, he felt the heart beat in the man speed up like a rush from an orgasm. The man was smiling happily as he felt that little blue pill fills its work and keeps him breathing for the little tart. A grin crossed his lips as he let himself go and allowed his inner urges to take control, the man was going to die now.

With a little blink and a wrinkle of his nose he sneezed and leaned forward, a little random focus he used to start the little good death. The old man heeled forward and began to loose his breath. He was cackling now as the woman on top of him began to get scared. Tim smiled and watched as the man died. The old fiend that had fed off the youth of the small ladies around him, the freak that constantly hounded young women into his lair was now dying from the same breath he stole from them.

Tim grinned as he began to push the door open slightly, the mans soul was being ripped from him. Simple little tricks he thought, the man would be placed as a heart attack victim. His heart had given up, add that to the fact that the old man used Viagra, that little pill which was supposed to be used to aid in the cardiovascular system. Now it was his own fault. He smiled again and watched as the young woman began to let out scared whimpers to the crowd, the security came in and began to work their magic taking him out and letting the medical units take care of him.

As for the night, the nightlife went on as usual. Tim was grinning wider as he turned his attention to the bathroom he was about to enter. He didn't have a full description of which Mitko and Luis hung out with, but knowing their charts and their kind, he thought they would hang out with the life scene.

He began to wonder now as time slowed down for him to recollect on the spell he had cast. The spell was called the little good death; of course he gave it a little twist. Using life magic he controlled the living matter of the person, in this case the heart. Add the knowledge that the man probably used Viagra to get his ancient dick up and hard, he put two and two together.

Life magic would aid in the heartbeat to become irregular and entropy magic to gain the insight that the old fool used Viagra and this time used too much. The tart with him would unfortunately lose her rights to use the credit cards he gave her, such a sad thing really; he didn't care for shit. Now add life magic and entropy magic, one controls life patterns, the other controls probability, entropy on its base form controls the luck of the draw.

Luck paid nothing to this winning hand as Tim simply incorporated a higher knowledge of the magic. He used it because he could predict the time of death of certain individuals around him, in this case, the sleazy no good old man who paid hookers to be his lap bitches. Now mingle Tim's hatred towards old men and how they should be killed, then you have a very powerful killer. Tim was of a group of killers anyway. He was part of a group known as the Euthanatoi, a tradition of wizards or mages as they called themselves.

These men and women were the soul powers in death, controlling the power over entropy, the change of luck and the power over probability. Such an odd thing as well they carried with them a curse. The curse of jhor, its what happens when your around death too much. You begin to live and breathe death; he was at a stage where death was joyous to him. He liked the sight of death and he could tell when a person should die.

In this case, it makes him a psychotic killer, just like the vampires he was hunting down. Bad thing is, he would probably end up killing more innocent than he would kill the monsters. How he watched and enjoyed it. He blinked out of it and looked down… oh shit, went through his head now, the quick moment of realization occurs when you suddenly get the kick in the ass. He had just killed someone out of sheer joy, he turned pale and shoved into the bathroom now scared and about to puke over his subconscious take over.

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