tagNonHumanBlack Rose Ch. 3

Black Rose Ch. 3


A moan and a groan were made in the bathroom stalls. A woman and a guy were in one of them and they were getting it on like a pack of wild cats fucking in the bushes. People were not caring as it seemed, it didn’t bother Tim that much as he walked into one stall next to them and pulled down his pants to think and fake out those who would try to harm him o contact him.

Tricks of the trade he learned from his mentor. But they were getting louder; the girl had kicked at the door now as the man was hacking up a hairball as he shoved inside her. Shit they are loud… fucking kids. The thought crossed his mind as he stepped out and looked about the now filling stalls.

The woman was growling as the guy was giving her the good old fashion fucking. He began to wash his hands as the man started to cackle a bit and then he started to let out barking noises so it seemed. Tim turned and looked at the stall as others came in and smiled hearing the couple go at it in public.

A bald man came in and washed his face clean of lipstick and looked over to Tim in the reflection in the mirror. Tim didn’t notice until their eyes met, brown eyes to green, that blink of a cocky grin came up from the bald man as he nodded and motioned with a hand back to the closed door stall. Tim nodded and shrugged it off as he looked back and smiled in response.

The door kicked open as the woman stood up letting the guy drop down to the white tiled floor. The girl fixed her tank top as she pinched her nipple and smiled to the other men in the bathroom. Tim smiled to her as she walked over and began to wash her hands and wipe her face clean of her lipstick smears. Tim looked down as he whipped his hands to throw off some water and walk away to the paper towels now.

As he walked back to the booming music now, he looked around as a tall man bumped into him, a man with gray hair down to his shoulders with black streaks and pale skin. Tim blinked thinking he saw a ghost just there and watched the figure move into the bathroom. As the door closed the girl stepped out and shoved into Tim pushing him aside with a little shove. She walked over to what seemed to be her boyfriend as he opened his arm up to her and tucked her in his grip and they walked away. It was an odd night right now and he needed to get some rest.

Luis smiled as he saw Mitko enter the bathroom now, the girl had just stepped out and he laughed a little as he looked back tot he dead man on the bathroom floor. It was fun being in Florida when the time was right and you could hear the death screams in the air. Mitko grinned at the dead guy and held in a chuckle.

Both men looked about the room and saw that the place was beginning to clear out now. Wrapping his arm around Luis and kissing him softly, the other man held his arms around him. Pulling Mitko closer and letting his tongue slide into his mouth as they danced in each other’s mouths. The feeling of a blood rush was all over as both men were held tight in a grasp no one could break.

Mitko licked at Luis’ lower lip before a fang came down into his tongue letting blood trickle down his cheek. Luis opened his eyes wider as he cupped his lips over the open cut and began to suckle at Mitko's cut lip. Like a little beast inside both men started to dance together, Luis lifting Mitko up and setting him on the sink counter. Tearing his shirt open and licking down the pale flesh of Mitko's chest. The wet sounds of kissing were made as Mitko closed his eyes.

Letting the feelings run over his body like a torn rush. He opened his eyes to the sound of his pants being pulled down. Luis’ head resting against an organ that was being fondled like a child. Gently touching his organ and cupping his lips over the manhood, then the wet suckling sounds like a baby were heard. Mitko's eyes closed now as he felt the hard suction of Luis begins. Spreading his legs wider now as he let Luis drink him from his growing organ. Letting blood swell into it giving it life and letting it harden in Luis' mouth.

He opened his eyes as Luis looked up to him, in a blur Luis tore through flesh and let the spray of blood fill his mouth. Swallowing in every drop as Mitko let out a groan of agony which mingled with lust. The mirror broke as Mitko sat back and pressed against it harder now. Mitko's hands lifted up to feel that baldhead of Luis’, feeling the prickly feel of hair. Another groan as Mitko opened his mouth to moan now.

Luis looked up and sighed, blood seeping out of his mouth now, his green eyes looking up to Mitko. Luis stood up now; Mitko leaned forward as glass fell down and shattered a bit more. Kissing his lover passionately and digging his fangs into Luis’ throat like a ravaging beast. Luis bent and broke as Mitko drank as much as he could until the blinding madness of the rush came over him.

Luis smiled as they kissed one last time now. The night had just started for them and now was the time to have fun and set the city on fire. The prince was gonna enjoy that now wasn’t she. It was time to show the prince that the shadows are here and that her time as prince has come to an end.

Sasha let out a little squeak as the guy shoved his manhood into her, slamming her into the bathroom stall and tearing at her panties. Shit he was a strong bastard, he let his hands roam over her tank top and then pushed her breasts out in popping motions, her nipples perking up in her cold state, he smiled as he felt her groan and twist in his arms. She smiled as her black hair started to fall over her eyes now. He liked how she wrapped her legs around him; he was such a sport as he started to pump her.

She didn’t care that he was fucking her without a condom, she didn’t care that he was a sleazy prick. She was gonna have fun. Another shove and he was groaning now, she closed her eyes as she leaned back onto the wall now; her breasts bouncing up and down at his pace.

She let out a loud moan as she felt him begin to throb now, she knew he was gonna cum. A smile crossed her lips as she looked up at him; he was sweating now. He was smelly; he smelled like flesh, he was groaning now as he was pounding his hard cock into her over and over and over. Pounding harder as he worked his cum out and onto her. She sat up and wrapped her arms around him now, kicking at the side of the stall, she was hopping up on him, letting her tits bounce in front of him.

He started to get louder now as he made that stupid face of pain. That pain face when you were about to shoot your load off. She leaned down now and bit him hard now, pinching fangs into him so fast that he felt his own body give. In a blink he was spraying his full load into her now as he screamed out in agony.

She held onto him tighter as she moaned in his shoulder. He was pulling at her hair now to get her off of him, but she was stronger. He was now trying to scream for help, as he was cumming harder inside her still, her tight body began to get cold now as she fed from him violently. She moaned louder as she bit down harder now, tearing off a chunk of his neck now. She spat it out as blood sprayed out but she caught it and suckled harder now.

Sucking him dry like a spider, she held him close in her web and now as the fly was dying, she too felt death grip her. Swallowing hard as she let him drop onto the door with a thud and then opening it. He fell back and hit the tile floor hard. She looked about, as no one seemed to care or mind that the guy was dead. Fixing her tank top and walking over to the sink as she cleaned her face and made sure the fucker didn’t tear her panties too much.

She then turned and started to walk out of the bathroom now, shoving the guy who she saw at the sink and walking to Travis as he held his hand out to her now. It was now time to go out and have some fun with the pack. Sasha was a young girl who was a perfect killer… psychotic… but fun.

He glanced over to her as she opened the door of the club and shoved another man out of the way. She didn’t care anymore that she was once human, she didn’t care anymore that she could never be normal. She enjoyed it, the rush, the feeling of blood spray in your mouth and fills you like a sponge. Black hair down to her shoulders, her skin paled from the few years she had been dead. How lovely her green eyes glinted in the moonlight.

The smile she made could send evil to even blush at her innocence. He smiled inside knowing that she was his forever. She looked back at him as he followed slowly, the moonlight giving her a blue hue as he watched her start to dance. She was a child of the night, perfection as a predator gave her powers beyond mortality. She turned and smiled to him now, offering her hand to him, as she stood alone under the streetlight.

“I told you not to look at me like that” she spoke softly as she glared at him, her hand offered out. “I can smell fear in anyone, I smell fear and lust near by. I want to kill a woman tonight.” She grinned as she turned around; her blood began to move inside her as she tapped into one of the numerous vampire gifts she had been blessed with. In a second she was gone, blasting up the street in a blink as she sniffed out a couple that was in a car just up the street. She could hear them perfectly; she could smell the girl’s heat.

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