tagSci-Fi & FantasyBlack Silk Choker

Black Silk Choker


The box appeared under your pillow as if by magic. Small, shiny, smooth, soft...it immediately piqued your curiousity. It was the second day of liberty and you had just gotten back from showering, which furthered the mystery.

You pick up the box gently, as if any wrong movement would cause it to disappear. You are surprised at the lightness of it, for it feels like it weighs nothing at all. You lift the silver clasp and slowly open it. A slim note sits upon some black item. More eager to learn the who than the what, you pick up the tiny single folded note and open it.


Wear this when you feel you are my pet. I will find you when it's on.



Smiling, nervous with excitement, you slowly place the note to the side and lift the object from the box. You find a black silk choker, the silk a brocade with rose patterns. At its center, right where it would sit against you neck, is a brilliantly turqoise crystal which seemed to catch all the light of the room at once.

As if entranced, you immediately place the choker around your neck and tie it tightly. The crystal seems brighter still against your neck as you examine yourself in the mirror.

A feeling of sensuality creeps into you unbidden. You reach into your rack and dig around, finally finding a pair of black crotchless panties and a matching black lace bra. Over that you slide on a smooth light blue button down collared shirt, left open enough for the choker to clearly be seen. Because of the port you are forced to a bit more conservatism, so you finish the look with a pair of dark blue jeans which are just loose enough to pass an appraising eye. You braid your hair and do your make up, knowing all the while who this is all for: Master.

You join your liberty buddy at the arranged time and place, blushing happily at the compliment your choker receives.

The day passes in a blur as your mind wanders each trip. Light shopping for necessities, a few good meals, a little drinking...all gearing up for the night's main event: a club for having a few drinks and dancing.

As you slide into the club with your buddy, your smile fades as you see the mass of people inside. Much too crowded..too easy to get lost. You worry that he might never find you.

You go to the bar, making the first drink run as your buddy grabs a table in a less crowded area. You order and as you turn to scan the bar a dark, smooth, familiar voice lilts over your left shoulder.

"It looks magnificent against your throat my pet. Were you worried that I wouldn't find you?"

You nod, gulping down your surprise at his sudden appearance.

"Thank you, Master, it's beautiful."

"I'll be back," He growls, disappearing into the crowd as suddenly and mysteriously as he appeared. You realize then that you barely even glanced at him while he was there.

You getyour drinks and head back. Your head swims as giddy feelings of desire and longing pass through you. You're not sure if they are yours or his, but you find yourself squirming from the possibilities.

As you take a restroom break, you come out, walking past the bar you hear that familiar voice again.

"I have a hotel room for the night with a few friends, get your liberty buddy and go here."

A piece of paper slides past you, under the part of your shirt that was left open. It slides under your bra and your skin lights on fire at the intimacy of the touch. Sensual, pleasurable thoughts fill your head as the hand pulls back into the shadows.

"What do I tell my buddy?" You ask quietly, half heartedly seeking an excuse to resist.

"Tell them there's a small party, there should be about ten to fifteen people there...at first."

The last words bounce around your head over and over again as endless possibilities pop up. Fantasies, ideas, a tingling arousal flows through you. You snap back to reality as someone brushes by you on their way to the restroom.

You realize suddenly that he's gone again, but the memory of his touch and the soft feel of the paper against your skin burns your core. You set off purposefully to the table.

You tell your friend about the party and who invited you and she agrees to accompany you. You chat back and forth as you go find a taxi to ride over.

As you knock on the door of the room listed on the paper, it opens to a body tingling experience. There he is, smiling innocently and happily at the two of you.

"Hey! I'm glad you could make it...come on in!" The smile feigned nonchalance, but his eyes were lit with an inner fire which screamed passion and roared with desire.

As you go in you are amazed. A dozen or so people from the ship are just hanging out, relaxing, drinking and laughing. There's music in the atmosphere and people playing games on whatever flat surfaces that can be found.

A glass materializes with a dark red liquid inside.

"Red wine, I assure you." He says with a chuckle.

You take it beaming. His presence makes you sing inside. You stand in front of him looking around the room, his closeness both calming and exciting to you.

"I want you." As he says this, his hand slides past your cheek over your shoulder touching your breasts briefly before grabbing the hand that's free of the glass. He turns you slowly, your eyes meeting his. You see a feral, lusty stare. You blush knowing the truth to his words.

"Come with me."

You instantly obey, following him to another more isolated room on the other side of a nearby door.

As you enter the room he gestures to the bed, as you sit on it he also sits, sliding in slightly behind you.

He begins to unbutton your shirt, sliding his hands down further and further utnil it falls to the bed. His hands rove over your stomach, then caresses your breasts through your lace bra, then brushes your neck. As you tilt your head to the side from the touch he bites your collarbone, hungrily sucking at your energy as he grabs your braided hair to keep you in place.

You writhe against his mout, he growls with pleasure. Finally he breaks the embrace and with a fervor he unsnaps your bra and slides it to the bed. He cups your tender breasts in both hands, running his fingers softly over your nipples. He takes them in his mouth, sucking and biting them until they are firm and prominent.

Hands roving further, he unsnaps your pants and slides them to the floor...smiling at the sight of the crotchless panties and licking his lips, you laugh a bit before gasping with pleasure as he plunges his tongue inside you. His fingers soon follow and as they work into and around your lips you squirm and moan. You grind against his face, hips bucking violently.

Soon enough you are orgasming over and over as he slams tow fingers into you and licks and sucks at your clit.

"I...can't...breathe..." You whisper, your whole body shaking. He stops, chuckling softly.

"It's your turn Beautiful."

As he says this he slides out of his shirt and unzips his pants. Next, he slides out of his boxers. His member springs free, hard and eager.

He looks at you, eyebrow arched and you lustily oblige. Falling to your knees, you slowly lick along the shaft until you reach the tip; he hisses softly and places a hand slightly on your head to steady himself.

You take him into your mouth, slowly bobbing your head up and down, your tongue gliding along the underside of his cock. One of your hands softly cups his balls, rolling and massaging. You're amazed at how hard and long he's getting, and soon your pussy begins to glisten at the thought of him pounding inside you.

"Please...Master...I need to feel you inside me..."

You look up at him pleadingly, not even fazed at how quickly you've submitted to him.

He smiles, gently pushing you onto your back, his hands pushing your legs apart and back. He guides his member into your pussy, slowly sliding in to the hilt. He slides out and in, building in tempo and speed, his hips pistoning in and out faster and faster. Your moans and screams ring out into the room as pleasure washes over your body. As you orgasm the first time your pussy squeezes his cock and he continues to pump, knowing you'll build right back up. You scream and he stops, panting softly.

He rolls you onto your hands and knees.

"I hope you like things a bit rough." You look back at him and smile, knowing the night is far from over.

He grabs your hips, sliding your legs apart with his legs as he slides himself in you again. Tempo be damned you hope to yourself and he obliges. His hips rock and fire over and over again slamming into you, your moans echoing across the room. He grabs your hips tighter, pounding harder still, his cock sliding all the way in and out, touching and rubbing the inside of your pussy with amazing intensity. Your moans turn into screams as pleasure explodes inside you. Fireworks cross in front of your eyes and your legs begin to shake. Harder and harder he goes, until finally you fall to the bed, spent.

"Still want to see if I taste like mint?" Gasping, you smile and laugh, nodding.

He hovers over your face, hand stroking his cock up and down. You catch your breath and slide his hand out of the way. Taking his cock into your mouth again you begin to suck and lick, head bobbing up and down. You hear him softly moaning and sighing as you move up and down faster and faster.

You slide his cock all the way down your throat and hold it for one...two...three...then slowly suck up, tongue sliding along the underside. You feel him begin to spasm, finally shooting his warm cum down your throat. You continue to swallow, sucking gently to milk him until his groans quiet and there's nothing else.

He pulls back the covers on the bed, you lie down, understanding instantly. He curls around behind you, his hands softly stroking your hair, then your breasts, then circling your stomach.

"Well my pet? How did it taste?"

You giggle, content as you leave some mysteries as they are and fall asleep, warm and satisfied.

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