tagInterracial LoveBlack Slave Auction Ch. 05

Black Slave Auction Ch. 05


It's been two weeks since I started this journey and already I feel myself changing. There are two more weeks to go until this fiasco is over. I call it a fiasco because my emotions have been stimulated much more than my logic. I've uncovered a name. The last name of Master is Oak. It surely fits his stature. It is a simple name that will be of use to me when I return home. I can't break this media story without taking Master and his family down. As many people that I can uncover, the better. My editor will want names and locations, but the location will be hard to determine. The name was actually easy to find out. I had just kept my ears low to the ground and Shara had been the one to say his name out loud. She was answering the phone and I was shadowing her like I always do. She said his name, and like candy, it stuck to my gums and wormed its way into my brain. Shara wouldn't know that I wanted a name, she couldn't know. Plus, Shara was still wrapped in her jealousy like a warm blanket.

Master has been using me the last two weeks. He had been pretty tame with me, minus the racial slurs. In the world of fetishes, racial slurs had to be pretty tame right? Michael however hasn't been so tame. When he does appear, it is to make my toes curl with a glance this way and that way. Master watches him watching me, but he doesn't see me watching Michael. I do watch him though and for the first time in my life I don't know why. Men are supposed to be useful, but with Michael his use goes out the window, because all he does is cause me trouble. His way of looking at me causes me to feel like a woman.

Michael doesn't limit our interaction to the hallways. He showed up in my room last night. I had just gotten back from serving dinner to Master and two friends. Each friend was completely different from each other, but they seemed complacent to be waited on by black slaves. Anthony was Italian and he bought in to the pseudo plantation with a large black hat and white cotton suit. I want to remind him about some of his ancestors by dumping hot liquid into his lap, but I don't. I'm learning that I shouldn't even dare to think like that. Master is watching me overly closely. Lou is blonde and young. He seems out of place and almost starts to pour his own liquid. Master seems to be intrigued with Lou like a cat with a bird. I'm intrigued with Lou too, but it is more with the idea of bystander syndrome. If he seems so out of sorts with us being here, why does he let it all go on? I serve him extra meatballs without thinking.

Leaving the dinner table, I'm tired, but Michael stands by the window in my room smoking a cigarette. Michael is a Marlboro man like his brother. The smoke floats hauntingly out the window as I close the bedroom door behind me.

"What are you doing here?" I say in an angry whisper. He shakes his head in immediate response which hushes me almost instantly.

"I needed to see you," he responds gently.

I don't know why but I'm happy to see him as well. Even though the walls are paper thin, I still want to slide on top of him right now and make love to him. My breath is caught in my throat at the idea that he needs to see me. First Master, and now him, I've opened myself up to love and the universe has given me abundance. In an instant I clear the gap and practically fall in to his arms. I don't care what tomorrow is going to bring as long as I can have this moment.

"If I had known your reaction," he says with a smirk, "I would have come sooner".

Tears well in my eye, and it is almost too much emotion for girl like me. I hug him. His eyes widen as he runs his nails along my chocolate skin. Leaving marks with his depth I moan in silence. Putting his cigarette out, he grabs me with both hands and kisses me. His lips wrap loosely around my own as I struggle to keep my footing. Every passionate moment of his life is energy in this kiss. The mystery of him is hidden behind cold green eyes. I run my fingers through his cold black hair. The fine texture of his locks wraps delicately around my fingers.

I want him. He wants me to but it may be too much to risk. A free hand finds the hem of my dress and weasels further up almost soaking in my wetness. Masters warning had come with a slap and my disobedience could come with much more. I tremble at the thought of Master punishing me and am even wetter. These two have me almost in a permanent state of ecstasy.

I kiss him again and he is hesitant now too. I stare behind him at an open doorway and a pair of hazel eyes staring back at me. I practically jump out of my skin but manage to separate myself from Michael without such a drastic pace. He turns to the doorway as well but he doesn't seem as scared as I am.

"Shara?" I say aloud, but she is already gone. Her eyes tell all and I would give anything to question those eyes and know what her next move is going to be.

Michael leaves just as quickly as he came and I'm left to ponder alone what the next day will bring. The excitement keeps me awake for several more hours. I fall asleep and am happy to sleep past the sunrise until later in the afternoon. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, I do wonder if Master summoning me so late is because of Shara's pensive eyes.

Master summons me at noon and Shara faithfully arrives to get me ready. I'm not sure how or if I should ask her what she's seen. She doesn't talk, but instead sets out to straighten my hair. Each time her hand touches my hair I shudder. There is something about the way she is able to remain placid. I still don't say anything and she doesn't either.

Throught the mirror, I can see that Shara is much more dressed up today in a blue tunic dress and silver strappy sandals. Her own hair lies in waves around her shoulders. I wonder what has caused the Grecian outfit, but again I remain silent. She looks like she wants to say something to me with her eyes cast downwards on my frame.

She never says anything as she leads me to the large dining room downstairs. This dining room is the most colorful room in the house with golden place settings and silver chairs. Shara matches the theme of the dining room. I'm surprised that at lunch we actually eat. Master is again with his two friends, Anthony and Lou, but Shara and I are never addressed. I feel like there is an undercurrent of danger in the way Master reacts towards us. Shara seems comfortable. We are fixtures in the room dolled up like plastic toys. Master stares at me from across the table and I wonder if he knows. Shara keeps her head down and I mimic the motion contentedly.

"Renee," Master says finally, "Lou has requested your presence tonight for a drink in his room."

I'm shocked. Lou doesn't seem like the type, but Lou doesn't seem like anyone I've ever met before. There is a slight anger to Master's voice but he is the one who suggested it.

"I want you to do everything Lou instructs," he says and that is the end of the conversation.

The gentlemen start to talk amongst themselves again and Shara leads me out of the room. I can't take it anymore. I wait until we are upstairs before I grab Shara's arm.

"Did you tell him?" I find it more effective to go in for the kill.

"I did," she says with a frown, "he seemed unaffected by it."

I don't know what to think. Shara starts to cry. Her legs practically give out as I grab her and pull her close to me. Her beautiful hazel eyes are masked by a fury of tears. She isn't talking just crying against my bare shoulder. I know I should be angry, but I just feel sorry for her. I've always had a thing for women who cry so hard that their noses redden and their eyes go blurry. I kiss her. It is a gentle chaste kiss but she doesn't pull away. Our soft lips meet and my hands cover her waist.

I feel something deep within me soften. She is so beautiful. I continue to kiss her taking her small tongue inside my mouth and against my own small tongue. She moans. I'm not sure what she is feeling, but I know she has stopped crying. I lick her bottom lip and am surprised to find her hands discovering my stomach. Eventually her hands reach my breasts and I find myself moaning against her in Master's hallway.

"You are beautiful," I tell her and it seems to jolt her back to reality.

"Thanks," she says pulling away from me.

She leaves. She leaves and I'm left with the aftermath. I take refuge in my room. My body is still reacting to Shara's touch and I can't help but want to finish myself off. I pull back the covers and lay myself on my right hand. My dress is pulled up to the waist and the coolness of the air hitting ass just emphasizes my feeling. I slip my finger onto my clit and start to touch it in semi-circles. My clit is already hard and reacts almost instantly to my fingers moving and pressing. I can feel my orgasm building and I'm so close that my breath has changed. Rapidly I breathe over myself as I become wet to my own touch. Shuddering I let it out. I let out all the energy that is pent up and explode a withering mess on the bed.

"That was beautiful," the gruff voice of Master floats into the room.

I turn my head ever so slightly to see his green eyes ablaze in the door way.

"It seems," he says angrily, "that you aren't only going to be mine."

"I want to be yours," I lie to myself more than I lie to him.

"I don't think you're capable of being with anyone. You have all these deep rooted issues and I don't know what to do with you", he moves forward in to the room.

I don't know what to say, and he is making sense. It sounds like something my mother would have said. I don't know who I am feeling closer to at the moment. With him in the room, everything feels hotter. I can feel his need for me. I can feel all their needs for me. There is something about me that changes people. I'm not exactly a blank slate, but they are able to feel me with all their doubts and needs.

"I'll leave if you want me to," I admit.

I haven't found much and this is not a Lifetime movie. I will leave and never look back, but I still need him to tell me to go. I need him to tell me what to do next.

"Lou," he says slowly, "Lou may be exactly what you need."

He says it matter of fact and then he is gone. Thoughts swirl through my mind. Lou is young and probably fresh out of college, by Master trusts that he will be able to guide me more than I can guide myself.

I wait. I wait atop my sheets for the sun to drop in the sky. Night comes all to slow and Shara doesn't appear. Instead another girl finds me. I wonder about Shara, but not enough to ask this new girl about her. She tells me her name is Tish. I accept the short version of her name as she pulls a red dress out of a bag and lays it out on the bed. It is beautiful.

Tish holds the dress up to her tiny brown frame. She looks like the type of creature that should be wearing the beautiful red dress. She is shorter than I am and that is saying a lot. She is also almost the same complexion as me but with a tad bit more shine to her skin. I kind of hate her instantly, but I can't put my finger on why. I learn through conversation that she belongs to Anthony.

"How does he treat you?"

"He is a gentleman," is all she says as she helps me in to the dress.

"What do you know about Lou?"

"Nothing," she says with a smile, but it doesn't quite meet her eyes.

Lou is waiting for me in his room with a glass of something red in one hand and a small bouquet of flowers for me in the other hand. He doesn't take up much space as he stands by the corner of the coffee table with his blue eyes set on me. He would be extremely handsome under other circumstances even if he is younger than what I typically go for. He motions for me to move closer to him and I do as he instructs.

"You look beautiful in that dress," he smiles but again the smile is plastered on like all the other smiles of the day.

"Thank you," I courtesy, "you wanted to see me tonight?"

I guess I ask the question to find out just what I'm doing here. I still can't quite put my finger on what is wrong with all of this. He instructs me to take a seat on the chair next to him. I sit in the chair only to find him coming behind me. Rope is stretched across my arms and abdomen.

"What the hell?" I yell.

"I have a specialty," he says rubbing me with his finger tips. His child-like nature has disappeared.

"Some slaves enjoy pain," he says standing in front of me now, "my job is to find out if you are one of those slaves. The great part about all of this is that I really enjoy giving pain."

I start to shake and try and move the chair. I'm completely stuck with one strand of rope. He starts to work on my legs. Each of my legs is tied to the chair legs with a small length of rope.

"Don't go anywhere," he says with a laugh as he leaves the room.

I really start to try an escape but with sweat pouring down my back and on to the red dress, it is clear to me that I'm not going anywhere. Lou returns with a black bag and places it at my feet. The first thing he pulls from the bag is a ball gag made of rope. I'm beginning to sense a pattern.

The material of the rope doesn't feel very good wet and thick between my lips. He is so smooth as he pulls a thin metal object from the bag. Holding It with one hand he pulls it back with the opposite hands thumb and finger. When he lets go it hits me with a resounding thump. Stingy pain flows over and through me. He does it again as I shake my head in opposition.

"Slaves who like pain, need it to function," he says dropping the small object back in to the bag. He begins to untie me but I'm to frozen to try and get away. He is toying with me. He throws me on to the bed with my back facing him.

The next object he pulls from the bag has a handle and many leather straps coming off it. It looks medieval. He hits me with the object and at first there is no pain. Then he starts to build pressure along my back. After a few minutes I'm reacting but completely in silence. My body is reacting by leaning back against the object. It feels good. It is this warm thud pain that is taking me to a place I've never been before. I can feel myself getting high. I'm getting high and there is nowhere to go but up.

"How does it feel," he asks me.

"I'm floating," I say with a smile plastered on my face.

"I think you are done," he says with the last furious hit he can give me.

I don't even care that he has stopped. I'm gone. Everything around me is warm. The fabric on the bed is overly warm. I search my brain. Heat rises. I roll myself off the bed and on to the floor. Droping to the floor himself, he holds me about the waist. The closeness keeps me sane. I'm warm but I'm sane. He is a beautiful man. I kiss his neck.

I kiss his neck and he lets me. My teeth graze the skin along his exposed collar bone. He rolls me on to my back. Without notice, he pulls my dress up and places himself inside me. Every bone in my body is his to mold and manipulate. He thrusts deeper and deeper inside me. He doesn't care how I feel. He just continues to wade inside my walls and I cum. I cum so hard that it feel like the floor moves. He comes as well down my leg and underneath us. It is the first sex that I've had here that didn't make me feel guilty or dirty. The truth is, it doesn't make me feel anything.

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