tagInterracial LoveBlack Soldier Defeats Nazi Woman

Black Soldier Defeats Nazi Woman


In times of war, men and women are called upon to do terrible things. War is useless, wasteful and devastating. Yet it's a constant part of human existence. Often it's a large scale conflict involving powerful nations. Other times, it can be a war between households, businesses, neighbors, friends and family members. War cannot be avoided. I think it's part of human nature. I am a Black man who served his country during World War Two. I went to fight to defend the United States of America against its enemies. A lot of terrible things were done in those days. I'm not proud of what I've done but it was necessary.

At least that's what I tell myself. I used to say that the Black man got no place in the Army. Until I heard the call of duty. I wasn't drafted. I volunteered. I went to war, even though I hate conflict of any kind. That's what I'm telling my grandson, Tyrone Jackson the third. I am sitting in my rocking chair on my veranda in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Sipping my orange juice while my hot-headed grandson, a tall and brawny young Black man, listens to me. He's twenty years old, a sophomore at Georgia Tech, and he feels slighted because he didn't make captain on the men's Track & Field team. Another young man, a fellow African-American, got the number one spot on the team. I tell him he should rejoice for his friend and try to do better next time. He scoffs at my advice. I tell him to cool his jets. Young people nowadays really need to stop being so hot-headed. God gave them a brain to think, damn it.

My grandson doesn't feel like listening to me. He thinks I'm a pacifist. Someone who doesn't understand what he goes through. I decided to tell him about how things were, back in the day. A lot of young Black men and young Black women don't appreciate what they have. They live in a time where a Black man is President of the United States, and we have Black governors, Black congressmen and Black college presidents leading the way. We've made progress. Women can vote. Black people have equal rights, at least on paper. The world has made progress. Instead of acting ignorant, all people, Blacks and Whites, should be thankful for what they have and strive to do better. They have so much to be thankful for. Young people, both male and female, Black and White, are lucky to live in this modern day and age. I just wish they realized that.

Back in the day, men and women, Black and White, were strapped in the roles society cast for them. The man was stuck in the role of lord while the woman was stuck in the role of vassal. The Black person was cast in the role of the subhuman, unworthy of freedom and justice. The White person was cast in the role of cruel dominator, incapable of sympathizing with a person of color or of seeing them as human. Equality of the races and of the sexes wasn't even an idea in anybody's mind back then. Both men and women, Blacks and Whites found these roles restricting. And individuals of both races did terrible things to one another during those days. White folks did terrible things to Black folks. And out of anger and frustration, Black folks retaliated in astonishing ways. It's important for you to remember that power corrupts. Male and female, Black and White, we're all capable of doing terrible things. I did some terrible things in my day. I killed men and women. I pillaged and plundered. I tortured men and I tortured women. My commanders made me do it. They told me it was okay since it was war. My conscience tells me otherwise. I remember what I did in the 1940s, and I hate what I've done.

The tall, blonde-haired White woman winced as I pushed my long and thick, uncircumcised Black member into her anus. Honestly, these blonde-haired, White-skinned bitches are such wimps and whiners. Most of them can't even take a nine-inch Black dick up the ass without singing like canaries. Many Black women can take even bigger dicks up their butts without missing a beat. That's a testament to their sensuality and sexual expertise. Gripping her hips, I pushed my big Black member deeper into her anus. Olga Klein gritted her teeth as she got fucked in the ass. Cursing in German, she bowed her head low and whimpered as I butt-fucked her. I felt no pity at all for her and continued to fuck her. It was my commander's idea. Maybe getting fucked in the ass by a Black man might break the female Nazi's resolve. So I happily did my duty. The lives of American soldiers depended on it.

My commander, Joel Steinbeck, watched impassively as I gripped a handful of Olga Klein's hair and rammed my dick into her anus. The White man seemed to enjoy watching a Black man fucking a White woman in the ass. I must specify certain things. Joel is Jewish, and a commander in the United States Army. We've captured this blonde-haired woman in the streets of Paris, France. As it turns out, she was a spy of the Nazi Party. An infiltrator sent to distort information and sow discord among the Allied Forces. This is war and we can't take any chances. The female Nazi spy must reveal what she knows, or else.

We've tried varied techniques to try to break her. Get her to reveal the information we needed. We've tried giving her money in exchange for the information. She spat on the offer. We tried threatening her. She wouldn't budge. Various other methods of interrogation, some of them deeply unpleasant, were tried. None of them worked. So we tried some unconventional methods to break her. In the interrogation chamber, she instantly recognized Commander Joel Steinbeck as a Jew and began spewing hate-filled words at him. Upon seeing me, the big and tall Black man, she almost fainted. I think Nazis hate Black men and Black women more than they hate Jews. The visceral hatred I saw in the eyes of Olga Klein was almost frightening. A lot of Black men and Black women don't realize how deeply racist many White women are. Especially the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, stunningly beautiful White women like Olga Klein. The kind of woman that the demented German Chancellor, Adolf Hitler himself, would have praised as the Aryan ideal. Well, I guess that's why I enjoyed showing this White bitch that I was the boss of her.

My name is Tyrone Jackson. A soldier in the United States Army. I'm originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I was a sophomore at Morehouse College when the call of duty was made and I answered. America is in danger. All men, Black and White, must do their duty. Otherwise the cause of freedom will fall. Now, I got no illusions. I know that plenty of White men and White women don't like the idea of Black men serving in the United States Army. I don't give a damn. God made all men equal. White people are just slow to understand that. As a soldier, I proved myself just as good if not better than most other men. That's how I rose in rank. I'm a corporal first-class, reporting directly to Commander Joel Steinbeck himself. We're both outcasts in the United States Army. Him for being Jewish and me for being Black. Jews have it a bit easier than Blacks, though not by much. You can't tell if a White person is Jewish unless they wear ceremonial garb, or tell you. A Black person can't hide his or her skin color. Nevertheless, the Klan hates us both.

Commander Steinbeck and I formed a special bond after getting routinely harassed by the other men in our unit. He proved himself a more than capable leader. And I proved myself to the men by killing every alabaster-skinned and hate-filled Nazi I encountered. Male or female, it didn't matter. I killed the Nazis. And I was good at it. Commander Steinbeck and I are the greatest killers of Nazi men and Nazi women the United States Army has ever seen. The Black man and the Jew have a special hatred of the Nazi Regime that regular White men simply can't understand. If the Nazis had their way, all the Jews in the world and all the Black people would be exterminated. They wouldn't do that to the Irish or the Dutch. Only the Black man and the Jew. This wasn't merely war for Commander Joel Steinbeck and myself. This was a fight to prevent our people from being exterminated. If the Nazis weren't stopped, the Jewish people and the Black people of the world would be made extinct. I could see the Nazis combing through the Americas and later the entire Continent of Africa after getting rid of their enemies in Europe. They would probably bring back slavery, and sell Black men and Black women in global marketplaces. They had to be stopped. Believe me.

With those thoughts in mind, I pulled on the leash attached to the doggy collar around Olga Klein's neck. The White woman squealed as I thrust my member even deeper into her anus. I smacked her ass as I fucked her, burying my member so far into her ass, I'm surprised it didn't come out of her mouth. Since she's such a racist bitch, I'm glad to treat her like a bitch. And where I come from, arrogant bitches get fucked in the ass. Those White women are so vicious yet so frail underneath it all. Always acting like they own the world. I guess that's what happens when you've been told you're the epitome of beauty for centuries. In my native Atlanta, I know of countless beautiful Black women. Sexy Black women who carry themselves like queens. They've got pretty faces, big breasts, wide hips and big, round butts. I love dark-skinned Black women. A lot of Black men prefer light-skinned honeys but I'm not into them. To me, the dark-skinned Black woman is the original Black woman. Black women who were light-skinned or mixed were sometimes cute, but they can't hold a candle to the beautiful dark-skinned Black female. And no White woman can hold a candle to a beautiful Black woman. No matter how pretty she thinks she is or how hard she tries. Just my two cents.

With renewed vigor, I slammed my member into Olga Klein's anus. Savagely, I rammed it in. Until Commander Joel Steinbeck asked me to stop. Olga had muttered something in German. A language I didn't understand, but Steinbeck caught what she said. I pulled my member out of her ass, and readjusted my trousers. With my commander's blessing, I left the tent. To be honest, I hated what I've done. In my native Atlanta, I would have killed any man who did this to any woman, Black or White. What I did was bestial. However, it was deemed necessary by my Commander. When he emerged from the tent, he nodded at me. Apparently, Nazi spy Olga Klein's will was broken. She was willing to talk. I had done what no other U.S. Army soldier could do. I got the female Nazi to talk.

I wasn't privy to the information she revealed. That kind of information is deemed classified way above my head. All I know is that the other officers were smiling, and my commander said the lives of American fighting men would be saved thanks to the information I forced the Nazi woman to reveal. The other men in the unit, both Black and White, looked at me differently. They didn't look at me as a hero who saved the lives of other men. They gave the look one gives a beast. An evil man. And truth be told, I felt like an evil man. My mother and father taught me better than that. I was once a decent man who respected women. The Army turned me into a menace, a killer and a violator of some of the most universal laws. To say that I felt shame was beyond the pale.

Were the racist Klansmen and Klanswomen of the Old South right when they suspected every Black man of being a predator? Many White men have a deep ingrained fear that every Black man secretly lusts after White women and will snatch one first chance he gets. Black people today deny this and claim this is racist and ludicrous. However, in the United States Army, under direct orders from my commanders, I played the role of the Black savage who has his way with some vulnerable White woman. My mother would condemn my actions. As would my sisters, aunts and nieces. My father, brothers and uncles would see me as the worst kind of Black man. He who acts without thinking and shames the entire community. The United States Army asked me to be all that I could be, and turned me into a monster.

I don't know what the commanders did with Olga Klein. What was to be the fate of a high-ranking female member of the Nazi Spy Network? I returned to my tent. Commander Joel Steinbeck stopped by later. He told me that I did what was necessary. In war, all men, even good men, were called upon to do terrible things. He showed something he had retrieved from Olga Klein's belongings. Experts in World War Two often downplay the actions of female Nazi during the conflict. The Commander showed me pictures of the pretty White women of the Nazi Party as they gleefully tortured Jewish men and Jewish women in the concentration camps. He showed me pictures of a pretty German gal smiling as she held the severed head of a dead man. Yes, women were capable of being far more lethal than men and the Nazi women proved that. That still didn't make me feel better after what I've done. The commander assured me that what I did would haunt me for the rest of my life. When I asked him why, he said only good men felt remorse for the terrible things they did. The true monsters were those men and women out there with no conscience whatsoever. Those that scientists and psychologists would later call psychopaths and sociopaths. The worst that humanity had to offer. Commander Joel Steinbeck assured me I wasn't one of them.

That night I lay on my cot, thinking. In the Republic of Germany, virtually every man and woman alive had embraced the ideals of the Nazi Party. They captured and imprisoned Jewish men and Jewish women, treated them as if they weren't human. Nazi men violated and tortured Jewish women. Nazi women tormented, taunted and sexually tortured Jewish men. Was the United States Army wrong in tormenting and torturing Nazi men and Nazi women? Olga Klein and Nazi women like her had done things to men and women that I shudder to even think about. I hated her for what she did. Did that make what I did to her okay? I don't think so. I guess the commander was right. What I've done would haunt me for the rest of my days.

When the war ended, I returned to Atlanta. I completed my degree in business from Morehouse College, then married a tall, beautiful young Black woman named Samantha Villageois. She was originally from the island of Dominica. We had three sons and four daughters together. I owned my own car repair shop, and had a thriving business. We had locations throughout Atlanta. We still do today. It enabled me to send my sons and daughters to college. I taught history and geography part-time at Spelman College. I wanted to be a good Black male role model for young people. Especially the often neglected young Black women. Young Black women need positive male role models just as much as young Black men do. I wanted to be there for them, help them, mentor them and protect them.

My way of trying to make up for what I did to a young woman who believed in an evil cause, so long ago. And when my sons and daughters joined the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, I was a voice of temperance and a source of advice to them. I reminded that just like all Black people living in America at the time felt trapped in the role of the eternally subservient subhuman, many White people felt trapped in the role of the eternally cruel and domineering Master. There was more to humanity than skin color or gender. I met a lot of passionate young people, male and female, Black and White. I reminded them to treat their fellow human beings with kindness. Above all else, I tried to drill into their heads that certain things were unacceptable, especially when fighting for a good cause. Good causes have justified the actions of far too many evil people over the years. I know I can never make up for what I've done. Saying I'm sorry isn't good enough. But I have to live with it. It plagues my conscience every day. I guess that's my punishment.

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