tagErotic HorrorBlack Soul with Green Eyes

Black Soul with Green Eyes


We stood at the bottom of the stairs for the longest. We were dressed in our uniforms. Max had his prescribed butler's suit and Maria and I wore our black maid's uniform. Usually we met the guests in the lobby but this guest booked the presidential suite of the hotel. The more senior staff normally do the suites but Bianca was on maternity leave.

I was at the hotel for a month, only for a holiday job before I went back to school. Maria was almost on her way into retirement, so they needed someone who could run up and down the master stairs. She was more of a guide to me than to do actual work.

"You should do bag check." Maria said to me. I sighed heavily and marched up the stairs.

In the main room there were three large suitcases and one small bag. They all were designer, of course. I pulled open the closet doors and picked up the largest looking suitcase. I was far from the fittest, so it was a struggle but I managed to get it into the closest. The other two suitcases weren't that heavy but it took a while. Next was the small black bag. I picked it up but before I could place it on the shelf, the straps slipped out of my hand. The bag fell and all the content exploded on the floor.

All types of sex toys were before me on the white carpeted floor. I froze for what seemed like hours, just staring at them. After snapping myself out of a shocked state, I started to pick up the toys. I recognised some of them but the rest were completely alien to me.

I heard the elevator doors ding open and I rushed to finish the job. After I shut the closet with all the bags, I ran out the room and down the hallway. As I stood atop the staircase, I saw him for the first time and I swear that I could feel the temperature drop.

As I made my way down and closer to him, I made sure to assess every part of this man. He had dirty blond hair, cut into a surfer style and thick eyebrows. His tall and muscular frame reminded me of the statues at the entrance of the hotel. He wore blue jeans and a white polo shirt with sneakers.

All and all, I couldn't picture him as the owner of the suitcase filled with all those goodies. He had a warm smile with sweet and intense green eyes. Mr. Phillip, the manager, introduced him as Mr. Blake. He nodded to the staff and looked around the expansive luxury suite.

"Please, call me Dominic." he said in a cool manner.

Mr. Phillip continued with the introduction. "Max will be your Butler. Maria will assist you with anything you require and so will Meerah."

As Dominic looked us over, I noticed his eyes lingering on me for a few seconds longer than the others. I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel anything. I felt butterflies fluttering in my stomach. That's what his eyes did to me.

"Please enjoy your stay." Mr. Phillip said and then he was gone.

Max gave Dominic the grand tour while Maria and I giggled about how cute he was. After that, I ran a few errands in the laundry room and made a few arrangements for his breakfasts and dinners. I found out that he would stay for a week or two to do some business in the city.

The next morning he wasn't there. Maria cleaned the living room and study while I tended to the upstairs rooms. His bedroom smelled just like him, lavender, mint and some other expensive cologne. The scents made it much easier to clean the place. I made the bed and wiped down all the surfaces.

Just as I put one of his shirts in the closet, that little black bag caught my attention. It still baffled me why such a nice man would carry such items. Some of those toys looked pretty mean and could possibly do a lot of damage. However, the one I did recognise, I knew could never do any damage. It was a silver metal vibrator.

It wasn't large but when I pressed the little rubber button, it vibrated something fierce. He must've used it on his wife, but I didn't see a ring. Girlfriend, maybe? I wouldn't have mind being his girlfriend. Dominic was so handsome. Just imagining him between my thighs with this little toy made me shiver.

Like a child about to do something naughty, I quickly closed the door and jumped on the bed. I removed my shoes and plopped right in the middle of the king sized bed. The pillows surrounded me. I was on my on fluffy cloud. I hiked up my skirt and pressed the vibrator against my panty-covered pussy. The feeling made me gasp.

With my eyes sealed shut, I began to move it up and down my slit. It was so strong that I could already feel my orgasm approach. I wanted it to last but I was too afraid that Maria or Max would barge in on me. That thought only excited me further. My left hand ran all over my breasts and stomach while the right kept me deliciously stimulated.

I bit my bottom lip to seal any moan that might try to escape my mouth. Pressing the vibrator on my clit, my stomach tightened in knots of pleasure and released in shaking pulses. My toes curled and my back ached. I had never felt so dirty. There I was, on a guest's bed with his vibrator buzzing between my legs. The thought pushed me closer to the edge.

Somehow, I felt like the whole world watched me. I felt their eyes on me, on my shaking thighs and pleasure-contorted face. My wetness seeped into the fabric of my blue underwear and I prayed that it wouldn't seep into the bed sheets.

That delicious feeling kept building inside me and I knew I would explode. Every muscle tightened as I felt my orgasm release. Sparks spread through my body, causing my toes to curl and my scalp to tickle.

I gasped for air like I hadn't breathed the entire time. I switched off the vibrator but the buzzing continued in my ears and body. I smiled deviously, knowing what I just done. That turned me on like nothing else.

"That was quite a show."

My eyes shot open when I realised that I had an audience. To my completed horror, Mr. Blake leaned against the door with his arms crossed. He didn't appear angry. More amused than anything else. I was horrified. I never heard the door open or close and I never heard him. I was in the deepest pit of shit.

"I'm so sorry, Mr. Blake." I began to apologise as I straightened myself out, the previous glow on my face turning into fear. "I don't know where to begin, but my behaviour is inexcusable. But I beg you to forgive me. Please, don't fire me." it all came out so fast I couldn't even make out what I said.

Mr. Blake seemed so unaffected by the whole situation. My entire apology meant nothing to him. I wanted to cry but I fought back the tears as I tried to reason with a brick wall. I apologised continuously but he kept staring at me.

"I can smell your arousal." He said, sounding more like a strained confession than a statement. "It's intoxicating."

Mr. Blake stared me down. His green eyes pieced my soul and I could see the struggle behind them. I didn't understand what he was fighting against. It felt like hours of silence passes between us in mere seconds. He came closer. His sweet aroma weakened my heart as much as his eyes did. Mr. Blake traced his thumb over my swollen lip and just when I thought he might kiss me, he grabbed me and pushed me against the door.

As I stood, pinned against the door, he forced me to look at him. His breathing was harsh and his grip tight around my arms. It didn't scare me as much as the look in his eyes. He didn't look at me with desire or want, he had need behind them. I was a wounded lamb in the presence of a starving lion.

Paralysed, I stood in front of him. A strong hand held me in place while the other moved down my side gently. He traced the dip of my waist and the curve of my hip slowly. It was torture. Soft fingers caressed my thigh but short nails then dragged into my skin as he moved up.

I shook my head in protest, my words escaping me, as he touched my most private parts. "You're practically dripping, Meerah." He whispered. "What a sweet name. I bet you taste just as sweet."

Hoisting me up, he threw me on the bed. I crawled away from him but he pulled me back by the ankles. Pulling the while belt from my waist, he pressed me down and tied my hands be hind my back. The screams were silenced by the cushions he pressed me into. His hands came under my skirt, gripped my panties and ripped them off. My skin burned.

Mr. Blake flipped me over like I weighed less than a feather. Just as I took one breath to scream, he stuffed the ripped underwear into my mouth. It was humiliating. I tasted myself and I was wet.

"I knew I had to have a taste the moment I saw you." he smiled such a boyish smile, but his eyes were far from sweet. Between the almonds ad greens there was evil and lust. He sat between my legs, his eyes burning into me. "Such a pretty pussy indeed."

Lifting my leg, he started to kiss the soles of my feet and made his way down. He gave me light kissed and gentle nibbles on my ankle, calve and inner thigh. The sensation made me moan although I was against it. He rested his elbows on the bed and held my thighs is place. Feeling his hot breath on me was incredible. He breathed in and groaned, which I then moaned.

His tongue took one long lick from my asshole to my tiny clit. My eyes lolled lack as he circled my sensitive button slowly. It was like I felt every taste bud brush across it. If it wasn't for the gag, the whole hotel would've heard my moans.

When he stopped licking my clit, I was almost disappointed but then he moved further down. The tip of his tongue licked around my pussy. His thumb kept rubbing my clit and his tongue fucked me. Before I cried out of fear but now I cried because of the overwhelming pleasure that coursed through me. He lapped up all of me that oozed onto his tongue and savored it all. The need to come was overpowering.

My hips rolled and rocked against his face. His short nails dug into my thighs until it felt like he might tear through the skin. My second orgasm was so close. My walls tightened around his tongue and my legs shook around his face. Just as I was about to fall over the edge into ecstasy bliss, he stopped.

"You'll come on my cock before coming on my face." He grinned as he kneeled between my legs. I saw my own wetness glisten around his mouth. He licked his lips hungrily. Mr. Blake gripped his shirt and pulled it over his head, revealing himself. He didn't have the physique of a bodybuilder. He was lean with a muscular torso and lightly chiseled abs. Light blond hair dusted his chest and a thin strip of hair started below his bellybutton and disappeared under his belt.

He flipped me over and pressed my face into the bed. I heard him unbuckle his belt and that same fear washed over me. The fear only fueled my desire for him. I never felt this way before. How could I be so afraid of him but want nothing more than to be fucked by him?

Strong hands pulled my body up so that I was on my knees. I felt hin at my entrance, pushing hard. With one strong push, he forced his was inside me. It burned like nothing else I'd ever felt. Loosing my virginity wasn't this painful.

I didn't give me the chance to get used to his size. With a grunt, he buried himself to the hilt. I couldn't scream. My brain focused only on the pain.

"No, no, no." I said repeatedly. Mr. Blake a hushed me and pulled out slowly until only the tip.

He spread my legs wider and pushed my face into the bed. His thrusts were slow but he plunged back with a fierce speed and so much strength. It took my breath away. My sobs quickly turned into moans and groans. Mr. Blake gripped my throat and squeezed tight while his fingers played wi my clit. I couldn't think straight. It was all too much.

Before I could realise what happened, my body shook like crazy. The pleasure that coursed through me was so strong. I couldn't take it. My vision blurred and faded. Mr. Blake groaned obscenities as my walls tightened around him. He sped up, granting me no mercy. Thousands of needles pricked my skin and my scalp burned. My trout felt raw and my back ached.

Through all the pain, I could only focus on my pleasure. Mr. Blake coerced me to only think of him. My muffled screams and his animalistic groans bounced off the walls. His grip tightened around my neck and his thrusts became angry. He pulled me to my knees, pressing my back against his strong chest. Forcing my legs further apart with his, he continued rubbing my too sensible clit.

"Come with me Meerah, please." His voice was pained with so much anger that I wanted to run. His animalistic strength kept me in place. "Come for me."

I hated my body more than anything, more than him, because it chose to obey his command. The orgasm washed over me like a strong wave, knocking the wind out of me. The pain in my chest t became unbearable and my head felt like bursting. He swelled inside me, stretching me even further.

My head fell back and my body went limp. Warmth spread inside me and almost immediately, I felt it ooze down my leg. Tears ran down my cheeks freely and uncontrollably. It wasn't because he came in me, no. The reason why I cried made me sick. I cried because I didn't want it to end. I needed us to stay like that forever.

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