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Black Stallion


Nina had always been intimidated by black men. Maybe it was because growing up she just didn't have much interaction with them, since her school (and whole town in general) had been a predominantly white population. Or perhaps it was the negative way in which her grandfather (and several other family members and family friends, too) regarded them. At the very least, Nina felt that she couldn't have much in common with a black man because of how wildly different her upbringing would have been from someone of a different race. The only things she knew about them came from television, movies, and whispers from a few of the girls at her college.

Nina never paid too close attention to those whispers, but caught enough to get the idea that black men were usually very well endowed, were a little bit more dominant than the average guy, and loved to go after white women. Now how much she really believed is hard to say, but as with most things, people fear what they aren't familiar with, and Nina was no exception.

Nina grew up in a small town in New Mexico, but was lucky enough to escape to a well renowned college in Washington, not far from Seattle. She was seeing the world through a whole different light. At twenty-one, she was old enough to be on her own, but still a bit hesitant to try new things because of her sheltered upbringing. Little by little, she was coming out of her shell and becoming her own person. She was loving every minute of it. Her new friends at college were definitely more outgoing and daring than anyone she had known before. Her best friend since starting college, Kara, was a perfect example. Kara was from Chicago and Nina doubted there was anything Kara wouldn't try at least once. Kara wasn't afraid of anything, she lived to have a good time, and was always searching for her next adventure. Tonight Kara was dragging Nina to a new club in Seattle. Nina was more than a little nervous.

"Nina, you look great and you're going to have an amazing time! Relax!" Kara made a point of turning Nina around and approving her attire. The slinky pink and black top (barrowed from Kara, of course) was a bustier style that held Nina's breasts a little too on display for her liking. She felt like they were going to pop out at any moment. The shiny black panels were interlaid with pink lace and pink ribbon. The thing definitely looked like something more appropriate for the bedroom than going out to a club. Nina had also been forced to wear a pair of Kara's skin tight jeans and sleek black pumps that she wasn't entirely sure she was capable of walking in, much less dancing. But what did she have to loose really? The old Nina would never do something like this, but the new Nina, adventurous Nina, was up for anything.

As they arrived at the club, Nina realized that dressed in anything else, she would definitely not have fit in. Every woman in the place was draped with some sort sheer, sexy, low cut number which proudly displayed their assets. At least Kara had let her wear jeans! Some of the skirts in the place had the same amount of fabric as less than modest underwear!

Kara pushed her way through the crowd and, dragging Nina behind her, made it to the bar. Nina was very nervous still, but as she sat and chatted with Kara, and downed a Long Island, she started to feel better. The music was intoxicating; a smooth, rich beat that pulsed all around her. Suddenly she had the urge to head out to the dance floor. She didn't even wait to see if Kara was going to join her, she just needed to move. The dance floor was packed. People were squeezed in all around Nina, but they all were moving to the beat. Nina found her flow and let the music take over. She didn't notice the eyes of half a dozen men on her.


Aaron had noticed her as soon as she walked in. It wasn't her looks that drew him, not that she wasn't pretty. She had a curvy figure that had done a great job of filling out those jeans, and light blonde hair that seemed to be curly and a bit unruly at the same time. Her breasts were full and proudly displayed over the generous neckline of her fitted top. All in all, a delicious looking package. . . What had really caught his attention was her expression. She seemed a bit overwhelmed by the club and its patrons, but Aaron could tell she was fascinated. She had an innocent look about her, despite what her attire suggested.

He wasn't sure why, but he couldn't take his eyes off her. She seemed to draw him like a moth to a flame. As she and her friend headed to the bar, he found himself following her. He stayed close to her, just watching. As the minutes ticked by, he realized that his first impression was right. She definitely wasn't used to being in a place like this. When she downed her drink and headed for the dance floor, Aaron followed. When she started to sway and move with the music, Aaron realized he wasn't the only one whose attention she had caught.

Aaron made his way through the crowd and slid in behind her, dancing close enough to suggest he was with her, and staring down every guy who showed interest. He made it perfectly clear that he was claiming her. As one song blended into another, Aaron could tell she was throwing all caution to the wind. She was really working her body now. She had her eyes closed and seemed to be comfortable as he tested the waters by brushing up against her. He pushed a bit further and let his chest become a wall at her back. When she didn't object he slowly slid a hand down her side, letting it come to rest on her hip. Still, she just kept moving with the beat. Aaron didn't usually push his luck with girls on the dance floor, but he couldn't help himself with her.

On their own accord, Aaron's hands moved from her hips around to her belly and then continued on to her breasts. He teasingly brushed the taut peaks and then worked his way back down. She was turning him on. As his hands found their original place on her hips, he slowly pulled her back into him and let her ass grind on his now somewhat uncomfortable erection.


Nina knew she was being much too brazen. She could tell that a man had come up close behind her and started moving with her to the music. It was probably the alcohol, but his hands felt so good and his hard chest just felt so right pressed up against her. She just went with it. The warning bells were a bit fuzzier than normal she supposed, because this was really not something she should be okay with.

As the man's hands continued to roam, Nina let out a slight moan. He felt absolutely amazing. She was afraid to open her eyes because perhaps he was just a figment of her imagination. She let herself go with it until her ass was pulled up against something hot and hard and straining. Her eyes shot open in surprise as she realized what was happening. The stranger just continued to hold her hips in place and grind his hardness into the cleft of her ass. Nina finally came to her senses and squeaked in surprise as she attempted to pull away. As the hands held onto her, she spun around to face the culprit who was unashamedly pawing her in public. She gasped in surprise when she saw him.

Her stranger was black! He was tall and muscular. His tight fitting shirt hugged the expanse of his chest like a second skin. He had short cropped hair and beautiful chocolate eyes. His full lips curled back into a smirk as he registered the shock on her face.

"What's wrong, Beautiful? Expecting someone else?"

Nina couldn't reply. There were no words to be found in her head. All she could do was stare at the stranger. All she could think to do was escape. She spun on her heel and headed for the door. She didn't even give a passing thought to Kara. She just needed some air. What had she done? This was crazy! She didn't dance with strange men, especially not big black men. He could be dangerous! Who knows what he had in mind.

"Get it together, Nina!" She whispered to herself. What would your family say?

Nina made it out the door and down the block before reality came back to her. She didn't drive tonight, she had no way to get home, and Kara had no idea where she had gone. She slowed her pace. It was then that Nina noticed that a car had pulled up beside her. She nervously glanced to the side.

It was her black stranger. He had rolled down the window and was calling to her. "Hey girl, are you okay?" Nina blinked back tears. She was in the process of having a meltdown for dancing with this man, and here he was checking up on her.

"I. . . I'm fine." She stuttered. "I'm sorry, I just needed to go." It was all she could come up with. How could she tell this man that he had scared her? He really hadn't done anything wrong. It was just the color of his skin that made her freak out a little bit. She had never had a conversation with a black man before, much less been caught grinding on one in public.

"Do you need a ride?" He smiled sweetly at her and stopped the car when she stopped walking.

Nina wasn't sure what to do. Curiosity and guilt for reacting so negatively when she saw him were getting the best of her. He was just a person. Maybe he wasn't white, but did that make him bad? She hesitated. Kara probably wouldn't be ready to leave the club so early. And Nina just couldn't face going back in there. Maybe she could use a ride. . .

"Um, yeah. . . I guess I do. If you don't mind. . ."

Her stranger leaned across and opened her door. She tentatively got in, wondering if this was a bad idea. She nervously fidgeted with her hands. So many bad things could happen right now. She realized she didn't even know her stranger's name.

"Hi," she tentatively smiled at him. "I'm Nina." When he smiled at her she glanced away.

"It's nice to meet you, Nina, I'm Aaron."


Aaron couldn't believe she had actually gotten into the car with him. He could tell that she had been just short of terrified when she turned around and saw him on the dance floor. The fear in her eyes had flipped a switch inside him. It was a primal feeling. He needed to have her. As she had fled from him, he instinctively pursued her like prey. Even now, he could tell she was far from at ease in his presence. And so help him, it turned him on like crazy.

It took him all of twenty seconds to formulate a plan. He needed her. He needed to be inside her. He needed to take her home and make her squirm and plead and beg. At first for him to stop, and then for him to finish. He needed to spread her sweet white pussy wide open with his big black cock, and he wanted her to fear him when he did it. Predator and prey. It was as simple as that.

Aaron made small talk to put her at ease. No sense fighting with her this early in the game. She would find out soon enough what his plans were. No sense making it hard on both of them. As he quickly navigated the roads to his home, he did sense her fear rising.

"Um, where are we going?" She glanced around nervously trying to recognize something. Anything that would give her an idea of where they were.

"Just taking a drive." He gave her his sweetest smile. "I've enjoyed talking with you and I don't want it to end." This seemed to pacify her somewhat.

Within a few minutes, he was pulling into the driveway of his house. She started shaking a bit as he just gazed at her intensely. She glanced around and seemed to realize she might be in trouble.

"Relax, Beautiful. I just want to show you what you've been missing." His hand snaked out and grabbed her wrist. And as he pulled her towards him his other hand clamped over her mouth and cut off her scream. Her tears started to fall then. He slid her across the seat and right into his lap. "Now, if you're good for me, I promise you'll make it out of this alright. Okay?" She nodded as the tears continued to fall. "Give me your phone." She sobbed then and handed her clutch purse over. "Good girl." He smiled at her again. He opened the door and drug her out with him.

The walked across the driveway and around the back of the house where they entered through a side door. Once inside, he didn't turn on any lights. He continued to pull her with him until they reached a huge bedroom. He sat her down on the bed and looked her right in the eyes. "Now, you're going to be a good girl, correct?" She sobbed more and nodded her head furiously. "Good."

He slowly reached down to her jeans and started to undo the zipper. She started shaking furiously and attempted to back away, further onto the bed.

"Nina." It was a command. She stopped immediately, though the shaking continued. He followed her onto the bed and reached again for her zipper. He undid it and slowly peeled away the denim to reveal her pink lace panties underneath. He continued to slide the jeans away, removing first one and then the other pump as he did. He sighed as the creamy skin of her thighs and then knees and then calves came into view.

"You're beautiful."

Once the jeans and heels all hit the floor, his hands caressed their way back up her body. He heard a soft whimper from her and felt his cock thicken in his pants. He continued to pet her all the way up to her full breasts. He squeezed the firm mounds in both hands and then pulled away the material of her top to reveal her pretty pink nipples. She gasped when he took one in his mouth. He played his tongue all over one and then the other. Her skin was so soft and she smelled so sweet. He was intoxicated by her. He worked his way down her body, undoing her top as he went. He needed to see all of her. When her top fell away, he gazed at her a moment and felt his blood pounding in his cock. He needed her. He needed her in an animalistic way he had never experienced before. She cried out in fear when he became impatient and tore the panties from her body, no doubt leaving a mark. He smiled as he considered how many other marks he wound give her tonight.

Not giving her a chance to recover from the fear, he spread her legs wide open and plunged his tongue into her core. She squirmed in response, wiggling her hips from side to side to try and dislodge his mouth from her most sensitive area. He growled her name, "Nina!" She stilled immediately. He slowly returned his mouth to her mound, breathing warm air onto her slick pussy. She shivered.

"You're much more aroused than I had anticipated, Nina. . ." Aaron mused aloud. Nina just whimpered. He ran his tongue back and forth across her lips and then delved deeper to find her sensitive nub. It was swollen and already peeking from its hood. He smiled as he lathed his tongue and lips across it, sending shivers up her body. He lapped at the sweet nectar he found as evidence of her arousal. His cock strained mercilessly at his pants. He decided to let her prove how good she was willing to be.

"Get up, Nina." Her wide eyes quickly came to his in shock. He stood and waited for her to slowly scoot back to the edge of the bed.

"Undress me, Nina." Her eyes got wider but she didn't protest. She timidly stood up and came to him. Her fingers shook as she tried to undo the buttons of his shirt. She tried and failed three times to make her hands cooperate before her got impatient and ripped his shirt away.


Nina stood in awe. As the poor shirt that had been the victim of Aaron's impatience lay open against his chest, she couldn't help but notice how beautiful his skin was. So rich and dark, smooth and showing the slightest pattern of black chest hair. She suddenly had to see more. She peeled the shirt off his shoulders and let it slip to the floor. He was well muscled and beautiful. There was no other way to describe it. She placed her small, ivory hands against his chest and just stared at the wonderful contrast. She slowly ran her hands over him and marveled at how different they were. Her soft and pale, he hard and dark. She was mesmerized. When he grabbed her hands and led them to his belt, she realized she was still under his command. She had to be good. Or she had no doubt he would hurt her.

She quickly undid his belt and loosened his pants. As she slid them down his legs she knelt on the floor. She was now face to face with that part of him she was so curious about, yet afraid of as well. Would he hurt her? Even if he wasn't really trying to? She tentatively hooked her fingers in the waistband of his pants and ever so slowly slid them down. She gasped when his cock sprang free and stood at attention. It was the biggest thing she's ever seen. Nina wasn't a virgin, but this cock sure made her feel like one. Would this even fit inside her? Nina's insides clenched at the thought of this cock delving into her wet folds.

"Put me in your mouth, Nina." Aaron broke her trance. She looked up at him, but couldn't read his expression. His eyes were dilated with desire. Without breaking eye contact she guided him towards her mouth. She shyly touched her tongue to the head of his big black cock and started when it twitched. She was slightly encouraged as he let out a groan.

"Go ahead, Nina, do it." It felt like an encouragement, not a command.

Nina guided him back towards her mouth. She really had to focus. He wasn't going to fit. She took a deep breath and relaxed her jaw. She struggled to stay calm as this big monster filled up her mouth. She didn't think she'd be able to breath. She looked up at him again and his eyes were closed. He moaned and thrust into her mouth ever so gently. Encouraged that she was pleasing him, she tried desperately to get him into her throat. After several attempts with nothing but gagging, she gave up. He just wasn't going to fit. She sighed in exasperation.

Aaron laughed. "It's okay, Nina. Let's see where else we can put it." And he forced her back onto the bed. Her fear returned as she realized this was it. He was really going to fuck her whether she wanted him to or not. Which, oddly enough, she wasn't sure what the answer to that questions was. She was incredibly turned on. She was dripping wet. She felt betrayed by her body because she knew she would never in all her days ever want a man, especially a black man, to force her. But she knew she didn't have a choice.

Aaron climbed onto the bed and caused a whole new wave of shaking to overcome Nina. He towered over her, his cock bumping against her thigh as he made his way up her body. Then she felt it at the entrance to her core. He slowly teased it across her slit, smearing her wetness all around. He never took his eyes off hers.

"Are you ready to be bred by your black stallion, Nina?" She shivered at how thick with lust his voice was. She slowly nodded her head. He smiled and pressed into her. Slowly at first, because she was so tight. He made small thrusts, feeding her an inch at a time. Waiting for her to stretch to accommodate him. She felt too full. Her slick folds parted to take his big black cock deep inside her body. She was surprised how much of him there was. He didn't stop until he was seated at her deepest part. It hurt when he bumped her cervix, but amazingly, she didn't mind. She felt satisfied. She felt stretched. She felt full. No one had ever filled her up like this. Aaron waited for several heartbeats before he pulled most of the way out and then thrust his entire length back in. This time when he hit her cervix, Nina cried out.


It was all Aaron could take. Nina cried out again as he thrust deep inside her and he felt his need to rut, to breed, take over. He wanted to fuck Nina like a mare in heat. He groaned as he picked up his pace and thrust into her poor battered pussy again and again. Nina cried out with each thrust, but soon she was out of breath and whimpering. Aaron slowed as he realized he may really be hurting her. He reached down to caress her face and waited for her to look at him. When she did, her wide eyes had that same fear, but also that spark of primal lust. He was surprised when she spoke.

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