Black Star


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Standing outside on the wet pavement, cigarette in one hand and phone in the other, he put his head back and gave a deep sigh, looking up at the clouded night sky. It'd stopped raining now and some of the stars were visible through the now white clouds, catching his eye as he blew out a lungful of smoke and tried to find some inner calm. It was getting late and people were out for the night, groups of girls giggling and tottering down the street in their heels, people moving bar to bar and enjoying themselves; time with their partners, fun with their friends, or just looking for a hook-up. It was the typical night out for so many, but not him, standing outside his shop and battling inner turmoil as he argued with his ex-girlfriend via text message.

Raising the cigarette to his mouth, he took a long drag, leaving it in his mouth as he paused to use two hands to type another reply, blowing out the smoke casually around the Marlborough at the side of his lips. Neon lights illuminated the street around him, the glow from the signs in his window; he ran a tattoo parlour, a joint venture with another artist he knew, and was building a good reputation for doing excellent work. It was exactly as he wanted and allowed his creativity and lust for skills and knowledge to thrive, learning something new all the time. He wasn't above turning away work when he felt he wasn't skilled enough to do it justice either, telling people he'd rather they went elsewhere and got the tattoo they really wanted rather than put a few pounds in his pocket. It also had the effect of bringing people back, choosing to come to him for smaller tattoos or future work, liking his attitude and attention to detail and quality. He was generally pleased with things, especially his growing business and the way it allowed such an easy and intimate way to get to know people, letting him work on his social life while at work. Unfortunately right now that had kind of backfired, as it was through his skilful hands that he'd managed to meet the girl at the other end of the text messages he was sending, who had brought him so much happiness and then in a swift turn so much pain, and she was still playing with his head now as he struggled to move on with his life.

Sometimes you just can't move on from people easily, and this was one of those situations, especially as she'd ended things when he'd been happy, thinking they were going somewhere. She'd wanted space and needed to find herself, work out what she wanted, only she was still in his life, playing with his emotions. She'd go from missing him and hinting at getting back together, to telling him she wanted no contact and had to move on, praising how he was as a person to telling him every little thing she'd disliked in his character. It was a tough emotional ride, and he knew he should just tell her to leave him alone and move on, but he just couldn't and it was really starting to trouble him that she had such hold on him. He barely even noticed the long-haired, blonde-highlighted brunette behind him looking in the window at his designs as he smoked the cigarette to the butt and flicked it into the puddles in the gutter. Shoving his phone back in his pocket, he blew smoke out through gritted teeth in an almost growl of frustration, pushing a hand through his hair as he turned back from people-watching to his shop to be confronted by a petite, pretty girl, silhouetted against the neon lights as she looked over her shoulder at him curiously.

"Hey," he said, a little taken aback to suddenly discover her there, wondering momentarily what she thought as he imagined how he looked, smoking and huffing to himself at the side of the road.

"Hey," she replied, turning to him from the window, her hands in the pockets of her hoodie. To go with her long hair she wore smoky eye make up, a black hooded top, a short, pleated tartan skirt, knee-high black and red striped socks and doc martins. He immediately recognised her as singer Avril Lavigne, feeling his heart jump in excitement and nerves at the moment, but not letting it show, letting the relaxing effect of his cigarette keep its slender hold. They just eyed each other a moment, waiting for the slightest tension to break.

"Something up?" she asked, clearly referring to his evident frustrations.

"Yeah it's this...don't worry about it," he said, realising she didn't want to talk about his issues and he didn't really want to share them, flattered that she asked though.

"Sure?" she enquired, clearly at least somewhat compassionate for his problems.

"Yeah. So thinking of getting another tattoo?" he asked, pointing up at the window and his plethora of designs on show.

"Thinking about it," she said, "and anyway, what do you mean another? How do you know I've got any?" she asked, looking back to the window as she considered what she might like.

"You're Avril Lavigne, everyone knows you have tattoos," he said casually, relaxed by how laid back she was and just chatting to her like any other customer, and after all why shouldn't he.

"So you recognise me then," she said with a smile, not looking away from the window.

"Of course, I don't live under a rock. Surprised to see you here of course," he said, since he was genuinely shocked to find Avril at his shop, pondering a tattoo on a chilly, wet evening.

"Well like you say, I have tattoos," she murmured, giving a slightly foxy little glance sideways to him with a tilt of her head.

"So you wanting another one? This a spur-of-the-moment thing?" he asked, since he always discouraged people from getting them done without thinking it over properly, and he really didn't want any backlash from giving Avril Lavigne a tattoo she wasn't impressed with.

"No I've been thinking it over for a while, just been hankering to get another one for a bit now," she said.

"Miss the sting of the needle huh?" he said, knowing how people so often got hooked on getting tattoos, and he was sure it wasn't just for their aesthetics, but the feeling of getting it.

"I miss so many things at the moment," she said wistfully, pausing before turning to glance at him again. There was a pause as tension built for a moment, his mind churning over quite what she meant before he snapped back to reality and continued.

"Have you decided where you want it?" he asked, fleetingly hoping it wasn't just on her ankle.

"I think I know where I want it, just not quite decided exactly what," she said, looking over the designs still, evidently having a specific effect in mind for her new tattoo.

"I have lots more designs inside in my books if you want to check them out, and I can modify any you like, give it a unique edge for you," he offered, genuinely offering her his standard, excellent service rather than trying to find an excuse to get her into the shop.

"Really? Do you offer to do that for all the girls who come here on a quiet night?" she said teasingly, giving a sly smile and eyeing him up as she stepped towards the door.

"I'd love to pretend I'm just charming you, but the truth is you could be a hairy, six-foot biker in the middle of my busiest day and I'd offer you the same," he said with a smile. Avril gave a laugh and stepped into his shop with him a few steps behind, dropping down into a chair just inside where people could wait for others, or while discussing their wants. He stepped behind his small counter and found his thick books of tattoo designs, all carefully ordered by their styles to help people who were after a specific type of design.

"What is it you were looking for?" he asked, putting them down on the counter.

"A sort of Celtic design, not too generic but something like that," she said, leaning forward on her knees as he flicked into the second of his two thick books.

"Something like these?" he said, stepping round the counter and offering her the heavy book, which she hefted onto her lap, looking over the sharp black designs.

"Yeah these kind of things," she said, looking over the striking collection of styles and designs, all variations on the sort of thing she wanted.

"So where is it you want this tattoo?" he asked as she perused his work.

"Lower back," she said casually, eyeing up one design in particular.

"Really?" he asked, unable to help himself, before closing with "sure, no problem."

"Is there something wrong with having it on my lower back?" she asked, looking up at him with a slight smirk that hinted she knew exactly what he was thinking.

"Of course not, it's something I like personally," he said, just as his phone started ringing.

"I'll bet," Avril murmured with a smile, looking back down at the designs, deciding between a couple of them. Getting his phone out of his pocket showed it was his ex-girlfriend calling, probably because he hadn't answered her last text, hadn't even read it. He cancelled the call and before he could even take his hand off the phone as he put it away, it started ringing again. He cancelled it again immediately, then turned his phone off, not wanting to talk to her anyway, especially now he had Avril Lavigne to ink.

"Problems?" she asked.

"Yeah, but I'm not getting into that right now, better things to do," he said, wanting to not bring his ex up at this point.

"Absolutely, because I want this one here," she said, pointing to her chosen design. It was a symmetrical design, with an open black star in the middle and a rotating style open figure-eight with tails and streaks type design either side, a style that would nicely suit her lower back.

"Very nice, I think that'll suit you, I don't do that one very often either, people seem to want something more general," he said as he took the book back from her.

"Yeah I'm unique, trust me," she said with a giggle as she stood up, reading to get herself tattooed. Just then, the shop phone started ringing, both of them looking at it, having a fair idea of who it was.

"Just go through, get yourself comfortable, I'll be there in a minute," he said, waving her through to the back of his shop as he picked up the phone. It was indeed his ex-girlfriend, who immediately launched into a rant about how he wasn't answering her, his phone was off and so on. He knew he should just hang up on her, but he couldn't, and what ensued was an intense and passionate conversation that left him feeling pissed off with her. He ended it by telling her he had a customer and had had enough, hanging up the phone, then unplugging it. Walking into the back, he found Avril waiting for him, her hoodie and top gone, wearing just her bra.

"You know, she sounds like a bitch," she said to him, ignoring the fact she was half naked.

"I...what?" he said, losing track of things half way through staring at her and listening to her. He drank her in, her gorgeous slim body, bountiful breasts supported by a sexy black lace bra, creamy skin and the existing tattoos she had, well the ones he could see.

"Your ex, she sounds a right bitch," Avril reiterated, giving him a frank expression.

"It's complicated," he said quietly, regaining his composure and starting to get set up.

"It's not, she dumped you and she's still messing you around, I heard everything," she said, having listened through the open door.

"Yeah I'm just struggling to move on," he said, wanting to say just enough to finish this conversation.

"That's why. Tell her what you really think and to leave you alone, then meet some new people. You find a nice hot new chick and you won't think about her at all," Avril said, giving him a smile that said she knew what she was talking about.

"Yeah but it's not as easy as that," he said, getting his design, inks and tattoo gun ready with needles and sterilising equipment.

"Sure it is, you never know, one might just walk into your shop one night," she said with a smile, giving a little flick of her eyebrows before she turned round to kneel on his chair, sitting down on her heels and grasping the back of the chair, her short skirt sliding up but keeping her peachy rear covered.

"Well, I guess it's possible," he said, getting his design ready for her, eyeing up her sexy back.

"Course it is, just don't miss the signals, plenty of girls will find you sexy," she said, enjoying the sensation as he first put his hands on her, becoming professional now as he set about her tattoo.

"Where do you want it exactly?" he asked, wanting to get it perfect for her.

"You pick, find the best position, but I want it low down," she said, leaving him to finalise the details as she glanced back over her shoulder at him. He took a minute to contemplate it, eyeing the shape of her back and how her pelvis sat, the shape down into her bum. He made his decision, and it took a moment to fully consider before he asked.

"Pull your skirt down," he said, realising quite how that sounded as he said it.

"What?" she asked, thinking he was asking her to strip off.

"Just a bit, I need some more space to get it just right. It will suit you right low down," he said, which was true. She didn't speak, just pushing up off her heels a little and reaching back, pushing her thumbs into the waistband of her little tartan skirt and sliding it down slightly with a little wiggle of her hips, leaving it just above her bum.

"That better?" she asked, sitting back down and waiting.

"That's great thanks," he said, getting his design onto her and starting to work.

"I bet it is, I'm pushing my skirt off for you," she smiled, staying still to let him work. It took a few minutes, but he got the design onto her perfectly, level and centred. He always had to get it completely right, and he was pleased to achieve that on the first go with Avril, taking the time to do so.

"Right, got it. Let me get a mirror, you can check," he said, wanting her to be absolutely sure on it before he made it permanent.

"Don't worry, just use my phone," she said, grabbing it from her hoodie pocket and handing it to him.

"Sure, hold on," he said, pressing the camera button and wishing he could take a minute to go snooping and read all her little secrets. He took a photo of her knelt on the chair, wishing he could keep it himself, marvelling at how neat and right the design looked on her. Handing the phone to Avril, she studied the picture carefully, evidently as interested in its quality as he was.

"That's perfect, it looks great!" she said enthusiastically.

"Yeah? Completely happy?" he asked, wanting to be sure.

"Yeah exactly the sort of thing I wanted, and you've got the position just right, low down like that. Excellent, let's do it," she said, very happy with it.

"Ok then, give me a moment," he said, getting his equipment ready, black ink in the tattoo gun and then wiping her back with alcohol, making her inhale at the cold sensation. He settled himself in position, pleased to be about to tattoo the Canadian star.

"You know, if you had a girl in the position you've got me now, you wouldn't be thinking about your ex in the slightest," Avril said with a smirk over her shoulder. She immediately gave a cry, biting her lip as the gun buzzed and he pressed it to her beautiful body, deliberately starting in the most painful place right across her spine.

"You know what they say about girls with tattoos like this, Avril?" he asked casually, coolly working on her as he started moving through the design with surprising speed, getting it absolutely spot on at the same time.

"Of course, everyone does," she murmured through gritted teeth, getting used to the pain but still jumping and making noise as it crossed her spine.

"Don't mind that then?" he said.

"Are you asking me whether I like that, or about what people will say?" she said, managing to tease as he worked on her.

"Either," he said, not wanting to miss a potential chance to hear her sexual preferences.

"People are always going to talk, I don't care. My body and I'll do what I want with it. And most girls I've known with them tend to embody the stereotype," she finished, hinting at what it signified.

"Oh really, and you're getting one," he said, leading her towards what he wanted to hear, having the concentrate hard on his work now as he pondered Avril Lavigne embodying the characteristics of the lower back tattoo.

"Well who doesn't like doggy style," she said bluntly, catching him off guard a little and making him pause.

"Good point," he said, before carrying on.

"And some other things as well," Avril finished suggestively, making him wonder exactly how far she went in living up to it, and his cock stiffen in his trousers. Continuing, Avril was starting to struggle a bit more with the pain, and gave a particularly loud yelp as he worked at one area, making him stop as she jumped a bit.

"Do you need something to bite down on?" he asked, sitting back from her.

"Yeah, it might help," she said, leaning up a little on the chair and breathing deeply. He thought a moment, a naughty idea entering his head, making his heart race and knowing it was pushing his luck. He didn't know where the decision got made, but he decided to go for it, sliding his hands up under her tiny skirt. He didn't bother to waste time hiding what he was doing, sliding his hands over her thighs and bum, feeling her jump at his touch as he slipped up under her skirt and into the waistband of her knickers. Feeling her warm skin under his hands, he pulled them down smoothly as she arched her back a little, then she lifted her knees so he could take them off her, showing she was completely into it as she knew what he'd do with it.

She was, or rather had been, wearing a sexy little black thong, almost sheer and lacy. It would hardly do what it was meant to do, but he had Avril's panties in his hands, and that was more the important factor right now. Bundling them up in his hands, he reached round in front of her, where Avril shocked and aroused him by flicking her hair back out the way and opening her mouth, letting him push them in before biting down on the naughty lingerie. He took a deep breath and steadied his hands before picking up the gun once more, blotting her with paper before continuing his work, hearing her grunt and growl a little.

"They're some very sexy panties by the way," he said, knowing she probably wouldn't reply. She gave a mumble that seemed something like a thank you, but didn't take them out of her mouth, just biting and tasting herself slightly on them as he inked her. It took a good while longer to complete her tattoo, making sure he did it perfect despite his mind trying to overwhelm him with sexy thoughts of Avril, or the urge to just take her where she knelt right now. The thing that wasn't on his mind now was his ex and her shit, that was for sure. Completing his work, he wiped her down and admired his handiwork, having left his mark on the Canadian cutie.

"There, one tramp stamp," he said with a smile, eyeing Avril on his chair, and just wishing her skirt would ride up so he could see what lie beneath. Reaching up, Avril pulled her panties out of her mouth, just holding onto the damp underwear as she pushed up to lean on the back of the chair, looking back over her shoulder to try and see it.

"How does it look? Does it suit me?" she asked, craning to see it. He picked up a mirror for her this time, holding it back to she could see her newest tattoo.

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