tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlack Star Ch. 02: After Dark

Black Star Ch. 02: After Dark


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

*   *   *   *   *

Having just completed quite a detailed tattoo for a girl, he sat back with a breath, taking a moment to relax after the intense concentration. She herself was taking deep breaths, relieved the pain had finished even though she'd asked for it. Looking down at his work, she smiled even as she winced at him wiping it clean, happy with the design he'd done for her. It was a deep red rose with thorns, quite an intricate and fine design that'd taken his skill to get right, sitting just in the right place on her lower tummy, in the angle of her pelvis and just above her pussy. Applying a sterile bandage to her was the final act, and she pulled her knickers back up, having been exposed to allow him space to work. She was getting it as a naughty treat for her boyfriend, so she said, but didn't seem concerned with showing off for him, knowing he was a professional.

Standing from the chair, she carefully pulled her jeans back up as he took his gloves off, knowing he needed a cigarette. She paid for his services, giving a smile as she turned and walked from the shop into the cold night, a bite on the wind and chill in the air. It was late autumn now and the weather was rolling in, but it was still a fine night, dark already even though it wasn't that late, the blonde illuminated by the neon lights of his window as she walked a little gingerly away from the shop. Stepping past his counter, with no other customers it was time to have that cigarette and like any hardened smoker, no cold weather would stop him. He dropped off the step onto the pavement, glancing at the girl walking away into the night and then up at the skies, clear and dark, the stars bright on the moonless heavens.

Reaching for his pocket, he found his cigarettes, raising the packet to his mouth and drawing one straight out, shoving them away as he reached for his box of matches. He still hadn't bought a new lighter, and was finding matches a distinctly reliable method at the moment. Shivering slightly at the colder-than-anticipated chill, he got one out, spinning the box in his hand as he lined up the strip, about to strike it when he heard;

"Need a light?"

It was a tone he knew, an unmistakable voice, a twang to it that evoked the most pleasant and surreal memories in an instant, and made his hands lose pressure on the match so it skittered ineffectively along the side of the box without igniting. Turning round, he was greeted by Avril Lavigne, stepping away from the corner of his shop and into the light from the window and nearby streetlights, a smile on her face as she held up his lighter, the one he'd left in her hotel back when the evenings were long and warm, stretching into the night.

"Yeah, actually, I lost my lighter," he said, unable to stop a smile breaking across his face as she clicked it on and stepped forward, reaching up to light his Marlborough.

"That's too bad," she grinned, flipping it shut and returning it to her pocket. Taking a deep drag on his cigarette, he had barely held it before her dainty fingers stole it from his mouth, popping it into hers and doing the same, making him smile.

"Some things don't change then," he said, blowing his smoke out into the clear night.

"Nope, some things stay the same," she said, sexily blowing her smoke out and then stepping in to him, leaning up to kiss him quite tenderly, her spare hand sliding round his body. Her lips were just delicious; he'd forgotten just how well she kissed, and revelled in the sensation of her soft lips and skilful, tender tongue as she gave him a long, lingering kiss. Breaking away, she looking up at him saucily as she put the cigarette back into his mouth.

"It's not always a bad thing," she purred as he inhaled, taking in how she looked properly for the first time. She was looking sexy as ever in a black leather biker-type jacket over a Gothy, corset style top, with a lacy, layered skirt, fishnets and some high heeled laced boots on. Topped off with her dark eyes, deep red lipstick and long, flowing hair, darker in colour now, she looked utterly gorgeous, and so enticing.

"No it's not. You're looking great as ever," he said, eyeing her up and down as he smoked, Avril not stealing it for another puff yet.

"Thanks, you look good too, but a bit cold," she said, seeing how he was slightly tensed against the brisk breeze.

"A bit, this warms me up, as does finding you," he said as she came closer to him, sliding in to cuddle against him for warmth. It was a wonderful feeling, as they snuggled together as if they'd never been apart and were so much more than near strangers.

"I can think of plenty of ways to keep warm," she teased, already laying it on.

"I bet. Hang on, were you just waiting out her for me? So you could crack that line with the lighter?" he said, pausing to consider how it was that she'd just reappeared in his life, smiling down at her as he thought about it.

"...Maybe," she said, smiling up at him shyly after a pause, then taking his cigarette again and looking down, hiding under her hair as she inhaled.

"Seriously? How did you know I'd come out at all?" he said, amazed that she wanted to set up such a moment.

"Well, I was just glancing in your window again, and then I saw you coming out with that girl," she said, gesturing in the way she'd left the shop, "and figured you'd probably be a predictable smoker and come out here for one," she said, knowing it sounded a little stalkerish, but he found it utterly adorable that she'd done it.

"Well, what if I'd quit?" he teased.

"I would've had to come in instead and my moment would've been ruined, either way I don't think you're too disappointed," she said, smiling and offering him the end of the cigarette as she turned and ground her bum into him a little, making him stir a little at the mere thought of having her again.

"Of course not, it's great to see you. Come to think of it, what are you doing here at all?" he said, finally realising the shock at seeing her again with words. Though they'd had a great night, and he'd done excellent work on her tramp stamp tattoo, which had now appeared in plenty of photos in magazines, he was never expecting to see her again, figuring himself a one-night plaything for the Canadian beauty.

"I wanted to take advantage of your skilled hands again," she said, giving an eyebrow towards his window of designs.

"You want another tattoo?" he said, not quite believing she'd come back to him just for a bit more needlework.

"Something like that, among other things," she said, taking the cigarette for the last puff of it, holding it with a smile before she breathed it smokily up towards him in the cold night, letting him breathe it in. Flicking the end to the kerb, she turned to walk into his shop, sliding her hand into his to lead him in the door. He couldn't believe she was there; given he had her number, he'd messaged her a couple of times after their encounter, which she'd replied to but it'd never given him any idea it was going any further. She'd asked him if her liked her pictures, to which he'd boldly sent her picture of her little black thong wrapped round his hard cock, figuring the picture gave her all the thanks that was needed. Avril had messaged back saying how hot that was, that thinking of him masturbating with her panties over pictures of her got her so wet, and that she might need to go and do the same, only helping make him harder at the time.

"So what did that girl want done? She was pretty, did she get the same service as me?" Avril asked, looking back at him foxily with a smirk.

"No, nobody else gets the service you got," he smiled, glancing down to her sexy fishnet legs.

"You told me you gave the same excellent service to everyone, guess you were lying," she said.

"No, you just...inspired me to offer an additional level of service that's all," he said with a laugh.

"Enticed more like. So what did she get?" Avril pressed, nosing into the business of his other customer.

"She got a tattoo done, a rose and thorns, down inside her hip," he said as they got into the shop, feeling surprising relief as the door closed out the cold, background noise he hadn't realised was there fading to silence.

"Near her pussy then," Avril stated, surprising him with her bluntness.

"Yeah, down there," he said, shuddering a bit as he warmed up, amusing Avril as his body shook animatedly.

"Did you get to see anything?" Avril said with a sly smile.

"Yeah, but she has a boyfriend, so she says. Said it was for him," he replied, locking door. He wasn't welcoming any other customers now he had Avril in his shop.

"You know, you never even asked if I had a boyfriend," she said after a pause, giving a playfully scolding look to him.

"Because I didn't care. By that point I was gonna fuck you whether you did or not," he said, turning the sign to closed.

"Oh it was like that was it?" she said with a grin, noticing him eyeing her again, loving the interest he took in her body.

"Yeah. So what can I do for you?" he said, stepping behind the counter.

"I want my clit hood pierced," she said simply, looking into his eyes. He just stopped, knowing his mouth was hanging open a little and eyes wide as he contemplated it, the cute Canadian singer with a naughty piercing hidden in her pants.

"Really? You actually want that?" he asked, wanting to be sure he'd heard her clearly.

"Yeah, you do piercing right?" she said, not seeming the least bit shy that she was asking for her clit hood to be pierced.

"Yeah, but not as much as I do tattoo work. You sure you want this? Thought it through?" he asked, as same as with tattoos he wanted people to be sure before they went through with things.

"Yeah, been thinking about it for a while, I want it," Avril said defiantly.

"You know it'll hurt? Not many girls come in here asking for that you know," he said, contemplating the idea of pushing a needle through her most delicate area.

"I know, and I kinda like the idea. They're just scared, lots of them want to, but they're just too scared to actually do it and admit they want it. I'm not," Avril finished, clear what she wanted.

"Ok then. Head through and strip naked," he said, giving just the slightest wry smile as he caught her eye.

"Naked?" she said, giving an inquisitive cock of her head.

"Naked," he reiterated, keeping a straight face. She paused, looking into his eyes.

"Sure thing," she said with a smile, sashaying sexily past him into the back room past the curtain. He paused, taking a deep breath, taking a moment to think where he was, that he'd get another crack at the luscious Avril Lavigne. In truth he was settling himself, and giving her a minute to take her clothes of, if she indeed did as he had cheekily asked. Taking a deep breath, he turned and then stepped through the curtain and into the backroom, where he was presented with a lovely sight.

She wasn't quite naked, but standing with a smile on her face was Avril, her gorgeously tight and toned body on display, wearing fishnet hold-ups, her boots, a sheer black balconette bra and sheer side-tied panties. Eyeing her up, he just took a moment to drink her in, studying her other ink work, knowing she liked him looking at her.

"I didn't get naked, because I knew you'd want to see me like this," she said with a grin, loving his reaction to finding her this way.

"You were spot on," he said, ogling her as she posed for him, noting her dark patch of pubic hair through the mesh of her knickers.

"I've masturbated about our night together so many times," she said softly, just letting her hand slide down to brush over the front of her thin underwear.

"And you jerking off over my pictures, with my panties," she finished, turning round and arching her back to show off her tight arse, her sexy side-tied underwear just about covering her bum as she wiggled a bit, letting him see first-hand how her tattoo now looked. It'd come out just perfect, and really was suited to her. She was evidently pleased with it.

"And now you know I'm a girl who embodies the stereotype," she said, glancing foxily back over her shoulder to him, "In every way."

"Come here you little prick tease," he said with a smile, keeping himself calm and authoritative towards the Canadian cutie. Avril turned with a smile and stepped to him, leaning up to kiss him as his hand went behind her back to release the tight bra strap. After her tongue lightly slid into his mouth, she pulled gently at his bottom lip as her push-up bra sprung undone, immediately letting her perky breasts be free, nipples hardening to the cool air as he pulled back from her and drew the bra down her arms to expose her.

"And now you can undo me like a present," she teased, pulling herself to him for more kisses, more passionate this time, lingering as his hands found their way to her hips, reaching round for a quick squeeze of her ass that she didn't discourage before they took hold of the bows on her slender hips. With a slow pull of both hands, the bows gave way, the silky ribbons sliding apart to let the sheer black material drop away from her front and back. She spread her legs a little to allow the panties to peel away from her feminine curves and flutter to the floor between her legs, revealing her thick patch of dark brown hair, neatly styled at the edges. Stepping back, he looked down to take in her bush, looking back up to her as he decided she could keep her thigh-high fishnets and boots on for the duration.

"That's not quite how I left it, and it'd be better if that was out the way for me to pierce you," he said with a smile.

"No, and that's kinda another reason why I came here," she said a little shyly, looking down from him.

"Oh?" he said, wanting her to explain.

"Well, when you shaved my pussy last time it got me really horny, I really loved it," she said, glancing up to him, "and you said that next time...next time you'd use a cut-throat razor," she said, looking to him with her big, pretty eyes.

"Yeah, I did," he said, considering what she was implying.

"Well, this is next time," she said, holding her hands out to present her near-naked body, offering herself as what he had to work with.

"I...you actually want me to shave you again?" he said, not quite believing what she was saying. He knew she'd enjoyed it, after all she'd suggested it, but he had no idea she'd enjoyed it so much that she'd come asking him to do it for her again.

"Yeah, as you promised, with a straight razor. The danger just...excites me," she almost whispered, knowing what she was asking was a touch weird for most people. She was sure he'd understand though, after all he'd happily shaved her before when she'd offered the chance. There was a pregnant pause as he looked at her, from her eyes to her pussy and then back up, slowing over her breasts of course.

"I don't have a cut-throat here at the shop though," he said, raising his eyebrows.

"I figured you probably wouldn't," she said, turning from him to go for her leather jacket, bending over for it, giving him a clean look at her sexy tramp stamp and the bulge of her delicious pussy between her toned thighs, stirring his already enflamed passions.

"And I wanted you to have something special to use for it, you know," she said, sort of trailing off as she handed him a fine case. He hesitated a moment, looking up into her eyes again before taking it, running his hands over the blue-tint of the machined titanium, his fingertips over the finely milled piece before he pressed the clip, popping the case open and pushing the lid back with his thumb. Inside lay a gorgeous brand new straight razor, its polished steel blade glinting, its smooth, creamy handle of ivory interspersed with dark grey vessels. He just stared at it for a few moments, a thing of pure beauty and quality before him, and undoubted expense.

"That's real mammoth tusk that," Avril said, meaning the handle, allaying any fears he may have of its origin, and seemingly unconcerned that she stood nearly naked before him as she eyed him to try and read his reaction. It was a beautiful Dovo creation, with a 5/8" round-pointed blade, ground to uniform perfection by skilled craftsmen.

"Avril, how much did this cost?" he said, looking up into her beautiful face again, feeling a bit embarrassed at being offered such a princely gift.

"Don't worry about it, honestly. It's as much for you as it is for me," she replied, not taking no for an answer it seemed with regards to his accepting the razor as her gift.

"I don't know what to say," he said, running his fingers over the handle.

"You don't need to. You can thank me with what you do with it," she said with a smile, hinting that she wasn't here for too much talk on the subject.

"I guess actions speak louder than words," he said, closing the case, not wanting to take it out until he put it to use.

"Exactly. So do you want to fuck me before or after you shave me?" Avril said, making him choke on his own breath. He knew they were merely dancing around the obvious but for her to so blatantly address it caught him off guard.

"After. If this gets you as horny as you say, you'll be gagging for it by the time I finish," he replied, leaning down to kiss her again as he guided her towards the chair. He could feel her smile through their embrace as she was being given what she wanted, as he considered whether there was any shaving foam around. He did have to shave people now and then for tattoos, and was sure he still had some around. Avril sat back into the chair, the same one he'd fucked her vigorously over last time she'd been here, bringing back pleasant memories for her as she leaned back and pulled her knees up, spreading her legs open to give him a good view as he paused to watch her. She gave a giggle as he stared, then started untying her boots as he looked around for the shaving foam, finding it and sorting out a bowl of water and a towel as she dropped her boots to the floor in turn with a hefty thud.

"All ready for you," she purred as she pulled her smooth, toned legs up over the arms of the chair, exposing her juicy pussy and dark patch of hair for him, already feeling horny as she contemplated him working so intently on her. He'd already put the water and foam on the table beside her, where now he placed the razor, opening the beautiful case to present the razor, Avril eyeing it with a strange kind of lust. Dropping into another chair, he rolled into place between her spread legs, wrapped perfectly in their fishnets, which was all she wore now. He couldn't resist running his hands over them, and then down to playfully tickle her feet, making her giggle and kick.

He dipped a hand into the water and then ran it over her soft hair and lips, making her shiver at his touch as he prepared her a little, then got the foam, shaking the can briskly and then ejecting it onto his hand, the creamy white froth swelling thickly on his fingers. He then applied it directly to Avril, spreading it luxuriously over her pussy and insides of her thighs, working to massage it thoroughly into her pubic hair as she trembled a little under him, her nipples stiffening a little at the surge in her excitement as he lathered her up. She knew it was a little weird what she was asking him to do, and with a very expensive straight razor that she'd bought him specifically for the job, but she couldn't help herself. The erotic moment was emblazoned on her memories from before, and she wanted another one, and now after all that anticipation, here he was foaming her up, adding just a little more so she was very well covered to lubricate the incredibly sharp blade. Rinsing his hands, he dried them and then, after a thoughtful pause, picked up the gorgeous razor from its case.

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