tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBlack Star Ch. 03: Temptation

Black Star Ch. 03: Temptation


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

Accelerating along the darkened street, he pulled the throttle back on his Triumph motorbike as he went over a crest, lifting the front wheel with a flare of the engine before reining it back in to slow down, not wanting to get caught playing on the public roads. He was just having a little fun in the absence of traffic and before he picked Beth up from work. She always made a fuss if he rode fast, especially with her on the back, so he was working out his frustrated motorsport ambitions before he got to her. The streets were quiet, unsurprising given it was only a Thursday night and well past midnight, going on for one as he slowed to behave through the final few streets.

He pulled up outside the bar she worked at, feeling the bike drop to a low rumble between his legs before he killed the engine, pushing the stand down and letting the bike sit onto the road before stepping off. Pulling his helmet off, he stood it down on the seat carefully and unzipped his jacket, finding his cigarettes and lighter quickly as he felt the chill. Spring might be on its way but it sure didn't feel like it right now, standing in the gloom of the street lights as he put a cigarette into his mouth, lighting it and taking a welcome drag as he tucked them back away in his jacket and gratefully zipped it back up. Feeling the warmth spread through him, he gazed casually around as he waited for Beth to finish work.

Beth worked in a bar, which meant every night she had to stay to clear up. He figured it was also because her boss wanted to stare at her arse as she did it, which wouldn't surprise him. It sucked that she worked late so often, but he relished the time spent with her, and loved to pick her up after it and take her home. Taking another drag on his cigarette, he leaned against the light he'd pulled up under, hoping she wasn't long. He wanted to see her, his sexy new thing, the girl that made him so happy. Especially since today she'd been a right tease, texting him suggestive and sexy messages, and a few pictures as well, so he knew exactly what he was missing. It meant he was very eager to get her home tonight. He was almost done with his Marlboro before she emerged from the bar, being let out by someone that locked the door behind her as she walked to him and his bike. She smiled as she walked to him, giving him a lingering kiss after he'd blown out the smoke from his last pull.

"You have helmet hair," she said with a smile, reaching to take the cigarette from him. He didn't say anything, but it reminded him of Avril, the way she always stole his cigarette with a casual nonchalance.

"I probably do," he said with a smile, watching her take a long, cigarette-killing drag on his Marlboro, burning it down to the filter. He'd been sat on his sofa watching a film before coming out to collect her, and given he was just going to get her in the small hours of the morning he wasn't so fussed about how he looked. Beth reached up to tussle it playfully as she flicked the cigarette butt to the gutter with her other hand, making him pull out of her reach in a joking manner. She gave a giggle, making him smile at the pure sound of it.

"Take me home," she almost purred.

"Gladly," he said, handing her the spare helmet that'd been strapped onto the backseat of his bike. She took it and pulled it on, as he did the same with his own, stepping back over the bike and kicking the stand up. He started it up as Beth got on the back, her snug skirt retreating up her thighs to almost show off her underwear.

"This is gonna be a cold ride," she mused as he started the bike up, the machine throbbing beneath them.

"Don't worry, we'll find a way to warm you up when we get home," he said, smiling inside his helmet. Beth pulled her arms around him and snuggled in against his back, her thighs lifting a little more than necessary to squeeze around his hips. It was enough to give him ideas, his cock twitching just slightly as he kicked it into first gear and let the clutch out, turning the bike slowly in the road before opening the throttle and accelerating away, back the way he'd come towards his apartment. The night was cold and clear, but at least that gave a beautiful sky, which he glanced up to at moments when he could do so, seeing the stars deeply set into the dark, enveloping canvas of the night sky.

It was enough to lose yourself in, however he was brought back to reality by Beth's slender hand reaching down to squeeze his thigh, before sliding slowly back up and over his crotch, making him almost lose concentration on what he was doing. After a pause, it returned to his stomach as she held on, leaning with him as he controlled the bike, squeezing her wind-chilled thighs tighter on him. Pulling up at a set of traffic lights, he turned to her as it held on red.

"You know, I'm gonna fuck your brains out when we get home," he said, more as a statement than a suggestion, as if she wouldn't have a choice in the matter. He could only see her eyes, but could tell she was smiling.

"Good. Sooner you get me there, sooner you can have me," she teased, giving a wink before he turned back to the road. It was almost a challenge, and he decided to rise to it as the lights changed, reaching down to make sure she was holding on properly before he let the clutch out and gunned the engine, opening it up. Keeping the wheel down, he accelerated hard from the light as Beth clung to the back, hearing her give a squeal as he shifted hard through the gears, speed limit be damned as they escaped the city in the dead of the night. He slowed a little but was still moving pretty fast as they got back to his apartment, pulling into his car park with a few quick downshifts, letting it tick over for a moment before switching it off, putting the stand down as Beth hopped off the back. Stepping off, she looked at him with mock annoyance; she loved it really, and he left her no time to be angry as he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the door, hearing her giggle at his urgency to have her.

He showed little care for the neighbours as he shoved the door open then pulled her quickly up the stairs, her heels clumping noisily on the steps as they got up to his apartment, which he opened in a blink to pull her inside, their helmets still on. Shutting the door with a quick twist of the lock, he saw Beth already undoing her helmet, quickly casting it aside onto the floor as she kicked off her high heels. He'd barely undone his helmet and got it off before she had her jacket off and was reaching to the hem of her dress. Undoing and dropping his leather bike jacket to the floor, he had to pause and watch as Beth arched and stretched up to peel her short black dress off over her head, showing off her delectable body, her curvy hips, slender waist and firm, ample breasts encased in the sexy underwear she'd told him of earlier in the day as a tease.

Flicking her raven hair out the way, she grinned as he drank her in with his eyes, quickly resuming to pull of his shirt and yank his shoes off, watching as Beth paused to let him ogle her in the sexy sheer black underwear, edged and decorated with lace though that didn't stop it showing off everything, helped by Beth slowly turning with an arch of her back to show it off. She knew he loved her sexy lingerie and got off on him ogling her so gave him a show, turning to show off that it was a tight little thong, barely clinging on as it curved over her firm, round bum and down into a thin string between her cheeks. She gave a little shake of her ass before reaching back to unclip her bra, letting it fall open, shrugging it from her shoulders as she turned back to show off her firm, perky breasts, showing off her nipple piercing as he quickly got rid of his jeans.

They didn't talk, there was no need, as he stripped off his shorts to reveal his rapidly stiffening cock, well what she could see of it in the gloom. He could see her better as she was standing in the hall between the doorways of the bedroom and bathroom, the light coming in and illuminating her better than him. It didn't matter though, she was happy for him to watch as she reached down to quickly slip her thong off, throwing it aside and letting him see her in her full, naked beauty. She didn't need to see his rock hard erection, she'd feel it soon enough. And that she did, as he surged forward with a primal lust to take her, grabbing hold of her and kissing her hard, his cock pressing into her tummy, her hands sliding round his body as his did the same.

Their tongues danced in the embrace, writhing and twisting together in their passionate kiss, as his hand slid up her back to grab her long, dark hair, giving a yank on it that made her gasp, followed by a moan as he kissed at her neck. Beth simply revelled in the sensations as he ground slight against her, feeling how wet and ready she was to be taken, putty in his hands. With a pull he stepped back into the bedroom, Beth eagerly and obediently following, wanting what he had to give her. As they approached the bed he pulled her up in his arms and turned to cast her onto the bed, Beth inhaling in excitement as he did, immediately on top of her, kissing her hard as his fingers slid through her hair.

She arched up towards him, thrusting her hips up invitingly, but she didn't reach for him, letting him be in control. It was how she wanted it, how he wanted it, and he didn't leave her waiting. No sooner did he get her on the bed he pushed her cold thighs apart and slid between, the bulging head of his cock instantly pressing to her hot, slippery entrance, relishing the sensation of her soft, shaven labia. His arms slid under hers and took a double-handed grip in her hair before he pressed forward with his hips to sink himself inside her, both of them gasping at the wonderful sensations, her tight pussy wrapped slickly around the first few inches of his cock.

Beth just sighed heavily as she pushed her hips up to give him optimal access to her, letting him pull her head back as he gave a slow drive to sink his cock into her full depth, feeling the wonderful sensation that she got every day of him stretching her pussy with his big, hard cock. They both had a high sex drive and as a result had sex daily, usually more than once, and if they didn't screw then they'd at least do something else. Despite this, she still loved every time he buried his cock inside her, the way he breathed and responded to the feel of her body as he did so, the surges of his manhood inside her, where it should be.

In that moment, the whole atmosphere changed. He didn't pull her legs over his shoulders and start to pound on her pussy, as she would've expected and welcomed if he wanted to, and he didn't sink his teeth into her neck to fire her up and make her feisty, get her in the mood to try and challenge his control for a rough and tumble fuck. Instead they both just melted into one another, holding for a moment to enjoy the sheer connection, his stiff cock buried to the hilt in her snug tunnel. His hands released her hair, then brushed it back from her face to kiss her, a deep, intimate kiss as he pulled back almost full length and then sunk slowly into her again, making them both breathe deeply.

Building into a steady rhythm, he used the full length of his thick cock to thrust in and out of Beth, grinding his hips into her with every push and feeling her hood piercing, making her arch and give a strained gasp each time, feeling the pleasure of her nerve endings lighting up as his fantastic erection slid over them, loving the slow motion. Breaking the kiss, he stared deeply into her eyes, making her feel an intense connection to him, losing herself in his gaze, the pleasure of his physical penetration of her body the only other thing to register in her conscious. It was incredible how their energy had turned from a desperate-to-fuck attitude into a slow lovemaking session, but they were both enjoying it.

Staring into Beth's eyes as he slid himself in and out, he could feel her pleasure and took in her beauty, both inside and out, knowing how lucky he was to have found her and what happiness she brought him, stroking her hair as he gazed into her soul, pumping himself into her just a little faster as he felt her pussy squeezing and clenching at him, making his motions both in and out of her very pleasurable. His hand slid down to her chest to gently caress one of her breasts, the one without the nipple piercing, just circling the nipple with his fingertips before giving a firm full hand grope of her, both of them breathing quickly now as they screwed. Beth leaned up to kiss at his neck as he pulled himself over her a little more, and raised her legs to wrap them around his body, pulling him tight to her, making him penetrate her deeper, his cock delving into her hot, wet pussy.

"Oh fuck me," she breathed, wanting him to go faster but maintain the same moment they were sharing. He seemed to know that, not wanting to turn this into anything else, and started to thrust into her harder and shorter, without spoiling the intimate, loving mood between them. He slid down on his elbows, Beth slipping her hands into his hair, raking her nails lightly over his head as he dropped down to kiss her softly. He pulled and sucked gently at her bottom lip, nipped at her pierced tongue and caressed it with his own, inviting her to do the same with its subtle motions whilst keeping up his same firm, brisk thrusts into her pussy, driving her towards what was now an inevitable climax. It wasn't too far off either, as she rolled her hips back to let him drive across her G-spot more effectively, feeling the wonderful climax building deep inside her. She might've teased him all day, but she'd been looking forward to this as well, and now she had him it felt as good as she'd imagined, feeling every inch of him as he pinned her to the bed and took her as his woman.

Beth gave a squeeze that made him shudder in pre-orgasmic pleasure, but she knew he would be fine. He had excellent stamina, and always made sure she was satisfied, and right now she definitely was, closing her eyes to drift in the sensations as he leaned down to nibble at her neck, switching from long thrusts to grinding into her deeply, just rolling his hips a moment before accentuating it with several hard, short thrusts into her that jolted her towards her orgasm bit by bit like little hammer blows. They also made her give little gasping, grunting sounds with each one as she submitted beneath him, pulling him close with her legs. He pulled away from her to arch up and resume deep, hard thrusts, the pace quickening now as he worked to make her climax, seeing the state she was in and feeling her body around him.

She tried to curl up to kiss him, but now he was focusing on the physical, their wonderful connection as he pumped between her thighs. Beth found his hand in her long, raven hair, and with a swift but not painful yank he pulled her head back and down onto the bed, making her gasp loudly, looking up into his eyes as he dominated her. Her whole body surged with excitement, her pelvic muscles quivering around him, pussy juicy and slippery for him to ravish as he stared into her eyes, feeling his gaze cutting right through her soul. She felt her nipples prick with intensity as she gasped and pushed up to meet his movements in the darkness, wanting to show just how much pleasure he brought to her, feeling the ridge of his bulbous head rubbing across her G-spot, the intimate little area that was momentarily going to bring this big orgasm that was building within her to fruition.

He could feel the sensations building in him as well, but he suppressed them, focussing on her, his lovely Beth, the gorgeous woman that'd completed him thoroughly. Holding her tightly now, his hand in her hair as his other held her waist, he thrust in hard and fast, working her just how he knew she loved, feeling her squeezing and twitching as she started to orgasm, seeing her sexily bite her lip, trying to hold her eyes open to gaze into his as she did. He just smiled as they rolled back and squeezed tightly shut, followed by rapid gasping and Beth gritting her teeth, holding herself back as long as she possibly could before, with a violent shudder and spasm, she climaxed.

Her arms pulled up round his body as the came, arching from the bed as she gave a deep, groaning, grunting noise of release. She wasn't much of a screamer, but her noises were pure, guttural, real. She shoved her hips up to try and take anything else he could give her as she rode her orgasm, shaking and trembling beneath him as her pussy clenched and clasped at his thick cock, a nice addition of hot, slick wetness enveloping his cock. She always got very wet, and he'd made her squirt more than once; it was something he loved about making her orgasm, especially when he was buried deep inside her like now, thrusting powerfully into her snug haven, which felt as if it'd been made perfectly for his manhood.

As Beth breathed heavily through the end of her satisfying climax, she opened her eyes to see him, looking down to her caringly, still working hard and clearly restraining himself to maximise her pleasure. Reaching up, she held his face and stared deeply into his eyes, her love evidently in her gaze.

"Come baby, come for me, inside me," she breathed, rocking her body beneath him and squeezing her pussy energetically, wanting to make him climax immediately. He immediately seemed freed, picking up the pace to thrust short and hard into her in fast strokes, his hands twisting in the covers of the bed as Beth pulled her nails down his back lightly and wrapped her weakened legs up around his hips. It only took a minute or so of brisker thrusts and a completion of his previous goal to help him towards climax, and with an intense grunt Beth felt him harden suddenly inside her, making her smile as she looked up at his expression of relief in the darkened room as he came, managing to hold it just a moment longer before his cock gave a hard burst within her and he ejaculated hot and thick inside her.

Beth moaned in pleasure, loving the feeling of him coming deep inside her, bareback, nothing between them, just as it should be. His body gave powerful squeezes as he ejected his load into her as she silently counted the spurts, loving the rock hard surges of his penis and grinding of his hips as he released himself into her, letting out all the pent up want and need that'd accumulated during the day. Holding him close, she felt his body shiver and jolt as he gave a last couple of thrusts into her and worked with her tight clenches to extract every last drop into her before his arms gave out and he dropped on top of her, breathing hard. Beth gave a deep sigh of pleasure between her own deep lungfuls as she lie beneath him, feeling the weight of his body, enjoying being pinned after such pleasures.

"I love you," he breathed softly into her ear. She couldn't help but giggle; she knew he was serious, but when she heard it after sex it always made her think how it's the kind of thing they would say. But she knew that wasn't it.

"I love you too," she whispered, turning her head and meeting him for a slow, deep kiss, which turned more passionate, their tongues entwining and delving into each others mouths before they broke apart breathlessly, with him rolling off to lie down beside her on top of the covers in the darkness. They were both completely satisfied, tired, and in love. After a few moments lying together, they managed to find the energy to pull themselves under the covers, leaving everything else till the morning. Their clothes and everything else could wait as they slipped nakedly together under the sheets, Beth sliding instinctively into his arms, not needing to be invited. His hand slid down her back and onto her waist as she rested her head on his chest, hearing his breathing and heart rate as his other hand reached up to hold hers where she'd put her arm across his body.

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