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Black Star Ch.04: Sinful Ways


This story is entirely fictional and is in no way connected with the subject. This story contains adult material and is only suitable for people over the age of 18. If you are under 18 please stop reading now. All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living, dead, or undead, is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over 18. Do not use this without my permission. (c) Copyright Viper_Noj 2002 onwards. Now, on with the story!

* * * * *

The following morning Avril awoke to find herself alone in their bed, starfish position in the middle on her front, face buried down between the pillows beneath a tangle of her long hair. Stretching out to the tips of her fingers and toes, she trembled at the tension and gave a groan, pulling herself from between the pillows and looking up blearily at the bright room, reaching up to push her hair back from her face. She wondered where they were, but then heard the sound of talking dimly through the closed door of the bedroom. They'd evidently got up and left her to sleep, which was kind given how tired she got when touring, and was certainly feeling much more refreshed now after a satisfying evening of sex and a solid night of carefree sleep. Pushing the covers back, she shivered and felt her nipples tighten at the fresh, cool air of the bedroom, a sudden change from the warmth beneath the covers.

Sliding daintily out of his bed onto her feet, she mused he did this to her last time she stayed over, sneaking out of bed to leave her alone. Looking around, she wasn't sure what to wear, but saw his grey shirt from the night before still strewn on the floor with other clothes. She thought about it a moment, and then reached down for it, slipping it easily over her slim shoulders, engulfed by it as she buttoned it up over her gorgeous body, the bottom of the shirt skimming her toned thighs and just covering her bum, and hiding everything else. She glanced in the mirror and quickly pulled her dirty blonde hair down into a more respectable style, round over one shoulder before she smoothed the shirt down a bit. She was sure he'd like seeing her like this, and couldn't help but just let her fingers slip under the shirt for a moment to just feel the perfect smoothness that awaited her...and him. Heading out of the room, she padded down the hall to see what was going on.

Beth had got up first, waking him as well, though he'd opted to stay snuggled up with Avril for a couple of minutes. He'd soon followed her however, and they'd enjoyed a nice morning kiss in the kitchen as the kettle boiled, and then shared breakfast with coffee like they usually did on a weekend, the sun shining on the windows into the main room from the balcony. It was still chilly but a lovely morning with clear skies, and he'd stolen outside to enjoy a cigarette, looking back in to see his gorgeous brunette of a girlfriend bringing their coffee to the sofa in his main room, smiling at him through the window. Quickly finishing his cigarette, he'd dropped it into his flowerpot and going back inside to cuddle up with her on the sofa and taste his coffee, before he went to fix breakfast for them, since she'd made the coffee. As he did that, Beth got a text message, which said her parents were swinging through town and to come meet up with them for lunch. They'd been doing a bit of a tour around different cities for a few weeks and made a stop over to see their daughter part of the plan. Timing was unfortunate, but she was sure he could take care of Avril for the day if she was free to stick around.

Beth had sneaked back into the bedroom quietly to get herself some clothes and got dressed, since the time was going on towards eleven and she'd need to head out soon. He didn't bother, just sticking with his robe since there was no rush to go anywhere just yet. A little while later, Avril walked down the hall, making both of them look round to greet her good morning, though they both paused to take her in, dressed with such allure by just wearing his shirt.

"Morning," he said, taking her in, mostly her gorgeously smooth, slim legs, disappearing enticingly up underneath the shirt.

"Morning," Beth said more quietly, unable not to ogle the gorgeous singer, but also feeling a little usurped that she'd strut in wearing his clothes. That was her trick, and she could see the way he looked at her, however she also liked to see him happy, and as she knew there was something special between them, but it didn't threaten her.

"Hey," Avril said a little shyly, feeling underdressed before them now, even though he only had a robe on. She'd never woken up on a morning like this, and nervously reached up to push her hair back over her ear as she looked away with a bite of her lip, which caused her shoulder to pull the shirt up a few inches and give a momentary peek at the her shaven pussy beneath, not unnoticed by either of them.

"Sleep well?" Beth asked.

"Yeah thanks. How come you're dressed already? Going somewhere?" she asked, noting Beth's simple jeans and vest top ensemble, ready to go out.

"Yeah my folks are heading through town so I'm meeting up with them for lunch. I'll have to leave you in his...capable hands," she said, indicating him beside her with a knowing smile. Avril's gaze flicked to him like she was a hawk sighting prey; she held his eyes a moment, a little smile sneaking across her lips.

"Sure," she said softly, not even looking back to Beth, who knew full well they were going to be screwing like bunnies as soon as she left.

"I'm sure we'll find something to do," he said, looking up and down Avril before turning back to Beth.

"It's a beautiful day outside, why not take her out on the bike or something?" Beth suggested helpfully.

"That's a great idea actually," he said, looking back to Avril.

"Sounds fun," she said with a smile, before stifling a yawn.

"I'll get you some coffee," he said, hopping up and heading past her towards the kitchen, unable to resist reaching back to give her ass a little smack as he walked by, making her look back over her shoulder at him.

"He always does that," Beth said with a smile, patting the sofa to encourage Avril to join her. She stepped round and sat down beside the brunette, carefully tucking his shirt down between her legs to conceal herself. Beth immediately leant over and gave her a kiss, taking her by surprise slightly but also turning her straight on, making her tingle and squeeze her thighs as she reciprocated. He came back in with her coffee, just catching the end of their kiss, giving a smile and thinking that this really was fantasy come to life. He put the coffee down on the table for her, and then Avril kissed him as well, feeling she should, but wanting to as well. After a sensual lip lock with her, she pulled away slightly and inhaled, taking in the smoky smell of him from his earlier cigarette.

"I could really use one of those," she murmured, since she'd been banged hard the previous night and not followed it up with a cigarette. Picking up her coffee, she clutched it in both hands and sipped at it as he took his pack of Marlboro back out of his robe pocket, offering them to her.

"Have one if you want," he said, flipping the pack open. Avril eyed them a moment, knowing she should really refrain, and then took one, sliding it from the half-empty cardboard.

"Thanks," she said, using spare fingers to take his titanium lighter from him, the one she'd bought for him after stealing his original one. He'd never actually told Beth that, but Avril didn't say a word on it and stood up, coffee in hand, to head for the balcony. She inhaled a bit as she stepped outside, not even waiting to get her jacket or anything, feeling the freezing metal beneath her feet as she shut the door behind her, popping the cigarette into her mouth and flicking the lighter, taking a deep first drag from it that completely hit the spot. Shivering against the chilly morning air, she took a drink of her coffee then let the smoke out into the air. They both watched her, then Beth stood up.

"I need to be going if I'm gonna make it on time," she said, looking around for her things, dropping them into her handbag.

"Ok, any idea what time you'll be back?" he asked, standing up with her.

"Not sure, you know how it is once you get talking and stuff, I could be a while. Don't worry about it, just have fun," she said with a beaming, naughty smile, nodding to Avril outside, looking away off the balcony.

"Ok then," he said with a grin as he thought of what he could do with Avril.

"See you later, love you," she said, drawing in to kiss him. Their brief goodbye kiss turned into a deep, passionate French kiss, their tongues sensually caressing and working each other's before they broke apart.

"Love you too," he said, noticing Avril looking back in the windows now. Beth looked round to see her, giving a wave and then heading towards the door of his place, treated to a swift spank as she walked past him, making her giggle in a knowing fashion. Watching him through the glass, Avril foxily raised the cigarette to her lips, drawing the smoke in slowly, before letting it almost tumble out of her mouth, rising thickly up from her lips, past her hair as he heard the door close behind Beth. She took a sip of her coffee as he walked towards the door, before raising the cigarette seductively again and putting it in her mouth, turning away from him to let get a look at the back of her sexy legs. He opened the door, feeling the fresh air again as he stepped out onto the balcony with her, just as she took hold of the cigarette in her mouth.

Stepping up behind her, he confidently slid his hands around her waist; fingers onto her tummy to pull her back towards him, where the diminutive singer leaned her head back, looking into his eyes as she took the Marlboro from her lips. There wasn't a word spoken, or necessary, as he leaned down towards her, close to her lips but not touching, breathing in as she blew back into his mouth in the crisp spring air, taking it in fully before their lips touched, holding an intense, passion-filled kiss before he leaned back up and blew the smoke out into the air. Avril just rested back into him and sipped her coffee, which was cooling much faster outside, relaxing into him as if he were hers. It was like he'd traded one girlfriend for another; his foxy brunette replaced by a blonde with an equally smoking body, with just the same lust for him as he had for her and it was all his, fantasy bleeding into reality.

"So you're taking me out for a ride huh?" she asked with a glance at him, taking a drag from the cigarette and blowing it out, sexily inhaling it back into her nose, a trick she'd evidently learnt since he's last seen her, or never showed him before.

"Definitely," he said, smiling as he held the Canadian close to him. He reached out to try and steal her cigarette from him, but she pulled it away out of his grasp.

"No, it's my cigarette. You didn't wake me up to share yours earlier," she said with a playful smile, drawing in another lungful from her diminishing cigarette.

"You looked cute sleeping," he replied, kissing her head.

"Hmm...good save," she purred, taking a final inhale and then flicking it into his pot with the rest of the butts. She held it a moment, and then let it slowly out with her eyes closed, feeling relaxed and comfortable now, having got what she needed. He stepped back into the apartment, pulling her by the hand away from the chill and back into the warm. She immediately slid close to him, resting her head on his chest and then lifting up on her toes to kiss him again, sharing her smoky taste. It just reminded him of her, their encounters, their first shared cigarette walking to her hotel, conjuring up such juicy, illicit memories. It was amazing how scent just brought up memories so clear to the mind, and the smell of Avril and his brand of smokes drew up some of the hottest in his subconscious.

"If we're going out, we'd best get dressed," he said, glancing down at her, deliciously sexy in his shirt.

"Perhaps, but we can do more than that," she said, putting a naughty edge on her tone and smile, letting him ponder it a moment before she slipped from his grasp, walking away down the hall from him. Glancing back to check he was following her, she flicked the back of the shirt up, giving him a glimpse of her tight, toned ass, which made his breath quicken at the mere thought of getting that right now. He followed her to the bedroom, watching the sway of her hips as she sashayed through the doorway, and then wasted no time in unbuttoning his shirt as he just stood and watched, shrugging it down her arms to expose her sexy back, leaving her stood naked before him.

"What should I wear for this?" she asked, turning back to him and giving him a side on look at her. She saw his roaming gaze on her body, and then turned to face him fully so he could take in every inch of her slender body. Her perky chest, slim waist, toned abs and smooth pussy, it was all just perfect, and he couldn't help but pull her close to kiss her. As he tried to turn back her onto the bed, intending to pin her down and do far more than just kiss her, Avril broke away and pushed back, not letting him just take her as he had before.

"Nuh uh, not yet. A ride for a ride," she said with a grin, stepping back from him and lifting her bag onto the bed. He just smiled and then pulled his robe off, joining Avril in being naked as he moved to find some clothes, aware Avril was looking at him as he did.

"Well, up to you, but a skirt could work," he said, giving more than a hint at what he wanted her to do.

"Might that blow up a bit?" she said with a knowing smile as she rummaged in her bag to find a pair of panties.

"It might," he said with a smile, pulling his jeans on and looking over at the naked singer.

"In that case, I'd best put these on," she said, holding up a pair of red silk panties with a smile, before she bent down to step into them. They got dressed, with him quickly pulling a shirt on so he could spend the rest of the time watching Avril dress, ogling her blatantly as she put on a short, loose black skirt, adding a pair of fishnet stockings and then pulling on a nice padded red silk bra to match her underwear. She put a snug red vest top over the top and then put on her knee high boots, looking up to him with a smile now she was almost ready to go, his nice little prize to take out on the bike.

"Let's go then," she said with a smile, and he turned to usher her from the room, leaving her to find her jacket in the hallway as he got his own leather bike jacket and helmet, getting his spare helmet out from the cupboard, the one that Beth usually wore. Grabbing his keys and other bits he needed, he headed for the door to find Avril already outside it, waiting and looking down the stairs. He had no idea what people would think if they saw and recognised her, hanging around casually outside his door, but nobody seemed to have though as he joined her, closing the door behind them and heading down the stairs behind her to get out to his bike in the car park. The brightness hit them again as they emerged from the building, and then he went over to his Triumph, Avril clicking along behind him in her boots. Slotting the key into the ignition, he pressed the starter and gave it a few revs to get it going, taking a couple of seconds before it kicked into life, treating it to a couple of soft revs before leaving it to idle, wanting it to warm up before he took the Canadian beauty out in the sunshine.

He turned to look at Avril, working on adjusting the strap of the helmet with her jacket undone, and couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked. It was almost as if she knew though, as she looked up at him from what she was doing, breaking into a smile of her own. She didn't need any help though, and quickly got it adjusted, lifting it up onto her head and pulling it down over her dirty blonde hair. Reaching back, she set about tucking it into her collar and under the helmet to prevent it breaking loose as he put his own helmet on, clipping it up and doing his jacket up as the bike burbled throatily beside them.

"Let's go," he said, giving a nod of his head and stepping over to the bike, throwing his leg over it to drop into the familiar saddle. Giving a squeeze of the throttle, he felt the powerful bike throb beneath him, hinting at its potential as he gave it a couple of light warm-up revs. He was sure everyone hearing it would simply think him an idiot, Avril included, but he really was doing it to look after the engine properly. Glancing over to the singer, he watched as she walked carefully to the bike on her heeled boots, then carefully controlled her skirt and stepped onto the back, having to hop up using the foot peg since she was so short. Dropping on lightly behind him, she reached down to tuck her skirt down fully between her legs, sitting on it where possible to keep it down against the coming ride. Satisfied that she'd concealed herself, she put her arms trustingly around his waist.

He gave a glance back to check she was safely on with him, settled in the seat with her little black skirt wrapped over the top of her sexy thighs, exposing her fishnets and pale skin. It was enough to get him thinking, but he suppressed it as he took hold of the handlebars, giving a quick rev before he shifted into gear and pulled away, the reassuring thrum of the motorcycle underneath him them as he let the clutch out. With a sedate roll to the road from his parking spot, he saw it was clear and pulled out smoothly onto the street, getting lined up and then opening the throttle a bit to let the engine get going under load, feeling Avril hold to him securely as he did. Her light weight on the back of the bike didn't make too much difference to him, and it'd be fine once she leant into the corners.

Traffic wasn't too bad which was a blessing, and they weaved their way out of the urban jungle in the sunshine, heading for more enjoyable, twisty roads with good scenery. Avril enjoyed the bike beneath her, the way they seemed one with the machine as they cruised out of the city, him taking it easy as the bike warmed up fully. He headed for roads he knew, and within a few minutes had escaped the city for the open road, expanding out into dual carriageway. Unable to resist, and wanting to thrill Avril a little, he reached down for her hands, squeezing them tightly to indicate she should hold on, and as soon as he felt her tighten up, he bounced the clutch as he kicked it down a gear then opened the throttle. The Triumph beneath them gave a howl as the revs climbed, surging forward with incredible speed as he merged into the outside lane to sweep past the slower moving cars, climbing the slight hill of the road as he curved around a bank of trees.

He shifted up two gears as he just let the excitement of acceleration rush through him; not in a reckless manner, but one that made him feel free, released and able to chase anything he wanted. He let the revs wane in top gear and they lost momentum a little, rolling down to a more acceptable speed as he pulled back over and set about the few miles of cruising to get to the roads he wanted. Avril didn't protest in any manner about the speed, and what he didn't know was that she'd been excited by it, loving being on the back of a powerful bike with him, feeling the rush of the air past them. For her however it'd had an effect, getting right up her skirt and blowing intensely round her ass, though she'd managed to stay sitting on the front of it. Settling in the seat a little more, Avril looked round at the sun-bathed landscape besides the main road, with rolling fields, trees and a lovely blue sky.

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