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Black Step-Mom


I was Six when my mom was killed in a car accident back in 1962, My dad and I were left alone to take care of each other. Dad was a meek man and worked hard in a factory that made boxes, cardboard ones. He was the foreman in the assembly line there were about 18 people working it. Dad's name is John, and I'm John Jr. Most the people on the line are women, mainly minorities. Dad started eating lunch with a black woman named Janice, she was nice enough and came over to have supper with us occasionally.

A strange thing back then for a white man and black woman, but they started dating and fell in love. In 1965 they got married, I can't count the times I got my ass whipped in school. Interracial marriages were uncommon back then, and me taking after my dad being small, I got in a lot a fights.

Janice wanted me to call her mom, which I did after awhile, she wasn't really pretty and kind of on the fat side. After a couple of years she started taking over, her whole attitude changed, it seemed like the more weight she gained the meaner she got. My dad let her have her way trying to keep the peace, and I did my best to please her.

I was in the shower one day when I was 16, and was jacking off when she walked in on me.

"Who do you think you'll please with that little thing Johnny?"

I knew I had a small dick, it was only about 4 1/2"s long and real thin, all I could think of when she asked me that was, Me! I had never had sex yet so I didn't worry about her comment.

She teased me for a couple of years about that day. On my 18th Birthday dad had to work and mom told me she had a surprise for me after dad went to work. I was excited, hoping they had bought the used car I wanted for me, I needed my own ride, I got one but not the ride I wanted.

I had learned early on not to give mom a hard time about things, she had a mean backhand, and I had tasted blood in my mouth many times from her hitting me upside the head. So when she called me to her bedroom, I didn't hesitate I moved my ass.

"So, you think you're a man now that your 18? You think you deserve a car?"

I shook my head yes, still hoping.

"Well where I come from Johnny, you aren't a man until you got some pussy. You ever had any pussy Johnny?"

I looked at the floor, "No Ma'am."

"I didn't think so, not with that little thing you call a dick. What girl would want that tiny thing when she could get a real one?"

"I don't know mom. I never tried to get a girl in bed."

Mom got a strange look in her eyes, "I tell you what boy, take your clothes off. I want to see what you got now, have you grown any since last time I saw it?"

I shook my head, "Maybe a little mom, not much I guess."

"Go on Johnny, take your clothes off."

"Oh mom, please don't make me do that, what would dad say?"

"Fuck that runt, I run this house, He does what I tell him too. Now do what I told you, Right Now!"

Well so much for the car, I had tears in my eyes as I took my shirt off.

"Stop crying you little baby."

I tried too as my pants hit the floor, I didn't want to take my underwear off and she slapped me on my face.

"You do as I tell you too!" She screamed at me.

I knew I couldn't hope for dad to come home, he had just left for a 8 hour shift. I pulled my underwear off and stood there naked in front of her staring eyes. My dick was shriveled up so much it was almost hidden in my pubic hair, just the head of it was showing.

"Is that all you got boy? What is it with you two? Your dads is not much larger than that."

I didn't have an answer, hell I didn't know. If I could have changed it, I can assure you it would've been bigger.

"Well go on boy, make it hard, last time I saw it I thought you were jacking off your finger!"

I pulled on it trying as hard as I could to make it hard for her, perhaps if I did she would let me leave once she saw its size. But no matter how I tried it just wouldn't get hard, I was too embarrassed or scared.

What's the matter Johnny? Is it to little to get hard for me?"

I stood there jacking it off with no luck as the tears ran down my face.

Well Shit, maybe this will help you."

And mom stood up and took her blouse off, then her huge bra. Janice must weigh about 250 pounds and her tits are fucking huge. When they fell out my eyes almost did too. I never saw anything like them, even in magazines. Each one of them was the size of a large watermelon cut in half, her areolas had to be at least 5 inches circles, and the nipples an inch long and as big around as a cigar.

My dick got hard just from staring at them, I had stopped trying by jacking off when she started taking her top off. She saw that and laughed at me, a mean wicked laugh.

"So you like them do you? Just like your dad, he likes them too. So how big is it Johnny?"

"I think 5 and a half inches mom, maybe 6"s, I don't know, I don't measure it."

She teased me by putting her hands under her tits and picked them up one at a time, they looked like big black water balloons when she did that. My dick pulsed with my racing heartbeat watching her. My hand instinctively wrapped around my dick and I started jacking off, my eyes glued to those large black globes.

"That's a good boy Johnny, jack it off for me. I want to see you jack off!"

I jacked off looking at her tits, my hand a blur as I pounded it.

"Slow down, I don't want you to hurry, go slow for momma!"

I slowed down, not that I wanted to, but I knew she would slap me again if I didn't obey her. Mom played with her thick nipples, she pinched them hard. I watched as her face changed in her pain. Then she put her hand under her skirt, moved it around some then it looked like she was jacking off, her hand was going in and out under her skirt, her eyes watching my every move on my hard dick.

"That's a good boy, jack it for momma, make momma cum watching you."

Me knowing that she had her hand in her pussy made me cum without knowing it was fixing to happen. She got pissed, fast!

"You sorry little fuck, did I tell you that you could cum? Who in the hell do you think you are? Get your sorry ass over here!"

I walked over to her and she grabbed me by my wrist and threw me over her lap, my dick smearing my fresh cum on her skirt. She started spanking my ass, hard, cursing me and calling me a worthless shit, every name she could come up with I was called. I fought her trying to get away, but Janice is a strong woman, try as I did I couldn't get free of the stinging blows.

My tears wet the bedspread as she spanked me, and she noticed that my dick had gotten hard again. I was in too much pain to notice.

"Just what I thought, you and your dad are just alike. He likes his ass spanked too. Well you are going to earn this one you worthless shit!"

And she shoved me to the floor, stood up and pulled her big panties off. She sat back on the edge of the bed and pulled me to her, Opening her fat legs I saw the hairiest dark jungle of thick black curly hair between her thighs I could ever hope to see. I couldn't even see her pussy lips and the lights were on.

"Since your dick is so tiny, I'm going to teach you how to please a woman!'

She grabbed my head and shoved it between her thick thighs, I smelled her pussy for the first time. It smelled of urine and wasn't pleasant. I tried to pull my face back and she slapped me again, twice. I stuck my face back in and did as she told me.

"Lick it, open my pussy lips and lick it, use your tongue to wipe it off."

I began to lick her, all over, her thick wiry hairs were matted together and hard to get through just using my tongue, but I wasn't wanting to get slapped again or ask to use my hands. So I licked it until her pussy opened up. The pink insides contrasted greatly against the black skin of her legs.

"Now lick my clit, yo DO know what a clit is don't you John?"

I wasn't sure, I had heard of them, but being a virgin had never seen one. So I just licked everywhere. She took my head and aimed it on her clit.

"There you dumb shit, it's poking you in your face now. Lick it!"

I did and mom started to moan and her fat legs clamped on my head, shoving my face deeper in the fat jungle of hair. She got wet, real wet, it and my drool was soon running down my chin down the crack of her fat ass. I would never have thought her ass could bounce off the bed but it felt like it was when she screamed out,

"Yes Johnny, I'm fucking cumming. Eat my cunt, suck my black pussy. Oh Fuck Yeah, Suck it good for momma. Drink my pussy juice, swallow it all."

I could barely hear her because her legs were wrapped around my head. I just kept licking her out. She fell back on the bed, he legs opened releasing the death grip she had on it. I leaned back and started to jack off staring at her wet pussy in my face. So hairy, her outer pussy lips black as coal spread open and the inner lips showing the wet pink of them. She must have known what I was doing because she told me to stop. I did so with great reluctance.

"Come up here to momma."

I crawled up beside her on the bed.

"No, sit on my chest!"

I got on her chest and she wrapped her huge tits around my cock holding them tightly on it, she started jacking me off with them. Her black tits making my white cock show up even more. Her nipples had bumps on them in her excitement. I knew I would cum soon and told her so.

"Yes baby, I want you to cum for me, cum in my tits, on my chest, in my mouth I don't care. Just fucking cum!"

I was fucking her big tits as she held them tight on me, and I felt my cum starting to shoot out. When she knew what was happening she pulled me by my ass to her face until my dick was at her thick red lips. The second spurt hitting them as her mouth opened and she swallowed my dick whole as I finished shooting my load in her. She sucked it all down, moaning as she swallowed. Like it was a thick milkshake instead of hot thick cum.

After I had stopped spurting and she had sucked it dry she shoved me off her chest. I landed beside her on the bed laying there, amazed that I had eaten my first pussy and got a blow job too. I had forgotten all about getting a spanking too. She was not finished with me though. She pushed me on my back and sat on my face, making me eat her sloppy wet pussy again.

I could barely breath since her fat legs covered most of my face, and all I could see was her stomach around her hairy pussy. I stuck my tongue deep inside her musky smelling pussy, licking all inside her. Her pussy was dripping as she smothered me, shoving her whole body down on my face. I felt her hand reach around and grab my cock, I don't think it had ever gotten soft from cumming just a couple of minutes ago.

She was not gentle with it as she pulled and jacked it off. I didn't care, I just wanted to breath and not drown trying to. Janice flooded my face with her thick creamy woman cum, she let go of my dick and grabbed my head with both hands pulling me into her sloppy pussy as hard as she could. She was cumming agaiin, filling my mouth with a salty thick liquid.

"Yes Johnny, eat me out. Make momma cum again, make me cum and I'll make you happy!"

I would be happy just to get out from under the weight of her. I felt her body quiver as she came and it must have made her weak because she sat on me with all her weight until I tried pulling my face out from under her. She came to her senses and moved off me. I lay there catching my breath as she rolled over on her back. She opened her legs and told me to get on her.

Her hand was warm when she grabbed my dick and aimed it, pulling me forward to her slick slit. I felt her heat as she got the head of it in.

"Fuck me Johnny, fuck mommas pussy. Use your little white cock in my hot black pussy Johnny!"

It shocked me how tight she was, I thought as small as she said I was that I wouldn't feel anything. But she was hot and wet and ready to fuck me. I shoved it all the way in and her hips started moving, she opened her legs as wide as she could and grabbed my ass pulling me as deep as it would go.

Since I had cum two times in the last hour I lasted about 15 minutes fucking her. She talked dirty when I was I fucking her.

"Fuck me, Fuck my hot cunt. That's right Johnny fuck momma hard and fast. Yes baby, make momma's black cunt cum, use that cock in me!"

I really wish she hadn't said those things because I think I would have lasted longer, But between her saying that and sucking my ear in her hot mouth I started cumming in her. When she felt me cumming she started cumming also. Her big hips slamming on me and her cussing me, and my whole lower body covered with her creamy pussy juice.

"Now momma, fuck me now, I'm cummig so hard momma!"

Mom's hot pussy was sucking the cum out of it felt like as she came. Her dark brown eyes rolled up in her head and her mouth was open, gasping for breath. Even though I was done coming I didn't slow up until she told me too.

"There son, Happy Birthday. Now you know that you can please a woman, little cock or not!"

"Yes Ma'am, thank you mom! I never knew that sex was so great, thank you so much momma!"

She knew that both my dad and I were submissive men and took full advantage of us fo her perverse sexual pleasures for years to come. Dad knew that she had seduced me and talked to me about it. He told me that was fine with him, whatever made mom happy was OK with him. I didn't look for a girl friend to have sex with for a couple of years and when I found one, she was a fat black woman.

Perhaps it is true what they say. Once you go black, you never go back!

Author's Note:

This story is Pure Fantasy, it never happened. It was only written for, You the Reader and my own enjoyment only!

I do NOT believe in, or participate in Incest, Violence towards Women OR the Sexual Abuse of a Child of any age, consenting or not!

If you enjoyed this story, please drop me an email with any suggestions or fantasies you would like to read about.

Yes, I am a warped individual, but at least I still have my sense of humor! ;-)

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