Black Taxi


Tanzila and Seidah chatted away merrily as the car drove through the gates of the restaurant car park. Both women were really excited at the prospect of a fun filled Muslima hen night of food, games and laughter. Being hijabi girls neither drank alcohol, although there would be drinks for kuffor colleague ladies that were coming from Tanzila's office.

Seidah was excited that her beautiful younger cousin Tanzila was finally marrying. She had been married several years herself, before leaving her husband for a black man. It had led to her being labelled a slut and whore as well as gaining pariah status in the Muslim community of Ilford. She hoped her cousin found happiness first time round.

The restaurant in Ilford was decked out for all the 20 odd women and staff were on standby. The evening was full of fun and laughter with songs, jokes and presents for the bride including the usual saucy lingerie, L plates and a couple of colourful dildos.

Seidah had jokingly wrapped an X rated magazine with her gift. It was passed around with a great deal of laughter, teasing and screaming.

Someone suddenly asked "Tanzila, which is your favourite scene in the magazine?"

Tanzila blushed and shooed the question away but was booed until she relented. She took the magazine and studied the various scenes of sexual activity slowly for several minutes. She paused several times before hesitantly holding up the centre page and said in an embarrassed way, blushing "This one."

It was a hot hot picture of a tall, busty, blonde with a mullet in fishnet stockings. She was on all fours on a thick rug. Crouched behind her was a black man with a foot long black cock which was poised at the entrance to her wet, swollen pussy lips. All the women gasped. Several of the black women present smiled knowingly, as did Seidah. It was a wonderfully sexy picture portraying the interracial couple in a state of obvious lust and passion. The well endowed man being the focus of the whole group.

The erotic nature of the picture brought all the women together around Tanzila to have a closer look. They thumbed through the few pages with photos of the black and blonde fucking. Seidah joined them.

The couple were in a variety of positions including missionary, cowgirl, spooning, standing up, sixty nine and culminating in a doggystyle creampie. All of them commented blatantly on the black mans huge cock and the sexy contrast between his coal black body and the blondes pale, European skin. All agreed it was the hottest scene.

Tanzila went to the ladies for a few minutes. In there she found her panties were soaking wet and her pussy moist. Wow! That black cock scene had her dizzy. So much so that she sat on the lavatory, legs spread and played with herself, eyes closed, dreaming of that black man in the magazine eating her pussy then fucking her with his big black cock, then shooting his cum in her doggystyle!

The evening ended well after midnight and Seidah accompanied Tanzila into the taxi. The driver was a black man, mid 50s, heavy build. He greeted them in a thick African accent before setting off. Both women noticed his physical size and Seidah, sat in the front, could clearly see this matched by the large bulge in his crotch. Being an experienced black cock addict she felt a familiar powerful urge. One she always felt around black men. The urge to have passionate sex and be fucked hard by a big black cock.

She chatted with the driver while Tanzila slept. He was a village chief from a little known African country near the equator, working and sending money back to his wife and children. Seidah picked up on the fact he had not been to see his wife for a year. He must be bursting for a good fuck she thought! What an opportunity!

They were sat in some heavy traffic and some music was playing. Seidah slowly reached out with her right hand and stroked his left thigh. He glanced sideways. She stroked his inner thigh and then his crotch. His cock was thick! As she stroked it through the clothes with her long fingernails he got harder and harder until it became uncomfortable.

She undid his zip, lowered his briefs and pulled out a monster. Easily 10 inches, curved, thick veins, a thick jet black head it was hot to the touch in the freezing night air. She hissed sexily "Oh God thats big baby. Soooo big. I need it. I love fucking black men."

"Go on girl take it, take it, its yours." He snarled back aggressively.

She stroked him up and down before leaning down and curling her wet tongue around his plum like head. She licked it wet over and over enjoying his strong scent and flavour. He held her hijab with one hand and pushed her down. Having had plenty of black cock in the past few months she easily gave him deepthroat, licking him up and down coating him with saliva. He urged her on "Suck it bitch suck that like a whore fucking bitch." She came up for air and at that moment they arrived on their street.

With Tanzila inside Seidah came out to settle the bill. He stood close to her and whispered, "My shift is over."

They kissed passionately as his huge strong hands kneaded her buttocks through her tight black Abaya. She reached down and stroked his huge black cock again, fighting the urge to suck him off there and then. She whispered in his ear, "Come back in 30 minutes baby. Let her get to sleep and let me get ready."

The driver replied back, "I want her too. I want to see both you Muslima terrorist bitches suck my big dick. Make it happen."

"No way! She is getting married in two days time." replied Seidah. "I am enough trust me."

Seidah went indoors and waited until she thought Tanzila was asleep and changed into a pair of gold stilettos, red seamed stockings, black panties and a red frilly corset. All covered by her Abaya and hijab. She peeked out and saw the taxi on the driveway. She gave him a missed call and he came to the door.

As soon as he entered they fell into a passionate clinch, his hands on her tits, ass and crotch. She kissed him hard and deep before leading him to the lounge and seating him on the sofa.

She stood over him and slowly took off her silky long Abaya to reveal her lingerie. He whistled and muttered "Damn you sexy bitch. I am gonna screw you like crazy."

She knelt down and took off his trousers. His huge cock was taut and fully erect under his briefs. She stroked it hard again and again as they locked lips and tongues, breathlessly kissing each other. He slowly pulled his briefs off as his huge cock sprang out. Jet black, curved, uncircumsized with huge veins along its full length. It was massive. Longer than her forearm.

Seidah stroked her meaty hairy pussy as she licked the foot long black snake in front of her. Eyes closed she moaned as she savoured the thick leathery texture, strong man scent and sheer size. She spat on it several times and closed her lips around his helmet.

Slowly she took him in to her mouth, inch by inch, half way, two thirds then finally balls deep. He grabbed her hijab and started a slow face fuck moaning all the time. He took his shirt off as she licked his huge saggy balls. Gosh they hung several inches down like snooker balls in a sock!

He stood up and pushed her onto her back spreading her long legs out wide. She pulled her knickers to one side to reveal her hairy cunt lips. He knelt down and licked all around her swollen wet labia. His tongue was thick and long. Massive like his cock. He licked her asshole too before inserting his wet left middle finger into her ass and two thick black fingers into her cunt. The feeling was sensational. Seidah ground her hips against his hands and yelled helplessly as she came. Her body shook again and again as a powerful jet of juice squirted out of her cunt and onto his face.

He sat back on the sofa and urged her to mount him. "Come in and ride it bitch, ride my big black cock."

Seidah adorned his cock with an extra large super thin ribbed condom and sat reverse cowgirl, as he held her panties to one side and thrust upwards into her wet aching Paki quim. His wet helmet found her wet pussy lips and slid in in. She gasped at his sheer size. Gosh he was so thick and long. She rode him with short sharp strokes as she moaned desperately. Eyes shut, teeth clenched and face contorted with lust.

Finally he was in balls deep. All magnificent 10 inches of dark, thick, leathery man meat. He felt huge and wonderful. The sheer size, texture and veins of his dick as he slid in then out caused her cunt lips to grip him tight. Gosh it was so so so good.

Seidah rested on his thighs and leaned back to kiss him, licking his thick black features as he undid her corset and released her huge milky Paki tits. She shook them side to side and yelled at him "Fuck me baby please, fuck my hairy cunt hard."

He pulled her thighs backwards and began thrusting upwards and into her wet hairy cunt. Hard and fast. Her firm ass cheeks slapped against his thighs as her whole body shook from the wild pounding he was giving. Her tits swaying and flailing in all directions as she let out loud wail after passionate wail. She felt his huge balls swing up and hit her upper vulva and clit hood.

At that moment the door opened and Tanzila walked in, stood open mouthed and aghast at the carnal scene in front of her and shouted "Oh my gosh! What the fuck! Oh my god!"

He held Seidah firm, still fully inside her and called out "Come and join us, join me baby."

Seidah looked at Tanzila and said "Join in cuz. I know you would love this big black cock."

Tanzila hesitated for a moment. The room stank of sex. Sweaty sex. It made her giddy. She was getting married. The wedding was all planned. The lengha, jewellery, food, entertainment, invites, Hummer limos. Should she? Could she?

She looked at the muscular, middle aged negro screwing her older cousin looked beautiful. He had a great body like a lot of blacks. And her cousin was loving the fucking he was giving her. And she could not forget those magazine pictures of the blonde and black!

Seidah climbed of his cock and bent down to lick it clean. One glance of his shiny, thick, long black cock was enough.

Tanzila threw caution to the wind and sat next to his naked, sweaty body and kissed him slowly. She reached down at the same time and stroked his huge cock. It was hot to the touch and sent a fiery tingle through her whole body.

His kisses became hard and she responded passionately. He whispered "I want both of you sluts all night long. Get undressed Muslima and get fucking."

Tanzila threw off her Abaya and revealed her lean, toned frame, black seamed stockings and pink suspenders, pink stilettos and matching panties. He moaned "Yes baby you are hot."

She knelt down and joined Seidah in devouring

his horse cock. Her tongue licked him up and down in tandem with her sexy milf cousin. Seidah then slowly deepthroated him before coating him in saliva and moving to his balls.

Tanzila swallowed him half way and he started face fucking her beautiful rosy lips. Inch by inch he finally got in to her mouth all the way and held himself there. When he pulled out his cock shiny and soaking wet, he declared "I am ready for some prime Paki pussy."

He ordered Tanzila on her back and knelt over her. She obeyed immediately, spread her long legs and played with her wet hairy pussy. She admired his physique; coal black skin, rounded shoulders, lean pecs, hard stomach, big thighs and, like a lot of negro people, very lean calves. And the jewel in this black crown - his big, beautiful, black cock.

He and Seidah leaned over and both caressed Tanzila's aching brown quim. He dropped a lump of spit onto her labia and licked her open wide with his hot huge oxe like tongue. Tanzila shrieked with pleasure as he flicked her clit with expertise. Seidah stroked her cousins inner thighs and hesitated, unsure if she should indulge in lesbian incest. A threesome with another man was one thing, but sex? As if he sensed her problem, he ordered her onto Tanzilas rosy snatch. "Eat her pussy you bitch, eat her wet and guide me in. Now!"

Seidah savoured her cousins scent and musky odour. Her younger pussy was less used in appearance. Abundant hair covered her crotch in a random pattern but her wet pink petals were very erotic to any eye. She slowly licked her from Biffins Bridge up to her swollen clit. Then sideways again and again. Tanzila shrieked out loud. Seidah instinctively knew how to pleasure her cousin and it had an immediate impact. He meanwhile watched and ordered Seidah to suck him wet.

She spat out two huge dollops of spit onto his huge cock and licked him up and down before guiding him into Tanzila.

His thick wet head split the Paki pleasure hole open before him. He slid it in slowly inch by inch halfway and paused. Tanzila eyes were glazed over and her toes curled down at the sheer pleasure of his thick black snake inside her. His leathery skin pushed against her inner pussy walls and his head pushed deep into her.

"Fuck me nigger please, fuck me. Give me more black cock." She moaned and pushed her legs far back and reached forward to hold his firm round buttocks and pull him in deeper. He obliged and thrust in and out with each push burying himself more and more into her hairy, wet, pink pie until with one last swift and sensual push he was inside her balls deep. Tanzila cried out loud and arched her back.

He yelled at Seidah, sweat pouring off his brow, back and chest, "Pull her heels back bitch and sit on her face NOW!"

Seidah stood with two feet either side of her cousins face,and squatted down slowly, while pulling her heels back behind her head. She felt her cousins hot breath on her own soaking wet hairy cunt and her fingers pulling her knickers aside before her wet tongue found Seidah's mature meaty cunt lips. Seidah sighed and ground her hips around Tanzilas face, and leaned forward to place her face right above his thrusting black snake.

She cooed at him "Fuck my face baby, fuck my face please." He slowly pulled out his cock, covered in pussy juice and fed it to Seidah. She puckered her full red lips as he thrust in and out hitting the back of her throat several times before injecting Tanzila with his rock hard cock with hard, sharp aggressive strokes as both Paki bitches held on tight.

The pace eased and he pulled out of Tanzila and ordered Seidah onto her hands and knees. Without a word Tanzila joined him in orally pleasuring Seidah's meaty mature pussy from behind. They pulled aside her soaking wet panties and took turns to open up her throbbing cunt lips using eager wet tongues and fingers. He inserted two thick black fingers into her sluice as Tanzila chewed on her clitoris.

He fed Tanzila his cock once more before she guided him into Seidsh's hairy quim. His fat black cock head split her vulva and drove in slowly all the way. She was wider than her cousin having had several children and been with another black stud for several years. She arched her back downwards, thrust her ass upwards and urged him on through gritted teeth "Come on nigger, harder, fuck me harder you black bastard, fuck me fuck me yeeeesss!"

He duly obliged with ferocious power as her body shook, her ass cheeks quivered and huge tits swung back and forth. Tanzila urged him on too. "Fuck her baby, fuck her cunt," as she spat on his cock and teased his swinging bull balls.

He suddenly pulled out and fed Tanzila his cock, fucking her mouth and then pounding Seidah again. He repeated this several times until both Paki bitches were cooing and moaning with lust.

He pulled out and began nudging Seidah's asshole with his wet plum like head and then rubbing his huge dick up and down on it. Seidah moaned "Ooohhh yyyeeesss baby I like that. I like it real good."

Tanzila joined in and dropped several large drops of saliva onto her cousins eager asshole, then gave it several slow lusty licks with her tongue. He slapped Seidah's ass cheeks and Tanzila guided him towards her asshole. His head rested at the entrance for a few seconds and he said "Relax bitch. Just push out like you is takin a shit. Do it."

Seidah did as he said and he thrust in slowly. Sure enough his head popped in followed by at least half of his hard horse cock. She yelled out loud; a combination of pain and pleasure as he slid in and out, helped by Tanzila spitting on the entrance again and again. Finally he was in balls deep at which point he mounted Seidah hunched over her stricken, helpless and lust fuelled body and began a slow but firm fucking of her ass.

Tanzila crouched behind him and began eating Seidah from behind, lapping away at her lips and clitoris. Seidah was shrieking with ecstacy at the immense pleasure being meted out to her by them both. She could resist no more and came. Her body shook violently, her vision became blurred and she saw only a shiny fuzziness as orgasm after orgasm overcame her. Juice poured from her cunt and asshole and her knees gave way. She collapsed exhausted and satisfied.

He pulled out and waved his cock at Tanzila. She rolled off the condom and marvelled at him. He was soaked with sweat from head to toe, panting like a wild animal and his cock looked even bigger. She wondered what it would be like to fuck him bareback. Wonderful no doubt as she stroked his throbbing hot man meat with both hands.

As if he could read her mind he asked "Do you want to fuck bareback? It is much much better. What do you say girl?"

"Oh my gosh! I would love to but I am not on the pill and what about Aids and other stuff?"

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"Well didn't Aids come from Africans?" She replied.

He laughed and said "Listen my dear. I am clean. Are you? You jumped on my dick easy enough."

"Ok but I absolutely do not want you coming inside me."

With that Tanzila threw caution to the wind and lovingly kissed and licked his leathery, thick mamba again and again until it glistened with saliva. He threw his hard back and urged her on until he was in balls deep again. She put her hands behind her back as he fucked her face hard and fast, his big balls slapping her chin each time he thrust in.

Seidah had recovered from her multiple orgasm and joined in again. She knelt next to Tanzila and opened her tits out invited him into her fleshy gap. "Aaahhhh my milf slut." He laughed and offered his magic black wand to her.

She englufed it with her huge brown 34DD titties and squeezed them both around him, then jerked them up and down. Tanzila, not happy with her cousin interfering, offered her own younger, and firmer, pair too. He laughed and sneered at them. "Look at you two slut Muslimas. Fighting for my cock. Well I will decide what I do with it and to whom. Hahahahaha."

He tittie fucked Tanzila next. Her pair were smaller but firmer. An equal contest he thought as she urged him on and spat on his cock head.

He lay on the thick rug as Tanzila lowered herself into him slowly. Sex with the condom had been wonderful but the real feeling of having that huge leqthery snake inside her was almost indescribable. It felt sensational. She quivered with the pleasure of it stretching her cunt lips, her pussy walls and the depth it reached. It was well past her cerviz as she squatted down on it fully squashing his balls with her weight. She rocked back and forth and then circled her sexy hips around his love mast.

Not to be outdone Seidah squatted onto his face, her cunt and asshole still throbbing and wet from the multiple orgasm. He lashed her pussy with his lips as her flesh engulfed him entirely.

Both Paki sluts faced each other. Seidah encouraged Tanzila to fuck him hard as she ground her cunt against his face. She held her hands as Tanzila rode his cock hard, her ass slapping against his strong negro thighs. He took up the challenge and began pushing upwards to meet her thrusts. The warm feeling of an orgasm welled up inside Tanzilas pussy. Her fiance would never be able to compqre to this. She would spend her married life remembering this night of black cock sex!

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