Black Transsexuals


Whenever I'm off duty, I'm liable to get into some type of adventure. Who am I? I am Troy Shane, a sergeant with the Massachusetts State Police. I was walking around the Boston Public Library when I saw this tall, plump jet-black honey with a big butt. She was walking around strutting her stuff. A Black chick with a pretty face, thick body and a fat ass. Definitely the kind of female I like to get down with. I approached her and introduced myself as a humble civil servant, a peacekeeper in the city. The plump chick looked me up and down. Her name was Cherry, and she was totally down with whatever I wanted to throw her way. I smiled. That was a very good answer! We went to a secluded spot in the back of the library to get our freak on.

We began making out as soon as we got there. I unbuttoned her shirt and began fondling her breasts before sucking on them. She stroked my dick through my jeans and then unzipped me. I felt her thick hand on my long and thick dick. She knelt before me and began sucking on my dick. Watching this sexy, plump Black woman sucking on my long and thick cock was definitely an arousing sight. I thrust my cock into her mouth, and fucked her silly. She got me hard as hell and I took my sweet time before I finally gave it up and came in her mouth. She drank my cum without spilling a drop. Damn, I was impressed with her skills. This chick must have gone to the School of Professional Cock Sucking . I smiled and praised her skills. She grinned, and told me I hadn't seen anything yet.

I told Cherry that I wanted to lick her pussy. That's when this seemingly outgoing and sexually aggressive Black female seemed to get shy. She told me that she had changed her mind. I got mad. This wasn't the first time a female changed her mind in the middle of sex. That always got me frustrated. I said whatever and began pulling my pants back on. Damn women, they get a man all worked up, only to disappoint him! I couldn't believe this shit. Cherry looked at me sadly. I frowned, then moved past her. That's when she stopped me. See what I mean about females not knowing what they want? It's a good thing I'm a bisexual Black man. If I were a regular brother, females would be driving me even crazier than they already do. I had half a mind to go to the local gay bar and pick up a sexy queer stud and bring him home.

Cherry told me that she wanted me, but there was something I had to know. I stared at her. I didn't care if she was married, or just a nymphomaniac who had changed her mind. I was already moving on with my life. She told me that she was not an ordinary woman. I looked her in the eye and told her that in my opinion, females were all the same. I for one was glad to be bisexual. It enabled me to keep my options open! Cherry looked at me, surprised. I smiled. So, Miss Thing was shocked, huh? Yeah, I was a Black man who admitted to being bisexual. I didn't care what she thought. Females weren't all that! Cherry smiled and told me that she was no female. I laughed and told her that she was some kind of crazy chick, then I made for the door.

Something made me turn around. Cherry was looking at me. A tall, sexy, large-breasted, plump Black woman with a huge, round booty. Except now something had changed. She had dropped her dress to the floor, and since she didn't wear any underwear, I saw her stuff. Miss Cherry was packing a huge dick between her legs! Damn, she wasn't kidding when she said wasn't a woman! She was a transsexual! I found myself staring at a huge black dick with balls the size of apples. Talk about a surprise!!! Cherry grinned, and told me that we had something in common. She was bisexual too!

I looked at her, and smiled. I was oddly turned on. I mean, I've fucked a lot of women and quite a few men. Hell, just last week I slept with a white female trooper while in duty. This trooper was Kathleen, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed Irishwoman with a penchant for well-hung Black men. We were on patrol together. I parked our squad car and then we got frisky. I made Kathleen suck my dick, then I licked her pussy before putting her on all fours and fucking her. I even spread her cute butt cheeks and shoved my black dick up her skinny white ass. Yeah, even female state troopers liked getting fucked in the ass. Am I good or what? I've fucked quite a few men while on the job too. Still, in all my years, I've never come across a sexy Black transsexual before. I was impressed, and horny. Cherry grinned and waved her massive black dick at me. It was just begging for my attention.

I stroked Cherry's massive black dick. Damn, this transsexual was something else! I stroked it, then took it in my mouth. I don't usually suck dicks but this one was so big and tasty that I simply had to. Cherry leaned back against the wall as I sucked on her dick. I asked her how big it was, during sucking. She told me that she was packing ten inches of uncircumcised dick right there. Damn! I needed to know where people, both natural men and transsexuals, with suck massive dicks could be found. Cherry told me that she came from Haiti , a place where big dicks were common. Bless those Haitians! After getting Cherry all worked up, she finally gave it up. She came, and I drank down all of her cum. It was tasty!

I looked at Cherry, and she looked at me. Damn, we were both a pair of kinky people. So, how were we going to do this? Cherry told me she wanted me to ride her magic stick. What do you think I said? I took the small bottle of lubricant I always carried in my back pocket, usually for clandestine homosexual encounters in the bathrooms of seedy gay male establishments. I took the lube and greased up Cherry's big black dick and also lubed up my ass. Then, we got busy. I got on all fours and Cherry came up behind me. She spread my ass cheeks wide open, and shoved her cock up my ass. I've been fucked before, by men with really large dicks but this sexy Black transsexual had a titanic cock. It hurt like hell, even with the lube. I screamed in pleasure as she began to fuck me. Cherry held me by the hips and thrust her dick deeper into my ass.

There's nothing quite like having a big black dick shoved up your ass. I know because I've shoved my dick up the asses of both men and women. I love making them squeal while shoving my cock where the sun doesn't shine. Now, Cherry was giving it to me. She held me by the hips and slammed it good down my tunnel of darkness. And I must say that I was loving it. She flipped me on my back so that she could look into my eyes while fucking me. She stroked my hard and stiff dick while slamming hers down my Hershey highway. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore and came, sending her hot cum deep into my ass. I screamed in pleasure, and moments later my own very long and thick black dick spat a seriously large amount of cum. Cherry squeezed her dick out of me, and we both burst out laughing.

Cherry reached for my dick and stroked it, then she told me that it had been some time since she got fucked. I was all man and all ready to service the sexy Black transsexual who just fucked me so fantastically. Cherry got on all fours, and shook her plump black bubble butt at me. I grinned. I like a nice ass, regardless of the color or gender of the person it belongs to. I held my own ten-inch dick in hand, then applied lube all over it. I did the same thing to Cherry booty. I spread them cheeks and shoved my big black cock into her ass. Cherry howled as I rammed my cock into her ass. I was surprised by her piercing cry. I asked her what's wrong. She told me that this was her first time getting fucked in the ass. I smiled. Since it was her first time, I would make it memorable.

I held her by those wide, sexy hips of hers and thrust my cock deep into her anal cavity. Even though she had a big booty, this sexy transsexual had a really tight asshole. I endeavored to widen it with vigorous thrusts of my long and hard dick. I slammed it good into her, hard and fast. That's the way I like to take my lovers. It's also the way that I like to be taken. I fucked her ass, hard. Man, I was surprised at how mercilessly rough I was on her ass. It was almost as if I wanted to make her fine booty pay for being so damn tempting. I slammed my cock into her asshole like I was the commander of an army invading enemy territory. I showed no mercy and took no prisoners. Cherry was singing like a Canary as I shoved my dick into her darkest, tightest, most forbidden spot. I asked her if she were a sportswoman. She told me that in another life, she was a tight end on a football team. I told her that I was going to change her from a tight end to a wide receiver.

Whoever says anal sex isn't some seriously good, kinky fun has obviously never experienced it. I was having a blast while ramming my cock into Cherry's widening, welcoming bottom. She was screaming like a banshee, begging for more and hissing in the same breath. Her plump, sexy ass felt wonderfully tight around my dick. I was in love with her ass and if loving it was wrong, then I didn't want to be right. I finally came, sending loads upon loads deep inside her. When I exploded inside her, Cherry screamed louder than ever before. Then, she fell on the floor. I grinned, and fell on top of her. Her back was covered with sweat, and her booty was grinding my groin since my cock was still buried inside her. We remained like this for a while. Both of us were breathing heavily

A few moments later, Cherry and I readjusted our clothes and left the room. Man, we got funny looks from people as we beat a hasty exit. Before we parted ways, Cherry slipped me her number. I pocketed it and smiled, then I ducked into the subway. It was getting late. I had to get back to New Braintree where I had a class to teach the next morning. Man, I love it when I get the day off. There's no telling what ( or who) I might get into!

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