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Black Unicorn


A special thanks goes out to 1sickbastard for his help in editing this with me to make sure it all came out right. There may be more to this story I am not sure just yet if I will do more or not with it as of yet if you want more please feel free to comment or send me a message on it.


A light breeze plays with her hair as she stands tall. This is a small woman. She is of average height, not short, but not overly tall either. Not what most would call a beauty, but she knows that. Eyes that were of a dark burnished gold looked out to the horizon. A soft sigh escaped lips that were a dark cherry red. Long, raven black hair streamed down her back in a waterfall of silk.

This is a woman who knows what she wants, but finding what she wants will be her ultimate downfall. While this woman may look human, she is not. She is the last of her kind. She knows that she is the last as she has never, in her centuries of life, come across another like her. Shaking her head, she turns to leave the hill side she had been standing on.

The feel of the wind dancing along her skin brings a smile to her lips as she walks. The wind caressed her with the soft touch of a lover. A touch that she longs to feel. She makes her way back down the hill to her car. Her face is filled with sadness as she climbs in.

She sat listening to the rumbled sound of the car motor. After a few moments she pulled out onto the small single lane dirt road headed back for town. This was her daily routine, as it were. She always came to the hilltop to stand and watch the setting sun and feel the wind upon her skin. Not many around her knew her for what she truly was.

She lived in a very rural area of the world where there are few people. This has not stopped guys from hitting on her when she'd go into town. She doesn't see the beauty that they do. All she knows is the pain of being alone for so long that eats at her heart. She reaches the small cabin that she calls home, and pulls the car up next to the cabin.

In time she hopes to fill the holes in her heart and soul but she is doubtful of that ever happening. Stepping from the car she is greeted by the high pitched nicker of a midnight black stallion corralled beside the cabin. A smile danced across her lips as she moved over to him.

This was her one companion. He also fed another part of her that rarely saw the light of day. It wasn't that she was ashamed of what she was, far from it. She was more to the idea that this stallion was her relief when she needed it.

"Hello my friend! I see you are glad that I am back," she spoke in a low and gentle tone to the stallion.

This got her another nicker and nuzzle from the stallion before her. She found him as a foal and raised him so he was used to what she was by now. He was unafraid of her in her full form. Most horses feared her for reasons she did not fully understand.

She smiled when the stallion nuzzled her chest snapping her back to reality. "Yes, I know my friend, our time is close at hand," she said as her hand ran up and down his broad face.

The low growled rumble of her stomach made her laugh as she gave him one last pat and made her way back to the cabin. Inside it was sparsely decorated because she didn't have much need for things. She moved too often to have anything that held value to her.

She made a light meal of fruits and a salad. Most considered her to be a vegetarian because they never saw her eat meat. In truth, this was not the case. She ate meat, just not all that often. She finished off the light meal and cleaned up the kitchen.

Outside, the sky had turned a brilliant orange with the last rays of the sun. She felt the setting of the sun as she went out onto the back porch to watch as the sun dipped and disappeared leaving behind the night sky.

She stepped off the porch onto the ground letting her head drop slowly to her chest. Small fingers moved to the buttons of her shirt. She lazily undid the buttons letting the shirt fall to the ground. Her skin was as soft as satin and as flawless as a baby's.

The night air kissed her skin as she shivered slightly at its cold caress. The small, black lace bra held in its confines high and pert breasts that defied gravity even at her age. She reached behind her back to undo the clasp letting the black lace fall away.

A soft moan escaped her full lips as the lace caressed her nipples. She never grew tired of that particular sensation. She bent over showing off the lush curve of her ass as she undid her boots. The boots were set aside as she took a step closer to the corral at the side of the cabin.

This was their night as it had been for so long, when her other nature would show itself and she would be free to run. The jeans that clung to her slender frame slid down over her hips leisurely showing the expanse of skin that was unmarred by any touch.

She stepped out of the jeans and tossed them aside as she made her way to the corral that held the stallion. Her hand reached out for the gate as she doubled over in pain. A scream left her lips in such a manner that the stallion snorted his discomfort.

She fought against what was happening to her but to no avail. Her change was coming and it was not going to be stopped. She cried out again but her cry changed to that of a high pitched whinny. Her body started to change as her face elongated and a shiny spiral horn grew from her forehead.

Her long slender arms thickened and grew longer fingers fused together as nails became hooves. Once the change was complete a large black mare stood in place of the woman. The mare's body was powerfully built and as black as a witch's heart. Small pinpoint ears flicked back and forth restlessly.

Her long reddish black tail flicked in agitation as she stamped the ground. The only difference between her and a horse was the single spiraled horn in the middle of her forehead. She was one of the rarest of her kind.

It has been said that the black unicorn was made by infusing the blood of demons into the white unicorn. As to how much truth there is to this is hard to say. She looked to the massive black stallion who was now pacing inside of the corral.

She lowered her head down to unlock the gate, something he was used to by now. Eyes that were nothing more that a pair of black bottomless pits looked out into the night. The gate latch was easily flipped open by her, releasing him to run. The pair took off into the night like bullets shot out of a gun.

Twin streaks of black pound the earth, throwing it back in great clumps. They run as hard and fast as they both can into the darkness, each enjoying the feel of the wind in their faces. Their movements are each in time with the other, like a midnight dance of lovers. Both knew what the other wanted, that ultimate and welcoming release.

The two danced around each other heads tossing, manes flying, and tails flagged. It looked like a dance of giants. Somewhat funny given the sheer size of the pair. Each stood almost 18 hands to their shoulder and were as broad as a small car.

Their dance was a well coordinated one. Each stepping in time to the other circling and nipping at the other. Long tails flicked and swished in agitation at what was to come. The stallion lunges at her biting at the side of her neck.

She doesn't move to keep him from doing so. She remains still as he holds onto the back of her neck. This was more of a show of dominance on the stallion's part. She knew this game all to well.

Her tail flicked off to one side as the stallion moved behind her. Then she felt the sudden added weight as the stallion was on top of her. The prodding of his cock against her back legs made her shift her haunches a bit.

She was anxious to feel him inside of her. The brush of his belly against her back made her skin jump and tingle. His breath against her neck was adding to the tension she already felt in her body.

A sweet tension that soon enough would be released into the night. The sudden shift and lunge of the stallion as she felt his cock slide easily between the wet lips of her pussy. She let out a soft snort at the push but it felt good to her.

She could not moan or sigh like this but her neighs spoke what she felt. The stallion plowed into her over and over again rocking her body with each thrust into her. She felt the rough texture of his cock as it plowed into her.

It was heaven on earth to her and the best she was going to get. Men could not please her like the stallion was. She wasn't sure if that was because of what she was or because she had only been touched once by a man.

That was a memory she didn't want to relive at all. The rapid and strong thrusts of the stallion brought her mind back to the present as she felt her body tensing up more and more. Her skin crawled with the tingling. Her neighs were high pitched and filled with ecstasy.

She felt the swelling of his cock and knew he was getting close to his release. Shifting her body back towards the stallion pushing him inside of her even deeper as she heard and felt the slap of his balls against her back legs. This was the moment she had been waiting for as her eyes closed watching the explosion of color behind her eyelids.

The cry of the stallion rang out into the night as he came inside of her. She felt the hot splash of him cum as he shot it inside of her. The pressure of the flare of his cock just drove her all the higher and pushed her over the edge into that sweet darkness.

They stayed like this for a while as he shot his cum deep into her She didn't want the feelings to ever end but she knew that they would. She let out a snort as she felt him pull out feeling the slight pull as the flared head of his cock popped out of her wet pussy.

The stallion backed away from her as he let out a high pitched cry into the night air. Her small ears flicked and turned a bit as she heard the challenge in that cry. She heard the answering cry of another stallion ring in the air. She had not known there were any other horses in the area but it was possible that one had gotten loose from a nearby farm. She shouldered the stallion lightly to get his attention.

His ears were flattened down against his head as he snapped at her trying to get her behind him. She was the one trained to fight not him, but by instinct he was trying to protect her. She moved to stand beside him her shoulder touching his.

The stallion nipped at her again to get her to move but she refused to move behind him. She shook her head bouncing the long black and red mane against her neck as she watched the tree line. She smelled another stallion on the air and stamped the ground with a massive hoof. She wasn't enthused about how this was going to turn out.

Her dark bottomless eyes watched as a flame red stallion stepped from the tree line in front of them. The stallion beside her pawed at the ground throwing up clumps of earth with each strike of his hoof. Her stallion was protective because in his mind she belonged to him.

Not that she minded it in the least because she didn't. She turned her attention back to the flame red stallion as he sniffed the air. She knew he smelled them both or rather what they had been doing.

This was going to come down to a territorial fight between stallions if she didn't get a handle on this. She had no desire to see either stallion harmed. Her massive body bore the scars of battle but at night they were not visible.

Stepping away from her stallion she rose up on her hind legs striking out with front hooves to startle and frighten the other stallion. Her head was canted to one side as she danced on her hind legs. She was the one who had been trained as a war mount long ago.

She dropped back down to all fours with a thud. Horses were normally frightened of her but this stallion didn't seem to be bothered in the least by her. Lowering her head some she charged him stopping just short of actually hitting the stallion.

The flame red stallion backed up from her snapping his teeth at her. She had to give him; he wasn't stupid she could have impaled him on her horn. She snapped at him in return as her tail began a wicked lashing.

Her patients was starting to run very thin. Her bottomless black eyes were starting to show a red coloring to them. She felt the demon's blood in her starting to awaken. This was not a good thing and she didn't want that to happen.

The demon blood within that ran through her veins came from her parents. Not that she remembered them. Her mind snapped back to the present and to the one standing in front of her. She had another trick up her sleeve that would frighten off the other stallion.

In her mind she called to the demon's blood inside of her calling upon its power to armor her. This had been taught to her long ago to help her in battle. She rose up once again on her hind legs striking out with front hooves as a red mist seeped from the ground.

It began to crawl slowly up her hind legs as she cried out into the night striking out wildly with her front hooves. The mist kept crawling up her body until her body was covered by the mist. Her eyes had changed from bottomless black to a bright hell fire red.

The mist began to take on shapes on her body. First was her face. It was now covered with a blood red plate her horn protruded from the plate like a lance.

Second was her body as the mist hardened down to form the body armor that covered her black body only her belly was exposed. The last of the armor to form were the plates on her ankles and forelegs. When she came back down from the rear up her front hooves hit with a heavy thud into the earth.

Twin flames locked onto the intruding stallion as she shook her head threateningly. The armor was a deep dark blood red color with brighter markings that swam over its surface. She was a terrifying site in the armor.

The last time she had worn her armor or even called to it she had been bound to a knight. She still remembered the knight with a deep seated hatred. He was the reason she had never let a man touch her.

The intruding stallion snorted in discomfort at how she now looked as her scent had even changed. It came off with the smell of sulfur and brimstone now. Her own stallion was not affected by the change as she had done it around him so he would not be frightened of her.

Snapping her teeth once again at the intruder and lunging at him so he would get the point to go away. Her patients were growing thinner by the minute and when she had reached the end the intruder would be dead.

It took no more than the blink of an eye for the intruding stallion to turn and run off. She snorted sending out twin streams of smoke.

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