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Black Vampire Utopia


The sun rose over the city of Boston. Like many of the city's denizens, I'm in bed. However, unlike most of them, this is where I'm going to stay. Oh, it's not because I'm lazy. You see, I'm a vampire. Yeah, one of the denizens of the night. There are quite a few of us around. The world thinks we're mere myth and to be honest, we prefer it that way. We let them think we fear crosses and garlic and can't stand sunlight. What they don't know is that we live in the open, in broad daylight, right alongside them. Ain't that a kick in the butt?

My name is Stephen Leroy. Once upon a time, I was a prince in the Kingdom of Axoum in Africa. That was hundreds of years ago. Nowadays, I'm a police officer in the big city. A six-foot-one, broad-shouldered, somewhat stocky man with dark brown skin and short black hair cut low on the sides. What we call a bald fade in the black community. I've been in Boston since the early 1970s. It always struck me as a progressive town.

There are quite a few vampires in Bean Town. We love it out here. I am one of the leaders of the Shokrah, as the black vampire underworld is also called. We live among humanity disguised as ordinary people. We're doctors, lawyers, police officers, firefighters, grocers, clerks, judges, corrections officers, college professors and students. You name it, we are it. Blending in is essential to survival, a fact I have to constantly remind my wife Amelia of.

Presently, she is sleeping. When asleep, she is quite lovely to behold. A six-foot-tall, busty, wide-hipped and big-bottomed young black woman with very dark skin, long braided hair and almond-shaped light brown eyes. Like me, she's a vampire. Unlike me, she's quite new to the undead club. She's only one hundred and two years old. A member of the New Breed of Undead. A mere fledgling in vampire years.

Sometimes, I wonder how we're still together. Many of my friends warn me that it wouldn't last. I've been alive since 400 A.D. I've been a warlord, a prince, a priest, a wanderer, a medicine man and a poet. Mine has been a long and eventful existence. I've had many lovers. Men and women I valued for their intellect, their beauty and their passion. Mortal and vampire alike, I've loved them all. Unfortunately, even passion fades with time. In my 600-year existence, I thought I'd seen it all. Then, yesterday, my wife Amelia shocked me by telling me that she was pregnant. With twins no less.

I knew something like this could happen. Amelia and I have always been very passionate. We had some good times together. I recall coming home once to find her naked on the bed. A vision of loveliness. There's nothing quite like a beautiful black woman, folks. Amelia looked at me coyly and gestured for me to come to her. And I could not say no. I went to my wife and took her in my arms. We kissed, and tumbled on the bed. She practically ripped off my police uniform. Playfully, we wrestled and she got on top of me. We kissed against. I held her beautiful face in my hands and smiled.

Amelia straddled me. I ran my hands over her supple body. My hands cupped her breasts and fondled her firm, round buttocks. She held my manhood in her hands. I'm eight inches long, somewhat thick and uncircumcised. In the African Kingdom where I was born, we didn't practice any form of bodily modification. In this day and age, many women are put off by unmodified men. Amelia wasn't one of them. She's very open-minded and a lifelong atheist who didn't believe in rituals of any kind. Amelia stroked me until I began to harden. Then she kissed a path from my chest to my groin. She took me into her mouth. I sighed. Wow. I closed my eyes and tried to relax as my wife began working her magic on me. My hands gripped the sheets. When I came, she drank my seed. All of it without spilling a single drop.

Then, she straddled me and lowered herself onto me. Until she was impaled on my manhood. I put my hands on her hips and thrust into her. Amelia's hands dug into the flesh of my shoulders as I entered her. She howled in pleasure as my cock stabbed her pussy. Savagely, she bit my neck, drawing blood. She drank from me. Still drilling my cock into her, I drank from her as well. I fucked her with all the energy I could muster. She screamed passionately and urged me to fuck her harder. Amelia has never been fond of the love-me-tender method. Feeling adventurous, I put her on all fours and took her that way. It's not something we did often but it was a nice change. I spread Amelia's plump ass cheeks wide open and eased my cock into her backdoor. With a swift thrust, I went in. she yelped as I entered her but didn't stop me. She wanted it. My wife likes it in the ass, occasionally. I fucked her hard, and she begged me for more. I gave her all I got, and then some. And we happily romped away, until we collapsed in a sea of our fluids. Not for the first time, that woman left me breathless. She smiled, kissed me and then went to sleep. Yes, we were a passionate couple. Most vampire couples are. We lead lives of great danger. It's all very deadly, and quite thrilling.

When morning came, Amelia usually woke up first. She's what the humans call a Morning Person. She would make breakfast, then hop into the shower before dressing up and heading to work. She works as a Probation Officer at Boston Trial Court. Personally, I always thought she could do better. She has a lot of intelligence and drive, that woman. She put herself through four years of college and graduated from Suffolk University with a bachelor of science degree in Criminal Justice. I thought she would head to law school but she would rather work as a probation officer. She thought she could do more good that way.

Me? I'm a cop. I've always been a fighter. In Africa, I fought against the barbarian tribes which threatened my homeland. Fighting is ingrained in me. It was instilled in me by my father, Deshku Zorak. He was the leader of the vampire horde which the Kings of Axoum had worshiped for centuries as the Dark Protectors. Our kind had a deal going on with the royal houses. We fought against their enemies and defended their borders from those who threatened them. In exchange, they paid us tribute in gold and venerated us. For over two thousand years, the arrangement worked. Until a radical new King ordered the Army of the Kingdom of Axoum to rise against the undead. This was the beginning of the end for us.

My father and many of the male vampires were cut down in their sleep by the treacherous human warriors. My mother and female vampires fled into the mountains along with the male vampires who survived. For many months the humans hunted us. And slowly but surely, they exterminated us. We were a thriving community of five thousand vampires. Undead men and undead women who had the potential to live forever. I was the only one who escaped. I was but a vampire pup at the time. There was very little I could do. Swearing vengeance, I came back to Axoum two decades later and avenged my family by killing the murderous King along with his wife and their sons and daughters. I showed them no mercy. Then, I began making my way into the world.

Over the years, I've been so many things. I always cared for the African fatherland. Unfortunately, I wasn't always able to protect it. Humans are a treacherous bunch. When the Europeans began to invade the African landscape, they took advantage of the differences of warring African nations to buy prisoners of war and start up the Slave Trade. I raged against them but even an immortal man with superhuman strength and speed is powerless against the forces of man and time. The Africans had forgotten where they came from. And they let the Europeans treat them like beasts of burden.

I was once in love with Malik, a handsome young man from the Kingdom of Somalia. He was a man of vision who dreamed of transforming his country into a great nation. I was his lover as well as his counselor. I even shared with him my secret. When he learned that I was a vampire, he wasn't frightened. Rather, he thanked me for trusting him and shared himself with me. We had a passionate relationship. As was expected of him, he married and sired sons and daughters upon some of the most beautiful women of his country. However, he was completely devoted to me. I stayed with him all the days of his life. He died at the age of ninety one. I've never loved a mortal like this before or since.

For a vampire, loving a mortal can be a difficult and dangerous thing. Humans are full of misconceptions about vampires. We're not the result of undead monsters biting unsuspecting and presumably unwilling humans. No human can become a vampire. No vampire can become human. We're two somewhat similar yet very different species. The way humans and gorillas are two very different species. We just kind of look alike, that's all. My father was a vampire as was my mother. I was born a vampire. I was never human. And I will never be human. It's just not possible.

Sometimes, Amelia asks me what it was like in the old days. She is the daughter of African-American vampires who lived in New England their entire lives. Her parents have never seen the African fatherland, birthplace of both human and vampire. To be honest, they are just as mundane as she can be sometimes. I don't tell her this, of course. Most of my colleagues were surprised when we got married. I was a member of the Old Guard, the oldest and most powerful vampires in the world. The rulers of the Vampire Nation. Amelia was a free-spirited and wide-eyed fledgling. A newcomer to the immortal scene. I guess the only explanation as to how we fell in love is that opposites attract.

And yesterday, she sprang some unfathomable news onto me. She was pregnant. I'm about to become a father. That's the most jaw-dropping news I've ever received, folks. Wow. These are such uncertain times. Planet Earth is dying. We vampires know it. The humans can sense it too but they're in denial. They ignore the signs that Mother Nature throws their way. It's an uncertain world for both human and vampire. Is this the kind of world I want my future offspring to be born in? I look at Amelia as she stirs in her sleep. I peer at her using my unique vision. Already I can sense my spawn growing inside of her. In a few months they will emerge. I find myself smiling. I've been with quite a few female vampires in my time. I've never sired any offspring with them. I guess it's because I fear losing my family once more. This time, I tell myself, it's going to be different. No force in the universe will harm my mate or my spawn. Or there will be hell to pay. That's a vampire's promise.

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