tagRomanceBlack Velvet Ch. 01

Black Velvet Ch. 01


All of his friends had told him that he was crazy. Shanice Ledbetter was clearly out of his league, whether they were fellow professors or not and it wasn't something that he had to be reminded of. Still, Douglas wouldn't be deterred from his dream of having her black velvet pussy around his white velvet cock. Not only was she smart but she was beautiful as well and he loved that she offered someone like him her friendship.

He started out with lunch, either asking her out or bringing her a sack lunch for the cafeteria. She was always grateful and it evolved into an every day occurrence: he would provide the food and she would bring drinks and dessert. Their conversations, at first, were academic, but then began to deepen into personal and emotional areas. Douglas found himself opening up to her and his confidence grew. They went to a couple of mixers together and had a couple of dances but he always felt like an awkward child.

After three years of lunches, dances and dinners, he finally got up the nerve to ask her to the university's biggest dance, the Spring Cotillion and was delighted that she agreed to go with him. He rented his tux, bought flowers for her and arrived in a limousine to take her to the prom and was dazzled at what opened the door. Shanice had chosen a deep rose dress to match the pink in his cummerbund and had let her long hair down, letting its waves brush her shoulders.

"Wow! You're beautiful."

"You're very handsome yourself, Doug. Do I get a kiss?" Douglas leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss on the cheek. "That's the best you can do?"

His mouth dried up but he moved into the circle of her arms and pressed his lips against hers. Those coral lips parted and he tilted his head, letting his tongue softly sweep against hers. The tremor he felt in her vibrated through him and he sighed, pulling back and smiling into her eyes. "Good?"

"Very good." She smiled, leaning in for another. Douglas' head swam with the touch of her body against his and he kissed her like the man he wanted to be: her beau. "Even better." When she came in for another, he stopped her with an armful of flowers. "No more. I'll save the best for last."

As he watched her, he was aware of a strange feeling pervading his body. He really felt like her beau. She gathered her wrap, accepted her corsage and let him escort her to the dance. The entire evening, he was the envy of all their colleagues who were in attendance. Shanice would share no dance with any other men; her attention was on Douglas. She stayed at his side, her arm linked in his and let everyone know that she was not available under any circumstances. Near the end of the night, he commandeered a bottle of champagne and two glasses and asked Shanice to join him on the balcony.

He popped the bottle, poured the sparkling wine and handed her a glass. "What are we toasting to?"

Douglas thought for a long moment and smiled. "To my balls."

"What?" She laughed, her eyes twinkling.

"We've been friends for three years and not once did I think about kissing you like that until tonight. Why do you think that is?"

"Because you're shy, Doug."

"Why didn't you ever kiss me like that?"

"Because I'm shy, too." Her lovely eyes swept down and she took a sip of champagne.

"You? I would never have guessed that."

"Why not? Because I have halfway decent looks? I'm not interested in someone that wants me because I've got a pretty face. I want someone who wants me because I'm smart." She paused, looking up at him. "And that's you."

His heart stopped beating for a long moment. "Me?"

"Douglas, I've never felt as comfortable and as loved as I have with you. You always take care of me and make sure that I'm safe. I've been just been waiting for you to make a move."

He decided to let his actions show her how interested he was. He set his glass down, cupped her face and laid his best kiss on her, letting his tongue gently caress her teeth, tongue and lips. When he pulled back, her eyes were half-closed and she licked her lips. "Why don't we take this home?"


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