tagInterracial LoveBlack, White, and Colors Ch. 03

Black, White, and Colors Ch. 03


Pete's heart thudded with unwanted expectation and foreboding, as he followed the duo inside as they strode in, giggling surreptitiously.

The studio was nearly bare except for the expensive Kashmir Carpet on the floor and his own previous painting portraits as they adorned the walls. There was single forlorn looking cane chair in the center.

Dolly turned to him and asked him quizzically, her eyebrows arching,

"Where do you think us woman can undress in here, Pete, Huh?"

The question took his breath away as he expected only Dolly to disrobe if all.

"What? Who?" He mumbled like an incoherent child.

"Oh well," said Alice this time in a low voice that hid some element of a mystery,

"Madam and I usually do these women's things together, you see. We guess we will both have to disrobe and let you decide if that is inspiring enough?"

Pete was now sure they both could hear his heart thudding loudly and wished they were semi-deaf.

Dolly said after a difficult pause as no one spoke.

"OK we will do it here and now, Alice, as Pete does not seem to have any objections for the moment"

"But why both... I mean I thought I have to paint only Dolly's portrait," said Pete somehow wishing his voice did not resemble a frog's croak.

"We call this a 'package deal' in our business," said Dolly mischievously taking her coat off casually and dropping it carelessly on the carpeted floor below.

"Something like 'Buy one, take one Free' kind of thing," chirped in Alice, following Dolly by taking off her waist coat. Her brown posh globes struggled to get free inside the confinements of her business shirt.

Pete's eyes literally popped out. He distinctly felt a stirring in his groins.

Dolly neatly folded her expensive shirt over the arm of a lone chair and turned to him pirouetting coquettishly.

Pete saw that Dolly was a full bodied White woman with enviable proportions. His artist eyes took in every detail of her White lacy bra clad firm tits, soft and smoothly bulging over its top and her nipples made a distinct impression at the front announcing the presence of a woman who was not given to any shortcomings.

As Dolly bent down to remove her trousers, Pete's eyes had the beautiful glimpse of a plush valley between those milky boobs. He snatched his eyes way imploring his mind to be ethical and look things in a business like way. "Professionalism, Professionalism," he screamed to his mind and the next thing that he saw almost made him gasp and forget all about it.

It was Alice standing close to him on one leg, precariously balancing her body removing the trousers off revealing a gleaming expanse of brown hairless thighs and elegant long legs.

"Think I have any future in the world of models too?," She winked and crooned as she unclasped her bra hooks and let it follow slowly over her contours,

"All this isn't necessary, you know... I have never..." Pete pleaded in a last ditch attempt as if to avert a disaster in his painting studio.

Now he turned his eyes away from the alluring form of Alice and he felt his trouser front seemed to have become at least two sizes smaller in the past few minutes. Cursing himself for getting erect 'unprofessionally', he wished this would stop before he had no control over the events.

He was now confronted with the panty clad Dolly who stood looking him in the eye and she asked, "Don't you wish to see the rest of the item you are buying, Pete?"

Alice answered her from his behind, "Of course, he can decide if we are not half as good looking as those bimbos he has painted and put up on the walls over here"

She was pointing along naked brown arm over the portraits that adorned the wall.

"Yes, but Alice, lets be fair he has not actually seen the rest of us," said Dolly placatingly and undressed herself completely. And when she threw her silken panties to lie on top of her expensive suit, Pete could not hide his excitement as he had turn to face her, his prick erect in his pants like a half-cocked gun in front of him.

He had to agree that Dolly was indeed the most sensuous looking white woman he had seen outside of Hollywood films and indeed the first naked one in real life.

She stood almost 6-Ft tall, her gold rimmed spectacles sitting prettily on her aquiline nose, her red hair now a little disheveled and her frame fair soft and gleaming in the falling dusk light.

Her nipples proudly sat on the dark circle of her goose-pimpled areola looking askance at him. Her waist was a little fleshy and broad, her navel cleanly deep-set and her waist flowered into a sumptuous looking hips and thighs. Her pubic mound was trimmed and yes, she was a redhead there too, a natural. She was an aristocrat and nothing about her was 'Economy Class'. She was big in stature and physique matching her elevated social status.

She stood her ground proudly in the center of his studio even as he struggled with his lurching African manhood that was snaking around in the crevice between his balls and trouser sides in reaction to the visual bounty he was treated suddenly that afternoon.

"Ahem," coughed Alice deliberately to catch his eyes on to her own soft and silky delectable Mulatto form, matching curve to curve, pound to pound, to her Mistress.

Alice was more rounded in the breast area and her tits almost sagged with weight but not fully. The shining perspiring globes and their dark rounded nipples started at him innocently asking him if they did not deserve equal appreciation from his artist eyes. Her waist was softly curvaceous and her buttocks were ripe and full as an African woman is wont to have. Her dark pubic mound with curly sparse hair was inviting him to explore the dark secrets that lie within the delectable pink folds he could barely see. Seeing that their combined nudity was having telling effect on Pete the duo moved slowly forward on to him. Pete thought he was close to having his heart burst from excitement.

"What next, Pete?" asked Dolly her breath almost on Him, customer-like and Pete wished he knew.

He could already feel the physical presence of the sweet smelling Mulatto Assistant of hers, Alice behind his back, almost touching him.


End Of Part #3


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