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Black Widow


Erna Mae Walters pushed the front door open and trudged inside, her head aching from all the tears she cried. Harold was finally gone. It had been a long year since the prostate cancer had come out of remission and reclaimed her beloved husband. Erna could do nothing but watch his deteriorate into the shell of the man that they buried hours earlier. Her heart felt empty, her eyes sore from crying.

A knock on the door broke her from her sad reverie and she slowly arose to answer it, half-smiling with teary eyes as she recognized Will Johnson, pushing the blond hair out of his eyes and his strapping son, Rich. "Hi, Will."

Will bent down and hugged the short woman, burying his face in her soft, black hair. "Hi, Erna." He pulled back and smiled into her eyes. "How are you doing?"

"I just got home a minute ago." She bowed her head, sobbing as the fresh hurt of the day came back. "Is he really gone, Will?"

"Yes, honey. He's really gone." Will stepped back, half-turning toward his son. "You remember Richie?"

"Oh, yes." Erna gave him a warm hug. "I'm sorry, Richie. I didn't mean to ignore you."

"That's all right, Mrs. Walters."

Erna smiled, despite the heaviness of her heart. "You've grown a lot since I've last seen you."

"He's goes to UCLA in August on a full scholarship."

"Oh, Will! That's great!" She turned towards Rich. "Congratulations, Rich."

"Thank you."

"Can I get you some coffee?"

Will glanced at his son, then fished an envelope out of his jacket pocket, giving its face a quick read before handing it to her. "I think you should read this."

Erna read the letter, her face expressing confusion, then astonishment. "I-I don't understand."

"Yes, you do." Will's lips dipped, connecting with hers and he pulled her close, embracing her small body to his. Her mouth remained unmoving for a moment, then she responded with a deep sigh and a relaxed body. His tongue managed to coax her lips apart and the whimper of a woman who had long been without the touch of a man vibrated through her body. She didn't know what to think when she felt Rich's hands circling around her middle and targeting her breasts. She stopped trying to think when his body molded to her back, his roaming hands sliding down her body and brushing her mound.

Will took one hand and Rich took the other, leading her, without fanfare, to her bedroom. Will pushed her back so that she sat on the bed while Rich bent, removing her shoes. His young hands slid up her legs, locating the clips on her garter belt and rolling the hose down. His cock rose at the warmth of her flesh and he pressed an open-mouthed kiss to the inside of her knee. She gasped as Will shucked off his shoes and climbed on the bed behind her, his hands gliding down over her breasts, then sliding the jacket from her shoulders. His fingers worked the buttons of her shirt, pushing it open and kneading the two chocolate lumps resting within.

Erna groaned, letting Will lay her back and accepting his kiss, his hands pulling her shirt off. Rich's hands swam over the expanse of lace, moving her onto her side so that he could unhook the bra and her skirt. His father took care of the bra, releasing her huge globes and taking one half dollar-sized brown nipple into his mouth. Rich pressed lightly on her shoulder and took the other nipple, licking and sucking in concert with his father.

Will took her mouth again, letting his tongue express his feelings as his son pulled her skirt down, then followed with her panties. Rich twisted her over toward him, giving him a tentative kiss before opening his mouth and letting his tongue glide inside. Erna welcomed his innocence with the appreciation of an older woman, lacing her hands behind his head and opening her mouth wider. Will dropped down between her legs and laid light kisses along the insides of her thighs, working up to her moistening pussy.

She wanted to scream but Rich's tongue in her mouth prevented it. Erna's body undulated with a mind of its own, the nerves dancing with forbidden pleasure as Will's tongue basted her sticky inner lips and curved around her clit. Her fat ass rose off of the bed but Will didn't relent; she was cumming in seconds and he reaped the rich, sweet reward.

Rich floated over her body, stripping his jacket and shirt for her and smiling at the admiration in his eyes. He stayed still for a long moment, letting her hands travel over his muscled chest and six-pack abs before he pulled his pants and boxers off. His eight-inch cock sprung out, a thin, clear line of pre-cum arching from the dark, fat head. He leaned down and kissed her again before sinking his cock deep into her hole. She hissed, raising her hips up, quivering from Will's fingers frigging her hidden clit and Rich's penetration.

He pumped a few times, giving her an appetizer, then withdrawing, leaving her begging. Rich pulled her up onto her knees and slid underneath her, placing his hands on her hips and impaling her on his rod. Will moved behind her, bending low enough to lick part of his son's cock as it plunged into her juice-filled quim and her quivering pussy lips, then began to rim her tight brown pucker, thrusting one finger in and rubbing Rich's prick through the thin membrane of her body.

Rich moaned, flexing his hips and plunging in deeper as his father's tongue licked the gathering sweat from her back and added another finger to the asshole stew he was stirring. Erna pressed into his hand, then shook as Rich slammed up into her, coating his thick cock with her juices. Will removed his own clothes and aimed the blood-filled head of his rod at her asshole, pushing until her muscles relaxed, opened and accepted him.

"Oh, God!" Erna could utter no more. Her breath caught in her throat as father and son worked her anal and vaginal orifices, two thick brown cocks splitting her nether regions. Her pussy rippled as she reached her first orgasm, ass muscles squeezing Will's cock and traveling through to Rich's. Both men slowed, excited by feeling each other's hard cock through her thin wall between her vaginal and anal canals, then began anew, finding a compatible rhythm and plunging into her body again and again.

Three sets of voices raised in passionate release as Will came first, his creamy cock pulsing jets of jizz into her ass. Erna came next, her sloppy wet cunt wrapping around Rich's rod and causing him to cry out as cum coated the walls of her quivering vagina. Will collapsed against her back and she let him bear her onto Rich's hard body, all three breathing heavily and enjoying the aftermath together.

The letter drifted to the floor, Harold Walters' flowery script decorating the linen paper.

Dear Will, if you are reading this, I have finally died. I want to thank you for the friendship that you've shown me and my sweet Erna and I want to take this time and ask a favor of you. Erna is much younger than I am. You know that already, I'm sure but she would never acknowledge it. She cared for me like no other woman and has been the best friend, lover and companion that I've ever had in my life.

But in this last year, I have not been able to give her the attention that she needed. She never complained, though. She just busied herself spending each day taking care of me. So this is the favor I ask of you. After I am buried, on the day of the funeral, I want you and her favorite nephew, Richie, to go to our house and make love to her. I hope that you are not too shocked by my request. I have known that you have loved her for as long as we were married but out of brotherly respect, you never touched her. I love you for that.

Please. Please, Will. Love my Erna as I would have loved her. Make her forget the sadness of this day. I want her to remember the joy of someone loving her and not the grief associated with death.

I will see you again, dear brother, when you reach the other side. Until then, love my Erna with my blessing.


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