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Black Wing Angel


Last winter I headed back to my old neighborhood in Montreal after living a while in the U.S. and decided, even before I'd unpacked in my new apartment, that I'd go to The Anvil that night. It was my old haunt, an odd mix of leather, boot boys, drag queens and the now and again straight acting preppie college boy. Friends told me it was still going strong and I felt my cock twitch at the thought of some times, and tricks, I'd had there.

I dressed warm for the cold January night in below the knee engineer's boots, lined leather motorcycle pants, a tight black pocket t-shirt and my favorite old black pea coat. The cold air on my salt and pepper #1 buzz cut was refreshing. A Marlboro red and a black coffee kept me company as I wandered the nearly vacant streets down the quarter, to the seedier side, and, The Anvil. The same non-descript, battered steel door on the side of an old, crumbling brick and mortar factory dead for many years. I felt my cock growing again, snug and bare under my leathers.

Inside was like stepping back in time. The queens and the queers, the tops and the subs all jamming the dancefloor and milling in the dark, wood panelled interior. Some disco from the 70's up front, some newer, throbbing, pulsing dance track at the back bar. I strode through the sea of men and she-men, inhaling smoke, sweat, liquor and heat.

"Bourbon neat, water back, "firing up another smoke. The barkeep had his hulking, muscled back to me. He turned and we grinned at one another, he lunging to bearhug me over the bar. We kissed a hello. "Jack! When did you get back in town? Staying? Wait, lemme' get a shot and we'll toast together!"....Big Billy never let you get a word in and who cared? We drank our shot and he smiled, "I was just thinking you'd love one of our new customers." He called over to a group in the corner, "Angel! Get your ass over here!"

My cock sprang to instant steel hard life as he/she came toward us. Maybe 5'7" in the funky platform heels, tight, tight black jeans, a slight black camisole top with long, shining black hair down her back. Bouncing, small, ripe tits under the top. Tan, smooth skin. Some bangles, some chains. Full but not huge lips, a small but porportioned nose, deep green eyes and that smooth, feminine jaw. Her hand was out to me, as if to kiss. Billy was speaking, "Angel this big boy is Jack T.....someone I'm sure you have plenty to, ah, talk about with." I'd taken the hand, smooth and firm and she was looking me straight in the eye, her little pink tongue lighltly licking her full, red lips. When it came, her voice was a soft and yet husky little schoolgirl.

I have no idea what was said for the next half hour as she downed a couple of vodka tonics and I got more bourbon in me. Billy disappeared smiling knowingly. I lit her smokes and she touched my arm now and again, always looking with those eyes. I do know that at one point, we wound up in the liquor room near the toilets.

I had long ago pulled off the coat and she smiled, pushing me back on the booze cases, dropping to her knees, tugging at my fly. When my fat 7 1/2" came out she smiled and squealed and, grabbing my ass cheeks for support, she stuffed the head in her mouth. I know from the Labatt's clock on the wall, which I actually saw now and then, that she sucked my rod for twenty minutes before I blew. Stroking my shaft she'd yanked my leathers down to my boot tops. Her mouth and tongue were on my cock head, my shaft. She licked and sucked my bare, tight balls. Her mouth-wet fingers explored my ass. Her soft, yielding, hungry mouth took my whole length to the hilt. She'd have my cock flashing in and out of her mouth, striping my dick with her spit as she gazed into my eyes, adoringly. I wound a fistful of her hair and she broke her mouth off me long enough to moan and shudder and coo and pluck her own nipples.

All the while I held her hair and yanked and she loved it. Her tongue was everywhere at once. It was dizzying. Pulling off her shirt after she's sucked me to completion and licked me clean, I was suprised to see detailed black angel wings down her back, disappearing into those tight jeans and sure to be on her sweet ass. She was moaning and licking my balls. "Daddy....oh, big wet daddy....please....love me daddy...please..."

She stood and staggered back a step and then blew my mind. Hitching her fingers into her waistband she yanked her jeans right off. Breakaways like a stripper. My breath caught in my throat. Stockings. Smooth black stockings with a garter belt. Tiny and sweet black panties. A little golden halo was inked above the top of her panties, just below her navel. She pulled off the bra to expose her breasts with their tiny pink nipples. No tan lines. My eyes were riveted to the bulge in her undies as she spread her legs and rocked back on her heels onto a beer case. Her teasing, pleading smile made my cock as hard as stone.

I lunged onto her and kissed her wildly, our tongues twining together as we mashed our groins together. She couldn't have weighed more than 110 pounds. Her hands on my chest, my fingers on her nipples. She rolled onto her stomach beneath me as I kissed across her back and dropped to my knees behind her. I slid her panties down her crack and spread her firm little cheeks to expose her pink asshole. Her cock and balls flopped into view as I drove my tongue into her ass. She reared back, her hand on my head and moaned. I rimmed her and teased her as I stroked her very respectable little cock and balls. She was moaning and pleading now, breathing hard and squirming, "Daddy! Daddy! Please, please fuck me daddy....ohhhh....eat baby's little pussy, tongue her ass...oohhhh....please daddy, please fuck me..."

I stood as she reared back and grasped my cock to rub at her puckering hole. She guided my meat to her ass with her hand between her legs. She was tight and warm and wet from the rimming. I'd planned on easing my fat cock in but as soon as the head was in, she pushed back hard and I was balls deep in the sweet ass of my black wing tranny girl. With a hand on each cheek I slid from the flaring rim of my cock's head to balls deep again and again as she stroked her hard cock feverishly and moaned and whimpered and muttered to me. "Harder daddy! Harder and deeper! Ohhhh, fuck!.....", eyes closed and her tongue thrashing, "Fuck! Fuck my sweet ass.....fuck it....ahhhh!" Her hand went wildly between her legs to my balls and back to her as the tempo increased and her ass clutched and spasmed around my cock.

With a hard exhalation she came all over the beer cases and I was soon to follow, pulling out as she'd begged, splattering her thigh and firm stomach as she rolled. What could be more beautiful? Her eyes half closed, a smile on her face. On her back in the overhead light of the white hot bulbs, legs spread and dangling lazily from the boxes. Her panting breath as she smiled and said, "I need a cigarette, daddy!" My pearly spunk on her stomach and thigh and her firm little tits. Her still half hard, cut little cock. I knelt and she threw her thighs over my shoulders as I lovingly suckled her cock and gently fingered her stretched asshole. Her cock came alive in my mouth and she fondled my hair and back. She traced patterns in my cum and dipped her sticky fingers in her happy little mouth. I rimmed her ass again, fondling her cock and breasts as she moaned and breathed and sighed.

We dressed a bit and then got excited for it again and she sucked me off and I stood behind her, my cock on her ass as she ground against me and I jacked her cock and balls into my hand, my arms down the front of her, her tits pressed hard under my arms. She licked her own jizz out of my palm like a kitten with a saucer of cream, all the while gazing up at me and smiling wickedly through those green eyes. That got me hard again and she dropped her panties and I filled her ass this time as she bucked beneath me.

All said, after we'd gotten together and headed back to the bar, three glorious, cum drenched hours had passed. Billy smiled that smile and set 'em up and Angel blushed a lot, which I liked, and smoked demurely and stroked my leather encased cock under the bar. It's coming on a year now and we're still dating, sort of. She'll be out dressed like a schoolgirl or a Girl Scout or all in a tight body suit of latex and she'll tease every TV lover in the joint and then she'll come home with me and we'll relive that first time again and again.....next time I'll tell you about her 'sister'...

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