tagErotic CouplingsBlackbeard's Downfall Ch. 05

Blackbeard's Downfall Ch. 05


Blackbeard's strong arms encircled Penelope's tiny waist, his large calloused hands cupping beneath the curve of her sweet ass and hauling her to him roughly, he stood. One arm tightened on her waist, crushing her to his chest as his other hand demandingly pulled her strong, long legs around his waist as his lips crushed to hers once more in a searing kiss. He could feel her stiffen against him momentarily and then begin to relax as her ankles locked in the small of his back, causing her hot exposed cunt to press against his belly. The groan that lifted from his lips was both urgent and primal. He had to have her … in every way. He shuddered ... he actually shuddered as he felt her soft curves melt against him, a low moan of pleasure escaping him as he pushed her forcefully against the wall.

Penelope couldn't help the whimper that escaped her lips as she felt him press her hard into the wall. There was something so primal, so urgent about the way in which he needed her and she caught onto that urgency until it wrapped around her entire being like a wanton caress. She was bound to him and the more than her body responded to him, the more she realized that there was no other place that she wanted to be. A shudder snaked down her spine as her legs shifted, opening her body up more to him as her nails slid up the wide expanse of his back to dig into his shoulders. "Edward ... please ..." she whimpered, needing him more than she could put voice to.

Blackbeard pinned her against the wall securely, his large calloused hands stroking her curves and hot flesh. Dipping his head, he bit her neck sensually with a low growl. "Please what?" he demanded as the thickness of his beard brushed across the curve of her breasts. He wanted to hear her admit that she wanted him ... he wanted her to beg for it this time.

She cried out softly, her back arching as her head pressed back into the wall. Turning her face some to present more of her neck to him, Penelope wiggled her hips against him, pressing her wet swollen cunt against his raging hard on. "Fuck me Edward ... please ... make me yours," she pleaded huskily.

Blackbeard grunted in response, pushing against her as his large hands reached to spread her thighs more and then between their bodies to guide his cock to her opening, whispering huskily into her ear, "Gladly ..." and with that, he thrust deep inside her hard with a small cry, grunting as he jerked into her, laying claim to her body once again.

Penelope cried out as he thrust hard into her, jerking her hips forward to impale herself deeply onto his length. Her nails dug into the back of his shoulders as her mouth fell to his neck, sucking and biting reflexively as he claimed her again as his. She could feel his body shuddering as he jerked hard up into her wet, warm depths. There was no doubt about what he was doing ... he was raping her but with her willing consent this time, claiming her as his.

"Oh ... oh, god yeah," Blackbeard groaned, his head tilting to the side to let her have his neck beneath the thick growth of tangled beard and as he felt her lips and teeth he thrust harder into her, his hands roaming and claiming her flesh as much as his cock was claiming her cunt.

Penelope trembled uncontrollably against him, feeling her cunt walls contract with each thrust of his hard, thick cock deep inside of her. She didn't realize the extent of her awakened passions as her nails marked him and her mouth and teeth bit at him , licking at his neck in wild abandon as she felt him take control of her whole being, using her for his pleasure ... the way that she was starting to realize she was meant to be. This is where she belonged ... with a pirate ... with THIS pirate.

Blackbeard grunted hard, her name rolling off his tongue time and again as he raped her, grinding her into the wall as he slammed his thick, hard cock into her spasmming flesh. "Oh yeah ... mine ... all mine," he groaned passionately, his teeth gritting as his cock thickened inside of her.

Her cries seemed to morph into screams of pleasure and uncontrollable sounds that moved from mews of pleasure to whimpers ... to moans and groans ... to outright screams as his cock slammed deep inside of her. Her lips and tongue and teeth and nails took on a life of their own; biting and raking at him as he pushed her out of control. "Oh god ... god ... Edward ... Edward!"

Uncontrollable shudders raked through him as he was clawed and bitten at, the sensations driving him to rape her harder, trembling as his cock thickens inside her moist, tight depths. Muttering her name almost incoherently, he managed to whisper in a harsh, lust-filled voice, "Oh god ... Penelope ... my girl ... I'm ... I'm gonna cum ..."

Penelope cried out, the sensations overwhelming as she pushed her head back against the wall, her nails digging deep into the pirate's back as she trembled almost violently. Her cunt walls clamped down on his cock and then erupted in a myriad of pulsing motions, cumming hard over his thickening cock as she screamed his name, "Edward! Ohhhhh ... Edward!"

Grunting hard, Blackbeard gasped as he felt Penelope lose control and cum, jerking into her harder with a cry as his own control slipped and he spewed deep inside of her, hot cum shooting deep into her womb as he gripped her hips almost painfully, pounding into her relentlessly as he rides out his orgasm. "Oh ... oh yeah ..."

Crying out again, Penelope's eyes widened as his thrusts became harder and faster, causing her cunt to contract and collapse again, flooding him again with more sweet, thick nectar. She could feel him erupt and spew deep inside of her, one hand sliding back to dig her nails into his hip. "Oh god, Edward ... oh god ..." she moaned, a sob catching in her throat at the unexpected feelings that he was arousing in her with an intensity she couldn't understand. She was falling for him ... falling in love with a pirate!

Growling deeply into her ear as she scratched at him, Blackbeard bucked into her forcefully and deep as she sobbed. His free hand glid down to her breast to squeeze it hard, demandingly. "You're mine, Penelope. All mine," he growled before his teeth sunk into her neck much like a rabid animal taking its prey, sucking hard on the tender spot enough to leave a claiming mark for all to see.

Penelope gasped, moaning to hear his animalistic growl, a shudder snaking down her spine as he bucked into her, his words making her whole body lurch and spiral out of control again as her cunt muscles contracted around him. Crying out as his lips and teeth marked her neck, her eyes fluttered closed, sobbing out in pleasure and joy as she lost herself in the pirate's arms.

Blackbeard grunted hard, growling as he bit and suckled on her, raping her forcefully before he tensed again with a cry and thrust into her hard, moaning in utter pleasure. Cumming hard again inside of her, he could feel her spasmming cock milk him for all he was worth as he growled low into her ear, "Oh yeah ... damn, that feels good wench " and with a tenderness that even took him by surprise, lowered his mouth to nibble on her ear affectionately. She affected him ... something that was surprising but at the same time, something that he held onto in this insane world that he lived every day. Grunting when the last little bit is worked from him, he settled against her to use her for support, panting hard.

Moaning softly, Penelope held onto that one last moment when he came, his cock demanding nothing short of all she's got as her body seemed trained to follow his lead, cumming again as his seed was shoved deep inside of her womb. Sobbing through whimpers and mews of pleasure as she crushed against the wall beneath his weight, Penelope moaned softly as her fingers gently, absently began stroking his hip. "I ... I ... love you," she barely breathed as tears touched her eyes.

The pirate took a deep breath and lifted off of her some, gazing deep into her eyes as he held her still pinned against the wall. There was that part of him that wanted to answer her in return but he could never admit to the weakness that she brought out in him. Instead, he growled out, his fingers digging into the sweet curve of her ass suddenly found in his large hands, "Of course you do wench ... you're mine" and claimed her once more in a searing kiss that left Penelope breathless and aching for more.

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