Blackbird Ch. 03


Chapter 3: A Woman Scorned

The third part of an ongoing story of love/hate between Betazoid Federation Captain Pyre Jaxel and Romulan Commander Yanus.

The story so far... The Romulans have kidnapped a Federation Admiral and Jaxel has agents extracting her, which will all be fine, if he can find away to keep the Romulans distracted.


Pyre had been sitting nervously on the bridge. Yanus's shuttle had left the moon some time ago, docking back with the Warbird.

"How long?" He asked.

The helmsman answered. "The shuttle docked twenty three minutes ago, still no sign from either away..."

"Wait." Operations interupted. "I'm reading a beamout."

The comm officer didn't wait for his cue. "Transporter room, please confirm return of away team."

The air was silent for a moment and everyone on the bridge seemed to hold their


"I've got them..." Another pause. "We have injuries.... Perry is dead sir."

Pyre stood up and walked to the comm. "Acknowledged..." His tone was a mixture of relief and concern. "Get the others to medical, I'll be there shortly."

When the link closed Pyre turned to the helm. "Get us out of here, and engage


"A hail sir, from the Romulan ship..."

"Helm I want you ready to move in a hurry and bring up that cloak as soon as you do.". Pyre spoke as he moved back to his chair. "Open the channel."

Yanus appeared on the screen, her rage obvious in her expression.

"Commander, are you alright? I've seen you looking better." He grinned, she had looked much better when she had called out in Romulan as he took her over the back of the sofa.

"You... You won't get away with this Captain.". She yelled.

"With what?" Pyre faked innocence.

"With... With..." She couldn't say it, to admit he had stolen her prisoner would be to admit they had Perry in the first place. She unleashed a train of Romulan cuses. "You asshole Pyre Jaxel."

Pyre frowned. "I hear that a lot...". He broke into a grin. "Can't stay, would love to... But needs must..."

Yanus shouted in Romulan again. "You had better hope we never cross paths again."

Pyre gave a hurt look. "But I was really starting to love your sadisitic bitch style - it really suits you..." He winked at her.

She practically growled and then ended the communication.

Any hint of amusement left his face and Pyre turned to the helm. "Time to go. Now!"

"Aye sir.".

The Blackbird cloaked and headed out as fast as possible, putting as much distance between them and the N as possible.


Captain Pyre Jaxel

Commanding - USS Blackbird

Commander Yanus

Commanding - Romulan Warbird Nexar

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