Blackbird Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Chance Meeting

The fourth part of an ongoing story of love/hate between Betazoid Federation Captain Pyre Jaxel and Romulan Commander Yanus.

The story so far... After Jaxel rescued a Federation Admiral from the clutches of the Romulan Commander Yanus, he finds she has been demoted and blames him for her downfall...


"Look what space trash they let on this place," Hawk called over the catwalk, seeing Pyre passing underneath him. "Don't they do background checks before

allowing just anyone to take leave here?"

"obviously not if they employed you.". Pyre called back with a grin.

Hawk looked in either direction for an access ladder and scowled. There wasn't one handy, so he stepped up on the rail, grabbed a heavy vertical conduit, and slid down. "Much faster," he grinned at Pyre. "You'll never guess who I just ran into."

Pyre continued to walk, Hawk falling into step with him. "your great aunt petunia, finally deciding to write you back into the will?" he asked in all seriousness.

"Your Romulan friend, the girl who had Perry," he lowered his voice a bit. "Cold as shit to me on the command deck," he laughed quietly.

Pyre couldn't hold in a grin. "yeah? Well, she warms up on closer acquaintance,

believe me. Besides, she has every right to be cold, though I think on her it's a natural disposition.".

"That I would agree with," Hawk smiled, having enjoyed the brief meeting, albeit hostile from Yanus.

"I just sort of feel sorry for her. She's a good officer, and if they had removed that transponder a few days earlier we would never have found Perry.... If she had suspected that we knew she even had Perry at all things would have been different. That was her only mistake really."

"Well, god know you spent enough time with her on the little outpost down there," Hawk eyed him with suspicion. "Do I want to know about the details of your hostage negotiations?"

Pyre grinned again. "let's just say I wouldn't be adverse to a repeat performance."

"Right," Hawk shook his head. "Well, she's around. Maybe you can make things up to her. Make her feel a little better, she looks like she needs a cheering up." Hawk stopped walking. "This is my stop," he thumbed to the lift. "Some of us aren't on leave."

"some of us need it - thank gods my yeoman has finally arrived, can't wait to meet them... Will probably try and find you before I leave.". Pyre smiled.

"My office is on the third level. I think it is, anyway," he glanced upwards at the glass encased command levels. "Lots of shit up there, could be anywhere, really."

Pyre raised an eyebrow. "you should get a map... Call yourself an intel officer." he shook his head, grinning.

"I'll find it," he started to turn. "I've got some string in my pocket in case I get lost. Why don't you come up to my office for a drink, in case you get tired of being haranged by girls in bars."

Pyre winked. "better you than the girls eh?" he turned to walk away, slapping Hawk's as he did so. "see you later my friend - I think I might just try and track down my Romulan friend."

"Won't be hard," Hawk replied, heading into the lift. "She's hard to miss in any crowd, just look for the cold spot in the room." He stepped into the lift with a slight nod.


Commander Hawkins


Captain Pyre Jaxel

CO, USS Blackbird

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