Blackbird Ch. 05


The fifth part of an ongoing story of love/hate between Betazoid Federation Captain Pyre Jaxel and Romulan Commander Yanus.

The story so far... After Jaxel rescued a Federation Admiral from the clutches of the Romulan Commander Yanus, he finds she has been demoted and blames him for her downfall...


Yanus couldn't hide her grimace. The station was certainly not the sort of place she was used to. Every time she thought she was starting to settle in something else would happen. On this occasion she saw Pyre Jaxel - the last time she had seen him had been their first ever meeting. She had negotiated, attempted seduction, and after he had worn her out with his stamina, she had returned to her ship to find he had stolen her captive. The ship was a mess but repairable, unlike her career. If anyone was to blame for her transfer it was Pyre Jaxel. She had seen him in the bar and headed straight back out again, hoping he hadn't seen her. When she last spoke to him she had threatened him, that she would make him pay for what he had done. She rounded the corridor to her quarters to find he had spotted her and was waiting at her door wearing a grin.

"So... There I was in the bar, drinking with friends when I see this woman. Not just any woman, but one of the youngest Commanders the Romulans ever produced. And not just any Commander, a great one who had earned her position in life... And I think to myself, what would such a woman be doing here?" He was grinning as he spoke, watching her move towards him.

"What do you want?" She asked. She wasn't in the mood to be made fun of, and he wasn't worth what was left of her career, as much as she would love to throttle him. He stepped in front of her as she got to the door. "To say I'm sorry... The best man may have won, but I do feel bad for how things have gone for you."

She sneered at him. "Save your pity for Nniol, they executed him." Not that she cared; she hated that man as much as Jaxel. Between the two of them her career was dead. She opened the door and stepped inside, slightly shocked when Pyre followed her. "Are you fond of trespassing?" She asked curtly. It wasn't something she was used to.

"Well when I heard what happened I felt this urge to try and make it up to you." He stood close to her and brushed a wayward hair from her face.

"Don't do that." She said sternly, not moving.

"Do what?" He continued to stroke his finger down to her chin.

"That..." She muttered as he put his finger under her chin and lifted her lips to his. Hovering just centimetres from each other, Pyre moved his mouth to her ear.

"I did mean what I said - the sadistic bitch attitude really suits you." With a huff, Yanus pushed him back. "Get out! Now, before I call security!" Her voice shook with rage.

"Yanus..." Pyre's smile was quite charming. "I mean it, and now that attitude has no real outlet..." He moved back towards her. ::sometimes punishment is needed..:: he repeated words she had once said to him. Quite unintentionally her lips tweaked, amused at the thought. She put her hand on his chest. "Captain Jaxel, are you submitting yourself to me for punishment?". She grinned. Returning her grin he lowered himself to his knees in front of her and placed his hands on her hips. "Commander..." She grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, biting at his lips. She pulled back with a grin. "We did have fun..." She mused. Without another word she disappeared into the bedroom. With a smile Pyre got to his feet and started to remove his civi clothing as he headed after her, it was the least he could do after the problems he had caused her.


When Pyre entered the bedroom he smiled to see that she had decked it out much like the state room on the Romulan occupied moon he had visited. Yanus lay naked on the bed. She looked at him as he walked in. "I could make you beg Captain? I could tie you up and beat you?" She asked, curious to see how much punishment she was allowed to bestow. Pyre made his way to the bed. She didn't move. He placed a hand on her ankle and ran it up her leg, over her hip and waist as he leaned over her. Before he could put his lips to hers, she smiled and grabbed his hand, moving quickly she rolled him over so that he was now lying on his back on the bed. He couldn't help but be impressed. Pining his arms to the bed, she threw a leg over him so that she was now straddling his waist. Feeling his hardness beneath her, she pressed her hips down, moving her them in painfully slow circles. Pyre groaned at the half pleasure. The friction was enjoyable and teasing was always fun to a degree...

"How far Captain? Shall we have a safe word?" She reached back and pulled binds from the back of the bed, tying them around his wrists. He grinned at her. ::you told me all your questions are rhetorical...:: She grinned back as she pulled the bindings tight and reached over him, her breasts pressing against his chest and lips barely above his. She sat back up again, a small dagger in her hand. With a smile she held it over his heart. "I could kill you, you know... I have nothing without my career."

Pyre raised an eyebrow. "I didn't pick you for a defeatist. It's only a matter of time before you work your way back to the top..." He grimaced as she drew the cold blade across the old scar tissue on his chest.

"War wound?" She asked with little interest.

"Something like that.". He tried to move his arms, testing his restraints. Yanus laughed, moving her hips once more. "What would you do if you got free.".

Pyre moaned. "Right now, if you keep moving like that... I'd treat you to a blow by blow action replay of our last encounter." Yanus grinned, placing the blade on the other side of his chest and drawing it slowly across, just enough to let the blood well up. Pyre bit his lip, a display of pain, though really it was not that bad, trying to make her feel better more than anything. At his reaction she exhaled shallowly. "What now Captain?" She asked as she used the dagger to nick small cuts up his side, smiling each time he flinched. Pyre grinned, despite the occasional involuntary flinch. In a quick succession he sent her a few images of the day they had met. Her mind, unshielded before was now wide open, drinking in the sights. Her head lolled back and she groaned. After a moment she looked back down at him, her breathing becoming ragged. The dagger still in her hand she placed her palms to his now slightly bloodied chest and looked into his eyes, her hair falling like a curtain around them. Pyre went to move his hands again, the waves of lust coming off her, urging his body to act. She pushed him back down, panting as she looked at him.

"Do you trust me?" He asked, straining against the binds. She raised an eyebrow, remembering how he would not take her wine once in case it was poisoned. "Do you trust me?" He laughed and snapped hard against the restraints. "Enough to let you tie me up."

She grinned and grabbed the hilt of the dagger once more. "I could kill you." There was a much more dangerous note in her voice as she started to press the point to his chest. "But what good would it do?" He smiled gently. Yanus didn't smile as she leaned down, slowly licking at his lips, pulling back, teasing as he tried to kiss her. Between the nips at his lips she spoke - "I want you to suffer as I have.". She meant it wholeheartedly. She wanted this man to know the shame he had brought on her by stealing her prisoner, the loss he had caused her. Pyre could sense her want to hurt him and urged her on, wanting her to get it out of her system one way or another. ::I submit to your will commander::

Yanus looked down at him. A hint of that smile still tugging at the corners of his mouth. Feeling her frustration of the last weeks well up she brought her open palmed hand down hard to his face, before bringing the dagger back up again, pressing it to his throat.

"Don't mock me." She stated calmly but with venom.

::I submit commander:: Pyre looked at her seriously.

Still looking into his eyes, Yanus drew the blade back to his chest, slowly pressing it deeper until it once more drew blood. He could feel her need to hurt him and part of him didn't want to deny her that. ::Yanus...:: he started to protest as the blade dug deeper. Yanus looked away from him. Removing the blade from his chest and leaving her position astride him to sit next to him. She pushed him over so that he now lay face down, his bound arms crossed. Straddling his hips, Yanus carefully applied the blade to the top of his right arm as she began to carve her family crest. Pyre grit his teeth. He had been wounded in much more painful ways in the past. When she had finished, Yanus sat back and admired her work. His arm was bloodied but the cut was shallow, it would leave only a light scar, like those worn by the slaves her family kept. "What is torture to you Pyre?" She lowered her lips to his back and enjoyed his flinch. His sensitive back had always been his undoing. He moaned lightly as she moved her lips and tongue across his skin, the dull aching pain of his arm replaced with the more pressing urgency of his aching cock. He opened his mind, sending her images of times he had been teased, the only form of torture that would eventually overwhelm him. Smiling, Yanus spread herself out along his back, soaking up the imagery with a groan.

Pyre pulled against the restraints, the feel of her body against his sending his pulse through the roof. Kissing his neck, Yanus slowly moved off and pulled him back over, inspecting his body. His cock was hard, his body covered in angry nicks and slices, his beautiful black Betazoid eyes looking into hers. With a smile she broke eye contact and lowered her mouth around his throbbing cock - only to pull fully away each time he groaned. Holding back his groans, his eyes rolled back as she continued sucking and licking at him. Yanus laughed, the action sending vibrations through her mouth that Pyre could not hold back a groan against. Yanus pulled back.

"And you were doing so well, a quick learner." Pyre fixed her with a hard, if slightly playful glare. ::when I get free...::

"If, Captain... If." She smiled, swinging a leg over and settling over his crotch. ::what would you do with me?" She moved slowly but surely, resuming her earlier teasing. Pyre's head fell back in frustration as he ground his hips upwards towards hers. Slowly, and with a grin she reached once more for the dagger, moving it up and cut the binds. Once his hands were free he stroked his fingers up her sides with a calmness he barely felt before grabbing hold of her wrists. He rolled them, pining her much slighter form beneath his. First with gentle nipping and then with a more forceful passion, Pyre kissed the Romulan, his tongue moving skilfully against hers. Yanus laughed and pulled sharply away. Not expecting any resistance, Pyre was ill-prepared and fell to one side as she slid to the other side of her vast bed. Pyre raised an eyebrow and made a move for her, but she was quick and easily evaded his grasp. "Do you wish to punish me Captain?" She asked, amused. Her tone gave away that it was a dare rather than an offer. She moved a hand lightly down her side, around the curve of her breast to play lightly at her hip, moving slowly lower...

"No..." He said coolly as he stood and stalked around the bed, his eyes never leaving hers. "I want to fuck you.". She laughed again and took flight. He caught her by the wrist as she passed her dressing table. Holding her wrist bruisingly tight with one hand, Pyre used the other to sweep the contents of the table top to one side, before swinging her quite violently onto it. Yanus laughed as her bare back pressed against the cool mirror. ::Do all Romulans laugh as much as you?:: Pyre asked as he clamped his mouth hungrily over hers.

::only when they are having this much fun I should imagine...:: she accepted his mouth just as ferociously. Pyre smiled, grabbing her ass and pulling her back towards the edge of the table. Yanus groaned, pulling her legs up around him. ::make it worth me untying you...:: she thought. Pyre smiled. Running his hands from her ass up her thighs, he pushed into her. Yanus moaned softly, moving one hand up to the back of his neck as the other moved to the table behind her so she could brace herself. With long, painfully slow thrusts, Pyre began to push deeper and deeper, resting his forehead against hers as her legs drew tighter around him. With each thrust, Yanus couldn't hold back her groans. Slowly she moved both her hands to grip his shoulders. "More..." She moaned.

Pyre rested his lips on her shoulder as he pulled her tight to him. With a quick movement he lifted her and turned them, setting her down on the bed. His hands now at her sides, he moved his thumbs to play across her hard nipples. He thrust harder, pressing her to the bed. With as much effort as she could manage, Yanus rolled them so that she was now on top, the forgotten dagger pressing into her thigh. Ignoring the slight discomfort, she braced a hand on Pyre's chest as she rode his thrusts, arching her back. Pyre moaned at the sight as her beautiful pale body. He was getting close and wasn't sure how he had even lasted this long. Yanus moved her hands up to his hair and then back down to rest on his temples. She could feel him straining beneath her, his muscles tensing. ::submit to me:: she commanded in Romulan, absolute concentration as she tried to enter his mind.

At the second Pyre was about to come he felt Yanus. She was in the outer reaches of his mind, trying to find a way through. Pyre laughed inwardly - she really was a Romulan if she would use this moment of release to try and access any classified information she might use to her advantage. Pyre redirected her. Closing his eyes he moved into her mind, taking with him all his current sensations. He knew he was there when he felt Yanus stiffen. He had linked their minds now, his senses overwhelming hers. She cried, almost in shock as he moved his hands to her breasts, feeling in the one instant his hands on her both physically and mentally so that she knew what it was like to be him. She could feel his arousal as though it were her own. Feel him inside her at the same time as feeling as though she were inside.

As Pyre came, Yanus cried out, feeling his release from his mind set. Her body shook as she came hard, crying out as he continued to thrust through the mutual waves of pleasure they both felt, until finally she collapsed onto his chest. Panting, Pyre rolled them over once more, slowly withdrawing from her and placing a kiss on her forehead. "That was very naughty Yanus, you shouldn't try to enter people's minds without permission... Maybe next time I should punish you." He raised an eyebrow. As he went to move away she caught hold of his wrist and pulled herself up, wrapping her arms around his neck so that she sat in his lap, her breast pressed tight against him."More..." Her demand was slightly coy. She pulled at his lower lip with her teeth, running her hand down his chest and between his legs. "I want more..."


Pyre left Yanus sleeping. She had looked peaceful, a smile on her lips. In the last seven hours he had less than two hours sleep. His clothes he had pulled back on with some effort, deciding he wouldn't go and see Lily for a patch up.


Captain Pyre Jaxel

Commanding - USS Blackbird

Commander Yanus

Romulan Liaison - Deep Space 5

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