tagInterracial LoveBlackboard Jungle Fever

Blackboard Jungle Fever

byIrish Moss©

I attended a very ethnically diverse college with nearly equal amounts of blacks and whites and almost as many Latinos. The only real minorities in the school itself were Asian and Indian students, though there were a handful of them. I played wide receiver on the football team and did pretty well due to my height and lankiness and I was pretty fast for a white guy. We'd had a really good game one Saturday, so that night one of my teammates threw a party at his house. It wasn't just football players and cheerleaders, but they were pretty much all in attendance. Always on the prowl, I was checking out the talent, which definitely wasn't lacking, when I spotted Seri in a short, tight miniskirt. She was thin ebony goddess with small breasts but her legs looked nice and I was thinking about what was hiding under that skirt.

I managed to get her into a one-on-one conversation and was flirting like crazy. She was extremely responsive so I went for broke and asked her what she had hiding under her miniskirt. She smiled coyly and replied that she couldn't remember.

"I suppose I could check for you...on one condition," I offered.

"Oh yeah," she countered, "what condition?"

"Well," I responded, "you'd have to let me eat whatever I find."

She closed her eyes, smiled and made a soft, low moan. When she opened her eyes again, she OK'd my condition but said that we'd have to be discreet so we agreed to meet at the upstairs bathroom. Once we were both there and she was comfortable that there were no witnesses, we went in and locked the door behind us. She leaned against the counter and I kissed her briefly before dropping to my knees before her. I raised her skirt to expose her black panties nearly hidden against her dark brown skin. I asked her to hold the hem of her short skirt up as I ran my hands up her thighs and around to her ass, which was bare due to the fact that her black panties were actually a thong. I squeezed her ass cheeks as I kissed her lower abdomen and hips, then pulled her panties aside to expose her trim, black bush.

Immediately, I started lapping at her pussy, tasting her abundant juices as she moaned softly and ran the fingers of her free hand through my long, blond hair. I brought my other hand around from her ass and slipped an index finger up into her slippery pussy as I continued licking and sucking her clit. She moaned a bit louder, still trying to keep her reactions under control, and started gyrating her hips toward my face. She was so tasty that I wanted to make sure I did a good job so that she'd think of me next time she was horny. Her reaction indicated that I was doing just fine but I knew we shouldn't spend too much time locked away in the bathroom if she wanted to be discreet. I focused my efforts on getting her there rather than on prolonging her pleasure and was immediately rewarded as her hips started moving faster and she had more trouble keeping quiet.

Rather than running her fingers through my hair, she was holding my head in place and humping her pussy against it as I felt her pussy getting wetter and more engorged. I knew she was right on the brink of cumming so I kept going and moments later she went rigid then started to shudder as little squeaks escaped from her mouth. I stopped licking and slipped my finger free when she finally relaxed again, then stood up and asked her to turn around. I flipped her skirt up over her ass as she leaned on the bathroom counter, then released my cock from my jeans and, pulling her thong aside again, guided it into her snug pussy. I looked up to see the expression of passion on her face as I slid all the way in and my hips touched her ebony ass. Taking her by the hips, I started to slowly slide my cock in and out of her, enjoying the snug but slippery feel.

Again, knowing we didn't want to tarry, I worked my way very quickly up to fucking her hard and fast. Once I had a good, steady rhythm going, I slid my hands up from her hips, under her blouse and fondled her perky tits through her bra. After playing with her hard nipples, I slipped my hands under her bra to feel the soft flesh and hard nipples against my bare palms. I'd love to have seen her naked, but this wasn't the time and I could certainly hold out hope that the opportunity would present itself later. Based on the look on Seri's face, she appeared to be enjoying our encounter, so it was not out of the realm of possibility.

As my orgasm continued to build, I went back to holding her hips as my own hips smacked against her ass. My cock was swelling with my impending orgasm and the slippery feel of her hot pussy felt even more incredible the longer I fucked her. Finally, with a grunt, I started spewing inside her and continued fucking her until I was completely spent. I pulled out and let her skirt drop to cover her sweet, black ass as I tucked my cock away. She straightened up and turned to me with a smile then gave me a nice, deep kiss. She suggested that I slip out first so that she could make herself presentable again, so I checked the hallway then headed back downstairs, closing the door again behind me.

I grabbed a beer and surreptitiously watched the stairs until she came down. She spotted me and flashed me another brilliant smile before heading in the other direction. It was probably half-an-hour before our paths crossed again and she slipped a note into my hand as she said she had to head out. I checked the note after she left and found her phone number, which made me smile.

Once I finished my beer, I headed back to the keg where I found Carlene topping off her beer. She was looking good in tight jeans and an equally tight sweater. She was more curvaceous than Seri, with bigger tits and lighter brown skin. As she held the tap over my beer, she told me that I had looked really good in the game. I thanked her and told her that I thought she was looking pretty damn good right at that moment. She smiled but, before she could reply, I asked her if she realized that, if we were in one of those cheesy teenage sex comedies, she'd be wearing her cheerleading uniform and I'd be wearing my football jersey. She thought for a minute and agreed that seemed to be the case for all of those types of movies.

We laughed about some of those movies we'd seen before I casually asked her if she'd ever gotten laid in her cheerleading uniform. She saw right through me and knew we were no longer talking about movies but I was pleased that her response was to ask whether I was interested. I told her that if we were getting it on, I'd much rather that she was naked. She suggested that we head upstairs.

As I followed her, admiring her ass in her tight jeans, I could not believe my luck. She hadn't even said anything about being discreet, so I was thinking that we wouldn't have to rush and maybe I actually would get to see her naked. We found and entered an open bedroom, closing and locking the door behind us. Standing at the foot of the bed, we started making out as my hands went right to her big, luscious breasts. Before my hands migrated down to her ass, she pulled away slightly and sat on the end of the bed, reaching out to start undoing my jeans. I just watched as she got them down far enough for my rigid cock to spring out. She took it in her fist and pumped it before wrapping her lips around it and engulfing it in her hot mouth.

I moaned at the pleasure I was feeling as her lips slid up and down my shaft while she pumped the base with her hand. I could easily have been tempted to just stand there until I was blowing my load down her throat, but I really wanted to see her naked before I did any load blowing. Since there wasn't the sense of urgency with Carlene that there had been with Seri, I did enjoy her oral skills for a good few minutes before stepping back so that my cock was just out of her reach. I reminded her how I'd wanted to see her naked and even offered to go first. As she watched, I stripped off my shirt and pushed my jeans and underwear the rest of the way down and stepped out of them. Before she could make to do likewise, I knelt before her and started working her sweater up over her head for her. Her sexy bra could barely restrain her luscious breasts, so I reached behind her to free them.

Her bra went slack and I slid it away from her chocolaty globes, exposing the smooth flesh followed by her large, dark areolas and her thick, hard nipples. I gently fondled her breasts before lowering my head so that I could lick and suck her hard nipples. She moaned softly and ran her fingers through my hair as I alternated between breasts. My hands eventually dropped from the soft flesh to the button of her jeans and worked to get it and the zipper unfastened. I raised my head and asked her to lie back so that I could slide her jeans off. She raised her ass off the bed and I worked her jeans and panties down her legs, exposing her trim, black bush. Instead of lowering my head to eat her pussy, as I was tempted to do, I guided my cock into her, causing both of us to moan.

Her pussy was slippery and hot and felt incredible as my throbbing tool slipped into it. Equally incredible was her naked body laid out before me, her tits jutting toward the ceiling and her flat stomach leading down to the nicely groomed black bush. I was relishing the feel of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy, but started thinking that I'd love to have that hot body beneath me at the same time. After a few minutes, I pulled out of her and, as I stood up, I suggested that she move up to the middle of the bed. She sat up and rolled over onto her hands and knees, crawling up the bed while knowingly sharing her awesome ass with me. As tempting as it would have been to take her doggie-style, I thought that could wait for another occasion because I was still more interested in feeling her beneath me.

Once she was lying on her back with her legs spread, I crawled up the bed after her and kissed my way up her stomach to her tits, then up her neck and to her lips. We made out as I guided my cock into her again, then lowered myself on top of her. I felt the soft flesh of her tits against my chest as I started to slowly thrust in and out of her hot, wet pussy. She wasn't as tight as Seri had been, but the way she was moving her hips let me know that she knew what she was doing. I was supporting myself on my elbows while her tongue explored my mouth and her hands ran up and down my back and over my ass.

While I would like to have fucked her repeatedly for hours on end all night long, the reality of the fact that we were in somebody else's bed in the middle of a party wasn't lost on either of us. I wasn't feeling the need to hurry so as not to get caught as I had with Seri, but at the same time I didn't want to try to prolong this as much as possible only to have it interrupted. We'd started out fucking slowly but it hadn't taken long before we were bouncing on the bed with the force of my thrusting and Carlene had pulled her mouth from mine so as to moan into my neck. Her hip gyrations were keeping up with the pace of my fucking and I could feel her pussy becoming wetter and more engorged to the point where, despite having cum in Seri not that long before, I knew I'd be feeling a looming orgasm myself in short order.

Carlene gripped me tightly, her nails digging into my back, as she started cumming. I continued fucking her, though slower and with longer strokes, as she shuddered beneath me. When she finally eased her grip and let out a sigh, extracted myself from her arms, slipped my cock out of her pussy and moved up to straddle her ribcage, laying my throbbing, slimy cock between her fleshy globes. She squeezed them together and I started fucking them, holding onto the headboard over her. The feeling was entirely different from her juicy pussy, but equally incredible. I was looking down at her dark areolas and hard nipples while her focus seemed to be on the head of my cock as it disappeared and reappeared.

It didn't take much time of fucking her lovely tits before I could feel my orgasm continue to build. The soft flesh molded to my thrusting member felt so good and I was thoroughly enjoying the feeling. When I finally found myself on the verge of cumming, however, I pulled my cock free and moved slightly further forward, slipping my cock back into her hot mouth. With her hands on my ass, she engulfed my full length repeatedly, the building orgasm coming on even more quickly than it had been. I couldn't help but moan at the feeling of her lips sliding up and down my shaft. My tool began to swell even more as I felt the pleasure building to incredible levels until I exploded into Carlene's mouth. She continued sucking until I was spent, then I moved away to kneel beside her.

I looked around to see where we had set our beers, then retrieved them as Carlene sat up. I still couldn't take my eyes off of her naked body so I told her how much I enjoyed seeing her naked. She took a drink of her beer then told me that, as far as she was concerned, I'd be seeing it a lot from that point forward. I smiled as I continued to admire it then she nearly choked as she noticed the clock.

"I have to go. I'm going to be late," she said as she handed me her beer. I took a drink of my beer then set them both down again as we retrieved our clothes. I just watched as she slipped into her bikini panties and bra, looking as incredibly hot as she had naked, then started pulling my clothes on as she slipped into her jeans and sweater. Looking presentable again, we headed back downstairs to find that the party had broken up considerably since we'd disappeared. Her friends were all raised eyebrows and giggles as we descended the stairs but she wasn't put off by it and gave me a pretty passionate good-bye kiss right in front of them and told me that she'd call me.

I wandered through the party, seeing who was left around and, though I wasn't expecting any further action, I was pleased to see a few girls still hanging out. When the host, one of my teammates, started trying to get the place cleaned up, some of us chipped in to help and some decided that was a good sign that it was time to split. The place wasn't trashed, so there wasn't any major clean-up work to be done; mostly it was bagging up trash and wiping down sticky surfaces. By the time we had the place looking respectable, I was thinking it was about time to split myself. As I was pulling on my jacket, Gabby asked if I could give her a lift home. Ever the gentleman, I was more than happy to make sure that she made it home safely. I certainly wasn't expecting anything to happen once we got there, despite Gabby being another ebony beauty. She wasn't nearly as endowed as Carlene, but wasn't quite as thin as Seri, either, though she was probably darker than both of them. I had decided that I wasn't going to make a pass at her but that I'd be polite and maybe flirt a little to possibly plant a seed for a future encounter.

Once we arrived at her place, she asked me if I'd do a favor for her. She said that she was staying alone for the weekend and wondered whether I'd go inside with her to check for bogeymen or axe murderers. Still thinking that I was just being polite, I took her keys and opened the door for her, then went through the whole place, turning on all of the lights and checking all of the closets. Finding nothing, I helped her turn off all of the lights we'd just turned on and was planning to head out when she said that she wanted to thank me and stretched up to give me a kiss. I probably lingered on the kiss a little bit but she really became a bit more aggressive and I quickly found her tongue in my mouth. I couldn't help but let my hands slide down to her ass and I wasn't really trying to resist; I just never thought that I could get so much action in a single night.

Sensing that I was totally into what she had initiated, Gabby asked me to come with her so that she could really express her gratitude. She led me to a bedroom, which I presumed to be hers, and asked me to lie on the bed. I ditched my letter jacket, kicked off my shoes and lay in the middle of the full-size bed as she lowered the mini-blinds, then turned toward me. She started unbuttoning her blouse and I could immediately feel the blood starting to return to my groin. Her bra was very white against her dark skin but was gone as quickly as her blouse, revealing a nice pair of dark brown tits topped with areolas and nipples that were nearly black. As I admired her tits, she was opening her jeans to expose a pair of pink and blue bikini panties. My cock was rigid and throbbing as she slipped her jeans and panties off, leaning forward and setting her tits to swinging. She straightened up, stark naked, to reveal that her pussy was shaved smooth.

She climbed onto the bed and went right to work on opening my jeans while I looked from her swaying tits to the curve of her round ass. Working my jeans and underwear down, my cock sprung out, fully rigid, but she focused on getting rid of my clothes first, then came back to kneel between my legs, taking my cock in her fist. She lowered her head and wrapped her lips around my tool while still pumping the base while I groaned and ran my fingers through her hair. I was content to watch her lips traveling up and down my shaft as I was feeling them while verbally encouraging her. She was very focused, glancing up at me only occasionally as if to confirm that she was doing okay. Truth be told, she was doing fantastic and I was sure to make her aware of it.

Having cum twice already that night, I was in no danger of doing so again any time soon, so I was able to lie there and enjoy Gabby's remarkable blowjob for as long as I wished. Two things eventually prompted me to stop her: concern for her jaw getting tired and the desire to slip my cock into her shaved pussy. I suggested that she take a break and ride me for a while so she released my cock and moved up the bed to straddle me. Reaching down, I guided my cock to her slippery pussy and she lowered herself onto it. Her mouth had been hot, but her pussy was even hotter and so slippery with juices that I slipped easily into her. She started moaning immediately as she began to ride up and down while my attention was drawn to her bouncing tits.

I reached up to fondle them, feeling the soft flesh and brushing my thumbs over her hard nipples. Gabby was sitting straight upright with her back arched, which pushed her tits out, and her hands behind her head, humping against my tool. Her eyes were closed, but she had a big smile on her face that occasionally opened to let out a happy moan. My eyes were traveling from her tits up to her face and down between her thighs to see the contrast of my pink member against the smooth, dark skin of her pussy. As her moans started getting longer and louder and her movements faster, she leaned forward and planted her hands on either side of my head.

I played with her tits a bit longer before reaching around for her ass as she rode me harder and faster. Her breathing became like panting interspersed with moaning and, between that and the increased lubrication within her pussy, it was clear that she was nearing an orgasm. I was pushing up into her, hoping to help her along, while enjoying the slippery feel of her pussy as it slid up and down my shaft. Her panting and moaning became more of a cry with each thrust until, finally, she slammed herself down and froze momentarily before starting to shudder. I pushed up into her a couple more times as she came then, when she opened her eyes and smiled down at me, I suggested that we continue in another position.

I had her move next to me on all-fours and moved around behind her. I ran my hands over her sweet, brown ass before guiding my tool back into her pussy and taking her by the hips as I slid all the way in until my hips were touching her ass. We both moaned again and I started sliding my cock in and out of her, slowly and with long, full strokes. I had figured that, unlike with Seri and Carlene, we had the entire place to ourselves with no expectation of being interrupted and no time constraints so why not really make the most of it? So, while I certainly appreciated Gabby's sweet ass and the feel of her pussy on my cock, I was also thinking about watching her undress, about her shaved pussy and her tits and about the sight and feel of her cocksucking. In addition, I was also thinking about how hot Carlene had looked naked, how her tits had felt in my hands and around my cock and how it had felt fucking her. My mind also wandered to Seri's black thong and the pussy beneath it as well as her small tits in my hands as I'd fucked her from behind.

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