Blackboard Jungle Fever

byIrish Moss©

As I mentally reviewed all of this, I had been gradually picking up my pace and my hips were then slapping against Gabby's ass. I was still astounded by the events of the night, but I sure as hell had no complaints and was relishing each stroke in and out of Gabby's hot pussy. I was only just starting to feel the stirrings of an orgasm so I was good to go with fucking her doggie-style for a bit longer before I called for another change. As I continued to fuck her, I was thinking about what we should do next. My mind wandered to thoughts of fucking her in the kitchen, bent over the table, or showering together and fucking in the bathroom but I realized that I really had no desire to leave her bed for the time being. I decided, much as I had with Carlene, that I wanted to feel her body close to me as I fucked her.

I withdrew my tool from her pussy and had her roll over onto her back. Before slipping back into her, I kissed her and, as I was guiding my tool back into her, we started making out passionately. I didn't start out fucking her as slowly as I had from behind her because, although I was enjoying fucking her in these various positions, I was starting to feel like an orgasm might be nice, too. The stirrings I'd felt while doing her from behind didn't abate for long as a result of changing positions. She was raising her hips to meet each of my incoming thrusts, so I was plunging full-length into the slippery depths of her pussy.

I loved the feel of her warm skin against mine, her hard nipples brushing against my chest and her tongue in my mouth so I was thinking that maybe I'd just fuck her like this until I blew my load deep into her. As I recalled the smooth ebony skin of her hairless pussy, though, it occurred to me that getting my mouth on that smooth skin was something I could really enjoy. The idea of doing it with my recently blown load dripping out of her was much less appealing, so when I felt my cock just beginning to swell in anticipation of my orgasm, I slipped it out of her and raised my head. I repositioned myself over her in the opposite direction and before I'd even lowered my head to her pussy, I felt her hot mouth engulf my tool once again.

I ran my fingertips over the smooth skin of her pussy and thought that she must have just shaved that evening before the party. That made me wonder if she'd been hoping to get some, maybe because she knew she'd be alone that night. I was feeling pretty glad about being able to share some carnal pleasure with her as I lowered my head and started to lick her clit while slipping a finger into her. I could feel her moan vibrating my cock, but she didn't let up in sliding her lips up and down it as she held onto my ass. The feeling of her cocksucking made me aware quickly that it wouldn't take much longer before I was finally cumming, so I focused my efforts in hopes of getting her there right along with me. I kept pumping my finger in and out of her slippery pussy and worked on licking and sucking her clit. She was moaning more as she sucked my cock, which didn't actually feel all that bad, so I worked on getting her to moan even more.

Her juices were really flowing, so I lapped up what I could while I ate her, enjoying the pungent taste. Each time she moaned, I felt a surge through my cock and thought that would be the one that pushed me over the edge. Unfortunately, as Gabby reached the brink of a momentous orgasm, she paused in her cocksucking and removed her mouth from my cock. I kept up what I was doing and, within just a few seconds, she cried out and I could feel her shaking. When I was sure she'd finished cumming, I raised my head and slipped my finger free to lick off her juices. She quickly engulfed my cock in her mouth again and sucked it voraciously while I just enjoyed the incredible feeling and admired the view of her smooth pussy. It probably didn't take five minutes of her vigorous cocksucking before I moaned and started shooting my load down her throat. She continued sucking until I was completely spent, then lowered her head from my cock.

I moved around to lie beside her, pulling her naked body close against mine, and we were sound asleep in a matter of minutes.

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