If stupid could be a middle name, then mine would be double barrelled stupid! I had out done myself at last, and now I was getting it in the neck big time, well, not my neck, my pussy. I just couldn't wait could I? To let things roll out on their own, I had to try and push it, interfere in my husbands business.

Well I was right up to my pretty neck in deep shit, he had got me big style, I had succumbed to the pressures he had applied and now here I was, on my back, on his desk and getting the life fucked out of me by my husbands boss! And to top it all off, he is black. I am blond, this was the classic black on blond scenario, he had cornered me to where I had to give in, And let him have me, and this wasn't the first time now, oh no, it had been going on for the last three weeks and now, to my dismay, I was loving the black on blond.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, he isn't the only one who fucks me whenever he wants, his 20 year old son is too, in fact, it was he who force seduced and fucked me first, and in his fathers house where he lived, and where I had gone that fateful Saturday morning.

I am Blaine Treadwell, Mrs Blaine Treadwell, and my husband works at the company that this man had taken over in a hostile bid. He had too much money for the owner to resist; he had got the firm and ousted the senior staff all in one go. My husband Larry was just under the cut off point, and so missed the cull. It left the firm in a tricky position because new management had had to be introduced, and one of them was Larry.

There were several men who were given promotion with the warning that if they didn't perform they would go too. He was utterly ruthless and did just that, the ones that remained were given good pay rises which practically locked them in. But all were under notice until the company was running.

My problem started the day Larry came home and told me.

"I have a chance for the big one Blaine, if I get the position we'll be good forever, Rodney (his boss) is a real bastard to work for, but he's straight, tells it like it is, it's between me and that crawling twerp Clarence," Clarence was the company accountant and secretary, he was brilliant at what he did, but he was a real ass licker. Larry was worried he would kiss his way into the job he knew should be his.

I knew how much it meant to him and I hated to see him tormented this way. I thought of what I could do to help, if anything. It wasn't until I discussed it with my best friend, that I saw a possible solution. She suggested to me that I make a representation to Rodney, to try and give him a different perspective, point him towards Larry and not Clarence.

I even tried to broach the subject of it with Larry but could never find the right way to do it. So I decided to go my own way, make contact quietly, ask for a private confidential meeting. It took me two more days to front it out. I made a call and asked for him. I was asked for a reason as he was a busy man. I told the woman on the phone that it was extremely confidential.

I had met him once and while he was polite, he was also off hand with every one. He didn't suffer fools gladly that was very obvious. He is a large man, aged around 40 to 45, I thought. Good looking I suppose, but I wasn't too sure about considering black men good looking or anything else.

Me? As I said my name is Blaine Treadwell, I am married to Larry, we have been wedded for 4 years, I am 26 years old and Larry is 32. I have, if I may say so, beautiful ash blond hair, I have recently had it cut to sway just above my shoulders. I've always worn it long, but I thought a new me was in order. It parts down one side and I have a big fringe, that catches my eyes and I absolutely love it.

My eyes are big wide and blue, headlights, Larry tells me. I have a very pretty face, and I am used to men gazing at me, ogling, and just plain lusting for me. I do appreciate it, so I dress accordingly, nothing like an ego boost for a girl is there?

I have to be honest here, I have been unfaithful twice to Larry, but honestly, they were just opportunist moments, flash in the pan things. They meant nothing to me except a sexual fling. I do, and don't, regret both times in equal measure. But I do love my Larry. I am taller than most women, standing at 5ft 9" in my bare feet, and I love towering over other men, being able to raise my head a little and peer down at them, making the silly ones feel so inferior, I can scare the wits out of them sometimes. In my heels I am well over 6ft.

I weigh in at around 125lbs, so I am proportionally built to my height. I have a good toned fit body, and is well rounded and shaped in all the right places. Larry tells me legs go so high it can get cloudy at the top! My whole body is sensual and sensitive. As I said, I always dress well, make sure I look good; I like the stares from the boys, and the glares from the girls.

I had never been with a black man or boy, never had the inclination, I had heard about them supposedly having big weapons, but I neither knew nor cared either way. But I was about to find out, and in a spectacular way too.

I heard a short, "Yes Mrs Treadwell," over the phone, "what can I do for you?" No hello's, no how are you, just, what!

I started by being nice and respectful, getting around to Larry wasn't easy. Then he interrupted me. "Mrs Treadwell, say what you have to say please, I am busy."

"Please Mr Adcock, call me Blaine." Knowing he knew what I looked like, I wanted him to have a picture of the sweet, demure, beautiful wife of his employee. I heard an exasperated sigh.

"Yes Blaine, what do you want?"

I was losing this badly. "Mr Adcock, I need to speak very privately with you about Larry, may we meet please?"

"Is this about the new promotion he is up for?"

"Yes sir," I admitted.

"Be at my house on Saturday morning, 9am, don't be late." He gave me the address, and before I could say another word, the phone clicked off. I was left with my phone in my hand looking at it stupidly. Then annoyance flooded me. How dare he talk to me like that, I'm not one of his shitty scared workers! I fumed to myself.

Fortunately for me, Larry plays golf on a Saturday, but in light of the upcoming events maybe I wasn't so lucky? I had no idea of what I was walking into, the storm that would hit me, blowing me away like dust in a gale. Over the next two days I rehearsed everything, there would be no question about Larry I wouldn't be able to answer, or come up with one. Saturday morning I was ready, but I was also terrified if it all went wrong. Dare I take the chance. I decided at last that yes, I could.

I dressed in a short skirt, no stockings; just bare tanned and toned legs, high heels even though I knew he was over 6ft easily. A little silk white top, face immaculately made up, hair fabulous. I would knock him dead; have him eating out of my hand. I got there right on time; I hesitated outside, took a deep breath, then rang the bell.

My first shock was about to happen, the door opened and there was stood a tall, very well built young black man, and he was good looking of that there was no doubt, even I could see that. He bordered on beautiful. I know I stood there open mouthed, until he flashed me a huge toothy brilliant smile.

"You must be Blaine, come on in." he stood to one side, and I went in.

My fate was about to be sealed in the next thirty minutes or so.

I managed to speak; I was agog looking at him.

"I er, I'm here to Mr Adcock," I told him breathlessly. He seemed to know I was bashful, and unnerved by his presence.

"Yes, well he isn't here but he has told me to speak with you, why you wanted to speak with him, and he told me to tell you that the decision made today will be final. And I can and will make it, is that clear Blaine?" he told me in an easy but forceful way.

I must have looked like a soft pudding that had just been dropped to the floor.

"Come with me," he said, and walked off, I staggered behind and into what was obviously a home office. He went behind the desk and sat in a huge black leather chair.

"Sit," he told me. I obeyed, my chair was lower so I was looking up at him, the classic dominant position of a man in charge, I was already well intimidated.

He picked up a sheet of paper from the desk, put it in an envelope, sealed it, reached for a stamp, fixed it and set it down again.

"Now Blaine, what do you want to say to me and my father?"

I lost my nerve completely and started blabbering, blurting everything out, I even ended up pleading before I had made my case. I hated myself for being so weak in front of a young man at least five or six years younger than I was.

I ended up looking up at him with tears almost leaking from my eyes, I managed to bite them back, but I could see he knew I was a beaten woman.

"You haven't done very well have you Blaine?" he asked evenly. "I was expecting more than that from the wife of a man who is desperate to be promoted.

"I'm sorry," I bleated, "I was, am prepared but I didn't expect all this," and I waved my arm around.

"You mean you didn't expect me Blaine?" he told me.

"Yes, I'm sorry."

"Stop saying you are sorry!" he raised his deep voice.

Stupidly, I said, "I'm sorry," again.

"What have you got to offer me Blaine?"

"Offer you, what do you mean?" I asked quietly.

"You are here trying to get your husband a position that you shouldn't be here trying to do, aren't you?" he said pointedly.

"I just thought I could give you a different perspective, er, can I ask your name please?" I whispered, I was beaten.

"Adam, Blaine, my name is Adam."

I hadn't seen him rise from his chair somehow, suddenly he was behind me and his hands gripped my shoulders near my neck and began to massage me.

"I er, oh, Ooooh," it already felt so good, I was as tight as a drum, and he was kneading me perfectly. "Please, you mustn't, oh, ah, Ooooh." I heard myself coo.

"You are too tense Blaine, don't move okay?" he kept on, my eyes closed, and I stayed where I was. I had no idea I was already being seduced by the beautiful young black man behind me.

"You need to make me an offer Blaine," he said hotly into my ear.

"What do you mean Adam?" I asked him, out of my foggy brain.

"You are a very beautiful woman, my father told me how beautiful you were, but he was wrong, you are more than that, you ooze sexy sex appeal too, don't you?"

I've already said how I appreciate those kinds of words, and his hit the spot. "Thank you," I told him, and without thinking of what I was saying, I said, "you're not so bad yourself."

"You are a desperate woman aren't you, for your husband to get the promotion ahead of Clarence, go on admit it, you are, aren't you Blaine?" His hands were sending me into bliss.

"Yes Adam, I am," I replied dozily.

"Are you desperate enough for this Blaine?" I had no inkling that he had come around to the front of me, I didn't feel his hands move, he was still massaging me. My eyes opened for some reason, and there before me was a cock, a black cock, a big black cock. I tried to jump away, but his hands kept me where I was.

"Show me Blaine, show me just how desperate you are, or you can go, you can leave right now!" I just stared at the huge black member that was staring right back at me.

"Touch it, hold it Blaine, show me your appreciation for the favour I am about to do you and your husband."

"Please," I whispered almost brokenly, "let me go, I'm sorry I came, I shouldn't have."

He stood back, leaned on the desk without a care in the world, and said. "Okay Blaine, clear off, go, don't come back, and I suppose you had better tell your Larry to look for another job, Clarence won't want him around will he? Not when he's running the show."

That hit me like a ton of bricks, I hadn't achieved what I had set out to do, and I had now also lost Larry his job into the bargain. That's when I stopped myself; I looked up at him pleadingly. He cocked an eye brow; he knew what he was doing alright. He was forcing me now, forcing me to make a choice, when really there wasn't one.

"Look at yourself you pathetic bitch, you waltz in here thinking you can flash your lovely eyes and tits, show me some leg, and I'll be eating out of your hand, well think again Mrs Treadwell, think again!"

How stupid can one person be, I thought, I had been so confident in my approach, and now I had been brought down just like that! How had I manoeuvred myself into this position, but it wasn't me, it was him who had done the manoeuvring, backing me into an inescapable corner.

Lowering my eyes, I whispered, "Will Larry be promoted?"

"You can count on it Blaine, now get on with it!" It was an order plain and simple. I raised my hands and gathered his meat, it was more like a black salami sausage, and it was big too. Bigger than Larry's by a long way, it was at least an inch or two longer and half as wide again. I was now confronted by the much vaunted, 'big black cock!'

His hand went to the back of my head and my lips met it. I checked out the head, it was like a peach, deep red, velvety, smooth, hot, and had power oozing from it. I allowed myself to kiss it, then some more. The man smell coming off him was scrambling my mind; his dominant personality was swamping me. My mouth opened obediently and I began to suck him off.

I sucked long and hard, my eyes trailed down the thick veiny shaft to the base, where they fixed upon where it met its owner, thick black shiny curly hairs surrounded it and swept up his six pack to a taper at the navel. His skin was so dark, and cleanly lit up, as if transparent somehow.

I am a woman, and despite being made to do what I was doing I couldn't help but admire the force above me, the power, the very dominance of him. I had never in my life been in a situation such as this. I had played at being submissive when it suited me to be so, but this was different, this was real, I was being submissive, and forcefully being made to be so.

His hand at the back of my head guided me further and further on him, my lips pouting out when I slid off, and pinched when he slid me back on. I gave him my tongue as I slowly got into the role of his cock sucker. I do love giving head, it brings me great pleasure to bring my husband off that way, to feel the swell of it as it builds up to that moment of truth, when he can't hold back, he has to blast his cum out and I get the rewards, a big mouthful of hot spunk.

That's when the first unexpected tingle in my nipples got me. I was so surprised that I went after the big prick. I was sucking even harder. My hand found his balls, I told myself to stop, but my hand took no notice what so ever. They felt and explored them, it was obvious after the first grope that they were big and full of his cum. I went into overdrive, forgetting I was being blackmailed into this.

My pussy joined in then, that sent messages to my brain and the rest of my body that it was game on! I was heating up, I was now really going to be unfaithful to Larry, I had never regarded the two times before as unfaithful, they were just sex, and nothing more. But this, this was real, I was being thoughoughly turned on by another man, a black man, my husbands boss's son. I watched as my blond hair swung back and forth as my head bobbed in and out from him.

Then he took over, he held my head in both hands and started to fuck my mouth, I was stationary, but his thick black prick hurtled in and out. The friction was almost burning my lips as I sucked and licked for all I was worth, waiting and then wanting him to cum for me, to shoot his load of black seed into me. My hands never left his balls, I caressed them, felt them, weighted them, lightly crushed them, all designed for the purpose of making him dump his hot seed where I now needed it.

Then he stiffened, his hips gave one last thrust deep into me, I felt the head hit my tonsils and that viscous pump of cum hitting the back of my throat, then it was flooding me. I swallowed and gulped, I took it all, and every drop went down me. It was at that moment I suffered a sort of out of body climax that nearly killed me, it was the last thing I expected, if he hadn't had hold of me by the head I would have fallen to the floor.

Adam finished his ejection of cum, and I dutifully looked up at him, he smiled at me, and I felt a pleasing wave of thanks wash over me. I was actually thanking him, for allowing me to pleasure him the way I had.

"Blaine that was better than I could possibly have hoped for, you are a fantastic cock sucker, you really are." He told me. Inexplicably I beamed with pride; I also blushed at my inner feelings. Things had not gone my way today, not one bit. But I had just given, and had been given great pleasure.

He put his hands on my shoulders and lifted me from the seat to stand in front of him. Then he pulled me to him and kissed me, I tried not to kiss back but it was hopeless, I had to, his tongue travelled around inside mine, and I joined battle as we kissed more and more, soon I was tight up to him all the way, close quarter kissing and loving.

He pushed my hand down him, where I did what he wanted; I took a hold of his still half hard wet dripping prick and played with it. My pussy called out to me plaintively, it wanted what was in my hand. "No," I told myself, but I knew I was kidding myself, there was no way on this earth that I was going to get out of here without being fucked one way or another.

"I just can't wait to get into you Blaine, if you fuck even only half as good as you suck, then I'm in for a great time." He told me breathlessly. There it was then, no permission needed, he wanted me, he was having me.

"Come on," he said, and led me to the huge leather sofa against one wall.

"Can we go to a bed please Adam?" I asked respectively.

"No not today, next week yes, but today it's the sofa for you, you sexy beautiful bitch."

"Please don't call me that, I don't like it." I told him

"He grabbed me by the hair and spun me round. "You don't like it, you don't fucking like it," he yelled, close into my face, it made me wince in fear. "You'll do as you are told Mrs Fucking Treadwell, do you hear me?" He roared.

"Yes, I'm sorry Adam," I whispered.

"Good," he replied, "now, just to make sure we know where we stand, say after me, word for word!" And he pointed his finger at me.

"I am a beautiful sexy bitch."

"I am a beautiful sexy bitch," I repeated.

"I am Adam's sex toy, and I am his bitch!"

"I am Adam's sex toy, and I am his bitch!"

"Good girl, now ask me to fuck you on the sofa!"

"Please Adam, will you f..., er f... erm, fuck me on the sofa?" What I hadn't anticipated was the effect this was having on me, I was getting turned on more than I had for a long time. Then the most amazing thing happened, and nothing like this had ever happened to me in my life. He ripped my clothes from me, top, bra, skirt, pants, they all went in tatters, all I was left with were my shoes.

I found myself flying backwards and down on to the sofa, Adam jumped me and sank his prick all the way up. My hands flopped above my head in surrender, my breath caught in my throat, my heart almost stopped. I heard a Arggggh! As he rammed his prick in me time and again, it was me.

I had never been so filled by cock in all my life, I could feel his prick in every place I had, I was stretched to the extremes, his cock felt as if it were in my stomach, his body holding me where he wanted me, I struggled to adjust to him, but gradually I did, I knew no other prick could ever be as big or as strong as this black invader was.

I got my legs up and I joined in, I was being railroaded like never before, his prick battering my cervix, I was filled out like a balloon. I turned my head and in the mirror across on the wall I saw him fucking me. I howled immediately as my first fuck orgasm hammered through me.

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