tagInterracial LoveBlacked in Goa Ch. 03

Blacked in Goa Ch. 03


Mira cried her heart out, still laying in the bed; the same bed where she had committed the ultimate sin of adultery.

As the sun rose, the high of lust wore off and she realised the gravity of the situation at hand. How was she supposed to face her husband? How was she going to live with this? How could she have done something so terrible? All these questions flooded her mind.

When she woke up from the deep post sex slumber, James was not in bed. She looked around and when she found herself naked in his bed, the events of last night played in her mind.

She then realised what she had done and she curled up in the foetal position and started crying. She had just put her marriage, her life and everything she had built up to that moment, on the line in a blinding moment of lust.

She spent several minutes crying and yet there was no sign of James. She was in his room and it was strange that he wasn't there. After she had finally cried her eyes out and the tears ran dry, she pulled herself out of the bed and stumbled towards the bathroom. On the way she saw herself in the mirror. She was a mess!

Her hair was a mess, her tits were sore from all the sucking, squeezing and pulling. Love bites riddled her body, especially her breasts. Her eyes were red and swollen, her mascara smeared all over and so was her lipstick. She limped visibly as her cunt was sore from being fucked by the massive rod.

She walked inside and sat on the commode to relieve herself. She heard the shower start and looked towards the shower compartment.

The glass of the compartment was steamed up and she could clearly see the contours of James' dark body. The glass seemed be magnifying his muscular form but instead of marvelling at his body, her focus was only on the cock that stood out.

'Is it erect?' She wondered as she saw the massive appendage pointing towards the shower wall. It indeed was erect and she gasped when she saw James playing with it. He came thrice last night and he was still erect was something Mira couldn't get her head around. She saw his hand wrap around the base of the cock and slowly push forward.

The deep sense of guilt and shame that had enveloped her just a few minutes ago was slowly draining out with her urine as she saw his body through the glass. Her heart skipped a beat, her breathing got heavy, her pussy spasmed and a sharp chill ran up her spine.

This reaction had got her in trouble before and she thought of moving out before he noticed her presence. She got up and as she did that, she heard the shower door open. James stepped out of the shower; water dripping of his naked body. His perfect muscular form in that state made Mira stand in her place as if she had been hypnotised.

"Good morning" James said as he stepped towards her.

"Hmmm..." Was all Mira could muster as she continued staring at him, especially his groin from where his magnificent cock stood out; erect and proud.

He stood in front of her and continued staring down at her. Seeing her naked body which carried the marks of his conquest made his cock strain out in erection. Her luscious lips and the small black mole above her lip was just too enticing for him.

As he towered over her, he brought his hands to her shoulder and slowly pushed her down on the commode. As if spellbound, Mira complied sitting on the covered toilet. From looking up to him, her attention was focused now on his cock that pointed straight at her and was just a couple of inches from her mouth.

It was as if the cock had some magical powers that clouded her thoughts and shrouded her judgement. She knew she had already created a lot of trouble for her and the way things were going she was inviting more of it. She wanted to leave, she wanted to sort herself out before it was too late but this man and his sheer erotic charisma simply wouldn't let her loose.

She felt her hair being clutched in his strong hand and his groin gently moving towards her mouth. She looked up to him as a final yet weak show of resistance which failed miserably when her mouth opened wide and her tongue came out, as if it had a mind of its own.

James stepped forward, placing the hard knob of his cock on her tongue. As soon as it touched her tongue, it spewed a glob of precum which pooled on her tongue. As if on cue, she closed her lips around the cock head and sucked on it gently, pulling out more of his precum which she promptly swallowed.

As she pursed her lips tightly around his knob, he grabbed her hair in both his hands and slowly thrust his shaft inwards. The tightness of her pursed lips, the softness and warmth of her mouth was pure bliss.

"Aaaaahh..." He groaned from the tightness her pursed lips as he pulled out slowly. He pulled out till just the tip was resting between her puckered mouth. His body visibly shuddered as his cock pushed its way back inside through the tightly puckered mouth.

Mira felt a sense of elation seeing him react the way he did. She knew she was pleasing him, just the way he had pleasured her last night.

Her hands which till now were by her side slowly came up and wrapped around his shaft. She watched cross eyed as her eyes focused on his shaft. She slowly started jerking his shaft with both her hands, her slender wrists rotated and her hands slid up and down his long, thick shaft. Even though both her hands were wrapped around his shaft and her mouth had engulfed the head, there was still a good three inches or so of his cock left in the open. The magnificent pole of meat throbbed and pulsated, remnants of his spunk and her saliva dripped down to the shaft, thick blue veins criss- crossed the shaft.

She opened her mouth wide and pulled more of him inside her. Her mouth was completely stuffed yet not even half of it was inside. She tried pulling in more but then the cock head hit the back of her mouth and she gagged. She abruptly pulled back and started coughing.

"Haha...you tried...I like that..." James laughed as he watched this amateur cock sucker try to master the art of the deep throat. Not many women had been able to pull it off and Mira seemed to be just another in the long list of women who failed.

"Looks like you not used to sucking cocks..." James trailed off as he saw Mira's swollen red, teary eyes.

Mira shook her head at what was true. She was not an expert in oral sex. She did perform on her husband but it was more of a duty than to her liking. And the blowjobs were restricted to special occasions like his birthdays, vacations and so on.

She wrapped her lips around his cock and again mounted an oral assault, this time managing to take in a couple of inches more than before gagging again.

"You've never sucked one this big before have you?" He asked.

"Hmm...This is the biggest penis I've ever sucked." She replied as her hand slowly curled around his shaft while the other fondled his massive balls.

"This ain't no penis babe...this is a cock!!" He exclaimed as he pulled her head towards his cock.

"Hmmmpfff.." She moaned as the thick shaft slid down her mouth, his assistance had managed to get another inch of him in her mouth.

"This is a big black cock!!" He said as he fucked her mouth. She nodded as he mastered over her.

"Say it." He said before pulling out of her mouth.

"Big Black Cock." Mira replied in perhaps the most submissive way she could. As she emphasised on the word 'cock', his cock twitched visibly. It was perhaps the most arousing sight to see this submissive wife utter a word so vulgar. It was going exactly the way he wanted it.

"You love sucking ma big black cock?" James thundered.

"Hmmpfff..." She bobbed her head in agreement.

"Naaaahhh girlll...I want you to say it!"

"I love it..." she replied in visible embarrassment but trying to take him in her mouth.

He pushed her head back and held it in his hands.

"Looks like you don't wanna suck this cock nomoe." He said in his thick ghetto accent. The usually suave and well-spoken James suddenly seemed like a thug.

He was forcing her to behave in a way she had never done. Even though this was not the way she would speak even in private, the idea of uttering such expletives and talking so dirty was so arousing. She tried to take him in again but he pushed her back.

"You ain't getting this cock till you say it... Say it bitch!" He grunted.

"I love it...I love sucking your BIG BLACK COCK!!. Now please give it to me!" Mira moaned reflexively. She finally admitted it. She had spelt out what she was thinking since last night. He had called her a bitch which should have offended her beyond means but right now it was strangely arousing her.

"Good Gurlll...Now open yo mouth wide." He instructed and she complied. The sense of relief that she felt the moment his cock stuffed inside her mouth was sublime.

She grabbed the base of the shaft along with the massive balls sack in her hand and started bobbing her head up and down rapidly. She switched from sucking to licking his shaft before burying her head in his balls. She had them wet and shiny in no time as her tongue swirled around his golf ball sized nuts. She even made a futile attempt to take them inside her mouth at once but failed. Her mouth just couldn't open wide enough for both his balls to fit in. But James was pleased. What she lacked in experience, she made up with enthusiasm and the willingness to learn.

Mira was mixing her moves rather well and was paying attention not just to the tip but to the entire cock. She was sucking and kissing the cock head, licking the shaft, licking and sucking on his balls and shuffling her moves.

"How big's yo husband?" He asked.

Mira was ashamed at that question. She knew Raghav didn't even come close to James; not in length, girth or even the quantity of cum ejected. In fact, James was ejecting far more pre-cum than what Raghav did with his ejaculation.

Even though deeply embarrassed to answer him, she was so spellbound by him and so much in his control that she felt compelled to answer him. She took the cock out of her mouth and placed her finger an inches short of his halfway mark. She was silently answering his question by comparing Raghav, her husband to James, her lover.

"And how thick?" He enquired.

"Not even close." She curtly replied realising how futile the question was. She had told James what she had never told anyone, even her best friend. She never thought it was even an issue and to her, Raghav's cock was the biggest it ever was but she now realised how blind she was and how her eyes had finally opened.

It was worthless even to compare the two. James cock was so big, so thick and felt so hard in her mouth whereas Raghav felt relatively soft even when he was the most aroused. James tasted so good, whereas she had never bothered to taste Raghav.

"Haha...so you admit...you finally being taken by a real man!" James said. She bobbed her head in agreement as she sucked his cock. Her hand slid up his thighs to his abdomen and caressed his washboard 6 pack abs. Unbelievable! Her hands travelled from his abdomen, slithering behind his back and then to his butt. She caressed his hard, taut ass buns before digging her nails in its firm flesh.

"Aaarrgghh.." He groaned pushing his cock deeper in her mouth. She willingly accepted him and didn't gag this time, her throat had gotten used to his thickness.

"Lemme help you take it all in..." He said as he grabbed her head in hands. Her head almost fit into his freakishly large grip.

"Now relax baby and focus..." He instructed as he started pushing his cock deeper inside her mouth. The cock was already halfway in her mouth and she took in a couple of more without gagging. He pulled back a little and pushed back in, this time pushing another inch inside.

"Relax yo throat babe." He encouraged her. She followed him to the word and relaxed her contracting throat and voila...another inch was in.

When he pushed further, she gagged and started couching. He was about to pull back thinking that this was her limit but then Mira pulled him in, this time taking the last couple of inches.

"Ohhhhh Yeaaahhhh..." He groaned in approval as this fresh bitch had just achieved what many seasoned bitches hadn't; she had deep throated his monster cock!

He held her head firmly against his crotch. She felt his balls touching her chin, her nose brushed against his lower abdomen.

He held on for a couple of inches and then released her. As soon as his cock sprung out, she inhaled sharply and loudly. A thick rope of saliva connected her lips and his cock. The organ was covered in a thick sheen of her saliva. James watched proudly as his new conquest was shaping just the way he wanted her to.

He thought she had enough but then he was pleasantly surprised when she pulled him back and took him in her mouth again. He put his foot on the commode next to her and allowed her to take charge. She sucked eagerly, yet leisurely her new found toy...her new found obsession. She confessed to herself that she had never enjoyed a blowjob as much as she was doing at the moment.

He pulled back and pulled her up. Mira whimpered in protest as she was too caught up in sucking and pleasuring his cock. She embraced his large, wet body tightly; his cock snuggled between their bodies. He pulled her chin up and started kissing her and she kissed back. Their kiss grew intense and passionate.

The loud smacking sounds made by their intense and deep kissing resonated through the tiny bathroom. Mira raised herself on her toes to meet her lover and James squeezed her supple butt to prop her up.

It was so much in contrast to last night. Last night was full of uncertainties, hesitation and resistance. She was a bit of a resistant partner last night but just in one night, it all seemed so natural. The resistance was broken down, the hesitation had vanished and now Mira and James were making love like they had been doing so for ages.

He squeezed her tit and pinched her swollen, turgid nipple to which she squealed in his mouth. She still hadn't let go of his cock and stroked it. He cupped her large, soft breast in his hand before lowering his mouth on it.

Mira threw her head back in ecstasy as his mouth pulled in her swollen nipple and the tongue rolled on to it. He sucked on it hungrily, leaving bite marks all over. He moved from one nipple and latched his mouth on the other but not before kissing and licking her entire chest. Mira moaned and sighed, cooed and winced as James' mouth cast its magic on her eagerly waiting breasts. Her one hand was till stroking his slick cock while the other was loving caressing his bald head, encouraging him.

He pulled her in front of the mirror and stood behind her. He cupped her luscious breasts in his hands and gave them a firm squeeze. She shuddered not just from the squeezing but also from the fact that his thick cock was now snuggled in her ass crease.

He pushed her smooth hair aside and started nuzzling her neck. Her large breasts were a perfect fit in his large hands and he squeezed, pinched and played with her breasts. She tilted her head a little to allow him access to her whole neck. He expertly licked her ear, kissed her neck, making her moan with her eyes closed.

He pushed on her shoulder and made her bend over. She shuddered when her breasts touched the cold basin tile. He stepped back and watched her glistening pussy and chuckled. She buried her head in shame as James openly ogled her cunt.

She felt his hand on her smooth, curvy ass before it slid down between her legs. She trembled and moaned as his fingers slid down the length of her pussy and settle on her engorged clit.

"Aaaahhh..." She moaned as his finger flicked her clit. She buried her head between her arms and continued to moan.

She looked up in the mirror but couldn't see James behind her. She turned back to see him kneeling on the floor behind her, his mouth closing in on her cunt. A second later, she sighed as she felt his mouth sucking on her wet nether lips but moaned a second later when he drove his tongue inside her pussy. He grabbed her thick ass and pried open her pussy with his thumbs before burying his face inside her.

"Aaahhh...James...iitt...feels so good...ohhhh.." She moaned. She was impressed by his oral skills last night itself but this was just another endorsement for it. James slurped up her flowing juices as eagerly as she had his just a few minutes ago.

She could feel a strong orgasm forming up inside her. She was now visibly shaking, her moans were louder and it was approaching rapidly. She didn't want him to stop and she said so between those long drawn out moans.

Just as the orgasm seemed to arrive, James abruptly pulled back and stood up.

"Noooo...Please don't stop... Why did you stoppp????" Mira wailed in disappointment. She was so close to the ultimate release.

"You don't ask questions... you just do what I want..." James commanded before slapping her protruding butt hard.

"Aaaahhh..." She screamed. The slap stung her sensitive skin and turned it red. It was definitely harder than the spanking she got last night.

James derived a kind of demonic pleasure out of seeing her wail in pain. He raised his hand high and landed another tight slap on her already stinging butt. Her moans were a mix of pain and pleasure but it was obvious that the pleasure was much more than the pain. The louder she moaned, stiffer he got and his cock twitched wildly.

"You like that?" He asked as his thick finger probed the insides of her sloppy cunt.

"Ummmmmm..." She replied with her eyes closed.

"Look at dat ass...just so fine..." He said before slapping it again.

"Ohhh yeaahh..." She replied. Those 'Aaahs' had been replaced by 'Ohh yeahhs' which meant this was clearly to her liking.

Mira being a natural submissive lover meant she loved being dominated and James being a natural dom, they both were just meant for each other.

He bunched her long flowing hair in his hand and started raining hard slaps on her already red and stinging ass. Mira squealed, moaned and screamed as he spanked her. She had never been spanked and the pain felt surprisingly good.

James bent down and bit her butt and she wailed in pain. Her hands grabbed the edge of the basin as the pain surged through her body but a moment later, the sharp pain was replaced by his soothing tongue as he licked and sucked on her bare butt cheek.

He slowly lowered next to her ear and whispered, "You want this nigga cock?" All the while caressing her pussy.

After an audible gulp Mira said, "Yesss..."

"You like this nigga cock?" He coaxed her before pushing two of his fingers inside her.

"Yeeahhh...I...love...yoourr..aaahhh..." She struggled to reply.

"Say it...say it you nigga cock lovin slut..." He commanded as he drove his fingers completely inside her.

"Yes..Yeessss...I love your big black nigga cock..." She replied as she felt his cock head touch in pulsating cunt.

"You want this nigga to fuck you??" He teased her. She was losing it...she craved a hard fuck to give her the orgasmic release she desperately needed.

"Yeessss...Fuck me Nigga..." She said. She was aware how offending the N word was but right now it seemed so right.

"Say dat again..." He ordered. The tip of his cock was about to pierce her cunt.

"Aahh..Fuck Me Niggguhhh...Aaaahhhhhhh..." She moaned as he drove his cock into her cunt in one smooth stroke.

"Keep sayin it bitch...keep beggin fo dis nigga cock..." He said as he pushed his cock in completely inside her.

"Ohhhh yeaaahh...FUCK ME NIGGAA...Aaahhhh..." She screamed. Every time she uttered those words, he'd pull back and ram it back inside her.

He grabbed her waist and started hammering her cunt. She wailed and moaned as the long awaited orgasm hit her...

"Aarrggghhh...Fucckkkkkkk..." She screamed and her hands gripped edge of the basin tightly. Even though the orgasm peaked, he didn't slow down which made her scream louder.

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