Graduation wasn't far away. Soon enough, he would be gone and she would never have to see him again. She'd never have to think about that night again. She certainly wouldn't fantasize about it the next time her body's demands overwhelmed her and drove her to her private hot-water-spring in the woods. No. She also wouldn't imagine that he was out there, among the bushes and trees, ready to jump out and force open her deepest inhibitions even as his strong arms fought to spread her legs.

The conflict raged inside of her. Even as she tried to study, she still found her mind wandering back to that night and wondering exactly what he'd done to make her body so insistent for him. A part of her needed to know what she had screamed out for him to do to her. It burned that she didn't know if he'd done as she begged him to do.

A hand reached over Christy's shoulder and slapped the mute button on her laptop. Her back was to the corner of the study area, so she should have seen someone sneak up on her. Unfortunately, her mind had once more wandered into forbidden territory. Now the hand reached down and slid a flash drive into the USB port of her computer.

Christy's body clenched with recognition. It suggested that the smooth way the foreign drive had been thrust into her computer was only natural. After all, it recognized, before her mind did, it was David who had intruded, once more, on her solitude.

His face was inches next to hers as he leaned over and began to manipulate the touch-pad. Her mind caught his intimate scent and immediately conjured up the salty tang of his lust. She could almost feel it as it congealed between her swollen lips and across her exposed back.

A double click on a file and a video popped up. It took only a second to load and then her eyes widened in horror. Her body's reaction had been bad enough with vaguely remembered fantasies of what he'd done to her. To see it in vivid color on her high-def screen caused her traitor body to begin to seep its need in public.

He'd known exactly where the camera was, of course. His body position and the flickering light from the fire prevented any usable identification of him. Christy's face, turned directly towards the camera and smashed into the dirt, could not be mistaken. Although the sound was turned off, the expression on her face and the steady movement of her lips suggested a screamed litany of profanity.

His plan came clear to her in twenty-twenty hindsight. Of course he'd been nice to her. He'd needed it to look like a seduction, at best. The way it had turned out, she could see people believing she'd seduced him. Worse still, there was no way she could reveal the truth. He'd set her up to destroy the only evidence that he'd blackmailed her into her actions. It would be her word against his and if a picture was worth a thousand words, this video would be irrefutable!

David allowed the scene to play for a few more seconds. It was long enough for her to know he'd caught every sordid detail on digital. If the still photos had been bad enough, a full video porn would ruin even her judicial hopes. He'd even selected the moment perfectly to demonstrate how he pulled out of her and shot his load into her exposed pussy, down her leg and into her bikini, and then finally up her back and into her hair. She hadn't realized, until that very moment, that she'd even turned her head in a desperate attempt to catch some in her mouth!

Christy's entire body deflated as the video looped back to the beginning of the deprivations.

"In a minute, you're going to sneak away to the student activities equipment locker, where you'll finally get your chance to drink up what you missed that night." The seductive voice was soft enough that no one could hear but her. Even as it promised the end to her personal freedom, her body latched onto it and fed off of the dulcet tones. Even her mouth salivated at the thought of what he had already demanded of her.

"Beyond that," he continued, "we're going to make this little camp-out a monthly event. You seemed to enjoy it so much I don't think you'll be able to wait for the next time. If not, you'll have my number. I'll make sure to schedule you in as soon as possible.

"Don't worry, you're going to continue along your path, just as you planned. Law school, ADA, judge, politics. The only change is that you've now found yourself the man who will take that journey with you. MY path is the short one. By the time you've reached your goal and are ready to step in the ring, I'll already be headed towards retirement. I'll be able to lie back and enjoy whatever time you wrestle out of your schedule to make sure I remain a happy man."

His head shifted slightly so that his lips brushed against her ear. The whisper of breath sent a tingle that raced directly to her groin. Too bad she wasn't the one who was going to be allowed release in a few minutes.

"Do you understand?"

Christy nodded meekly. Whatever, whoever she had been before, she was no longer the confident woman in control of her own life. She was now his to do with as he pleased.

"Good." David whispered with a feral smile. He stood up for a moment. Christy knew it wasn't a mistake that his crotch was very close to her eye level. It let her see how excited he was by her compliance. He even brushed it against her cheek as he started to turn. After a moment he seemed to think better of the whole idea and crouched down next to her once more.

"Oh, and you don't need to bother bringing a napkin. There won't be anything to clean up when you're done." He shrugged. "And if there is, I'll just have you take off your bra. I can wipe myself on your breasts to remind you of the fun for the rest of the day."

With that, he was gone.

Christy whimpered. The worst part was she wasn't sure what she wanted anymore. One part of her, now twisted, psyche wanted to gobble up every drop that he injected straight into her throat. The other craved the embarrassment of wearing her lover's seed through the rest of the day.

There was no longer a single part of her mind that resisted the inevitable.

Copyright December 2011, by Deathlynx

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